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Backup restorer to the clouds
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config fixes, makes rackspace cloud duplicity containers work again Mar 6, 2011


Dodgy little python thing that:

 * Deploys a new server at a provider like Rackspace Cloud (by way of libcloud)

 * Installs a bunch of stuff like duplicity, python-boto, some scripts

 * Sets up a firewall, configures ssh to reject password auth

 * Runs a restore of backups from the Amazon S3 or Rackspace cloud based buckets found that match arg(1) (server name)

 * Runs a collection-status on the backups too

 * emails the results

 * Halts after 48 hours

Tonnes of ugly hacks at this stage, working on things from the TODO.


 * libcloud, python, fabric


 * Copy config/felicity.ini.example to config/felicity.ini and customise to suit.
 * Put an authorized_keys file containing at least one SSH public key in config/
 * Ensure you have an id_rsa private key in your ~/.ssh dir.

 * Either run it from CLI like: /home/$user/felicity/felicity <servername>, or
 * Create a .forward file in your home dir containing: "| /home/$user/felicity/felicity"
   ...and send an e-mail to this user with the <servername> as the Subject line.

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