CLI for backing up AWS Cogntito User Pools
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cognito-backup 👫💾

Amazon doesn't have any way of backing up their AWS Cognito User Pools. cognito-backup is a CLI for backing up the data, and can also restore afterwards. Note: AWS has no way of extracting the passwords of your users so you need to store these separately 😵


Requires node 8 or newer


npm install -g cognito-backup


cognito-backup backup-users <user-pool-id> <options>  Backup all users in a single user pool
cognito-backup backup-all-users <options>  Backup all users in all user pools for this account


cognito-backup backup-users eu-west-1_1_12345
cognito-backup backup-users eu-west-1_1_12345 --region eu-west-1 --file mypool.json
cognito-backup backup-all-users eu-west-1_1_12345 --region eu-west-1 --dir output
cognito-backup restore-users eu-west-1_12345 Abcd.1234 --file eu-west-1_12345.json