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Transcript an audio file in the comfort of your browser.


  • upload custom audio file by drag & drop
  • play audio & write stuff
  • comfortable hotkeys for play & pause, rewind & fast forward, set speed
  • automatically store playhead position & transcript progress in localStorage
  • count words
  • download transcript as UTF-8 plaintext (Google Chrome only)
  • smart progress bar with seeking


There's an instance running at Everything happens inside the browser, so if you find it useful, nothing prevents you from doing actual work with it. Have fun!


Tested and should work with an up-to-date Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, both on OS X and Windows.

More specifically, litti uses the following HTML5 features:

(If you were to serve the audio from the server in the src tag instead of letting the user upload it, you would need a HTTP server which supports HTTP 1.1 byte ranges to enable audio seeking — for lightweight development purposes, does it right!)


  • browser support detection
  • support for video transcripts?
  • focus mode


Q. What's with the name and the logo?

A. Jari 'Litti' Litmanen has his own special way of doing a 'thumbs up'. Also, transscription is called litterointi in Finnish.