Amiga development environment (VBCC+VASM+VLINK)
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This is a simple cross-development environment for Amiga-68k (AmigaOS 3.x) under Windows. It consists of VBCC, VASM, VLINK and PosixLib.

Current build consists of:

  • VBCC 0.9e
  • VLink 0.15d
  • VAsm 1.7h


Install everything to "C:\amiga-dev", add "C:\amiga-dev\bin" to PATH, and set the VBCC environment variable to "C:\amiga-dev\targets\m68k-amigaos". Now you should be good to go.


This package contains VBCC, VASM and VLINK, all developed by Volker Barthelmann - see for details.

It also contains libraries and header files from PosixLib for VBCC by Frank Wille - see for details.

The trivial build and packaging was done by Erik Faye-Lund, and supplied only for convenience.

Building next version by yourself

All was done following excellent guide found at Blitter Studio: and