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.settings Merge branch 'g-maint'
abstract-domain Fixed serialization errors under Tomcat 7 using Mifos CF WAR
acceptanceTests MIFOS-6124: fixed test and validation for min-max amount
accounting Localisation updates from
android-client-tests Revert "Merge pull request #80 from prudhvi123/master"
appdomain MIFOS-6122: Fixed importing last payment
application Updated current release name.
cashflow Localisation updates from
common Patch for decimal after two digits by Hugo Technologies
db MIFOS-6094: General Ledger Report has no data
debian Experimental Mifos Debian package.
domain-dto financial-accounting-enhancements by Hugo Technologies
mifos-parent FIXED MIFOS-5090: Maven Eclipse M2E 1.0 (and Eclipse Indigo 3.7) src/…
organization MIFOS-6022 Errror message not containing injected values -creation of…
questionnaire Localisation updates from
reporting-libs MIFOS-5672: Bump master module revisions post-release I branch
reporting MIFOS-6094: General Ledger Report has no data
resources MIFOS-6056: Removed execution of rollback scripts during deployment o…
rest MIFOSAC-75: fixed calculations for overdue report
server-jetty MIFOS-5672: Bump master module revisions post-release I branch
server-workspace Removed unnecessary files
serviceInterfaces MIFOS-6122: Fixed calculation of last installment interest in group l…
testFramework financial-accounting-enhancements by Hugo Technologies
userInterface Localisation updates from
war-test-exec MIFOS-5672: Bump master module revisions post-release I branch
war-test MIFOS-5672: Bump master module revisions post-release I branch
war Fixed MIFOS-5970: Penalty is not reflected in reports on the collecti…
.gitignore Updated .gitignore
.pmd v1.5.x (Gazelle C) release maintenance branch. Bug fixes for Gazelle …
.ruleset fix pmd warnings
.springBeans Added an Spring Aspect to emulated @Transactional using StaticHiberna…
.springWebflow Fixing spring xsd location error for IDE, we don't need localy cache …
AUTHORS Deprecare AUTHORS in favor of ohloh contributor list
LICENSE Refer to INSTALL for 3rd party license information
README Revert "Test Commit"
eclipse-formatter-mifos-profile.xml FIXED MIFOS-4597 Java Code Style Preferences
findbugs.excludes.xml [MIFOS-4589] Enabling screen shot capture on Selenium test failure, W…
pom.xml MIFOS-5969 FIXED: Custom receipt is having fields with no value
pom.xml.readme.txt MIFOS-4099 targetEclipse, separate Eclipse and Maven build folders


                     Welcome to the fight against poverty!

                 Mifos: Changing the World... One Line at a Time

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mifos is a primarily Web-focused application for microfinance portfolio
management. Mifos tracks offices, customers, and associated savings, loan, and
other accounts. Mifos includes a comprehensive reporting suite, and can be
customized to meet the needs of any microfinance institution.

Quick start
    See LICENSE.

Installation, Configuration, Running:
    See INSTALL.

    See AUTHORS.

Start here:
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