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<settings defaultResolver="default" />
<ibiblio m2compatible="true" name="jboss-nexus" root="" />
<ibiblio m2compatible="true" name="jboss-thirdparty" root="" />
<ibiblio m2compatible="true" name="maven2" root="" />
<ibiblio m2compatible="true" name="ow2-public" root="" />
<ibiblio m2compatible="true" name="primefaces" root="" />
<ibiblio m2compatible="true" name="liferay-public" root="" />
<chain dual="true" name="default">
<resolver ref="jboss-nexus" />
<resolver ref="jboss-thirdparty" />
<resolver ref="maven2" />
<resolver ref="ow2-public" />
<resolver ref="primefaces" />
<resolver ref="liferay-public" />
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