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This module enables prometheus metrics for Caddy.


In your Caddyfile:


For each virtual host that you want to see metrics for.

These are the (optional) parameters that can be used:

  • use_caddy_addr - causes metrics to be exposed at the same address:port as Caddy itself. This can not be specified at the same time as address.
  • address - the address where the metrics are exposed, the default is localhost:9180
  • path - the path to serve collected metrics from, the default is /metrics
  • hostname - the host parameter that can be found in the exported metrics, this defaults to the label specified for the server block

With caddyext you'll need to put this module early in the chain, so that the duration histogram actually makes sense. I've put it at number 0.


The following metrics are exported:

  • caddy_http_request_count_total{host, family, proto}
  • caddy_http_request_duration_seconds{host, family, proto}
  • caddy_http_response_latency_seconds{host, family, proto, status}
  • caddy_http_response_size_bytes{host, family, proto, status}
  • caddy_http_response_status_count_total{host, family, proto, status}

Each metric has the following labels:

  • host which is the hostname used for the request/response,
  • family which is the protocol family, either 1 (IP version 4) or 2 (IP version 6),
  • proto which is the HTTP protocol major and minor version used: 1.x or 2 signifying HTTP/1.x or HTTP/2.

The response_* metrics have an extra label status which holds the status code.