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.gitignore Update gitignore
DemoAddRemove.cs Warning removal
DemoContainerStyle.cs Add new sample
DemoDate.cs Removed the RowBadgeElement code, and put it in the element pack instead
DemoDynamic.cs Add Preserve attribute to the Login button, so it is present on device
DemoEditing.cs Small bug fix (orientation support was producing a warning)
DemoEditingAdvanced.cs Add re-ordering the elements in the advanced editing sample for quest…
DemoElementApi.cs Adding use of EntryElement AlignEntryWithAllSections to Sample
DemoHeadersFooters.cs Add new sample
DemoIndex.cs Fix indexed list bug that crashed the app when performing a search
DemoInsets.cs UIViewElement: Add support for insets
DemoLoadMore.cs Add support for basic image loading
DemoOwnerDrawnElement.cs Fixed owner drawn cell element and added a more realistic demo
DemoReflectionApi.cs Added ability to set AutocorrectionType, AutocapitalizationType and C…
DemoRefresh.cs Add Pull-to-Refresh sample
DemoStyled.cs Add support for AccessoryTapped as requested in
Info.plist Remove the XIB dependency, so that the sample runs on iPad and iPhone…
Main.cs UIViewElement: Add support for insets
Sample.csproj UIViewElement: Add support for insets
background.png Add new sample
calendar.svg Add new calendar from the Amazing Jakub
caltemplate.png Add support for badges, and add a way of doing calendar badges
favorite.png Add missing files
favorited.png Add missing files
favorites.svg Favorite icons
jakub-calendar.png Add new calendar from the Amazing Jakub
monodevelop-32.png EntryElement: Make keyboardType private since it has a public propert…
sample.json Add the ability to reference elements that were loaded from the Json …
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