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A pie-shaped timer! Live installation at mike.fi/timepie.

Useful as an egg timer when cooking an omelette, or as a presentation for events such as Webbisauna.

Should work smoothly on Chrome and Safari, and remain functional on Firefox.


  • set custom duration
  • nicely visualize the remaining time
  • beep when done (also from the background in desktop Chrome, Firefox)
  • works for the most part on Android / iOS too

You can also pass the time via URL parameter, e.g.



npm install

... and then http://localhost:8000/.

Play/pause with a mouse doubleclick or spacebar. Reset with spacebar. On touch devices, you scan swipe to set duration, and double-tap to play.


This project is mainly for me to tinker with some fascinating tech:

  • TypeScript
  • D3 for visualizing
  • Gulp for building
  • Browserify (+tsify for TypeScript)
  • autoprefixer for not having to type CSS vendor-prefixes
  • RxJS
  • Web Audio API
  • Page Visibility API
  • Web Notifications API


  • use declared interfaces instead of window["pirate-ninja"] hacks
  • animate tab title when in background
  • prevent screen sleep (this hack seems to work on iOS 8)
  • use event streams instead of callbacks for memorizing durations
  • possibly remove tweening for mobile devices
  • get rid of timeouts if possible
  • rounded corners without graphics bugs


Miscellanous notes

Does (at least partial) Livereload and source maps for Typescript.

The command-line equivalent of 'gulp ts':

watchify src/index.ts -p tsify --debug -o build/index.js