MonoTouch.Dialog Elements can be null when search bar used too quickly #94

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darbio commented Jan 9, 2012

If you have a DialogViewController with a search bar and a user taps between the search bar and the cancel button fast, the Elements node of the Section in the Prepare method on line 2422 of the Elements.cs code is sometimes null so it throws a NullReferenceException.

            public override void FinishSearch ()
        try {
            base.FinishSearch ();
        catch (NullReferenceException ex) {
            // Possible MT bug

From DialogViewcontroller.cs

    public virtual void FinishSearch ()
        if (originalSections == null)

        Root.Sections = new List<Section> (originalSections);
        originalSections = null;
        originalElements = null;
        searchBar.ResignFirstResponder ();
        ReloadData ();
darbio commented Jan 9, 2012

I have reproduced this using a solution and uploaded the project to git at

To reproduce the bug, please type in a search term. Click on select, and then immediately Cancel. Then start a new search.

If you do this a few times you will get the afformentioned bug.

This appears to be a threading synchronisation issue.

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