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An OS X service to watch SASS files, so you don't have to open the command line.
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Installing SASS Watcher

It’s really easy to install SASS Watcher. Simply download it and place it in the following folder: ~/Library/Services/ (where ~ is your home folder, of course)

How does it work?

It being an OS X service, means that you can find it in the contextual menu of a text file in the Finder:

1. Right-click (or Control-click) a SASS file
2. Hover “Services” and there is the “SASS Watch”
3. Click it

That’s it. Simply right click the file, and click the contextual menu item. Boom! You’re generating CSS files. (If “SASS Watch” doesn’t pop up in the contextual menu, try restarting the Finder; right click the finder icon whilst holding Option / Alt)


More information in the release blog post:
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