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Universal Icon Picker

Language: Vanilla JS Dependencies: none GitHub file size in bytes GPLv3 license

Nice small Javascript Icon Picker for any icon library

Vanilla Javascript - No dependency - 2.6ko gzipped

Originally forked from aesthetic-icon-picker



  • Load any icon library from a single JSON file
  • Load the icon fonts stylesheets from local files or CDNs
  • Autoload the icon fonts (JSON + stylesheets) or load them only on request
  • Add as many icon libraries as you like to each instance of the plugin
  • Create multiple instances and triggers on the same page
  • Change the icon libraries attached to an instance whenever you want
  • Group icons of the same family by categories
  • Load one or more styles from the same icon family individually
  • Search / Filter icons
  • Built-in onSelect() and onReset() callback functions
  • Attach the Icon Picker to any HTML element
  • Add your favourite icon libraries very easily

Integrated icon libraries

Font Awesome

  • All
  • Solid
  • Regular
  • Brands

Material Icons

  • Filled
  • Outlined
  • Round
  • Sharp
  • Two-tone

Other icon libraries

  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Elegant Icons
  • Feather Icons
  • Fomantic UI Icons
  • Foundation Icons
  • Happy Icons
  • Icomoon
  • Open-iconic
  • Tabler Icons
  • Weather Icons
  • Zondicons


Clone / download or install with npm

  npm install @migliori/universal-icon-picker@1.1.6


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

    <button id="selector" title="Open the icon picker">Click to open</button>
    <script src="universal-icon-picker/assets/js/universal-icon-picker.min.js"></script>

        document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(event) {
            var uip = new UniversalIconPicker('#selector', options);




option type value
allowEmpty Boolean Add an empty icon selector in the beginning of each icon list.
Default: true
iconLibraries Array Array of JSON icon libraries in assets/icons-libraries.
Default: null
iconLibrariesCss Array Array of CSS icon libraries in assets/stylesheets or from any CDN. Leave empty if your page already loads them.
Default: null
mode String 'autoload' or 'onrequest'. Default: 'autoload'
onReset Function Callback function when the user clicks the reset button.
Default: null
onSelect Function Callback function when the user clicks the insert button.
Default: null
resetSelector String Selector for the HTML reset button on your page.
Default: null
language String Language code for the UI messages.
E.g.: 'en'
Default: `navigator.language
loadCustomCss Boolean If true, universal icon picker does not load its own css allowing for custom css. Default: false

Configuring loaded assets

Universtal icon picker will retrieve some assets from the server based on where ths script itself was retrieved from (assets/js/universal-icon-picker.min.js) :

  1. Icons from the assets/imagesfolder
  2. Icon library json files from the assets/icon-libraries folder

Also, the naming of the library names in the sidebar is derived from their file name in assets/icon-libraries.

In most cases this will just work fine. For some installations, however, you need to adjust the exact paths from where to retrieve those assets.

Configuring icon assets

Three option settings overwrite the paths for the three icons used:

option type value
closeUrl String Path of the close button icon (some type of "x")
starUrl String Path of the star icon for the side bar
searchUrl String Path of the magnifying glass icon for the search bar

Configuring library assets

Library assets are defined by iconLibraries. If the library does include a slash (/) it is assumed to be an URL or path of the library's json file. If it does not include a slash the library is searched for in the assets/icon-libraries folder.


const options = {
    iconLibraries: [
    iconLibrariesCss: [
    resetSelector: '#uip-reset-btn',
    onSelect: function(jsonIconData) {
        document.getElementById('output-icon').innerHTML = jsonIconData.iconMarkup;

        /* will output something like:
            "libraryId": "fa-solid",
            "libraryName": "fontAwesome",
            "iconHtml": "<i class=\"fa-solid fa-oil-can\"></i>",
            "iconMarkup": "&lt;i class=&quot;fa-solid fa-oil-can&quot;&gt;&lt;/i&gt;",
            "iconClass": "fa-solid fa-oil-can",
            "iconText": ""
    onReset: function() {
        document.getElementById('output-icon').innerHTML = '';

// Instanciate the Icon Picker
var uip = new UniversalIconPicker('#selector', options);

See the source code of the demo for more examples

Public methods

  • setOptions(options)

    Update the options of an Icon Picker instance


      // Instanciate the Icon Picker
    var uip = new UniversalIconPicker('#selector', options);
    // later, change the icon libraries
        iconLibraries: ['weather-icons.min.json'],
        iconLibrariesCss: ['weather-icons.min.css']

    Live demo:

Change / Upgrade Fontawesome version & icons

A built-in tool is provided to get the Fontawesome icon list from the Fontawesome API and for Bootstrap icons to scrape the Bootstrap icon list from their website.

To choose the Fontawesome version:

  1. open tools/fontawesome-icons-list.html in your code editor and change the version number:

    // set the fontawesome version version here
    const fontawesomeVersion = '6.0.0';
  2. open it in your browser to retrieve the JSON list

  3. save the complete list in assets/icon-libraries/font-awesome.json and each style (brands, regular, solid) in the appropriate json file (assets/icon-libraries/font-awesome-brands.json, ...)

  4. minify the json files to .min.json

For Bootstrap icons use tools/bootstrap-icons-list.html. It scrapes the latest version from the website. You will need to add the version number manually to the generated json file.


Universal Icon Picker Screenshot


Contributions are always welcome!

Please contact us for any improvement suggestions or send your pull requests



  • add language option to set the UI language


  • add loadCustomCss option
  • Double click inserts icon


  • add Fomantic UI icons


  • update npm package


  • detect absolute css urls starting without protocol ; ie: '//'
  • allow more complex trigger button selectors ; ie: '#div button["name=iconpicker-opener"]'
  • add the "onBeforeOpen" option
  • add the "onBeforeOpen" demo (demo 5)


  • First release
  • fix icon selections when changing the icon library programatically with setOptions()
  • update README




Thanks to Sabbir for his Aesthetic Icon Picker, which gave me a clean & strong base code for this project.