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Frigg is a little script that makes use of libcloud to:

 * Provision a server (by default, in the Rackspace Cloud)
 * Install Aegir on it


 * Totally and ruthlessly assumes a Debian based system at the moment. Deployment commands are hardcoded apt-get commands.
 * Needs sanity checking of values in the .ini, and probably elsewhere too.
 * maybe I should make the Aegir URL an arg and not from the ini, to make it faster to pump out Aegir servers
 * Can currently only be used with a VPS provider supported by libcloud that supports libcloud's deploy_node function. Some may not.
   According to libcloud's docs, deploy_node 'Depends on a Provider Driver supporting either using a specific password or returning a generated password.'


 * python
 * libcloud
 * python-paramiko
 * You need an ssh private/public keypair in the .ssh directory of the user you're executing frigg as, because the public key will be copied to the new VPS to let you login.
 * My libcloud fork (git:// has a patch to catch the root user's password to stdout (not that useful since you need a key anyway))


 * edit config/frigg.ini to provide your email address, the aegir URL and version, your api keys etc from your provider
 * python frigg

You'll receive the standard one-time login e-mail for your Aegir installation once completed.

Editing DNS/your hosts file to make the Aegir URL resolvable to the new server's IP is your responsibility.


Provisioning program to create a server and install Aegir on it




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