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The only backup program that doesn't make backups!
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    autoreconf && ./configure && make 

Then a:

    make install

as root, to get `rdup` installed.

Optionally you can also do a:

    make check

to run the test suite, note that you will need DejaGNU installed 
for this to work. If you find errors in this testrun, please
look at testlogs/rdup.log and send that to the author.

rdup depends on:

* Gmake for compilation
* Glib to build. Glib is the low level C library of the
  GTK project. Configure will check for this.
* PCRE library 
* LibNettle  - if you want rdup-tr to do path encryption and
  for sha hashing


* Libarchive - if you want to have rdup-tr

rdup should compile on all unix platforms out there. It is tested on
the following

* Linux
* Solaris
* FreeBSD

./configure will try to do the right thing, if you don't have
specific libraries certain functionality isn't built.


While rsync really works well, I wanted to have the ability to gzip
and/or encrypt the backed up files. rsync can not do that. That is why I
wrote rdup, which, with the help of rdup-tr and rdup-up will do that.

Rdup was created to make custom backups, but due to its flexibility it
can be used for much more.


rdup is a utility inspired by rsync and the plan9 way of doing backups.
rdup it self does not backup anything, it only print a list of absolute
filenames to standard output. Auxiliary scripts are needed that act on
this list and implement the backup strategy.  This way rdup can be kept
lean and mean. Currently the (stripped) rdup executable measures 26 KB (on
i386) and I don't expect that to increase much (maybe it will even get

The manual page explains rdup's options and usage, see rdup(1). For an
introduction into making backups see rdup-backups(1). Helper tools
that are included are rdup-tr (see rdup-tr(1)) and rdup-up (see
rdup-up(1)). All manual pages include examples to get you started.

A small script 'rdup-simple' is also included, this makes starting
with rdup even more easy: rdup-simple ~ /backup. Will create a
backup of your homedir in /backup.


All files in this archive are copyrighted by Miek Gieben, unless stated
otherwise in the file itself.

(c) Miek Gieben, 2005-2011.


GPL, version 3, see the file LICENSE.

# Coding style

All code has been indented by `indent -linux`
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