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Open source 16-bit operating system for x86 PCs

Copyright (C) 2006 - 2014 MikeOS Developers -- see doc/LICENSE.TXT

MikeOS is a 16-bit real mode operating system for x86-compatible PCs, written entirely in assembly language, which boots from a floppy disk, CD-ROM or USB key. It features a text-based dialog-driven user interface, a command-line, support for FAT12 (MS-DOS-like) floppy disks, sound (PC speaker), text editor, BASIC interpreter and more. The kernel includes over 60 system calls.

MikeOS is a learning tool for those wishing to understand simple OS construction and x86 assembly. Quick getting-started guide: MikeOS can run from a floppy disk or CD-ROM, either on an emulator or a real PC. See the disk_images/ directory for files that you can write to the appropriate media or boot in, for instance, VMware, QEMU or VirtualBox.

You can find the source code in the source/ directory, and sample programs (included on the disk images) in the programs/ directory. See the doc/ directory for more info, including:

Have fun, and see the website

Mike Saunders