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This is a simple weather notification tool.

Once started, it fetches the weather information (current and forecast from MSN Weather) and displays that as a notification. Clicking the notification will open the Weather details page.

After cloning

Don't forget to fetch the modules:

npm install


node app [Location] [Degree Types] [Language]

If parameters are not specified, default values are used:

  • Location is a search string, defaults to Bratislava
  • Degree Types specifies degree types, can be on of C (Celsius) and F (Fahrenheit), defaults to C
  • Language specifies the language for textual information, defaults to sk


Notifications are supported on all operating systems supported by node-notifier module. Check the node-notifier details here.


Wather information

Weather information is fetched from MSN weather using the weather-js module. Check the weather-js details here.

The notification displays:

  • Title: Current temperature and location
  • Subtitle: Today's forecast (Sky text, min and max temperatures and precipitation)
  • Message: Tomorrow's forecast (Sky text, min and max temperatures and precipitation)
  • Icon: Today's forecast sky icon

Icon is cached in the cache subfolder so that future weather checks do not re-download it when not needed.


Scheduling is not part of the tool as there are so many options.

If you run *nix system, you can use cron.

First, edit the crontab with nano editor:

EDITOR=nano crontab -e

In the editor set up the scheduling plan, e.g. to run at every hour, you can specify:

0 * * * * /path/to/node /path/to/weather-notification/app.js

Not sure about cron syntax? Checkout the awesome http://crontab.guru/

To exit the editor simply press the Ctrl+X and confirm you want to save the file.