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\begin{Exercise}[title={Finger daemon},difficulty=1]
Write a finger daemon that works with the finger(1) command.
From the Debian package description:
Fingerd is a simple daemon based on RFC 1196 \cite{RFC1196} that provides an interface to the
``finger'' program at most network sites. The program is supposed to return a
friendly, human-oriented status report on either the system at the moment or a
particular person in depth.
Stick to the basics and only support a username argument. If the user has a \file{.plan} file
show the contents of that file. So your program needs to be able to figure out:
\item Does the user exist?
\item If the user exists, show the contents of the \file{.plan} file.
This solution is from Fabian Becker.
\lstinputlisting[label=src:fingerd,caption=A finger daemon]{ex-communication/src/finger.go}
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