A OpenWeatherMap JSON API client library in Java.
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This is a Java library to retrieve weather information and forecasts from Open Weather Map.

Continuous Integration

Build Status

Continuous integration is done on Travis CI and the status for the OwmClient can be found here.



  • getting current weather at
    • around a geographic coordinate
    • in a circle
    • in a bounding box
    • city by
      • geographic coordinate
      • OpenWeatherMap city id
      • city name
      • city name and country code
      • city(ies) within a bounding box
      • city(ies) in a circle
  • getting weather forecast for a city by
    • OpenWeatherMap city id
    • city name
  • getting weather history
    • from a city id
    • from a station id (partial)
  • using an OpenWeatherMap APPID


The weather history for stations is still not complete.


Just create a instance of OwmClient, call it's methods and use their return values.

Using maven to fetch the own-lib dependency.

Add the OSSRH maven repository to your project by adding the following snipet to your pom.xml file:


Then in the dependencies of your project add the own-lib dependency:



To use this library in a environment that doesn't include Apache httpclient from httpcommons you must include the dependency in the final project.

The same for the json parser org.json.

With maven that can be accomplished with:



Note of caution

There's almost no validation build in this library and the fetching of data from the JSON OpenWeatherMap API tries to survive without making much of a fuss.

This means that if you need some value you should use the has methods to check if the value was received (and understood) or not.

For enumerations there's a special value UNKNOWN that means that although a value was received at the JSON interface it was not one that the library knows about.

Simple Example

OwmClient owm = new OwmClient ();
WeatherStatusResponse currentWeather = owm.currentWeatherAtCity ("Tokyo", "JP");
if (currentWeather.hasWeatherStatus ()) {
    WeatherData weather = currentWeather.getWeatherStatus ().get (0);
    if (weather.getPrecipitation () == Integer.MIN_VALUE) {
        WeatherCondition weatherCondition = weather.getWeatherConditions ().get (0);
        String description = weatherCondition.getDescription ();
        if (description.contains ("rain") || description.contains ("shower"))
            System.out.println ("No rain measures in Tokyo but reports of " + description);
            System.out.println ("No rain measures in Tokyo: " + description);
    } else
        System.out.println ("It's raining in Tokyo: " + weather.getPrecipitation () + " mm/h");

Class Diagrams

Basic Weather Data Structure

                        | AbstractWeatherData |
                              /_\     /_\
                               |       |
                       +-------+       +------+
                       |                      |
                 +-------------+    +--------------------+
                 | WeatherData |    | SampledWeatherData |
                 +-----·-------+    +--------------------+
            | LocalizedWeatherData |
               /_\            /_\
                |              |
           +----+              +----+
           |                        |
+---------------------+   +-------------------+
| ForecastWeatherData |   | StatusWeatherData |
+---------------------+   +-------------------+

Open Weather Map responses classes

  • WeatherForecastResponse - list of ForecastWeatherData
  • WeatherHistoryCityResponse - list of WeatherData
  • WeatherHistoryStationResponse - list of AbstractWeatherData, using the implementation WeatherData for responses to TICK history and SampledWeatherData for HOUR and DAY
  • WeatherStatusResponse - list of StatusWeatherData


Copyright 2013 J. Miguel P. Tavares

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License") you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.