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An auth module to provide drop-in session capability with Happstack. This project is now maintained by mcmaniac. See
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This is an authentication framework for Happstack.  It is intended to
give Happstack developers an easy way to add session
management/authentication to a web app.  Right now it is functional
but needs quite a bit of polishing to become generally useable.  I'm
realeasing it in this rough state because I don't know when I'll get
around to actually polishing it up myself.  If you want to improve it,
feel free to fork this repo.  I'll be happy to merge improvements in.


I have moved on to other endeavors and probably won't be maintaining this
project any more.  Nils Schweinsberg has made some recent improvements to the
codebase, so as of September, 2010 he is taking over as maintainer of the
project.  You can find his most recent code at  His repository should be
considered the authoritative incarnation of this project.  Although if any of
the other forks suit your purposes better, feel free to use them.
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