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add a note about packages that exist

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9 go-intro.tex
@@ -88,10 +88,11 @@ \section{Official documentation}
88 88 is explained in chapter \ref{chap:packages}.
89 89
90 90 \section{Getting Go}
91   -There are currently (2011) no (official) packages for Go in any Linux
92   -distribution. The route to install Go is thus slightly longer than
93   -it could be. When Go stabilizes this situation will change. For
94   -now, you need to retrieve the code from the mercurial archive and compile
  91 +Ubuntu and Debian both have a Go package in their repositories, look for
  92 +the package "golang". But there are still some minor issues being worked
  93 +out. For now we will stick to the installation from source.
  94 +
  95 +So we will retrieve the code from the mercurial archive and compile
95 96 Go yourself. For other Unix like systems the procedure is the same.
96 97 \begin{itemize}
97 98 \item First install Mercurial (to get the \prog{hg} command). In

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