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An open source Django-based wiki-like web application for DnD.


This github repository is currently a clone of a private repository. It contains ONLY source codes of the application, not its data.

Also, this readme file is just an early preview to be updated as soon as someone have the time.

If you find anything wrong, just start an issue.


We will install the project in a virtual environment. Virtualenvs allow to easily isolate the project dependencies from your system install.

The following instruction were tested on Linux, but should work on OSX and Windows as well. The only requirements are Python 2.7 and Virtualenv.

To install DnDTools, run the following commands:

# Clone the repository 
git clone
cd dndtools/

# Create a Python Virtual environment in env/ and enables it
virtualenv --python=python2.7 env
source env/bin/activate

# First we have to install an old version of django-reversion, which is not in PyPI
pip install

# Then install all the requirements from the PyPI
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Copy the default settings for development
cd dndtools/
cp dndproject/ dndproject/

# Sync the database. You will be asked to create a user.
# The "--all" means that even tables based on migrations will be synced.
python syncdb --all

# Marks all database migrations as done.
python migrate --fake

# Finally, run the development server.
python runserver

# Your own version of DnDTools is now available at
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