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A Power BI Custom Connector for WooCommerce
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Power BI Custom Connector for WooCommerce

This is a simple Power BI Custom Connector for Wordpress' WooCommerce. It currently only connects to the Orders endpoint to retrieve all the orders information from the WooCommerce tables.

WooCommerce Custom Connector


  • Wordpress instace with WooCommerce 2.6.x or later
  • API Key and Secret key with Read Access

For complete information on how to get the credentials (REST API key and secret) for your connection, you can get the full walkthrough from this page

Configuring the Connector for your site

  1. Enable the WooCommerce API on your site from Settings Menu of the WooCommerce plugin as shown in the next image:

WooCommerce API enabled

  1. Download the WooCommerce.mez file from this repo
  2. Follow the instructions on on where to store that .mez file
  3. Load Power BI Desktop and navigate to the connector. Is good to go!

Our Testing Environment

If you'd like to give this custom connector a try, we encourage you to try it first against our testing environment. It is a low budget wordpress site hosted on Azure, but it does provide the necessary protocols and backend/frontend to make the connector work.

Here's the data of our testing environment:

  • Url for the Store =
  • API Version = v2
  • API_username: ck_00c9112a8aee53ed8ea2484922630372003f96bc
  • API_password: cs_e51db59027ec9f985c22e86e802eba3fdd51c9f6

Go ahead and place some orders on the online store of our testing environment! Tweet me a screenshot of the order confirmation on Twitter :)
Note: Please beware of posting sensitive information on the order as it'll be visible to everyone.

Submit your feedback, suggestions and more on the Issues section of this Repo!

Special thanks to Miguel Llopis and Marco Russo for coming up with the request/idea for this Custom Connector.

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