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# The language we are building.
# For example, Run "make LANG=es" to build the Spanish edition.
LANG := en
.PHONY: target clean sync push
target: book book/default.css book.html book.pdf
# The book consists of these text files in the following order:
TXTFILES := preface.txt intro.txt basic.txt clone.txt branch.txt history.txt \
multiplayer.txt grandmaster.txt secrets.txt drawbacks.txt translate.txt
book.xml: $(addprefix $(LANG)/,$(TXTFILES))
# Kludge to make preface sections work for languages besides English.
echo '[specialsections]' > conf
sed -n '/^== .* ==$$/p' $(LANG)/preface.txt | sed 's/^== \(.*\) ==$$/^\1$$=sect-preface/' >> conf
# Concatenate the text files and feed to AsciiDoc.
# If a file has not yet been translated for the target language,
# then substitute the English version.
( for FILE in $^ ; do if [ -f $$FILE ]; then cat $$FILE; else \
cat en/$$(basename $$FILE); fi; echo ; done ) | \
asciidoc -a lang=$(LANG) -d book -b docbook -f conf - > $@
# This rule allows unfinished translations to build.
# Report an error if the English version of the text file is missing.
$(addprefix $(LANG)/,$(TXTFILES)) :
ifeq ($(LANG),en)
@if [ ! -f $@ ]; then echo English file missing: $@; exit 123; fi
@if [ ! -f $@ ]; then echo $@ missing: using English version; fi
# Ignore tidy's exit code because Asciidoc generates section IDs beginning with
# "_", which xmlto converts to "id" attributes of <a> tags. The standard
# insists that "id" attributes begin with a letter, which causes tidy to
# print a warning and return a nonzero code.
# When Asciidoc 8.3.0+ is widespread, I'll use its idprefix attribute instead
# of ignoring return codes.
book: book.xml
xmlto -m custom-html.xsl -o book html book.xml
sed -i 's/xmlns:fo[^ ]*//g' book/*.html
-ls book/*.html | xargs -n 1 tidy -utf8 -m -i -q
book/default.css: book.css
-mkdir book
rsync book.css book/default.css
book.html: book.xml
xmlto -m custom-nochunks.xsl html-nochunks $^
-tidy -utf8 -imq $@
# Set SP_ENCODING to avoid "non SGML character" errors.
# Can also do SP_ENCODING="UTF-8".
book.pdf: book.xml
SP_ENCODING="XML" docbook2pdf book.xml
-rm -rf book.xml book.html book
sync: target
rsync -r book.html book.pdf book/*$(LANG)/
git push
git push
git push