A Microsoft Power BI Data Connector or Power Query Connector for the Power BI REST API
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A Microsoft Power BI Data Connector or Power Query Connector for the Power BI REST API.

The goal of this connector is to enable you as an end-user to easily:

  • Create a catalogue of all the resources deployed to your tenant
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Datasets
  • Retrieve a list of the members and types of access for each member inside an app workspace 'aka' Group
  • Analyze Refresh history and error codes Power BI REST API Connector

Power BI REST API Documentation

Be sure to read the official documentation from Microsoft about the Power BI REST API on: https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/dn877544.aspx

Step 1: Register your App

The first step would be to register your very own Native Client App. You can read the full documentation on: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-developer-register-app/

or just click here to create it right away: https://dev.powerbi.com/apps

You'll need to fill out the form in that page and please use the following values:

For the rest of fields, please use the options chosen in the next image: Register an App form

After filling out the fields, go ahead and click the 'Register App' button and right beneath that button you'll get your Client ID. Be sure to save that value as you'll need it later.

Step 2: Change the contents of the AppID.txt

  1. Download the pre-compiled .mez file here https://github.com/migueesc123/PowerBIRESTAPI/blob/master/Power%20BI%20API.mez
  2. Rename the extension of the downloaded file from .mez to .zip
  3. Unzip the file in a new folder
  4. Open the file with the name AppID.txt and replace the value found inside with the Client ID that you received before and save the file.
  5. Select all the files inside the unzipped folder and zip it again, but now change the extension from .zip to .mez
  6. Place the file inside this folder C:\Users{Username}\Documents\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors Note: if the folder doesn't exist, go ahead and create it. Don't forget to enable the Custom Data Connectors preview feature in your Power BI Desktop
  7. Open Power BI Desktop and, in the Get Data window, search for the new Custom Connector.

Step 3: Provide Feedback!

Let me know your thoughts! go to the issues section of this repo and let me know if you have any issues or suggestions for this connector.