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from fabric.api import *
import ConfigParser
def deploy(server):
env.user = 'root'
# Fetch some values from the config file
# @TODO fix this so that fabfile doesn't depend on ConfigParser at all
config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()'config/felicity.ini')
# The Duplicity passphrase, for decrypting during restore
passphrase = config.get('Felicity', 'passphrase')
# Where should we send the report to?
email = config.get('Felicity', 'email')
# Where are the backups?
backupprovider = config.get('Felicity', 'backupprovider')
# Upload scripts
scripts = ['backup_list_buckets', 'backup_list_bucket_keys', 'backup_list_containers', 'backup_restore_wrapper', 'backup_restore', 'firewall']
for script in scripts:
put('scripts/' + script, '/usr/local/bin/' + script, mode=0755)
# Store creds in a file for using by the backup restore script
creds = []
if backupprovider == "Amazon":
creds.append("export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=%s\n" % config.get('Amazon', 'user'))
creds.append("export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=%s\n" % config.get('Amazon', 'key'))
if backupprovider == "Rackspace":
creds.append("export CLOUDFILES_USERNAME=%s\n" % config.get('Rackspace', 'user'))
creds.append("export CLOUDFILES_APIKEY=%s\n" % config.get('Rackspace','key'))
creds.append("export PASSPHRASE=%s\n" % passphrase)
creds_file = open('scripts/backup_restore_creds', 'w')
put('scripts/backup_restore_creds', '/usr/local/etc/backup_restore_creds', mode=0755)
# Grab python-cloudfiles
run('git clone git:// /opt/python-cloudfiles', pty=True)
with cd('/opt/python-cloudfiles/'):
run('python install')
# Setting self-destruct for 48 hours
run('echo "halt" | at now + 2 days', pty=True)
# Disabling password authentication in SSH
run('sed -i -r -e "s/^[ #]*(PasswordAuthentication).*/PasswordAuthentication no/" /etc/ssh/sshd_config', pty=True)
run('/etc/init.d/ssh restart', pty=True)
# Setting a firewall
run('/usr/local/bin/firewall start', pty=True)
# Preparing restore script to run
run('/usr/local/bin/backup_restore_wrapper %s %s %s' % (server, email, backupprovider), pty=True)