Very simplistic alternative to fiddler, Charles and HTTPScoop running on nodejs
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proxy-mirror is a very simple http sniffer running on node.

While Charles, HTTP Scoop work well and they are worth the price I think it's still useful to have a free alternative that hopefully will be easier to use than mitmproxy.

For Windows there is an invaluable Fiddler and while its possible to use it from Mac or Linux it seems to me that running a virtual machine just for it is an overkill.


proxy-mirror handles http and https using self signed certificate and displayes request response list with a simple detailed view. If only a day would be longer...

Installation & Usage

I'll prepare an npm module soon for now the only way to use proxy-mirror is to clone the repo

git clone
cd proxy-mirror
npm install
bower install

You will need to generate certificates and move them into a cert folder:

mkdir cert
mv proxy-mirror.* cert/

You'll then need to start the proxy

node index.js

and configure your system to use proxy which is listening at localhost:8888 there are script utils for that

  • windows - ./setup-proxy.ps1 -Enable/-Disable
  • mac - ./ -enable/-disable

To see and sniff around http traffic navigate to http://proxy-mirror:8889 and you should be able to see the following: Screenshot Landscape

or if you prefer smaller window Screenshot Portrait