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leah commented Apr 7, 2009

Allow for translation of site text. Any language is welcome as the first translated language! The sooner this is in place and tested, the easier it will be later.

scotu commented May 29, 2009

I'm Italian but I haven't any experience in translating software, but I can try to do something (translating seems quite boring in relation to programming!!)
I heard about something like django-rosetta... any advice (tools, practices...) on the matter is welcome. Just don't take this words as a promise at the moment :D

scotu commented Jun 2, 2009

OK I've done some initial translation one for every single app that needed it using django-rosetta.

Now some question comes to my mind:
What should I write in line 2 and 3 (copyright owner and license [BSD?]) of headers for translation files?
At the same link, on line 7 I set "Project-Id-Version" as "projectname-appname" (in django it's simply "django"). What do you think?

I've put my changes in but I haven't requested a pull via github because I don't know if you have some policy (ok it's not code but maybe you want to review it or something or maybe you prefer patches...) and who to ping for this (the mightylemon user?)

Please note that commit scotu/mightylemon@4428c32 also adds a unicode method to the AuthorProfile model... sorry about not mentioning it in the commit message...

scotu commented Jun 2, 2009

Talking about themes/template translation (that's where the interface really gets translated) I find it quite messy: the problem is that I need to create the translation catalogs in the main project directory; doing so the translations end up being mixed in one file: all the themes/templates you have and also the apps contained into the project dir go in a single file using makemessages -l=it

any advice?

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