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# Currently this option is not enforced. See current auth documentation for
# more information.
minPasswordLen = 8
# Name of the cookie to use for remembering the logged in user.
rememberCookie = "_remember"
# Number of seconds of inactivity before the user is logged out. If ommitted,
# the user will remain logged in until the end of the session.
rememberPeriod = 1209600 # 2 weeks
# Lockout strategy. The first value is the max number of invalid login
# attempts before lockout. The second value is how long the locked lasts. If
# ommitted, then incorrect passwords will never result in lockout.
# lockout = [5, 86400]
# File where the auth encryption key is stored.
siteKey = "site_key.txt"
# Name of the table where the user data is stored.
authTable = "snap_auth_user"
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