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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<title> Textile Test Suite </title>
body {font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:10pt;}
#preview {border:1px black solid;height:90%;overflow:scroll;}
#tedit {float:left;width:50%;height:90%;}
#textile {width:100%;height:100%;}
#htmlp {border:1px black solid;font-size:8pt;}
#tabs a {display:inline-block;width:80px;border:1px black solid;padding:3px;}
.biggreen {color:green;font-size:1.2em;}
#italic {font-style:italic;}
<script src='textile/textile.js'></script>
function do_convert() {
var html = convert_textile(document.getElementById('textile').value);
html = html.replace(/&/g,"&amp;").replace(/</g,"&lt;");
<body onload="do_convert();">
<div id='tedit'>
<textarea id="textile" name='txtl' onKeyUp="do_convert()" rows='20' cols='50'>
h1. Header 1
h2)>. Right-aligned padded Header 2
h3()=[no]{color:red}. Red centred Header 3
A single paragraph.
Followed by another.
<p>Some inline <b>bold</b> HTML, inside paragraph tags.</p>
A <i>pre</i> Section.
"A quoted passage with -- assorted - replaced entities... , including 2 x 2 , (TM), (R) and (C). "
bq. A block quotation.
Finished with a new paragraph.
bq.. a multi-line block quotation.
With a second line
p(biggreen). Finished with a paragraph with a class of 'biggreen'
p(#italic). This has an id of 'italic'
p(biggreen#italic). This is both class 'biggreen' and id 'italic'
p{color:blue;margin:30px}. Some inline styling, using CSS(Cascading Style Sheets).
p[fr]. rouge
This is covered elsewhere[1].
fn1. Down here, in fact.
I _believe_ every word. And then? She *fell*! I __know__. I **really** __know__. ??Cat's Cradle?? by Vonnegut. Convert with @r.to_html@ I'm -sure- not sure. You are a +pleasant+ child. a ^2^ + b ^2^ = c ^2^ log ~2~ x
I'm %unaware% of most soft drinks. I'm %{color:red}unaware% of most soft drinks. I seriously *{color:red}blushed* when I _(big)sprouted_ that corn stalk from my %[es]cabeza%.
p<. align left
p>. align right
p=. centered
p<>. justified
p(. left indent 1em
p((. left indent 2em
p))). right indent 3em
# A first item
# A second item
# A third
# Fuel could be:
## Coal
## Gasoline
## Electricity
# Humans need only:
## Water
## Protein
* A first item
* A second item
* A third
* Fuel could be:
** Coal
** Gasoline
** Electricity
* Humans need only:
** Water
** Protein
I searched "Google":google
This Snoopy is right-aligned, and a link to boot.
|_. name |_. age |_. Hair colour |
| joan | 24 |{background:#ddd}. Grey |
| archie | 29 |{color:#f00}. Red |
{background:#ff0}. | bella | 45 | Black |
table{border:1px solid black;margin-top:20px}.
|_.\2. attribute list, spanning 2 cols |
|<. align left |>. align right|
|=. center |<>. justify |
|^. valign top |~. bottom |
|/3. spans 3 rows | a |
| b |
| c |
<div id='preview'></div>
<div id='htmlp'></div>