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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
19560 9024 ps
-\item{If a parent has one child you must print \verb|child|, is there are
+\item{If a parent has one child you must print \verb|child|, if there is
more than one print \verb|children|;}
\item{The process list must be numerically sorted, so you start with
pid 0 and work your way up.}
@@ -719,7 +719,7 @@ \section{Built-in functions}
pseudo package that is included in recent Go releases.
\paragraph{\func{close}} is used in
-channel communication. It closes a channels, see chapter \ref{chap:channels}
+channel communication. It closes a channel, see chapter \ref{chap:channels}
for more on this.

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