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Bundle-SymbolicName: ${}
Bundle-Vendor: ${}
Bundle-Version: ${}
Git-Descriptor: ${system-allow-fail;git describe --dirty --always}
Git-SHA: ${system-allow-fail;git rev-list -1 HEAD}
Javac-Compiler: ${javac.compiler}
Javac-Debug: ${javac.debug}
Javac-Deprecation: ${javac.deprecation}
Javac-Encoding: ${javac.encoding}
Liferay-Portal-Build-Date: ${}
Liferay-Portal-Build-Number: ${}
Liferay-Portal-Build-Time: ${build.time}
Liferay-Portal-Code-Name: ${}
Liferay-Portal-Parent-Build-Number: ${}
Liferay-Portal-Release-Info: ${}
Liferay-Portal-Server-Info: ${}
Liferay-Portal-Version: ${}
-donotcopy: (\.touch)
-dsannotations: *
-sources: false
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