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Open Coaster Interface
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Open Coaster Interface (OCI)

Open Coaster Interface is an GraphQL API for themeparks provided by This repository introduce to the API and show some examples. In addition, we handle all issues, suggestions and provide a change log.

GraphQL Endpoint:

GraphQL IDE (Playground):


OCI follows the Semantic Versioning: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

  • MAJOR version changed when we made incompatible changes (Breaking Change).
  • MINOR version changed when we add new fields which don't affect current functionality.
  • PATCH version changed when we fix a bug which don't affect current functionality.

Therefor, all changes in MINOR or PATCH don't have breaking changes.


You will find here some example request for fetching data.

Please keep in mind that these are very simple examples with only a fraction of the fields. The complete documentation can be found in our Playground.


You can help to improve the english translations at crowdin. We are grateful for any help.

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