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MonoTouch AudioUnit samples authored by AKIHIRO Uehara ( these samples use the new API developed by AKIHIRO that was merged into MonoTouch.AudioUnit

This contains following projects:

  • MonoTouch_AudioUnit -- AudioUnit wrapper class
  • MonoTouch_AudioUnit_PlayingSinWaveform -- Sample project that generates sin waveform. Corresponding Obj-C sample code is: Obj-C_AudioUnit_PlaySinWaveform.
  • MonoTouch_AudioUnit_PlayingSoundFile -- File based sound playing sample code using ExtAudioFile. Corresponding to Obj-C_AudioUnit_ExtAFS_PlayingSourndFile
  • MonoTouch\RemoteIO_PlayThroughWithMonitoring -- Playing thorough sample project from microphone to speaker (or earphone). Obj-C_RemoteIO_PlayThroughWithMonitoring -- Start button has no effect now.

These Objective-C sample codes are of the book "iPhone Core Audio programming, NORISHISA Nagano, ISBN 978-4-7973-5515-4". You can download codes from the web site: . The author allows us to use it for commercial and non-commercial use without license notification, unless we does no make a whole copy of or resell the book.