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MailChimp subscription request handler, built with Scotty. Intended to support custom signup forms.


Listens for HTTP POST requests at /subscribe. All requests are forwarded to the MailChimp /lists/subscribe endpoint.

Query parameter Description
name Subscriber name. Required.
email_address Subscriber email address. Required.
list_id Mailing list identifier. Required, unless MAILCHIMP_LIST_ID is set.
email_type Either html or text.
double_optin Send a double opt-in confirmation message.
update_existing Accept already existing email addresses.
send_welcome If double opt-in is off, send the list welcome message.


Authentication credentials and defaults can be configured by setting environment variables.

Environment variable Description
MAILCHIMP_API_KEY Authentication token. Required.
MAILCHIMP_LIST_ID Default for list_id.
MAILCHIMP_EMAIL_TYPE Default for email_type.
MAILCHIMP_DOUBLE_OPTIN Default for double_optin.
MAILCHIMP_UPDATE_EXISTING Default for update_existing.
MAILCHIMP_SEND_WELCOME Default for send_welcome.
PORT HTTP listening port. Defaults to 8080.


Installs in seconds on most Linux and OS X machines, using Halcyon.

$ halcyon install
$ mailchimp-subscribe

Deploying to Heroku

Ready to deploy in one click to the Heroku web application platform, using Haskell on Heroku.


Clicking the button is equivalent to executing the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd mailchimp-subscribe
$ heroku create -b
$ heroku config:set MAILCHIMP_API_KEY=…
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku ps:scale web=1
$ heroku open


Made by Miëtek Bak. Published under the MIT X11 license.