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ODM2 Admin

This is a Django admin app for Observation Data Model 2 (ODM2). ODM2 was created through National Science Foundation Grant EAR-1224638. Support for the development of this application comes from NSF Grant EAR-1331841 Luquillo CZO.

ODM2 can be found here:

Django models exist for all ODM2 tables. Forms for ODM2Core and a number of additional ODM2 tables. Graphing of measurement result values via highcharts are implemented. Data logger files can be imported as long as data logger file columns and results are properly setup.

Other ODM2 tools can be used in conjunction with ODM2 Admin, extensive testing has been done using ODM2 Admin with ODM2PythonAPI and WOFpy.

This was developed using a postgresql version of ODM2 data model, additional modifications may be needed to make this work with MSSQL or another database.

An example postgresql database named ODM2AdminExamplePostgresqlDB is provided, this is a custom postgresql format backup which can be restored to an empty database. An extrasql.sql file contains some extra views used for efficiently exporting data as emails.

Primary Installation See Docker Folder for dockerhub installation instructions or

see for local installation instructions.


A Django admin web app for ODM2







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