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Mighty Blocks 💪📦

Mighty Blocks is the content marketer's toolkit for page building in the WordPress 5 era. The plugin enhances the Gutenberg editor with page building features so you can craft engaging content with ease.

Inspired by popular page building plugins on the "classic editor" WordPress stage(think Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builder), Mighty Blocks aims to give you more control over the visual appearance of your Gutenberg-created content.

Instead of bundling yet another library of blocks, Mighty Blocks is enhancing the built-in blocks(columns, groups, headings, etc.).

Additional Controls for core blocks 🤩

  • Almighty background controls - use gradients, background images(or combination of both) for your blocks
  • Kick-ass border & shadows controls - granular border & rounded corners controls as well as powerful box-shadow control
  • Dope typography controls - take control over your text visual appearance for each individual block
  • Wicked spacing controls - control margin and padding
  • Groovy responsive controls - every setting can be tweaked for particular responsive breakpoint
  • Text selection color & background color -- Gutenberg doesn't allow you to change a selection text color & background color by default. MightyBlocks adds contextual controls to selected text to mitigate this