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Configuration file parser for Go.
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This package implements a parser for configuration files.
This allows easy reading and writing of structured configuration files.

Given a sample configuration file:


  delegation : on
  maxclients=200 # do not set this higher
  comments=This is a multi-line
    entry	; And this is a comment

To read this configuration file, do:

  c, err := configfile.ReadConfigFile("config.cfg");
  // result is string :"
  c.GetString("service-1", "url");
  c.GetInt64("service-1", "maxclients"); // result is int 200
  c.GetBool("service-1", "delegation"); // result is bool true

  // result is string "This is a multi-line\nentry"
  c.GetString("service-1", "comments");

Note the support for unfolding variables (such as %(base-url)s), which are
read from the special (reserved) section name [default].

A new configuration file can also be created with:
  c := configfile.NewConfigFile();
  c.AddOption("section", "option", "value");
  // use 0644 as file permission
  c.WriteConfigFile("config.cfg", 0644, "A header for this file");

This results in the file:

  # A header for this file

Note that sections and options are case-insensitive (values are
case-sensitive) and are converted to lowercase when saved to a file.

The functionality and workflow is loosely based on the
package of the Python Standard Library.

To install:

  go get ""

To test:

  go test

To use:

  import ""

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