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jeremyevans committed Jul 1, 2010
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-=== HEAD
+=== 3.13.0 (2010-07-01)
* Allow Model.find_or_create to take a block which is yielded the object to be created, if no object is found (zaius, jeremyevans)
@@ -0,0 +1,210 @@
+= New Plugins
+* A json_serializer plugin was added that allows you to serialize
+ model instances or datasets to JSON using to_json. It requires
+ the json library. The API was modeled on ActiveRecord's JSON
+ serialization support. You can use :only and :except options
+ to specify the columns included, :include to specify associations
+ to include, as well pass options to nested associations using a
+ hash. In addition to serializing to JSON, it also adds support
+ for parsing JSON to model objects via JSON.parse or #from_json.
+* An xml_serializer plugin was added that allows you to serialize
+ model instances or datasets to XML. It requries the nokogiri
+ library. It has a similar API to the json_serializer plugin, using
+ to_xml instead of to_json, and the from_xml class method instead
+ of JSON.parse.
+* A tree plugin was added that allows you to treat Sequel::Model
+ objects as being part of a tree. It provides similar features to
+ rcte_tree, but works on databases that don't support recursive
+ common table expressions. In addition to the standard parent
+ and children associations, it provides instance methods to get
+ the ancestors, descendants, and siblings of the given tree node,
+ and class methods to get the roots of the tree.
+* A list plugin was added that allows you to treat Sequel::Model
+ objects as being part of a list. This adds instance methods to
+ get the next and prev items in the list, or to move the item
+ to a specific place in the list. You can specify that all rows
+ in the table belong to the same list, or specify arbitrary scopes
+ so that the same table can contain many separate lists.
+= Other New Features
+* Sequel is now compatible with Ruby 1.9.2pre3.
+* Sequel now supports prepared transactions/two-phase commit on
+ PostgreSQL, MySQL, and H2. You can specify that you want to
+ use prepared transactions using the :prepare option which
+ should be some transaction id string:
+ DB.transaction(:prepare=>'some string') do ... end
+ Assuming that no exceptions are raised in the transaction block,
+ Sequel will prepare the transaction. You can then commit the
+ transaction later:
+ DB.commit_prepared_transaction('some string')
+ If you need to rollback the prepared transaction, you can do
+ so as well:
+ DB.rollback_prepared_transaction('some string')
+* Sequel now supports customizable transaction isolation levels on
+ PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. You can specify the
+ transaction isolation level to use for any transaction using the
+ :isolation option with an :uncommitted, :committed, :repeatable,
+ or :serializable value:
+ DB.transaction(:isolation=>:serializable) do ... end
+ You can also set the default isolation level for transactions via
+ the transaction_isolation_level Database attribute:
+ DB.transaction_isolation_level = :committed
+ If you are connecting to Microsoft SQL Server, it is recommended
+ that you set a default transaction isolation level if you plan
+ on using this feature.
+* You can specify a NULLS FIRST/LAST ordering by using the
+ :nulls=>:first/:last option to asc and desc:
+ Album.filter(:release_date.desc(:nulls=>:first),
+ :name.asc(:nulls=>:last))
+ # ORDER BY release_date DESC NULLS FIRST,
+ This syntax is supported by PostgreSQL 8.3+, Firebird 1.5+,
+ Oracle, and probably some other databases as well, and makes it
+ possible for the user to specify whether NULL values should sort
+ before or after other values.
+* Sequel::Model.find_or_create now accepts a block that is a yielded
+ a new model object to be created if an existing model object is
+ not found.
+ Node.find_or_create(:name=>'A'){|i| i.parent_id = 4}
+* The :frame option for windows and window functions can now be a
+ string that is used literally in the SQL. This is necessary if you
+ want to specify a custom frame, such as one that uses a specific
+ number of rows preceding or following.
+* Savepoints are now supported on H2.
+* A :methods_module association option was added, allowing you to
+ specify the module into which association instance methods are
+ placed. By default, it uses the module containing the column
+ accessor methods.
+= Other Improvements
+* The :encoding option for the native MySQL adapter should now work
+ correctly in all cases. This fix was included in 3.12.1.
+* Sequel now handles arrays of two element arrays automatically when
+ using them as the value of a filter hash:
+ DB[a].filter([:a, :b]=>[[1, 2], [3, 4]])
+ Previously, you had to call .sql_array on the array in order to
+ tell Sequel that it was a value list and not a conditions
+ specifier.
+* Sequel no longer attempts to use class polymorphism in the
+ class_table_inheritance plugin if you don't specify a cti_key.
+* When using the native SQLite adapter, prepared statements are now
+ cached per connection for increased performance. Previously,
+ Sequel prepared a new statement for every query.
+* tinyint(1) columns are now handled as booleans when connecting to
+ MySQL via JDBC.
+* On PostgreSQL, if no :schema option is provided for
+ Database#tables, #table_exists?, or #schema, and no default_schema
+ is used, assume all schemas except the default non-public ones.
+ Previously, it assumed the public schema for tables and
+ table_exists?, but did not assume any schema for #schema.
+ This fixes issues if you use table names that overlap with table
+ names in the information_schema, such as domains. It's still
+ recommended that you specify a default_schema if you are using a
+ schema other than public.
+* Unsigned integers are now handled correctly in the schema dumper.
+* Sequel::SQL::PlaceholderLiteralString is now a GenericExpression
+ subclass, allowing you to treat it like most other Sequel
+ expression objects:
+ '(a || ?)'.lit(:b).like('Test%')
+ # ((a || b) LIKE 'Test%')
+* Sequel now supports the bitwise shift operators (<< and >>) on
+ Microsoft SQL Server by emulating them.
+* Sequel now supports most bitwise operators (&, |, ^, <<, >>) on H2
+ by emulating them. The bitwise complement operator is not yet
+ supported.
+* Sequel now logs the SQL queries that are sent when connecting to
+ MySQL.
+* If a plugin cannot be loaded, Sequel now gives a more detailed
+ error message.
+= Backwards Compatibility
+* Array#sql_array and the Sequel::SQL::SQLArray class are now
+ considered deprecated. Use the Array#sql_value_list and the
+ Sequel::SQL::ValueList class instead. SQLArray is now just
+ an alias for ValueList, but it now is an Array subclass instead
+ of a Sequel::SQL::Expression subclass.
+* Using the ruby bitwise xor operator (^) on PostgreSQL now uses
+ PostgreSQL's bitwise xor operator (#) instead of PostgreSQL's
+ exponentiation operator (^). If you want exponentiation, use
+ the power function.
+* Using the ruby bitwise complement operator (~) on MySQL now returns
+ a signed integer instead of an unsigned integer, for better
+ compatibility with other databases.
+* Using nil as a case expression value (the 2nd argument to Hash#case
+ and Array#case) will now use NULL as the case expression value,
+ instead of omitting the case expression value:
+ # 3.12.0
+ {1=>2}.case(0, nil)
+ # 3.13.0
+ {1=>2}.case(0, nil)
+ In general, you would never use nil explicitly, but the new
+ behavior makes more sense if you have a variable that might be nil:
+ parent_id = Node[1].parent_id
+ {1=>2}.case(0, parent_id)
+ If parent_id IS NULL/nil, then previously Sequel would have
+ generated unexpected SQL. If you don't want a case expression
+ value to be used, do not pass a second argument to #case.
+* Some internal transaction methods now take an optional options
+ hash, so if you have a custom adapter, you will need to make
+ changes.
+* Some internal association methods now take an optional options
+ hash.
+* Some Rakefile task names were modified in the name of consistency:
+ spec_coverage -> spec_cov
+ integration -> spec_integration
+ integration_cov -> spec_integration_cov
@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@ module Sequel
# The minor version of Sequel. Bumped for every non-patch level
# release, generally around once a month.
- MINOR = 12
+ MINOR = 13
# The tiny version of Sequel. Usually 0, only bumped for bugfix
# releases that fix regressions from previous versions.
- TINY = 1
+ TINY = 0
# The version of Sequel you are using, as a string (e.g. "2.11.0")

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