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Inspiring makers sharing one piece of advice, all over video chat.
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Humble Pied

Inspiring people sharing one piece of advice, all over video chat.

Humble Pied

Humble Pied originally started as a friend-sourced presentation for a student design conference, with peers offering their words of wisdom within the creative industry. This project was made to house all of the great bits of advice, and to start great conversation along the way.

What’s in this repo?

These are the files to generate the static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Humble Pied using Jekyll.

Watch the short interviews

You can view all of these interviews live at

Special thanks to all of the amazing guests: John Maeda / Debbie Millman / Randy J. Hunt / Jason Fried / Tina Roth Eisenberg / Amit Gupta / Cameron Moll / Sean Adams / Nicholas Felton / Jim Coudal / Michael Strassburger / Jason Santa Maria / Dress Code / Stefan Bucher / Alissa Walker / Aaron Draplin / Christopher Simmons / Liz Danzico / Jessica Hische / Eric Karjaluoto / Grant Gilliland / Steve Gordon / Ryan Fitzgibbon / Plural / Alison Yard Medland / The Post Family / Frank Chimero / 3st / Colleen Wilson / 36point / Justin Ahrens / Dawn Hancock / Kate Bingaman-Burt / Von Glitschka / Will Bryant / Katherine Walker / Doug Bartow / Carlos Segura / Nick Campbell

You can follow Mig on Instagram and Twitter.

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