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“On ne menace pas son enfant d'une Ratatouille !!!” – French Super Nanny

Naughty Step

Well, Naughty Step is nothing ground-breaking. This is just a basic way of catching errors (Status 500) and pages not found (Status 404) and use related html pages you've written for that purpose. The middleware even has default values:

  • public/404.html

  • public/500.html

So a very simple example might be to require the Gem and then:

use ::Rack::NaughtyStep

Or if you want to declare your paths:

use ::Rack::NaughtyStep '/path/to/404/page.html', '/path/to/500/page.html' Here you go. Truth is that I've been naughty as well. I did not write a proper full example, neither a spec. Just because I was in a rush, but I'll do it as soon as I can. Please don't spank me.


© 2010 Mickael Riga - see MIT_LICENCE for details

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