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The Church of the Least Fixed Point
ICFP Programming Contest 2009

Miëtek Bak
Bartosz Ćwikłowski
Tomasz Kłak
Maciej Kotowicz
Jakub Michaliszyn
Filip Sieczkowski

Hi!  Thanks for the awesome contest.

We have a nice solution generator for 100x, an almost-good solution generator for 200x, and hacked by hand solutions for 300x.  We didn't have enough time for 400x.

We use our own textual scenario format.  The first line contains the configuration number.  The following lines contain "n dx dy", meaning the VM will execute n iterations with the appropriate ports set to the corresponding values.

`make` to build all the code.

`./run -h < scenario.txt` will execute the scenario, printing outputs in a human-readable format.  Omitting the "-h" will make it easier to parse, which is what we were doing early on.

`./trace < scenario.txt > scenario.osf` will trace the scenario into the officially approved format.

`./solve 1001 > 1001.txt` will generate a scenario containing a solution for the 1001 configuration.  Internally, it wraps the VM as pure Haskell functions.

`make solve_all && make trace_all` will generate and trace all the scenarios that we're able to solve.

We had a lot of fun.

Signing off,
The Church of the Least Fixed Point


ICFP Programming Contest 2009 entry




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