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\begin{Exercise}[title={Fibonacci II},difficulty=2]
\label{ex:fibonaci II}
\Question\label{ex:fibonaci II q1}
This is the same exercise as the one given page \pageref{ex:fibonaci}
in exercise \ref{ex:fibonaci}. For completeness the complete question:
The Fibonacci sequence starts as follows: $1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, \ldots$
Or in mathematical terms: $ x_1 = 1; x_2 = 1; x_n = x_{n-1} +
x_{n-2}\quad\forall n > 2 $.
Write a function that takes an \type{int} value and gives
that many terms of the Fibonacci sequence.
\emph{But} now the twist: You must use channels.
The following program calculates the Fibonacci numbers using channels.
\lstinputlisting[label=src:fib II,caption=A Fibonacci function in Go]{ex-channels/src/fib.go}
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