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Google Drive for Unity3D


Google Drive for Unity3D plugin.

You can upload files, explore, download on the Google Drive storage.

This plugin supports PC(Windows and Mac), Android and iOS.


Step 1: Enable the Google Drive API.

Step 2: Type Your Client ID and Secret to DriveTest.cs.

In the line 40:

drive.ClientID = "YOUR CLIENT ID";
drive.ClientSecret = "YOUR CLIENT SECRET";
  • PC and iOS can use same Client ID and secret.

  • Android doesn't need Client ID and secret.

Step 3: Run the Sample Scene 'DriveTest'.

All done!

Doxygen Docs


Demo Downloads

Sample Code

var drive = new GoogleDrive();
drive.ClientID = "YOUR CLIENT ID";
drive.ClientSecret = "YOUR CLIENT SECRET";

// Request authorization.
var authorization = drive.Authorize();
yield return StartCoroutine(authorization);

if (authorization.Current is Exception)
   Debug.LogWarning(authorization.Current as Exception);
   yield break;

// Authorization succeeded.
Debug.Log("User Account: " + drive.UserAccount);

// Upload a text file.
var bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("world!");
yield return StartCoroutine(drive.UploadFile("hello.txt", "text/plain", bytes));

// Get all files.
var listFiles = drive.ListAllFiles();
yield return StartCoroutine(listFiles);

var files = GoogleDrive.GetResult<List<GoogleDrive.File>>(listFiles);
if (files != null)
   foreach (var file in files)
       // Download a text file and print.
       if (file.Title.EndsWith(".txt"))
           var download = drive.DownloadFile(file);
           yield return StartCoroutine(download);
           var data = GoogleDrive.GetResult<byte[]>(download);

Work with 'App Data':

// Upload score in 'AppData'.
int score = 10000;
var bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(score.ToString());

// User cannot see 'score.txt'. Only your app can see this file.
StartCoroutine(drive.UploadFile("score.txt", "text/plain", drive.AppData, bytes));


Apache License 2.0