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2009-07-31 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.17.1
2009-07-30 15:43-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSThemeTools.m: -[GSThemeTools drawRoundBezel:withColor:]
add code to draw highlights for rounded buttons to give them a
better 3D look.
2009-07-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-setFileName:): Set the file name to the
absolute file path.
Patch by Jonathan Gillaspie <>.
2009-07-27 12:18-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Comment out _attachedSheet ivar.
* Source/NSAlert.m: Change code to use hightlightWithLevel: method
in resetWindow method.
* Source/NSApplication.m: Stub out setAttachedSheet method.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Remove new ivar for next release and stub out
attachedSheet method.
2009-07-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontDescriptor.h,
* Headers/AppKit/NSFont.h: Add missing interface method from 10.5.
* Source/NSFontDescriptor.m,
* Source/NSFont.m: Small fixes for font descriptor handling.
2009-07-25 22:54-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: Offset color by less in -resetWindow. Remove
redundant logic for calling the "didEnd" method in the NSBeginSheet...
* Source/NSApplication.m: Add code to reset parent window in
beginSheet:... method. Also added check to make sure the
modalDelegate is not nil.
2009-07-25 20:54-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: Remove category for setAttachedSheet method.
* Source/NSApplication.m: Added private category to add
setAttachedSheet: to NSWindow. Modified beginSheet:... method
to call the new method with the sheet that is associated with it.
2009-07-25 20:25-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: GSAlertSheet - removed unecessary parentWindow
and container ivars in interface declaration. Removed uneeded
accessors for parentWindow and contentRect. Added check in
frameFromParentWindowFrame to check to see if parent is initialized
prior to using it. Removed NSBox in the init.. method since it
could cause issues with drawing. Added code to lighten the
color of the background of the sheet relative to the parent window.
2009-07-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-initWithCoder:, -setTextContainer:):
Attempt to resolve the memory issues when coding a text container.
2009-07-21 15:06-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontDescriptor.h: Correct mispelling pointed
out by David Chisnall.
2009-07-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: Add include needed for Windows.
2009-07-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (-_printPaginateWithInfo:knowsRange:, -_print):
Try to handle not set print information more graceful.
2009-07-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (-_printPaginateWithInfo:knowsRange:):
Use scale 1.0 if none is given.
Patch by Georg Fleischmann <>.
2009-07-13 14:12-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: Implementation of GSAlertSheet.
* Source/NSApplication.m: Change order in which setWindowParent:
and runModalForWindow: are called in beginSheet:... method.
* Source/NSDrawer.m: Remove notifications when drawer is closed
in dealloc.
2009-07-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-_editPreviousEditableCellBeforeRow:column:,
-_editNextEditableCellAfterRow:column:): Comment out the loop
around of the last change. This leads to wrong results, when the
table view isn't the only view in the window.
2009-07-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-_setNeedsDisplayInRect_real:) Set the window
views as needing display, even when the invalidated rectangle
didn't change.
2009-07-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-_editPreviousEditableCellBeforeRow:column:,
-_editNextEditableCellAfterRow:column:): Try to handle all cases
of changing the current edited cell correctly.
2009-07-05 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m
Removed c99-ism
2009-07-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (_editPreviousEditableCellBeforeRow:column:):
Compare row against _numberOfRows not _numberOfColumns.
Patch by Tim Schmielau <>.
2009-06-30 Nicolas Roard <>
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m: Apply patch from Eric
Wasylishen <>, add live resize and
live moving for table columns if GSUseGhostResize is
set to NO.
2009-06-28 23:46-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-initWithCoder:): Retain the text
container and storage to prevent a crash since both are
autoreleased by the archiver.
2009-06-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSKeyValueBinding.h,
* Source/externs.m: Add NSContentObjectBinding.
* Source/NSObjectController.m: Add more implementation to this
Patch by Andy Balholm <>.
2009-06-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h : Addd NSFontDescriptor.h.
2009-06-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSUserDefaultsController.m (-initWithCoder:): Retain the
shared controller before returning it.
2009-06-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m (GSKeyValueBinding+initialize):
Correc the setup of the map tables.
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m (GSKeyValueBinding+unbindAllForObject):
Use a copy of the keys for the enumerator.
2009-06-05 18:21-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpeechSynthesizer.h:
* Source/NSSpeechSynthesizer.m: Implementation of
Patch by David Chisnall <>
2009-06-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-runModalSavePanelForSaveOperation:...):
Check whether there is a returned save panel, this wont be the case
when the user cancels the save operation.
2009-05-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (detachDrawingThread:toTarget:withObject:):
Replace a call to a now longer existing extension on NSInvocation
with the correct method calls.
2009-05-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m (+initialize,
-_setWindowOwnedByServer:(), -dealloc): Set the windowmaps
variable in the initialize method and protect all usages.
2009-05-23 22:17-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Improve handling of CFBundleType...
constants in the private method _extIconForApp:info:.
2009-05-23 11:48-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m: Live window resize changes
for when using GNUstep decorations in resizeWindowStartingWithEvent:.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Unarchive the text containers into an
array in initWithCoder:.
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: Get the layout manager in initWithCoder:.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Changes to include text container from nib
file into the nib loading process in initWithCoder:.
2009-05-22 Nicolas Roard <>
Add a live resize for splitviews. Users can revert to the old behaviour
by doing: defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSUseGhostResize YES
* Source/NSSplitView.m: Added live resize of splitviews
2009-05-14 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: fixed allocation of Mutable array instead of
2009-05-14 14:15-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Added ivar to contain attachedSheet.
* Source/NSAlert.m: New class GSSheetPanel. Initial changes for
sheet implementation.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Added code to return value of new ivar.
2009-05-10 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.17.0
2009-05-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m (-_updateUserDefaults:): Fix small memory leak.
* Source/GSTitleView.m (+height: Get height from NSMenuView.
* Source/GSTitleView.m (-addCloseButtonWithAction:,
-addMiniaturizeButtonWithAction:): Get buttons from NSWindow.
* Source/GSTitleView.m: Clean up a bit.
2009-04-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (-appendBezierPathWithRoundedRect:xRadius:
Small rearangment of code.
Patch by Fred Morcos <>
2009-04-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSBezierPath.h,
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (+bezierPathWithRoundedRect:xRadius:yRadius:,
New 10.5 methods.
Patch by Fred Morcos <>
2009-04-24 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSColorWell.m: Only send action if color changes ... fix
for bug #26277
2009-04-19 00:46-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSearchFieldCell.h: Give the values assigned in
Cocoa to the enum. Patch by:
* Source/NSSearchFieldCell.m: Implemented search menu template and
recent items. Patch by:
* Source/NSSearchField.m: Call cell methods to use search menu.
Patch by:
2009-04-19 00:23-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Make certain that a sheet is always placed
above the window it's supposed to appear relative to. Change
to runModalForWindow:relativeToWindow:.
2009-04-18 23:21-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: If the scrollview has scrollers,
don't pay attention to the hidden flag in nib loading.
* Source/NSTableView.m: if the table has a cornerview, don't
pay attention to the hidden flag in nib loading.
NOTE: In both instances it appears that Cocoa sets the hidden flag
when autohide is set to true. GNUstep handles this case differently,
so it's okay to ignore this flag when the scroller is in an
2009-04-16 16:05-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: Revert last change.
2009-04-16 15:02-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: Order front regardless to prevent reported
cases of problems when sheets/panels bring up additional
2009-04-14 21:24-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m: Use thread dictionary to hold
the instance of the typesetter for that thread.
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m: Add locks to methods to prevent
modification of static variables by separate threads from
causing applications to get glyph generation errors.
NOTE: These changes based on suggestions/ideas from Doug
Simons <>.
2009-04-12 15:16-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m: initialize offsets to prevent
negative value warnings suggested by Doug.
2009-04-12 15:11-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSearchFieldCell.m: Correct issue displaying images for
search field. Fix in initWithCoder: to reset image names.
2009-04-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-_popUpItemAction:): New method used
by Apple NIB files.
Patch by Doug Simons <>.
2009-04-10 15:30-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Follow the NSApplication responder
2009-04-10 15:00-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m: Set subviews to resize when loaded from
the nib.
* Source/NSView.m: Partial revert of previous change.
2009-04-10 14:27-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSView.m: Autoresize subviews since it is not pulling it
from the nib correctly. Will come back and fix this issue.
2009-04-10 14:05-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m: Autoresize subviews when loaded from the nib.
2009-04-10 14:03-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSTabView.m: Autoresize subviews when loaded from the nib
and set the mask to the make height and width resizable when the
tab is selected.
2009-04-10 13:31-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSDrawer.m: Correction for NSDrawer issues with draw
temporarily showing up above the window and not syncing with
window position.
2009-04-10 10:24-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: in the method _initWithoutGModel add a call
to setLevel: to set the level to NSModalPanelWindowLevel. This was
not previously being done and was causing alert panels to get lost
behind other application windows.
2009-04-10 01:32-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Removed adjustment to Y coords in the
setWindowFrame... method. This adjustment is only supposed to be
done when a popup is under "restrictive screen conditions" which
is currently unimplemented.
2009-04-10 01:15-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: In the method
- (void) setWindowFrameForAttachingToRect:... test if the view
is flipped and make the adjustment.
2009-04-10 00:53-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: In the method
- (void) setWindowFrameForAttachingToRect:... changed how
popup/pulldown buttons handle the preferred edge.
Per Cocoa documentation, the selected cell should always show up
over the button for popups. For pull down menus, the preferred
edge is relevant. This is also apparent from testing under Cocoa.
2009-04-09 22:55-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSRulerMarker.m: Changes suggested by Doug Simons for
allowing markers to be set on an NSMouseDown event.
2009-04-07 22:21-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Return default type if the
URL is not a file URL and the call to typeFromFileExtension: returns
nil in typeForContentsOfURL:.
2009-04-07 18:43-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpeechSynthesizer.h: Added _module ivar.
* Source/NSDrawer.m: Don't set the timer since it eats a lot of CPU.
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: Retain the path since it's autoreleased.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Set the textview to allow undos by default.
2009-04-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAlert.m (NSBeginAlertSheet, NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet,
NSBeginInformationalAlertSheet): Correct the calling of delegate
methods. This should fix #26101.
2009-04-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSplitView.h
-setPosition:ofDividerAtIndex:): New MacOSX 10.5 methods.
* Source/NSSplitView.m: Basic implementation of these methods.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSplitView.h: Add ivars, will break binary compatibility.
* Source/NSSplitView.m (-isPaneSplitter, -setIsPaneSplitter:):
Implement these methods.
2009-04-07 Sergii Stoian <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m (-mouseDown:): When checking if divider
position also check orientaion for _isVertical == NO situation.
This fix avoids situation when split view is vertical, postion
changed but method exists after next 'else if' check.
2009-03-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-setNeedsDisplay:, -setNeedsDisplayInRect:):
Warn about the GNUstep secondary thread behaviour not being
portable to Cocoa.
* Source/NSApplication.m
Use distantPast instead of distantFuture as default of expiration.
2009-03-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m (-restoreGraphicsState,
-saveGraphicsState:) Try to deal with the case when there is no
current context. May happen in secondard threads. Fixes #25943.
2009-03-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-initWithFrame:textContainer:,
-initWithCoder:): Set values for minSize, maxSize,
horizontallyResizable and verticallyResizable consistently.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-encodeWithCoder:) : Release the temporary
shared data object.
2009-03-23 12:13-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSpeechSynthesizer.[hm]: Add code to tell the developer
that certain methods need to be overriden.
2009-03-23 02:36-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h: Add include for NSSpeechSynthesizer.h
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpeechSynthesizer.h: Declarations.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add new files.
* Source/NSSpeechSynthesizer.m: Add initial skeleton for
NSSpeechSynthesizer class.
2009-03-22 23:57-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm: Add
connection to _doneButton outlet.
* Source/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.m: Added code in init
to set the state of the size checkbox.
2009-03-21 12:27-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm: Added
size: method to class in gorm file. Added connection to size: method
from the switch.
* Source/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.m: Added size: method
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Added code to save and load sizeMode attribute
for toolbar.
2009-03-21 12:13-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm: Changed
formatting. Added text field and buttons.
* Source/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.m: Added reset button and
done button.
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h: Added _resetConfig method.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Added _resetConfig method.
2009-03-21 09:57-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm: Add
Default item to popup and make the connection to the show: method
to allow setting the toolbar display mode.
* Source/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.m: Enable changing of
text, text & icon, icon only on the toolbar.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Change _build method to load the
displayMode setting.
2009-03-20 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/gopen.m: Extend to open URLs as well as files.
* Source/GSServicesManager.m:
* Source/NSSworkspace.m:
Additions so that any app using a document controller can open a URL
(also any app where its delegate implements -application:openURL:).
2009-03-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m (-drawRow:clipRect:): Changed order of
expresions in condition to avoid possible access to uninitialized
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-initWithCoder:): Don't set _hasCornerView.
* Source/GSNibLoading.m (NSClassSwapper-initWithCoder:): Don't
reference freed memory.
2009-03-18 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorksace.m: ([openURL:]) fix to open some app which
supports the URL scheme.
2009-03-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-beginPageInRect:atPlacement:): Add parentheses
to stop compiler from complaining.
2009-03-16 03:29-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Added code to save the configuration when
deleting an item as well as saving an item.
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h: removed old _loadConfig method
added new methods to track changes to toolbars.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Added check for items already in the toolbar,
removed calls to _loadConfig which were commented out, implemented
setConfigurationFromDictionary: as described in the documentation,
changed _build to get dictionary from defaults if it's there.
Implemented new method _containsItemWithIdentifier: and
2009-03-16 01:22-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Call the _insertItemWithItemIdentifier:..
method to add items when they are not being dragged from within
the toolbar and are being added from the palette.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Added information to the description
to help with debugging.
2009-03-15 18:37-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Fix for infinite notification loop which
happens with some nib files.
2009-03-15 22:09-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Use the flags in initWithCoder:
2009-03-15 20:28-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Added more flags for nib loading.
2009-03-15 15:09-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Remove FIXME comment and provided an
explaination for why a cast wasn't used. Added nonDynamic flag
as well as other flags from the nib file.
2009-03-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m: Use setTitle: instead of setStringValue:
for theme button.
2009-03-13 01:01-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m:
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Partial fix for toolbar drag and drop issues.
2009-03-12 19:47-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: Correct issues with handling of
rectangle passed back from rectForPage: callback in NSView
subclasses. This rect should override existing calculations
when it is passed in.
* Source/NSView.m: Change to use NSPrintPaperBounds if and only if
aRect is passed in as a blank rect. Previously the code was
using the NSPrintPaperBounds value and ignoring the passed in
2009-03-11 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m: GC fixups ... change code that was attempting
to use the old GSAtomicMallocZone() function.
2009-03-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-setApplicationIconImage:): Copy the new
application image before assigning the name "NSApplicationIcon" to
it. This solves bug #25793.
2009-03-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Resources/GNUmakefile: Add French localisation.
* Resources/French.lproj/Localizable.strings: New localisation file.
Patch by Philippe Roussel <>.
2009-03-04 Xavier Glattard <>
* Headers/NSView.h,
Source/NSView.m: Add a flag 'ignoresBacking' that indicates the
receiver do not draw on the backing store, and so prevent the
backing store to be flushed by [-unlocFocus:]
* Headers/NSView.h,
Source/externs.m: Define NSViewGlobalFrameDidChangeNotification that
should be catched by NSOpenGLView (To Do)
* Headers/NSOpenGL.h,
Headers/NSOpenGLView.h: Some improvements, compatibility and/or bug
fix. NSOpenGLView catches NSViewGlobalFrameDidChangeNotification.
2009-03-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSSliderCell.m,
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m,
* Source/NSWindow.m,
* Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m,
* Source/NSControl.m,
* Source/NSScroller.m,
* Source/NSTextView.m,
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m,
* Source/NSStepperCell.m,
* Source/NSCell.m: Replace nil with [NSDate distantFuture] in
calls to nextEventMatchingMask:...dequeue:.
2009-03-01 20:17-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Fix bug #24643. Application icon is no
stored correctly.
2009-03-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Resources/English.lproj/Localizable.strings: Regenerate this file.
* Resources/German.lproj/Localizable.strings: Regnerate and add
translation and escaping of non-ASCII characters.
* Source/NSColor.m
* Source/NSColorSpace.m
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m
* Source/NSAlert.m,
* Source/NSWindow.m,
* Source/GSPrintOperation.m,
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m,
* Source/GSNibLoading.m,
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m,
* Source/NSAttributedString.m,
* Source/NSMenu.m: Add include of GSGuiPrivate.h for correct localization.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: Better handling of localization of
error strings.
2009-02-26 00:35-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m: do not return (0,0) when a zero length
range is passed into glyphRangeForCharacterRange:
actualCharacterRange:. Tests on Mac OS X indicate that this is
a valid case.
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Fixed some memory leaks.
* Source/NSRulerMarker.m: Use the bounds of the containing view
instead of markersRect. I will revisit if the _markersRect method
needs to be corrected, but this code seems to correct problems
observed when dragging markers in and out of the rulerView.
2009-02-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-directory): Optimize last change.
2009-02-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Changed all title methods to use the
super string value methods and redefine the local string value
methods to work with the object value.
Patch by Matt Rice <>.
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m (-cellForScrollerKnobSlot:): Use
setTitle: instead of setStringValue:.
2009-02-20 12:08-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.m: Look up default items before
calling the delegate like in NSToolbar.m. This was causing an
exception which prevented the panel from showing.
2009-02-18 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Clean up update of services menu,
removing useless check and obsolete code.
2009-02-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (NSAppIconView-setImage:): Protect
against the item being nil.
2009-02-18 02:45-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Rollback of previous change. Found a
minor problem.
* Source/NSDrawer.m: Improvements to NSDrawer handling.
2009-02-17 23:09-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: use the new code committed to NSMenu to
lay out the menu when vertical. Get rid of the duplicate code here.
* Source/NSDrawer.m: set the child window position when opening.
* Source/NSMatrix.m: -_selectCell:atRow:column: Check to make
sure the selectedRow and selectedColumn are > -1. This check is
done elsewhere and was not done here. This was causing a crash.
2009-02-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImageView.m (-initWithFrame:): Set non-editable as
default. Fixes #25484.
2009-02-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m (-_organizeMenu): Try to better switch between
Apple menu layout and ours.
2009-02-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSRulerView.m (+initialize): Correct version to be an integer.
2009-02-16 Adam Fedor <>
* Look for libpng/png.h
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+PNG.m: Use found loction of png.h
(Fixes #24111).
2009-02-16 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-setStringValue): Try to fix bugs in last change.
Optimize in case of common string and check for nil.
2009-02-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-setStringValue:, -setObjectValue:): Try to fix
bugs in last change.
2009-02-15 22:21-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m: Corrects bug #25471. Only enable
the OK button when a file the application can open is selected.
2009-02-15 19:38-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSCell.m: Change to implement 10.3 and later behavior for
the method setStringValue: as documented in Apple's documentation
for the method. This behavior was observed on Cocoa under
Mac OS 10.5.
2009-02-12 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: Return autoreleased copy of the directory
2009-02-12 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/make_services.m: Fix error parsing CFBundleURLTypes
2009-02-11 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/make_services.m: Check applications for CFBundleURLTypes
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: ([-openURL:]) try to open non-file URLs using
an app found based on CFBundleURLTypes, and if that fails try to use
any available 'OpenURL' service.
2009-02-11 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTheme.m: Fix typo in include
* Source/NSTableView.m: Fix to compile with GC (reported by Lu Liyi)
2009-02-11 00:49-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m:
-[NSNibOutletConnector establishConnection] report exceptions when
establishing a connection, but don't fail to load.
2009-02-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h: Add method
* Source/NSToolbar.m: (-runCustomizationPalette:): Code to run
customization palette.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m (-copyWithZone:): Try to copy the view.
* Source/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.h
* Source/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.m: New files.
* GNUmakefile: Add new files.
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm/
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm/data.classes
* Panels/English.lproj/GSToolbarCustomizationPalette.gorm/objects.gorm
* Panels/GNUmakefile: Add new panel.
This is a stripped down version of the toolbar customization
branch by Quentin Mathe <>.
2009-02-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSThemePrivate.h:
* Source/GSTheme.m:
* Source/NSImage.m:
Move/rename new proxy code to GSTheme.m and declare it in
GSThemePrivate.h so that all code in the GUI can use it
(we will need to allow other resources to automatically update
to the current theme, not just images).
2009-02-09 20:16-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSToolbar.m: (-windowDidUpdate:): Automatically update
the toolbar on every window update. This makes sure that
no matter what window an event happens in the toolbar gets
properly updated for ALL windows.
2009-02-08 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (-findApplications): Retain cached path of
make_services tool.
* Tools/GSspell.m (-init): Initialize language configuration
variable used by the aspell checker. This prevents a crash of
the spelling server during its initialization.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-browser:createRowsForColumn:inMatrix:):
Make sure the contents of the initial directory is always shown.
This should fix bug #25363.
2009-02-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSImage.m: Fix missing header.
2009-02-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m (NSNibOutletConnector
-establishConnection): Use KVC call setValue:forKey: to establish
the outlet connection. This will result in ivars being properly retained.
2009-02-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSImage.m: WARNING ... this change may have unforseen
consequences. Named images are replaced by proxies to the images
so that all image drawing the the gui updates instantly when the
theme changes. It's possible that sme code uses the image in an
unexpected way that the proxy does not support ... plase look out
for that and report any problems so I can fix them.
2009-02-08 01:17-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Added code to handle exceptions in
-[NSApplication run]. Rudimentary implementation of default
2009-02-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h,
* Source/GSTheme.m (-drawToobarRect:frame:borderMask:): New method
for toolbar view drawing
* Source/GSToolbarView.m (-drawRect:): Use new theme method.
Clean up use of colours.
2009-02-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSThemeTools.m: Add a few checks for tile sizes
* Source/GSTheme.m: Limit icon size to 48x48
2009-02-06 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTheme.m:
* Source/GSThemeTools.m:
* Source/GSThemePrivate.h:
Improve tiling for matrix and for rectangles in flipped views.
2009-02-04 17:51-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Correct compilation error.
2009-02-04 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Don't attempt to set app icon until
creating the window (if we are going to create it).
Fix size checks when setting image to cope if window does not
exist (was previously the normal case) to avoid streams of X
errors on most systems and segmentation fault on sparc.
2009-02-04 01:53-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoader.m: Correct the message to indicate an issue
loading a nib, not a gorm, file.
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Uncomment the release in the dealloc
* Source/NSApplication.m: Restrict the icon size to the size of the
miniwindow if it's larger, but don't expand it, if it's smaller.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: -initWithCoder: Initialize when
loading a nib in the same way that we initialize when loading
a gorm file.
2009-02-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-_sendActionFrom:): New helper method for
action sending.
2009-02-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m (NSButtonImageSource -initWithCoder:): Add
missing retain of the named image.
2009-02-03 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: Add some frame size checks.
* Source/NSScrollView.m: ditto
* Source/NSHelpPanel.m: Make sure we create with a reasonable size.
2009-02-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-dragSelectionWithEvent:...): Correct
computation of attachment cell frame.
* Source/NSParagraphStyle.m (NSMutableParagraphStyle
-setParagraphStyle:): Set only existing text blocks and text lists.
2009-01-31 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m: Fix typo
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h: ditto
* Source/NSWindow.m: ditto
* Source/GSTheme.m: Make color handling more efficient
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h: ditto
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m: ditto
* Source/NSScrollView.m: ditto
2009-01-31 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSToolTips.m: Fix retain/release problem.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Add exception handler round unsafe code.
2009-01-30 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSThemeTools.m: Add checks to prevent problems in the case
where the control being drawn is actually smaller than the tiles used.
* Headers/AppKit/NSScreen.h:
* Source/NSScreen.m: Cache device description dictionary ... when
debugging the problem with theme tools (which caused a loop to
repeatedly composite the tile image instead of doing it once), I
noticed that almost every time I stopped the app in gdb, it was in
the process of creating a device description, strongly suggesting
that this is actually quite a time consuming part of drawing
2009-01-30 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Try to get behavior to match MacOS-X
by moving call to -updateWindows to be done before getting the
next event. Updating is done only if it was flagged as needing
to be done since the last update, but if we are in NSDefaultRunLoopMode
or NSModalRunLoopMode we automatically set the flag before handling
each event ... so unless the application explicitly turns it off,
it's always done in these modes.
Might fix #25384
* Source/NSView.m: Invalidate tracking rects when they are removed
from the view.
Might fix #25385
2009-01-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSParagraphStyle.m: Fix all copying code to handle
textBlocks and textLists correctly.
2009-01-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m (-setPartentWindow:forChildWindow:):
New method.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setParentWindow:, -_initBackendWindow): Use
this new method.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-attachPopUpWithFrame:inView:,
-dismissPopUp): Use child window mechanism for the popup menu.
2009-01-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (GSWindowWithNumber): Protect against
windowmaps not being set.
2009-01-27 15:28-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Temporarily comment out the release of
connections until we find the cause of some current crashes. This
will be reverted ASAP.
* Source/NSDrawer.m: Don't slide the window out, just appear where it
needs to be.
2009-01-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSAttributedString.h: Add missing MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: Rewrote data loading and add
setting of NSError.
* Headers/AppKit/NSLayoutManager.h (-attachmentSizeForGlyphAtIndex:,
showAttachmentCell:inRect:characterIndex:): Declare these missing
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Implement and use them.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-dragSelectionWithEvent:...): Use layout
manager attachment methods.
2009-01-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-dataFromRange:...,
-fileWrapperFromRange:...): Basic implementation.
2009-01-25 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSMenu.m: Keep the main menu in the main window (or visible
if there is no main menu) when using microsoft style menus.
* Source/NSWindow.m: If the main windows closes and it contains
the main menu, unset the menu.
2009-01-25 11:51-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Return from the trackWithEvent: method
if the indexOfActionToExecute is -1.
2009-01-25 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m:
* Source/NSMenu.m:
* Source/NSWindow.m:
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h:
Tweaks to allow setting of a menu in a window (and unsetting it)
repeatedly as you switch between themes.
2009-01-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m (-_nameForHumanReadableType:): Also
look at CFBundleTypeName.
2009-01-25 06:47-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Refactor code which executes the action
of a menu item at a given index into a separate method to make it
easier to override this behavior when necessary. Added method
2009-01-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* TextConverters/RTF/RTFProducer.m (RTFDProducer -produceFileFrom:...):
Always create a directory, even for simple RTF files.
2009-01-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-runModalSavePanelForSaveOperation:...):
Correct the name of the selector being tested.
2009-01-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m (-validateUserInterfaceItem:):
Show newDocument: only if there is a default type.
2009-01-23 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: ignore invalid rects when checking
tracking rectangles.
2009-01-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Convert between the window and the view
coordinate system.
* Source/NSDocument.m (dataOfType:error:): Call dataRepresentationofType:
when that method was overriden.
* Source/NSDocument.m (writeToURL:ofType:error:): Use dataOfType:error:
instead of dataRepresentationofType:.
2009-01-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m: Add handling of in-window
menu. Simplify code for toolbar handling.
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h: Publish ne methods.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setMenu:): Set the menu as in-window menu.
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Set the frame width to the screen width in
setHorizontal: and not in sizeToFit.
2009-01-21 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: Don't ask if the topmost item is expandable.
On MacOS-X the delegate is not asked ... we just assume that it is.
Fix for bug #25369
2009-01-20 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation:,
-dissolveToPoint:fromRect:fraction:): Fix invalid return
statements between NS_DURING and NS_HANDLER.
2009-01-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAnimation.m (-_gs_startAnimationInOwnLoop): Use an auto
release pool inside of the loop.
* Source/NSAnimation.m: A bit of reformatting and clean up.
2009-01-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSAnimator.h: Remove unneeded ivar.
* Source/GSAnimator.m: Remove retain cycle with NSAnimation and
simplify implementation.
* Source/NSAnimation.m: Replace NSDebugFLLog with NSDebugMLLog.
2009-01-18 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSMenu.m (-update, -setAutoenablesItems:, initWithCoder):
Revert NSMenu changes from r27569.
* Source/NSMenu.m (-update): Improve menu item validation by
falling back to -validateUserInterfaceItem: if the validator
doesn't respond to -validateMenuItem:.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m (-validate): Fix broken implementation.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m (-validateMenuItem:) Add implementation
to validate menu items in text only representation and in an
overflow menu.
* Source/GSToolbarView.m (-overflowMenu): Validate each toolbar
item before adding a menu item to an overflow menu. Also rename
method to make its purpose clear.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-targetForAction:to:from:): Make sure
toolbar items are validated w.r.t. the responder chain of their
respective window.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-_targetForAction:keyWindow:mainWindow:):
Helper method to consolidate target look up in the responder chain.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-initWithContentRect:..., -setContentView:):
Include a window's decoration view in its responder chain so that
dynamic target look up works for toolbar items.
2009-01-17 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-windowForSheet): Return nil if the
document has no window controllers.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-undoManager, -dealloc): Create an undo
manager for a window when necessary.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-sendEvent:): Don't activate an application
upon a single click into a miniwindow.
2009-01-16 12:04-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenuItem.m: Retain the GSMenuSeparator instance if
the menu item is a separator since we want to make sure the
object isn't prematurely released.
2009-01-16 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAnimation.m: _gs_startAnimationInOwnLoop hopefully fixed
bug #25327
2009-01-12 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSTextStorage.m: Change to use new GC finalization API.
2009-01-12 10:25-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: More documentation.
2009-01-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Replace the key
equivalent when it was set wrongly by Gorm.
Patch by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2009-01-11 20:49-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Reorganization and simplification of
nib loading logic in NSIBObjectData. Also documentation for
NSIBObjectData and NSClassSwapper.
2009-01-10 15:49-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Added _sendAction: method to send
the action with the NSToolbarItem instance as the sender
when the toolbar item is represented by an NSMenuItem.
2009-01-09 23:09-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenu.m: Correction to previous change. Update when
setAutoenableItems: value is changed. Altered update to
enable menu items when autoenable is not being performed.
2009-01-09 22:53-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: encode menu item in encodeWithCoder:
* Source/NSMenu.m: Add code to handle NSNoAutoenable
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: Decode/encode selected index
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m: Set orientation after the page size is
known, since it has no effect when done earlier.
2009-01-09 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSColorWell.m: Fix bug #25278 after checking behavior on MacOS
2009-01-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow+Toolbar.h,
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m: Remove these file and move all code ...
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h,
* Source/NSWindow.m: ... to here.
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h,
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h,
* Source/GNUmakefile: Remove references to these files.
* Source/NSToolbar.m (-_toolbarView): Create the toolbar view here
and not in [NSWindow setToolbar:].
2009-01-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTheme.m: Fix nil pointer exception.
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Fix to notice theme activation and support
themed color for separators.
2009-01-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m,
* Source/NSToolbar.m,
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Revert the relationship between
NSToolbar and GSToolbarView, now the toolbar retains the view.
2009-01-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTheme.m:
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m:
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h:
Add support for setting color of named parts.
2009-01-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m: No longer adjust the size of
the content view, when a toolbar is added, removed or resized.
2009-01-06 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTheme.m:
* Source/NSScroller.m:
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m:
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h:
Extend element naming API to support temporary elements ... ones
which are 'owned' by a particular theme instance and automatically
removed when the theme deactivates.
Changed scroller code to use this for the shared scroller parts.
2009-01-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSController.h,
* Source/NSController.m: Add one 10.4 method.
* Headers/AppKit/NSUserDefaultsController.h: Add one 10.4 method.
* Source/NSUserDefaultsController.m: Fully implement class.
2009-01-05 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSScroller.m: Fixup/reorganisation of setting names for
components parts of scroller for theming.
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m: Fix memory leak spotted by Fred.
2009-01-05 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h:
* Source/GSTheme.m:
* Source/NSButtonCell.m:
* Source/NSScroller.m:
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m:
Add methods to name specific elements in the gui so that we can
locate resources for them and so that override methods can handle
them specially.
Change tile image lookup for improved consistency/simplicity and
to use new naming.
Add naming of component parts of a scroller.
2009-01-04 18:32-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Use ASSIGN as suggested. This corrects
the crash and fixes the leak caused by the previous change.
2009-01-04 16:45-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Correct crash in toolbar, since the
static constant was being released.
2009-01-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Check only shouldCreateUI before
callin makeWindowControllers. This is the behaviour reported for Cocoa.
2009-01-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m: Adopt the window size when
adding or removing a toolbar, not the size of the content view.
2009-01-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m: Move window toolbar code from here ...
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m: ... to here.
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h: Declare new window
decoration view toolbar handling methods.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Use them.
2009-01-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h: Remove now
unneeded include of NSToolbar.h
* Source/NSToolbarFrameworkPrivate.h: New header file with shared
toolbar classes extensions.
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m,
* Source/NSToolbar.m
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Use this new header file.
2009-01-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m,
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Rewrote interaction with GSToolbarView.
* Source/NSToolbar.m (_toolbarItemForIdentifier:): Fix memory leak.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h,
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: General cleanup of code.
2009-01-02 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Fix to use the backgroundColor method when
drawing a borderless button.
* Source/NSScroller.m:
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m:
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h:
Add in slightly modified version of Christopher Armstrong's code for
theming for NSScroller.
2009-01-02 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h:
* Source/GSThemePanel.m:
* Source/GSTheme.m:
Simplify +initialize. Set name properly on initialisation. Hide
private instance variables to make it easy to add new ones later.
Refrain from displaying backup versions of themes in selection panel.
2009-01-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h,
* Source/GSToolbar.m: Remove.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Remove these files.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h,
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Add code from GSToolbar plus some 10.4 methods.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h,
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h,
* Source/GSToolbarView.m,
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m,
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Change GSToolbar into NSToolbar.
2009-01-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h,
* Source/GSToolbar.m,
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Remove unused initializer.
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Remove method _setToolbar:, code is now
in setToolbar:.
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m (-setToolbar:): Adopt to changes in
2009-01-01 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h:
* Source/GSTheme.m:
New method to allow the name of a theme to be set rather than being
derived from the bundle name. This needed by (and
perhaps also if we want to support arbitrary names in future).
2008-12-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m (-setToolbar:): Clean up the toolbar
view of the old toolbar.
2008-12-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m,
* Source/NSTextView.m,
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Add type casts to keep compiler happy.
2008-12-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSLayoutManager.h: Add some 10.5 methods.
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m: Implement them.
2008-12-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Use one of the spare ivars for toolbar.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h: Remove window ivar.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-dealloc:): Unset the toolbar.
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m: Start to rewrite
* Source/GSToolbar.m: Remove unused method declarations.
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Remove unused methods.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Remove all window related methods. Simplify
the rest of the code.
2008-12-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-validateMenuItem:): Add validation for
toolbar toggle method.
2008-12-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (_setupPrintInfo): Initialize
viewPageRange before calling knowsPageRange:.
2008-12-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h (-_toolbars): Remove.
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m: Add [GSToolbar _toolbars] declaration
* Source/GSToolbar.m,
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Simplify by adding helper methods and
removing dead code.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItemGroup.h,
* Source/NSToolbarItemGroup.m: New files.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add new files.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h: Add 10.5 methods and constants.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: New methods and general rewrite.
2008-12-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m:
Update name of current theme when it changes.
* Source/GSThemeInspector.m:
Display theme version number.
2008-12-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m:
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m:
* Source/NSBox.m:
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m:
* Source/NSScrollView.m:
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h:
Make code clearer by removing function and replacing it with
method call so you can see what's actually going on and also
be a little more efficient.
2008-12-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSHelpManager.m: Allow the GSHelpViewer user default to
control how application help is displayed.
* Documentation/GuiUser/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc: Document the new
user default.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h: New notifications and
method to obtain system colors.
* Source/GSTheme.m: Move stuff out into separate files. Add new
notifications for activation/deactivations. Implement new method
to provide system colors, making it easy for subclasses to replace
the standard mechanism for dealing with colors.
* Source/GSThemeInspector.m: The inspector for viewing a theme.
* Source/GSThemePanel.m: The panel for viewing/selecting themes.
* Source/GSThemeTools.m: Low level drawing tools.
* Source/GSThemeDrawing.m: Methods for drawing control.
* Source/GSThemePrivate.h: Internal API
* Source/GNUmakefile: Changes to build new theme files.
* Source/NSColor.m: Use new API for obtaining color list.
2008-12-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Remove left over traces of toolbar handling.
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow+Toolbar.h: Move some private methods
from here ...
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m: ... to here.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m,
* Source/GSToolbar.m,
* Source/NSToolbar.m: White space clean up.
2008-12-28 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSClipView.m: removed C99-ism
2008-12-28 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Add tiny bit of diagnostic logging for
locating backend bundle.
2008-12-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-initWithData:...,
-initWithURL:...): Basic implementation.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
(NSMutableAttributedString-readFromData:...): Implement.
2008-12-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Remove now unused override helper
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocument.h: Change to use NSUInteger and
NSInteger. Add new 10.5 method
* Source/NSDocument.m: Implement all Cocoa methods of this class
and clean up the rest of the implementation.
2008-12-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenuItem.h: Declare to implement interface
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocumentController.h: Change to use NSUInteger and
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Implement all Cocoa methods of this
class and clean up the rest of the implementation.
Partly using code by Nikolaus Schaller <>.
2008-12-21 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.16.0
2008-12-21 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-draggingUpdated:): Avoid redundant call to
-scrollPoint: when scrolling diagonally.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Fix inconsistent naming of (private)
NSTextStorage category.
* Source/NSTextView_actions.m (-centerSelectionInVisibleArea):
Replace the provisional implementation by a correct one.
* Source/NSTextView_actions.m (-transpose): Fix implementation to
really match the implementation of Emacs' transpose command.
2008-12-20 22:13-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Read objects/accessibility and oids
maps if we are in a gui builder so that data is accessible.
* Source/NSActionCell.m: Don't archive target/action if they
have no values.
* Source/NSMenu.m: Only archive as "_NSMainMenu" if it has
no parent and is not owner by a popup.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: Archive the default menu item
which will show when this popup is displayed.
2008-12-20 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-shouldChangeTextInRange:replacementString:):
Fix a crash during undo/redo when a text storage is shared among
multiple text views and some of these views are closed by
recording the undo/redo operations for the text storage rather
than the text view.
2008-12-20 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-sendEvent:): Attempt to perform key
equivalents in the key window before the main menu as on OS X.
2008-12-19 Nicola Pero <>
* All GNUmakefiles: removed GNUSTEP_CORE_SOFTWARE=YES and
added PACKAGE_NAME=gnustep-gui.
* GNUmakefile: Export PACKAGE_NAME to reduce chances of a problem
if a GNUmakefile in a subdirectory is missing it.
2008-12-18 Nicola Pero <>
* All GNUmakefiles: added GNUSTEP_CORE_SOFTWARE=YES at the
* GNUmakefile: Export GNUSTEP_CORE_SOFTWARE to reduce chances of a
problem if a GNUmakefile in a subdirectory is missing it.
2008-12-17 21:20-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Remove change which resets the bounds
in NSCustomView as it was not needed and caused issues in some
2008-12-16 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Restore priority in lookup for Editors
error in last change pointed out by david Ayers.
2008-12-16 19:41-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Correct issue with setting next key view and
previous key view.
* Source/NSView.m: Comment out frame/bounds matrix calculation
since they are done when needed.
2008-12-16 17:23-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Changes to initialize bounds in
2008-12-16 16:41-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSView.m: Add back in matrix initialization.
2008-12-16 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-draggingUpated:): Scroll during dragging
if the mouse pointer is close to the border of the view's visible
* Source/GSDragView.m (-handleEventDuringDragging:): Periodically
send -draggingUpdated: messages to the dragging destination.
2008-12-16 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Fix problem failing to recognise path extension
where the role is blank.
2008-12-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-setImage:): Call super implementation to
make sure the button gets redrawn.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setContentView:): Don't do anything when
setting the same view again.
2008-12-16 13:58-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Make the log into debug in awakeFromNib
* Source/NSApplication.m: Allow modal to end multiple times, per spec
there is no exception for doing this.
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: Allow multiple threads in pasteboard
2008-12-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-drawRepresentation:inRect:,
-lockFocusOnRepresentation:): Draw the background colour even when
it is the clear colour. (Fixes issue on xlib backend)
2008-12-15 21:29-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Images/common_ToolbarCustomizeToolbarItem.tiff
* Images/GNUmakefile: Add new image for toolbar customization.
2008-12-15 19:49-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: remove extraneous awakeFromNib call in
2008-12-15 18:37-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibLoading.h: Added methods to header
which were added during refactoring.
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Corrections to NSCustomView, refactoring.
Changes to initialization logic to call awakeFromNib.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Cleanup to move code to the nib loading
* Source/NSClipView.m: Added assertion to guarantee that no
NSCustomView is unarchived at time of initWithCoder: being called.
2008-12-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m (-_keyEquivalentString): Ignore function
keys as key equivalents.
2008-12-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m: White space changes and general clean up.
* Source/NSImage.m (-removeRepresentation:): Remove also cached
representations for the current one.
* Source/NSImage.m (-_cacheForRep:): Don't invalidate a valid
cached representation.
* Source/NSImage.m: Move some code from _doImageCache: to
2008-12-14 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-addWindowController:,-removeWindowController:):
* Source/NSWindowController.m (-setDocumentEdited):
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_startBackendWindow):
Ensure that new windows properly show their document edited status.
2008-12-14 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSDocumentFrameworkPrivate.h:
* Source/NSApplication.m(-finishLaunching):
* Source/NSDocumentController.m (-setAutosavingDelay:,
-reopenDocumentForURL:withContentsOfURL:error:, -_autosaveDirectory,
-autosaveDocuments:, -reopenAutosavedDocuments,
* Source/NSDocument.m (-initForURL:withContentsOfURL:ofType:error,
-revertDocumentToSaved:, close, -setAutosavedContentsFileURL:,
Implement document autosaving.
2008-12-14 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-browserDidScroll:): Perform column
validation whenever the browser is scrolled, since only the
contents of the visible columns is validated.
2008-12-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m: Reorganize the image caching code to make it
easier to understand and change.
2008-12-12 19:36-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: Added change suggested by Doug in
bug #25078. This should fix the problem in SVN.
2008-12-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-drawTitle:inRect:ofColumn:, -dealloc):
Replaced the last fix here with a slightly better one that removes
the ownership of the shared titlecell as soon as it isn't needed
any more. The old code caused redundant redraws.
2008-12-12 02:04-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibLoading.h: Added new method
nibInstantiateWithCoder: to do the initialization normally done
in NSView when not in IB/Gorm.
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Added implementation of new method and
also re-wrote part of NSCustomView.
* Source/NSView.m: Added an NSAssert to assure that no subview
ever decoded is an NSCustomView.
2008-12-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-_convertToFormatBitsPerSample:...):
Made the code a bit more tolerant on matching colour spaces during
image conversion.
2008-12-10 02:31-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Change code which adds subviews to use
an enumerator.
2008-12-10 01:54-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Add back code with adds in subviews from
the custom view.
2008-12-10 01:37-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: (-[NSCustomView initWithCoder:]) replace
with real object and also replace in the coder.
2008-12-09 23:26-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSGormLoading.m: (-[GSNibItem initWithCoder:]) initialize
NSApplication and subclasses using sharedApplication.
2008-12-09 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSTextView_actions.m (-centerSelectionInVisibleArea:):
Provide a provisional implementation.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-setAllowedFileTypes:): Change extension
of the file name if the current extension is no longer allowed.
2008-12-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextFieldCell.h: Declare new private method
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m: Change drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:
into _drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:. And moved some
code into _drawBackgroundWithFrame:inView:.
Remove some minor optimisations to simplify code.
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Correct memory leak
and improve decoding.
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m (-encodeWithCoder:): Encode bezel style.
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m
* Source/NSBrowser.m (GSBrowserTitleCell
-_drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:): Use
2008-12-07 22:50-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: Switch to the alternate highlighting color
only when the background is white.
2008-12-07 22:30-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: Change highlighting color so that it shows
on both white and grey backgrounds.
2008-12-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m (-initWithWindow:,
-initWithWindowNibPath:owner:, -initWithWindowNibName:owner:,
-initWithCoder:): Made all initialisation methods a bit safer.
Solves bug #25004.
* Source/NSCachedImageRep.m(-draw): Don't draw an empty
rect. Fixes the remaining issue of #22282.
2008-12-07 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-mouseDown:): Start drag operation only
after a single click into the selected range.
2008-12-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSSound.m:
* Source/NSWorkspace.m:
* Source/NSPasteboard.m:
Use new method to locate tool executables which handles the addition
of .exe extenstion for mingw.
2008-12-06 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-_shouldShowExtension:isDir:,
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m (-_shouldShowExtension:isDir:): The panels
now use the information provided by NSWorkspace in order to
identify file packages.
2008-12-06 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-_reloadBrowser:, -setRequiredFileType:,
-setAllowedFileTypes:, -setTreatsFilePackagesAsDirectories:):
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m (-_setupForTypes:, -setCanChooseFiles:)
-runModal..., -beginSheet...): Update the panels' browser when the
list of visible file extensions is changed programmatically.
2008-12-06 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSavePanel.h:
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-requiredFileType, -setRequiredFileType:,
-allowedFileTypes, -setAllowedFileTypes:, -filename, -_resetDefaults,
* Source/NSDocument.m (-changeSaveType:,
-fileNameFromRunningSavePanelForSaveOperation:): Implement support
for document types with multiple allowed file extensions.
* Source/NSDocument.m (-writeWithBackuptoFile:ofType:saveOperation:):
Bug fix: Do not modify the file name argument.
2008-12-06 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-ok, -cancel:, -_setDefaultDirectory:,
-_updateDefaultDirectory:, -_setupForDirectory:file:):
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m (-ok:):
* Source/NSDocumentController.m (-currentDirectory)
(-reviewUnsavedDocumentsWithAlertTitle:cancelable:): Make open and
save panels consistently start up in the last used directory by
2008-12-06 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocument.h:
* Source/NSDocument.m (-isDocumentEdited, updateChangeCount:,
hasUnautosavedChanges, changeWasDone): Fix bug where a document
would appear unmodified after saving the document, undoing a
number of changes, and then making an equal number of changes.
* Source/NSDocument.m (-revertDocumentToSaved:): Reset the undo
manager after reverting a document.
2008-12-06 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-undo:, -redo:, -validateMenuItem:): Move
implementation from here ...
* Source/NSWindow.m (-undo:, -redo:, -validateMenuItem:): ... to
here. Also validate close, miniaturize, and zoom actions.
2008-12-06 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSSound.m:
* Source/NSWorkspace.m:
* Source/NSPasteboard.m:
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble:
Remove code which would not locate tools properly and fixup.
2008-12-03 22:38-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Check to make sure the menu has more than
0 entries in _setMain:.
2008-12-03 17:23-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Fixed fileExtensionFromType:,
bug #24894
2008-12-03 01:38-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m: -[GSInfoPanel initWithDictionary:]
don't show authors in the info panel if there are none given
in the dictionary.
2008-12-03 01:11-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Always resize icon to 48x48 so that
icons larger than this will display correctly. Change made in
2008-12-02 23:55-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: Added some new methods to address
bug #24985.
* Source/NSMenu.m: Removed some spaces after a close brace.
2008-12-02 19:45-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Fix for bug #24785.
2008-12-02 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m: fix uninitialised variable.
* Source/GNUmakefile:
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile:
* Documentation/GuiUser/GNUmakefile:
* Documentation/GNUmakefile:
* Documentation/General/GNUmakefile:
* Resources/GNUmakefile:
* Panels/GNUmakefile:
* GNUmakefile:
* Printing/GSLPR/GNUmakefile:
* ColorPickers/GNUmakefile:
* Model/GNUmakefile:
* Tools/GNUmakefile:
* Tools/gsnd/GNUmakefile:
* Images/GNUmakefile:
Fix bug #24672
* Tools/make_services.m:
Fix bug #24990 ... was reporting debug output which should only have
appeared when running in verbose mode.
2008-12-02 02:31-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibLoading.m
* Source/NSButtonCell.m
* Source/NSNibAXAttributeConnector.m
* Source/NSNibAXRelationshipConnector.m
* Source/NSNibBindingConnector.m
* Source/NSNib.m
* Source/NSProgressIndicator.m: Change to use new headers.
2008-12-02 02:07-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibCompatibility.h: Remove
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibTemplates.h: Remove
* Source/GNUmakefile: Update to reference new files.
* Source/GSGormLoader.m: Change to reference the
* Source/GSGormLoading.m: New gorm loading file.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Removed.
* Source/GSNibLoader.m: Reference the new file.
* Source/GSNibLoading.m: New file containing the nib loading logic.
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Removed.
2008-12-02 01:21-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Fix for bug #24979. Change in
initWithCoder: for NSCustomView to return the real object directly
and call nibInstantiate. Change to prevent double instantiation
of NSApplication.
2008-12-02 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSecureTextField.m: Added initWithCoder: method which
turns on bullets by default.
2008-11-30 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Fix header syntax and provide default for make
command argument.
2008-11-30 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m: Fix uninitialised variable ... but is the
fix correct?
2008-11-29 00:40-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Added back in _root assignment in
-[NSIBObjectData initWithCoder:]. It's removal caused an issue with
loading some nibs.
2008-11-28 15:20-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Correct issue when loading into
Gorm. NSClassSwapper should check to see if it's in the gui builder
and return the appropriate class.
2008-11-27 10:07-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Corrected issue with using generic
cells on some controls.
2008-11-27 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* NSSound.m:
* NSWorkspace.m:
* NSPasteboard.m:
Cope with daemons being installed in any domain, not just system.
2008-11-27 01:27-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: [NSWorkspace getInfoForFile:application:type:]
appName output parameter is set to nil if no application is found.
2008-11-27 00:48-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Minor correction to previous change.
2008-11-26 21:09-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Correct bug #24780. There was an issue
in NSClassSwapper when decoding classes which use cells from nib files.
* Source/NSSecureTextField.m: Encode in encodeWithCoder and
decodeWithCoder: a key for storing the bool _echosBullets.
2008-11-26 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-undoReplaceCharactersInRange:...,
-shouldChangeTextInRange:replacementString:): Improve
implementation of undo and register redo operations.
2008-11-26 16:27-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Declaration for attachedSheet.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Added skeleton implementation of attachedSheet.
2008-11-25 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-doubleClickAtIndex:): Double
clicking on a white space character also selects the surrounding
white space as on OS X.
2008-11-24 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextView.h: Rename and change types of
attributes related to drag and drop.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Improve implementation of drag and drop so
that an ongoing drag operation no longer changes the target view's
current selection.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-_characterIndexForPoint:respectFraction:):
Always return a valid index.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-mouseDown:): Omit check for valid index
after calling _characterIndexForPoint:...
* Source/NSTextView.m (-initWithCoder:): Avoid code duplication.
2008-11-23 18:56-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSLayoutManager.h: Declarations for new methods
to handle temporary attributes.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Corrections to nib loading logic.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Skeleton implementations of new
methods to handle temporary attributes.
2008-11-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSControl.m (-initWithCoder:): For keyed decoding make
sure there always is a cell.
2008-11-23 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-mouseDown:): Allow click into the current
selection to start a drag operation.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-draggingSourceOperationMaskForLocal:):
* Source/NSTextView.m (-draggingEntered:, draggingUpdated): Set
drag operation to NSDragOperationNone while text is dragged onto
* Source/NSTextView.m (-performDragOperation:): When performing a
local drag operation delete the dragged text at its original
location unless a copy operation was forced by the user.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-readSelectionFromPasteboard:type:): Select
dropped text.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-updateDragTypeRegistration): Register drag
types for non-rich text NSTextViews, too.
2008-11-22 20:46-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Further improvements to nib loading
2008-11-21 23:12-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Remove calls to designated initializers
for nib files.
2008-11-21 01:12-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Remove calls to designated initializers
for gorm files as per documentation.
2008-11-20 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-miniaturize:): Revert the previous change
correcting bug #24707. A better fix for this is now in -back.
2008-11-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCachedImageRep.m(-draw): Add hack to draw on a scaled
2008-11-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m: (-windingCountAtPoint:) Return 0 when the
path is empty.
2008-11-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-finishLaunching): Split up final
notification sending into method _didFinishLaunching to allow
supclasses to go between these calls.
2008-11-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-bestRepresentationForDevice:): Get the device
desription from the window.
2008-11-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-setBounds:, -setBoundsSize:): Fixed bug in
last change not getting the _boundsMatrix correct.
2008-11-15 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-_setupForDirectory:file:): Abort editing
for the file name's text cell before setting the passed in file
* Source/NSDocument.m (-runModalSavePanel:withAccessoryView:):
When the document has been saved already pass its file name to the
save panel like on Mac OS X.
* Source/NSControl.m (-drawRect): Make sure the cell's control
view is always set up.
2008-11-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-setContentView:): Replaced last change
with one inside of setContentView:.
* Source/NSView.m (-setFrame:): One more adjustment for bounds
2008-11-14 00:40-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Correct issue with tableviews when
loading nib files, corrected bug #24782.
2008-11-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-setBounds:, -setBoundsSize:, -setFrame:,
-setFrameSize): Some more adjustments on the bounds transformation.
2008-11-12 05:31-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Conditionally call setToolTip if it
exists when doing establishConnection on an NSIBHelpConnector.
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Correction to prevent exception when
NSDocumentClass isn't specified. This does not cause an issue on
Mac OS X.
2008-11-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-setBoundsOrigin:, -setBoundsRotation:,
-translateOriginToPoint:, -scaleUnitSquareToSize:,
-rotateByAngle:): Reimplemented correctly.
* Source/NSView.m (-_computeScale): New method.
* Source/NSView.m (-_updateBoundsMatrix:, -setBounds:,
-setBoundsSize:): Small changes.
2008-11-09 10:24-EST Saso Kiselkov
Committed by: Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSecureTextField.m: Patch to make bullets output when
setEchosBullets is set to yes in NSSecureTextField. Corrects
bug #19761.
2008-11-08 10:09-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSDocument.m: Correction for bug#24758, add name and
type information to the object before reading the file so that
it is available during the readFile:ofType: method call.
2008-11-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-_convertToFormatBitsPerSample:...):
Filled with some more code. The conversion within the same colour
space and be between black/white and RGB should now be correct and
2008-11-05 Wolfgang Lux <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (-isFilePackageAtPath:): Provide a working
* Source/NSApplication.m (-targetForAction:forWindow:): Make
NSApplication's responder chain for action messages consistent
with Apple's documentation and the Mac OS X implementation.
* Headers/AppKit/NSAlert.h:
* Source/NSAlert.m (-beginSheetModalForWindow:...):
Pass correct arguments to the didEndSelector.
* Source/NSAlert.m (-_setupPanel): Fix swapping of title and
informative message text in NSAlerts. Also supply a default title
"Alert" if none is set.
* Source/NSAlert.m (-addButonWithTitle:): Determine key equivalent
of NSAlert buttons from their localized titles.
* Source/NSAlert.m (-_initWithoutGModel):
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-_initWithoutGModel): Fix key view loop so
that all buttons become reachable with the Tab key. Make Escape
key equivalent of the Cancel button of NSSavePanel.
* Source/NSButton.m (-keyDown):
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m (-keyDown): Trigger action only after
pressing the Space key.
2008-11-01 21:35-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Reverted a previous change to miniaturize.
This should correct bug #24707.
2008-10-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Define the needed GSIARRAY
constants, this helps against valgrind complaining.
2008-10-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.m
(icns_get_image32_with_mask_from_family): Protect against buffer
overfow detected by valgrind.
2008-10-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-drawTitle:inRect:ofColumn:, -dealloc): Set
and unset the ownership of the shared title cell.
Patch by Matt Rice <>.
2008-10-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m (-indexOfItemWithTarget:andAction:): Compare the
target for identity not equality.
* Source/NSWindowController.m (+initialize,
-initWithCoder:,-encodeWithCoder:): Add encoding and decoding, just
calling super.
Patch by Wolfgang Lux <>.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-targetForAction:forWindow:): New helper
method. Don't stop at the window itself, when going up the
responder chain.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-targetForAction:): Use the new helper
2008-10-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindowController.h: Make a subclass of NSResponder.
* Source/NSWindowController.m (-setWindow:): Manage the responder
Patch by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2008-10-21 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+JPEG.m: Fix broken boolean definition.
2008-10-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.h,
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m
-frameRectForContentRect:styleMask): New instance methods.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Use these new methods.
2008-10-19 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: dont unreigster non existent named port
2008-10-18 19:06-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Remove code in stringWithSavedFrame which
was causing a crash due to issues in NSToolbar described
in bug#24601.
2008-10-18 Riccardo Mottola <>>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Removed c99-ism
2008-10-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (+initialize, -startBackendWindow:): Move the
initialization of windowmaps to initialize.
2008-09-17 18:15-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m: Minor correction in initWithDictionary to
display url properly, if it is not specified in the dictionary passed
or if the dictionary is nil.
2008-09-17 17:52-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Exclude list of reserved mount names from
the results returned by -mountedLocalVolumePaths.
2008-09-14 13:18-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Adding install script for use by compile-all.
2008-09-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m (-keyDown:, -copy:): Added functionality to
copy the text content of the info panel to the pasteboard.
Fixes #23831.
2008-09-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-browser:createRowsForColumn:inMatrix:):
Use flushWindow instead of [GSCurrentContext() flushGraphics].
Should fix #24200.
2008-09-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h: Move _sizeForBorderType to GSTheme.h
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h (-sizeForBorderType:,
-drawBorderType:frame:view:, -sizeForImageFrameStyle:,
* Source/GSTheme.m: New methods.
* Source/NSCell.m (-cellSize, -drawingRectForBounds:,
* Source/NSImageCell.m (-cellSize, -drawingRectForBounds:,
-_drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:): Use new GSTheme methods.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: Include GSTheme.h
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Moved gradient drawing method to GSTheme
and call it from _drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:.
* Source/GSTheme.m (-drawGradientBorder:inRect:withClip:): New method.
2008-09-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.m: Corrected last change.
2008-09-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.m: Change the incosistently named
constants not only in the usage but also in the definition.
2008-09-03 21:13-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.m: Correct minor issue with constant name.
2008-09-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (+imageUnfilteredFileTypes): Always
enable icns format.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.m: Add drop in replacement code for
libicns and clean up loading code.
2008-08-30 13:33-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* ChangeLog
* Images/GNUmakefile: Remove reference to Images copyright file
reference since they images are now under the GPL.
2008-08-30 13:32-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Images/GNUmakefile
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m
2008-08-21 Yavor Doganov <> (tiny change)
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble (LIBRARIES_DEPEND_UPON):
Unconditionally link against $(OBJC_LIBS) on all platforms to
avoid undefined symbols.
Reported by Funda Wang (bug #24109).
2008-08-21 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m: ([transformUsingAffineTransform:]) corrected
code which was casting an array of items of one type to be an array
of items of another type whose size differs on 64bit machines.
2008-08-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-makeKeyAndOrderFront:): Unhide the application.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-hide:, -unhideWithoutActivation):
Better handling for miniaturized windows.
Patch by Hubert Chathi <>.
2008-08-13 22:20-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Removed icns string addition to rely on
NSImage code to find the image.
2008-08-13 01:17-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m
* Source/NSWorkspace.m
* Tools/make_services.m: Added support for CF keys so that icons and
document associations from document oriented apps written for Mac OS X
can be ported more easily.
2008-08-12 21:53-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Add logic to load the icns if it's specified
as the icon file for an application.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.m: Limit the size of the representation
to the 48x48 version.
2008-08-12 00:52-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* configure: Regenerated file
* Added check for libicns. (
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/
* Source/GNUmakefile: Added new files
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.h: Header for ICNS category
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+ICNS.m: Implementation if ICNS reading
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m: Add support for the ICNS file
format so that GNUstep can read Mac OS X icon files. Uses
the libicns library available from sourceforge.
2008-08-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-endEditingFor:): Change the first responder
first to avoid recusion.
2008-08-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphics.h: Add NSSetFocusRingStyle and type
* Source/Functions.m (NSSetFocusRingStyle): Add dummy implementation.
Code by Nikolaus Schaller <>.
2008-08-08 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+JPEG.m: Handle patched jpeg library
found on CYGWIN.
2008-08-07 18:23-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTokenFieldCell.h
* Headers/AppKit/NSTokenField.h: Headers for new class.
* Source/GNUmakefile
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Added code to handle the
CF keys as well as the NS keys for document oriented apps.
* Source/NSTokenFieldCell.m
* Source/NSTokenField.m: Start of implementation for this class.
2008-08-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-initWithCoder:): Handle non-retained
ivars correctly.
* Source/NSWindowController.m (-loadWindow): Release the loaded
window once, as it got retained by the NIB loading mechanism.
2008-07-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSGlyphGenerator.m (-generateGlyphsForGlyphStorage:...):
Add fallback glyph when no glyph can be found for current character.
2008-07-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m: Protect all access to the glyph arrays.
2008-07-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (-_glyphForCharacter:index:positions::),
* Source/NSGlyphGenerator.m (-generateGlyphsForGlyphStorage:...):
Add some more protection against inconsistent state.
2008-07-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-ok:): Standardize path before checking
for existance.
2008-07-08 16:15-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMenu.m: Beginning of support for windows style menus on the
top of the window.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Added code in the method -setFrameFromString: to
make certain the window doesn't go out of bounds if the screen size
2008-07-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSPopUpButton.h,
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m (-selectItemWithTag:): Add MacOS 10.4
2008-06-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSClipView.m (_scrollToPoint:): New method for adjusted
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Use this new method.
Patch by Benhur Stein <>.
2008-06-14 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.14.0
2008-06-12 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSCachedImageRep.m, Source/NSMenuItem.m, Source/tiff.m:
Fix incorrect commits
2008-06-08 Adam Fedor <>
* Revert library license version to 2 until applications
can be converted.
2008-06-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-sendEvent:): Make the implemenation of the
method prepareForDragOperation: non mandatory.
2008-06-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: Indentation changes.
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m ([-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]):
Move editing check from here to ...
* Source/NSControl.m (-drawRect:): ... here.
2008-06-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m (NSWindowTemplate-initWithCoder:):
Use default maxSize for window if none is given in the NIB file.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): Adjust
the image position if either the image or the text doesn't exist.
2008-05-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuItem.m (-setKeyEquivalent:): Warn about
incompatibility with MacOSX.
2008-05-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSTheme.m (-tilesNamed:cache:): Make sure local variable
is initialized before using it.
2008-05-25 Nicola Pero <>
* Documentation/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-install): Use
2008-05-24 10:54-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Minor cleanup and spacing.
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Removed call to designated init, since
this is handled by the initWithCoder method in NSWindow.m.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Correction for calling the designated initializer.
Fix for bug#23336.
2008-05-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-_substituteFontFor:font:fromList:):
Limit the amount of character sets we cache.
2008-05-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableColumn.m (-initWithCoder:): Handle NSIsEditable.
2008-05-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-encodeWithCoder:, -initWithCoder:):
Correctly encode and decode image position in the keyed encoding case.
2008-05-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m (-alloc, -allocWithZone:) New
methods, use them in graphicsContextWithAttributes:.
* Source/NSWindow.m: (-_startBackendWindow): New method for shared
backend creation. Create the NSGraphicsContext as not
autoreleased. Use that method in initWithWindowRef: and
* Source/NSWindow.m: (-dealloc): Remove last hack and make a bit
safer against reentry.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_terminateBackendWindow): Reorder statements.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-initWithContentRect:...screen:): Warn about
second call to this method.
2008-05-14 21:55-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m: Changed unsigned int to NSUInteger
per Fred Kiefer's suggestion. This corrects a crash which was
detected on 64 bit systems.
2008-05-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: (-dealloc): Try to better cope with the
circular reference between the window and the context.
2008-05-14 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Cope with bad values in NSRecentItems
2008-05-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSGlyphGenerator.h,
* Source/NSGlyphGenerator.m: New file.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add new files.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSLayoutManager_internal.h: More
efficient memory usage for glyph runs.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSLayoutManager.h: Add ivar for
glyph generator and some MacOSX methods.
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m: Use objc_malloc, objc_free and
objc_realloc. Move glyph generation into seperate class. Add
documentation. General cleanup. Implement some of the additional
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Adopt to changes in super class.
2008-05-13 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m:
* Source/NSSavepanel.m:
Add code to handle the fact of ms-windows disk drives (multiple roots)
by creating a pseudo-root directory with all the disk drives inside it.
2008-05-08 21:04-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: (-(void)miniaturize: (id)sender):
Change to prevent miniwindow from disappearing. Apparently uneccessary
[self orderOut: self] was causing this issue.
2008-05-08 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+JPEG.m: Define HAVE_BOOLEAN to avoid
problem with jmorecfg.h header on mingw.
2008-05-07 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m (-adjustSubviews): Just return if there
are no subviews.
2008-05-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_terminateBackendWindow,
-_initBackendWindow, -initWithWindowRef:): Break the retain cycle
of the context keeping a reference to the window.
* Source/NSCachedImageRep.m: Better checks for super calls
returning nil.
2008-05-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSControl.m (-mouseDownFlags): Add old NeXT method, no
longer present, but needed for backward compatibility.
2008-05-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-selectRow:byExtendingSelection:,
-selectColumn:byExtendingSelection:, -rectOfColumn:, -rectOfRow:):
Don't raise an exception for invalid indexes.
2008-05-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableColumn.m (-initWithIdentifier:, -initWithCoder:):
Check for self becoming nil.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-columnWithIdentifier:): Allow the column
identifier to be nil.
2008-04-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m (-mouseDown:): Use new variable
mouse_sensitivity (value 4) to determine whether the click is on a
column border.
Patch by Andreas Höschler <>.
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m (-initWithFrame:, -initWithCoder:):
Check for nil return from super call.
2008-04-27 18:42-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Change to correct issue with NSWindow placement
when toolbar is present.
2008-04-25 18:16-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Correct [GSNibTemplates deferredWindows] to
properly return the deferredWindows ivar.
2008-04-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSOpenGLView.m (-openGLContext): Fix memory leak
introduced by last change.
2008-04-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (+drawPackedGlyphs:atPoint:): Use fill
instead of stroke to draw the glyphs.
2008-04-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFont.m (NSConvertGlyphsToPackedGlyphs): Store the glyph
count in the first byte.
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (-appendBezierPathWithPackedGlyphs): Send
this method on to the graphics context.
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphicsContext.h,
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m
(-appendBezierPathWithPackedGlyphs:path:): New method.
2008-04-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSFontInfo.h,
* Source/GSFontInfo.m: New method glyphForCharacter:.
* Source/GSFontInfo.m (-glyphIsEncoded:): Code based on
* Source/NSFont.m (_defaultGlyphForChar:): New private method that
matches Cocoa.
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (-_findSafeBreakMovingBackwardFrom:,
-_findSafeBreakMovingForwardFrom:, -_generateGlyphsForRun:at:):
Moved code from the art backend to here. Rewrote it in the process.
2008-04-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Correct indentation. Small cleanups.
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-setDrawsBackground:): Set setCopiesOnScroll:.
2008-04-02 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-adjustSubviews]): Fixed the slow drift
of the divider when the window is resized multiple times, due to a
historical 'floor' call, now pointless.
2008-04-01 Nicola Pero <>
Implemented -setAutosaveName: for NSSplitView.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSplitView.h ([-setAutosaveName:],
[autosaveName]): New methods. New instance variable
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-_autosaveSubviewProportions]): New
method. ([-mouseDown:]): Invoke _autosaveSubviewProportions at
the end of the tracking. ([-adjustSubviews]): Rewritten to support
loading autosaved subview proportions as well as proportionally
resizing current ones. ([-autosaveName], [-setAutosaveName:]):
New methods. ([-dealloc]): Release the new
ivar. ([-encodeWithCoder:]): Encode autosaveName using
NSAutosaveName key. ([-initWithCoder:]): If the NSAutosaveName
key is set, decode it.
2008-04-01 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-adjustSubviews]): Removed unused
variable and a few unnecessary method calls.
2008-03-31 Xavier Glattard <>
* Source/NSOpenGLView.m: Use _lockFocusInContext:withRect instead of
canDraw. Some changes to be closer to the specifications.
2008-03-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSOpenGLView.h: Add MacOS 10.3 method.
* Source/NSOpenGLView.m: Clean up. Use canDraw instead of
lockFocusInRect: as the entry point for context attachment.
2008-03-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-terminate:): Initialize termination as
2008-03-28 Xavier Glattard <>
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m : turns a [setValue:forKey:] into
a [setValue:forKeyPath:] -- needed to bind to any NSControler
2008-03-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: fixed termination type code and added
comments to avoid confusion.
2008-03-20 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m ([-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]): If
the control view is in an editing mode, do nothing. This fixes
problems with transparency or anti-aliased fonts when selecting or
editing textfields.
2008-03-20 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m ([-cellSize]): Restored horizontal space
around text in autosized bezeled/bordered buttons not containing
only an image so that the autosizing is correct again.
2008-03-19 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.13.2
2008-03-17 21:00-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSView.m: Changes to beginPage:... and endPage to correct
issues with blank space at the top of the page when printing.
2008-03-16 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSApplication.m : changed terminate type to BOOL
since it is one and the value froma delegate got wrongly
2008-03-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-_premultiply, _unpremultiply):
Optimized a bit.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-draw): Premultiply the image before
2008-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m (-_setSelected:):
Undo last hack and add a slightly better on.
2008-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m (GSToolbarButton-sendAction:to:):
Add a recursion break hack. Needs to be cleaned up.
2008-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m (-_initOutlineDefaults): New helper
method extracting code from initWithFrame: and initWithCoder:.
* Source/NSOutlineView.m (-itemAtRow:): Return nil for invalid row
Patch by Quentin Mathe <>.
2008-03-05 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: deminiaturize window in -makeKeyAndOrderFront:
(bug #22444) as I tested and confirmed that implicit deminiaturisation
is done here on MacOSX.
2008-03-05 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/make_services.m: Standardise paths to avoid error reports when
two paths point to the same app.
2008-03-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-performClickWithFrame:inView:): Call
sendAction:to: on control even when there is no action.
2008-03-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m
(-observeValueForKeyPath:ofObject:change:context:): Ignore calls
with empty change information.
2008-03-01 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSImageCell.m (scaleProportionally): Fixed
NSScaleProportionally to scale images down, but never up. Bug
reported by Herb Otto <>.
* Headers/AppKit/NSImageCell.h: Documented the whole class.
2008-02-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSToolTips.m: Fix bug #22421
2008-02-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-_premultiply, _unpremultiply): Flag
the format as changed. Add fast path for 8 bit images.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
(-_convertToFormatBitsPerSample:...bitsPerPixel:) New helper
method for image conversion. Not fully working.
2008-02-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Change to better respect the size of the
popup when displaying the menu.
Reworked patch by Matt Rice <>.
2008-02-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: Change version for encoding. Set
preferred edge and arrow position when decoding old gorm files.
New helper method for Gorm.
2008-02-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: White space cleanup.
2008-02-16 20:43-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSCell.m: Correction for bug#22332.
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m:
* Source/NSSegmentedControl.m: Set up default values in init
2008-02-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableColumn.m (-initWithIdentifier:): Set _width to 100
and _min_width to 10.
Patch by Quentin Mathe <>.
2008-02-12 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GSFusedSilicaContext.m: Make sure to allocate a
mutable dictionary.
2008-02-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFont.m (-initWithName:matrix:fix:screenFont:role:): Add
fallback for more missing standard fonts (LucidaGrande).
2008-02-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-_viewWillMoveToWindow:,
-_viewWillMoveToSuperview:): New methods with code from
viewWillMoveToWindow: and viewWillMoveToSuperview:. The later are
now empty to allow subclasses not to call the super implementation.
* Source/NSWindow.m:
Use these new methods in place of the old ones.
2008-02-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Images/LogoGNUstep.tiff: New files
* Images/GNUmakefile: Install new files.
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m (-initWithDictionary:): Add background
logo. Old patch by Nicolas Roard <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m : Flag all created bitmaps as having
or not having pre-muliplied alpha.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-setColor:atX:y:, -colorAtX:y:,
-setPixel:atX:y:, -getPixel:atX:y:): Correct to handle most
formats correctly.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-_premultiply, _unpremultiply): New
helper methods.
* Source/NSBitmapImage+PNG.m: Mark PNG images as not using
pre-muliplied alpha.
2008-02-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenu.h,
* Source/NSMenu.m (-_owningPopUp): New helper method.
* Source/NSMenuView.m
Special case for popups that don't use an item from the list.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-setUsesItemFromMenu:): Create a
menu item for the title.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-setTitel:): Use the menu item, when
not using an item from the menu.
Reworked patch by Matt Rice <>.
2008-02-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Images/common_3DArrowLeft.tiff,
* Images/common_3DArrowUp.tiff: New files
* Images/GNUmakefile: Install new files.
* Source/NSMenuView.m
Implement preferred edge handling.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: Rewrote handling of preferred edge,
arrow possition and pull down flag.
2008-02-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m
(-breakLineByWordWrappingBefore:): Treat CJK characters as words.
Patch by Yen-Ju Chen <>.
2008-02-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m
(-_drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:): Add direct check if
the mouse is inside the cellFrame.
2008-02-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableHeaderCell.m,
* Source/NSBrowser.m (GSBrowserTitleCell): Move border drawing
into _drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:.
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-setAllowsEmptySelection,
-setAllowsMultipleSelection): Propagate changes on to matrixes.
* Headers/AppKit/NSBrowser.h,
* Source/NSBrowser.m: Stronger typing of variables.
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-drawRect:): Don't draw window background colour.
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-drawCellAtRow:column:): Don't call
displayRect: when there is no background drawing.
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-_drawCellAtRow:column:): Remove this method
and replace call to it with -drawCellAtRow:column:.
2008-02-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrintInfo.m (-defaultPrinter): Use other
CUPS functions to determine the default printer.
Patch by Mark Tracy <>.
2008-01-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-copySelection, -pasteSelection): Add new X
secondary selection behaviour.
2008-01-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m:
* Source/NSFontDescriptor.m,
* Source/NSTextBlock.m,
* Source/NSWindow.m:
Add imports to avoid warnings on Windows.
* Source/NSMenu.m (-_organizeMenu): Change type of appItem to
avoid compiler warning on Windows.
2008-01-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m (-setWindowdevice:forContext:): New
method replacing windowdevice:.
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphicsContext.h,
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m: Add new MacOSX methods and ivars.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_processResizeEvent): Simplified with new
GSDisplayServer method.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_initBackendWindow, -initWithWindowRef:):
Moved device interaction into backend. Requires corresponding
change in backend!
2008-01-18 14:39-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTheme.h
* Source/GSTheme.m
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m: Moved drawing code to GSTheme.
2008-01-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSDragView.m (-_updateAndMoveImageToCorrectPosition):
Add missing "!" in mask for local call.
Patch by Andreas Schik <>.
2008-01-14 09:37-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSegmentedCell.h
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m: Removed _previous_segment, since it was
2008-01-14 09:17-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSegmentedControl.h
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m
* Source/NSSegmentedControl.m: Correct tabbing.
2008-01-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m (+getBinding:forObject:): Correct bug
in last change.
2008-01-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSBindingHelpers.h,
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m: Add reverse value change methods.
* Source/NSControl.m (-sendAction:to:): Send value change for binding.
2008-01-08 22:35-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSSegmentedCell.h: Added rect ivar to cache frame.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Minor formatting changes.
* Source/NSController.m: Added ivars to encodeWithCoder:.
* Source/NSNibBindingConnector.m: Added ivars to encodeWithCoder:.
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m: Changes to fully implement rendering
of the cell.
* Source/NSSegmentedControl.m: Changes to fully implement
2008-01-08 09:42-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m: Code to draw and render text in
2008-01-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m: Added a bit more code.
2008-01-07 09:33-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h
* Headers/AppKit/NSSegmentedCell.h
* Headers/AppKit/NSSegmentedControl.h
* Source/GNUmakefile
* Source/NSSegmentedCell.m
* Source/NSSegmentedControl.m: Added initial implementation of
2008-01-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextView.h,
* Source/NSTextView_actions.m,
* Source/NSTextView.m: Add MacOSX methods and ivars.
* Source/externs.m: Add NSTextView notification.
2008-01-05 15:25-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSDrawer.h: Added new ivars.
* Source/NSDrawer.m: Addition implementation of NSDrawer. Corrected
drag problem. Added border.
2008-01-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: Replace tabs with spaces.
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m
(-_getProposedRectFor:withLineHeight:) Extract proposed rect
generation into separate method.
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (-_doLayoutToGlyph:,
_doLayoutToContainer:): Implement based on code from _doLayout.
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (-_doLayout): Implement via
* Source/NSTextView.m (-setHorizontallyResizable:,
-setVerticallyResizable:): Set the width/height of the text
container to max size, when resizable.
2008-01-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSStringDrawing.h: Include GSVersionMacros.h
before using these macros.
2008-01-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextList.h,
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextTable.h: New files.
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h: Add these.
* Source/NSTextList.m,
* Source/NSTextTable.m,
* Source/NSTextBlock.m,
* Source/NSTextTableBlock.m: New files
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add new source file.
2008-01-01 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.13.1
2007-12-30 16:31-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/PSOperators.h: Added dummy implementations for
PSwindowlist and PScountwindowlist.
2007-12-30 12:30-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/PSOperators.h: Added dummy PSWait method.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Added warning when loading nib that has
nil in some keys.
2007-12-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFont.m (-initWithCoder:): Add missing RETAIN.
2007-12-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenu.h:
* Source/NSMenu.m: Add MacOSX methods and delegate ivar.
2007-12-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuItem.m: Add KVB for enable.
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m: Add KVB for selectedIndex.
2007-12-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-visibleRect:, -setHidden:, -hitTest:): Full
support for hidding.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_checkCursorRectangles:forEvent:,
-_checkTrackingRectangles:forEvent:): Ignore hidden views.
2007-12-19 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/gopen.m: slight tidyup, improve comments,no functional changes.
* Documentation/gopen.1: correct the derscription of the -a option to
say that this opens the specified application when used without a
file to open.
2007-12-17 Adam Fedor <>
* Tools/GNUmakefile, Don't try to run make_services if
we are cross-compiling.
2007-12-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-setDataSource:): Make the data source
method tableView:objectValueForTableColumn:row: optional.
* Source/externs.m: Define some arbitray values for KVB markers.
2007-12-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSControl.m (-bind:...options:): Correct value binding.
* Source/NSImage.m (+imageNamed:): Don't release, autorelease the image.
2007-12-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextField.m: Move some KVB to NSControl, add binding
for text colour.
* Source/NSControl.m: Add some bindings from NSTextField plus
2007-12-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSBindingHelpers.h,
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m: Rewrote KVB to use separate binding class.
* Source/NSTextField.m,
* Source/NSView.m: Use it here.
2007-12-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSNibBindingConnector.m (-establishConnection): Swap
destination and source.
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m: Started rework.
2007-12-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m (GSBindingUnbindAll): Return if table
doesn't exist.
2007-12-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSKeyValueBinding.h,
* Source/GSBindingHelpers.h,
* Source/NSKeyValueBinding.m: Basic key value binding implementation.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add new source file.
* Source/externs.m: Variables for key binding.
* Source/NSTextField.m,
* Source/NSView.m: Class specific key bindings.
Patch by Chris Farber <>.
2007-12-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSColor.m (-numberOfComponents, -getComponents:): Raise
exception when called on abstract class. Increase teh values
returned by real numberOfComponents by one to count in alpha.
* Source/NSColor.m (+colorWithColorSpace:components:count:): Basic
* Source/NSColor.m (-setFill, -setStroke:): Convert to
NSDeviceRGBColorSpace first.
* Source/NSColor.m (GSRGBColor-setFill, GSRGBColor-setStroke:):
Actual implementation.
2007-12-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* ColorPickers/GSColorSliderCell.h,
* ColorPickers/GSColorSliderCell.m: New files split off from
GSStandardColorPicker.h and GSStandardColorPicker.m.
* ColorPickers/GNUmakefile: Add the new files.
* ColorPickers/GSStandardColorPicker.h,
* ColorPickers/GSStandardColorPicker.m: Remove split off code.
* ColorPickers/GSRGBColorPicker.m,
* ColorPickers/GSHSBColorPicker.m,
* ColorPickers/GSColorSliderCell.m: Add support for dynamically
displayed colour changes.
2007-12-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Documentation/gclose.1,
* Documentation/gcloseall.1,
* Documentation/set_show_service.1: New man pages by
Dennis Leeuw <>
* Documentation/GNUmakefile: Add the new man page files.
2007-12-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSControl.m (-mouseDown:): Forward event, if not enabled.
* Source/NSTextField.m (-mouseDown:): Send event to next
responder not to super, if not selectable or disabled.
* ColorPickers/GSStandardColorPicker.m (GSColorSliderCell):
Corrected to work with horizontal and vertial views and for
flipped ones.
* ColorPickers/GSWheelColorPicker.m: Replace
GSWheelColorSliderCell with GSColorSliderCell.
2007-12-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-initWithCoder:): Don't create a header
view, if there is none decoded.
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-_synchronizeHeaderAndCornerView): Don't
show corner view if there is no header view.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-setMenu:): Select an emtry from the
new menu.
2007-12-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Fixup to add/remove menu items
when the available items have changed.
2007-12-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-initWithCoder:): Handle NSFrameSize.
2007-12-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuItem.m (-initWithCoder:): Set state directly,
otherwise the items gets into changesStatus mode.
2007-12-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-bitmapImageRepForCachingDisplayInRect:): Don't
cache the image here.
* Source/NSView.m (-cacheDisplayInRect:toBitmapImageRep:): Lock
focus on the current view.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-finishLaunching): Make sure we have a
designated main window.
2007-12-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (-encodeWithCoder:, -initWithCoder:):
Corrected some of the encoding problems reported by
Christopher Wojno <>.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTableView.h: Add missing new data source method.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-encodeWithCoder:, -initWithCoder:):
Better decoding of header view, corner view and drag masks.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-_indexSetToArray:) New helper method.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-_startDragOperationWithEvent:,
-dragImageForRowsWithIndexes:...offset:, -_isDraggingSource,
_writeRows:toPasteboard:): Support for new dragging methods.
2007-12-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTableView.h
* Source/NSTableView.m: Add MacOSX 10.4 methods.
2007-11-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-drawInRect:fromRect:operation:fraction:):
Tread a zero source rectangle as the full image and clip to the
image bounds.
2007-11-30 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSClipView.m: ([scrollToPoint]) reset cursor rectangles when
view is scrolled.
2007-11-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m:
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m:
* Source/NSBox.m:
* Source/NSFontManager.m:
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m:
* Source/NSWindow.m:
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m:
* Source/NSPrinter.m:
* Source/NSPasteboard.m:
* Source/NSToolbar.m:
* Source/NSFont.m:
* Source/NSOutlineView.m:
* Source/NSTextView.m:
* Source/GSToolbar.m:
* Source/tiff.m:
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m:
* Source/NSTableView.m:
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m:
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.m:
* Tools/gcloseall.m:
* Tools/gclose.m:
Update includes to add NSEnumerator where needed and remove use of
the deprecated Foundation/NSUtilities.h header.
2007-11-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSToolTips.m: Fix for #20861
2007-11-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSView.m: Call ([resetCursorRects]) whenever view frame or
bounds are changed.
2007-11-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSCursor.m: ([-initWithImage:]) changed to use a hot point
at 0,0 rather than 0,15 for MacOS-X compatibility ... the coordinate
system of a cursor is flipped according to the MacOS-X docs.
2007-11-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-replyToApplicationShouldTerminate:):
Check wheter the application is still running to prevent cycles.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m (NSCustomObject-awakeFromNib): Call
awakeFromNib on the instantiated object.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m (NSCustomView-nibInstantiate): Move
subviews to instantiated view.
* Source/Functions.m (NSDrawBitmap): Remove compiler warning.
2007-11-24 12:38-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Call awakeFromNib later in the nib
unarchiving process.
2007-11-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSNibBindingConnector.m: Completed implementation.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-_initDefaults): New method for shared
default settings.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-initWithFrame:, initWithCoder:): Use this
new method.
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m (-GSDrawImage::): Moved implemenation
to back.
2007-11-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphics.h: Make NSDrawBitmap a real function.
* Source/Functions.m (NSDrawBitmap): Implement via
NSBitmapImageRep and GSDrawImage::.
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m (-GSDrawImage::): Implement via
NSDrawBitmap::::::. To be subclassed in backends.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-draw): Use GSDrawImage:: for drawing.
2007-11-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Correct keyed decoding of
* Source/tiff.m: Change mode field of chandle_t to char.
Bugs reported by gcc 4.2
2007-11-09 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.13.0
2007-11-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFont.m (-initWithName:matrix:fix:screenFont:role:): Add
fallback for missing standard fonts.
2007-11-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSControl.m,
* Source/NSMenuItem.m (-initWithCoder:, -encodeWithCoder:): Better
support for keyed encoding (Tag, separator,...).
2007-11-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (+initialize): Create titleCell here to have
it available for browsers loaded from Gorm files.
* Source/NSBrowser.m (GSBrowserTitleCell): Add method
drawingRectForBounds: and correct drawWithFrame:inView:.
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-displayAllColumns, -displayColumn:): Mark
for redraw.
2007-11-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-draggingUpdated:): Use
currentDropOperation instead of NSTableViewDropAbove.
* Source/NSDocument.m (-windowForSheet): Return nil instead of
mainWindow, when there is no associated window.
Patches by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-10-30 Adam Fedor <>
* Change Copyright to License.
2007-10-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* COPYING: Add GPL file.
* Change all files to use GPL 3 and LGPL 3.
* Prepare for next release.
2007-10-28 01:44-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: reverted change to validateEditing to
correct crashes.
2007-10-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m (-drawRect:): Switch drawing cases for
* Source/NSTableView.m (GSTableCornerView): Made flipped and
adjust drawing code.
2007-10-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-setPrintInfo:, -runPageLayout:): Move
updateChangeCount: call from one method to the other.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m (-okButtonClicked:,
-cancelButtonClicked:): Use standard button return codes.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-validateEditing): Initialize
newObjectValue with nil.
Patches by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-10-06 23:03-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibCompatibility.h
* Source/GNUmakefile: Added new classes.
* Source/NSNibAXAttributeConnector.m
* Source/NSNibAXRelationshipConnector.m
* Source/NSNibBindingConnector.m: Implementation of special
connectors for Key-Value binding.
* Source/NSSplitView.m: Added code for keyed coding
2007-10-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-deminiaturize:, -miniaturize:): Try to
handle the case better, where GNUstep manages the mini window and
the window decoration itself.
Based on patch by Stefan Bidigaray <>.
2007-10-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-cellSize): Don't return zero size,
when there are no items. Based on patch by Andreas Höschler
2007-10-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (-setFileName:, -fileURL:, -setUndoManager:
-writeToURL:...error:): Small fixes of previous changes.
Patch by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-09-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-cascadeTopLeftFromPoint:): Adopt the
resulting next point to visible screen. Based on patch by
Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-09-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-validateEditing): Set object value to
nil, when formatting the string failed.
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-intValue): Check flag in_editing before
validating the editing.
2007-09-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m (GSToolbarButtonCell-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:):
Made working for a flipped view.
2007-09-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m (-displayRectIgnoringOpacity:inContext:):
Implement this method instead of the two old display methods.
2007-09-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-drawRect:, -rectForCharacterRange:,
-firstRectForCharacterRange:): Protect againt layoutmanager being nil.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-validateEditing): Use setStringValue:
when converting the string failed.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-mouseDown:): Don't interrupt editing
another cell, if the current string isn't valid.
Patches partly by Andreas Höschler <>.
2007-09-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-insertItemWithTitle:atIndex:):
Select new item when there isn't any selection.
2007-09-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m,
* Source/NSSlider.m,
* Source/NSProgressIndicator.m,
* Source/NSButton.m (-isFlipped): Add fliiping.
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m (-drawRect:): Adjust for flipping.
* Source/NSTabView.m: Mark as needing an isFlipped method.
2007-09-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-makeKeyAndOrderFront:): Use
orderFrontRegardless instead of orderFront:.
Patch by Yen-Ju Chen <>
2007-09-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextField.h:
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextFieldCell.h:
* Source/NSTextField.m,
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m: Add new MacOSX 10.3 methods and
2007-09-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSBitmapImageRep.h,
* Headers/AppKit/NSResponder.h: Correct conditional compilation.
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Add new MacOSX 10.4 methods and constants.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Basic implementation of new methods.
* Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m
(-initWithFrame:window:): Get buttons from NSWindow.
* Source/NSClipView.m,
* Source/NSColorPanel.m,
* Source/NSColorWell.m,
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m,
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m,
* Source/NSMatrix.m,
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m,
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m:
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m:
* Source/NSPanel.m:
* Source/NSSavePanel.m:
* Source/NSScrollView.m,
* Source/NSScroller.m,
* Source/NSTabView.m,
* Source/NSTextField.m,
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m,
* Source/GSDragView.m,
* Source/GSTitleView.m,
* Source/GSToolTips.m,
* Source/NSButton.m: Clean up includes.
2007-09-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFontManager.m (-convertFont:toHaveTrait:,
-convertFont:toNotHaveTrait:): Handle NSUnboldFontMask and
NSUnitalicFontMask correctly.
* Source/NSFontManager.m (-fontWithFamily:traits:weight:size:) Be
more tolerant with traits set wrongly by backends.
2007-09-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h: Add ivar in_editing, which gets set,
during the editing/selection of the cell.
* Source/NSCell.m (-_setupTextWithFrame:..., endEditing:): Set/
clear the in_editing flag.
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-objectValue, -attributedStringValue,
-intValue, -floatValue, -doubleValue, -stringValue): Check flag
in_editing before validating the editing.
2007-09-05 Nicolas Roard <>
* Source/NSView.m (-scrollRect:by:): reversed the coordinates
of destPoint (substract instead of add), to match OSX behaviour.
* Source/NSClipView.m (-setBoundsOrigin): reversed the coordinates
of the call to scrollRect:by:, to match OSX behaviour.
2007-09-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-sendEvent:, -selectKeyViewFollowingView:,
-selectKeyViewPrecedingView:, -selectNextKeyView:,
-selectPreviousKeyView:): Handle case when makeFirstResonder:
2007-09-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m
(-glyphIndexForPoint:...fractionOfDistanceThroughGlyph:): Don't
ignore invisible glyphs.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-_characterIndexForPoint:respectFraction:):
New helper method.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-characterIndexForPoint:): Correct to use
screen coordinates.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-draggingEntered:, -draggingUpdated:,
-mouseDown:): Use new helper method.
* Source/NSAlert.m (-_setupPanel): Check count of buttons.
* Source/NSDocument.m (-setFileName:, -setFileURL:): Set url and
file name always together.
* Source/NSDocument.m (-dataOfType:error:,
-fileWrapperOfType:error:, -readFromFileWrapper:ofType:error:,
-readFromURL:ofType:error:, -writeSafelyToURL:...error:,
-writeToURL:ofType:error:, -writeToURL:...error:,
-printOperationWithSettings:error:): Set error to nil.
Patches by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-09-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-objectValue, -attributedStringValue):
Add validation of editing.
2007-08-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-makeFirstResponder:): When parameter is nil,
set self as first responder and return YES.
* Source/NSCell.m (-isEntryAcceptable:): Accept empty strings.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-validateEditing): Check if delegate
supports method, before calling it.
* Source/NSTextField.m (-validateEditing): Accept empty strings.
Patches partly by Andreas Höschler <>.
2007-08-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h: Export more private drawing methods.
* Source/NSCell.m (-_drawAttributedString): New helper method to
get the attributed string which should be drawn.
* Source/NSCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): Use this method.
* Source/NSSecureTextFieldCell.m: Implement -_drawAttributedString
instead of -drawInteriorWithFrame:.
* Headers/AppKit/NSFormCell.h,
* Headers/AppKit/NSForm.h: Add MacOSX 10.4 methods.
* Source/NSForm.m: Implement these methods.
* Source/NSFormCell.m: Implement these methods. Rewrote drawing
code. Remove the color change notification handling.
2007-08-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-_windowWillClose:): Don't call
resignKey on the window. Reorganise the code some more and add comments.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_lossOfKeyOrMainWindow): Check all windows
whether they could take key or main status.
2007-08-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (+initialize): Increase version number.
* Source/NSCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Correct values for the
decoded action mask, as they changed on 2007-08-03.
Fixes bug #20884.
2007-08-24 22:33-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Added code in encodeWithCoder: to allow
encoding previous versions of the object to the archive.
2007-08-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontPanel.h: Add MacOSX 10.3 constants.
2007-08-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-fixFontAttributeInRange:): Ignore
characters below 31.
Patch by Yen-Ju Chen <>
2007-08-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-sendEvent:): For the left mouse down case
make sure that the affected view is still valid after activating
the application and making the window key.
2007-08-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSInputManager.m (-handleKeyboardEvents:client:): Set the
isFunctionKey boolean correctly. This was needed as the
NSFunctionKeyMask value doesn't fit in the first byte.
2007-08-19 21:18-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSController.m
* Source/NSObjectController.m: Remove calls to debug method.
2007-08-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButton.m ([performKeyEquivalent:]): Only test for modal
window when it isn't nil.
2007-08-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontManager.h,
* Source/NSFontManager.m: Add MacOSX 10.3 methods and constants.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setHasShadow:): Add backend call.
2007-08-14 23:24-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSManagedObjectContext.h
* Source/NSManagedObjectContext.m: Add managed object context.
2007-08-14 23:22-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSController.h: Added new ivar.
* Headers/AppKit/NSObjectController.h: Added new ivar.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Added NSManagedObjectContext.[hm].
* Source/NSController.m: Add keys for nib encoding/decoding.
* Source/NSObjectController.m: Add keys for nib encoding/decoding.
2007-08-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h (-setShadow::),
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m (-setShadow::):
Add new method for shadow.
2007-08-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-_substituteFontWithName:font:):
Let the font manager handle the font convertion.
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (_print): Don't adjust page when page
range is known.
2007-08-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-fixFontAttributeInRange:):
First attempt at font attribute fixing.
2007-08-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFont.h: Add MacOSX 10.4 methods and constants.
* Source/NSFont.m: Add MacOSX 10.4 methods. Remove
NSFontDescriptor code.
* Source/NSFont.m (+initialize): Read in preferred fonts from user defaults.
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontDescriptor.h: Clean up includes.
* Source/NSFontDescriptor.m: New file, split out from NSFont.m.
* Source/externs.m: Moved NSFontDescriptor strings to here.
* GNUMakefile: Add NSFontDescriptor.m
2007-08-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSScreen.h: Add method userSpaceScaleFactor.
* Source/NSScreen.m: Implement userSpaceScaleFactor. Correct
mainScreen. Listen to NSApplicationDidChangeScreenParametersNotification.
Get default menu height from NSMenuView. General cleanup.
2007-08-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-initWithCoder:),
* Source/NSMenuItem.m (-initWithCoder:): Adopt to changed values
for _keyEquivalentModifierMask. These have changed through the
NSEvent.h change.
2007-08-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-displayIfNeededInRectIgnoringOpacity:):
Correct spelling in comment.
* Headers/AppKit/NSLevelIndicatorCell.h: Add ivar for cell frame.
* Source/NSLevelIndicator.m (-rectOfTickMarkAtIndex:, -cellSize): Implement.
Patch by Christopher Elsmore <>.
2007-08-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocumentController.h,
* Source/NSDocumentController.m (-maximumRecentDocumentCount): Add
missing method.
* Headers/AppKit/NSEvent.h,
* Source/NSEvent.m: Add MacOSX 10.4 methods and constants. Resort
event types to be binary compatible to MacOSX.
* Source/Functions.m (NSEventMaskFromType): Remove.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-sendEvent:): Handle new event types.
2007-08-03 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: ([-launchedApplications]) complete and tidy
code to check existence of launched apps.
Revert code to check for apps that are not responding ... MacOS-X
reports hung apps, so we should do the same.
2007-08-02 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: ([-launchedApplications]) check that each app
is still responding if it's more than 30 seconds since the last check.
If possible, check that processes still exist.
2007-07-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorPanel.h: Add constant for
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBox.h,
* Source/NSComboBox.m: Add MacOSX 10.3 methods.
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBoxCell.h,
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: Add MacOSX 10.3 methods.
2007-07-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorSpace.h,
* Source/NSColorSpace.m: New files.
* GNUMakefile: Add NSColorSpace.
* Headers/AppKit/NSColor.h,
* Source/NSColor.m: Add MacOSX 10.4 methods.
Code mostly by Nikolaus Schaller <>.
2007-07-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSBrowser.h,
* Source/NSBrowser.m: Add MacOSX 10.3 methods and constants.
* Source/externs.m: Define new string constant.
2007-07-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSBox.h,
* Source/NSBox.m: Add methods and ivar for box type and
encode/decode it.
2007-07-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSBitmapImageRep.h,
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m: Add MacOSX 10.4 methods and constants.
Code mostly by Nikolaus Schaller <>.
* Source/externs.m: Enable new string constant.
2007-07-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSApplication.h: Correct comment.
* Source/NSApplication.m: Add error presenting methods.
2007-07-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSApplication.h,
* Source/NSApplication.m: Add MacOSX 10.4 method declarations.
* Source/externs.m: Define new string constant.
2007-07-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSAnimation.h: Remove unneeded includes.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSAnimator.h: Correct line endings.
* Source/GSAnimator.m: Correct line endings and coding style.
2007-07-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h,
* Source/NSCell.m,
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-setControlView:): Add MacOSX 10.4 method.
* Headers/AppKit/NSAlert.h,
* Source/NSAlert.m (+alertWithError:): Add MacOSX 10.4 method.
2007-07-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintInfo.h,
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m (-imageablePageBounds,
-localizedPaperName): New MacOSX method. Plus some general clean up.
* Source/NSPrinter.m (-stringListForKey:inTable:,
-isKey:inTable:): Don't raise exception on missing table.
* Source/NSPrinter.m (-statusForTable:) Add check for corrct class.
2007-07-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m (-rectInMatrixSpace:, -translateToPoint:,
-makeIdentityMatrix): Use optimized primitive methods from base.
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m (-scaleTo::): Try to handle rotation
case better.
* Source/NSView.m (-scaleUnitSquareToSize:): Adjust origin too and
handle rotation case.
* Source/NSView.m (-setBounds:, setBoundsOrigin:): Try to handle
rotation case better.
2007-07-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-encodeWithCoder:): Try to better key encode
the contents of the cell.
2007-07-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (NSView-_displayPageInRect:withInfo:),
* Source/NSView.m (-_rebuildCoordinates, -initWithFrame:,
-initWithCoder:, -dealloc, -_updateBoundsMatrix, -setBounds:,
-setBoundsOrigin:, -setBoundsRotation:, -boundsRotation,
Create _boundsMatrix only when needed and protect all uses of it.
* Source/NSView.m (-initWithCoder:): Remove call to
setFrameOrigin: on frame matrix.
2007-07-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextField.m (-isFlipped): Report the text field as
being flipped.
2007-06-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSSecureTextFieldCell (-drawInteriorWithFrame:): Add
some support for bullet echoing and a comment on the missing bits.
2007-06-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-_lockFocusInContext:inRect:): Ignore the frame
origin when computing the clip area.
2007-06-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-setBoundsRotation:): Ignore the frame origin
when computing the bounds.
* Source/NSView.m (-drawPageBorderWithSize:): Remove test code
accidentally introduced in last change.
2007-06-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSView.h: Add new MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSView.m: Basic implementation of new MacOSX methods.
Rewrote all the display* methods to use the new method
[displayRectIgnoringOpacity:inContext] and made them more
consistent. Add some documentation for the display mechanism.
* Source/GSPDFPrintOperation.m (-_print),
* Source/GSEPSPrintOperation.m (-_print),
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (NSView-_displayPageInRect:withInfo:):
Use new method [NSView displayRectIgnoringOpacity:inContext:].
* Source/NSView.m (-endPage): Add DPSgrestore() call.
2007-06-23 10:43-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSObjectController.h
* Source/NSObjectController.m: Changed "class" to "aClass" to
avoid issues with ObjC++ compilation in both the header and the
.m file for consistency. This change was suggested by Rob Burns
and he provided a short patch via IRC.
2007-06-22 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSView.m: When setting frame and bounds, refrain from
doing anything if the values set are the same as the of values.
When setting frame size or rotation, update the bounds too (attempt
to fix bug #20057).
2007-06-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSAttributedString.h: Add new MacOSX methods and
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: Basic implementation of new
* Source/externs.m: Define new string constants.
* Headers/AppKit/NSImageView.h: Add new MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSImageView.m: Basic implementation of new methods.
* Headers/AppKit/NSStringDrawing.h: Add new MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m: Basic implementation of new methods.
* Headers/AppKit/NSParagraphStyle.h: Add new MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSParagraphStyle.m: Implementation of new methods.
Code by Nikolaus Schaller <>.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextStorage.h,
* Source/NSText.m,
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m,
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m,
* Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m,
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m,
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m,
* Source/GSTitleView.m,
* Source/NSTextView_actions.m,
* Source/NSTextView.m,
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Clean up includes.
2007-06-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphicsContext.h: Declare new printing
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m: Implement Postscript printing methods.
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: Move _endSheet method into NSView.
* Source/NSView.m: Use printing methods from NSGraphicsContext.
2007-06-07 Sergii Stoian <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m: ([drawWithFrame:inView:]) Pass inset rect by
1 to drawInteriorWithFrame:.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: ([_initWithoutGModel]) Change propeties of
buttons: remove setting buttons type (by default
NSMomentaryPushInButton); refuse first responder for buttons.
Set setImageDimsWhenDisabled:NO to image button. Cleanup.
2007-06-03 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m: In -filenames append name to directory using
the standard method rather than by concatenating them joined by a
slash. Might fix bug #19929 but even if it doesn't cure that, it
certainly fixes an error.
2007-05-28 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSView.m: ([scrollRect:by:]) restrict scrolled rectangle to
the bounds of the view.
2007-05-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m
-_printOperationDidRun:returnCode:contextInfo:) Only set and use
GSModalRunDelegate and GSModalRunSelector values when not nil.
2007-05-17 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSFont.m: Revert incorrect matrix equality test change.
2007-05-16 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontDescriptor.h: tidied indentation etc.
* Source/NSFont.m: Tidied for coding standards. Fixed memory leak.
Fixed error in matrix equality test.
2007-05-16 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontDescriptor.h : added from mgstep
* Source/NSFont.* : added font descriptor related methods and
NSFontDescriptor implementation
* GNUMakefile: added NSFontDescriptor
2007-05-16 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSTextAttachment.m: For MacOS-X compatibility, don't call
([-setAttachment:]) on the cell if the cell class doesn't implement
2007-05-10 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSAnimation.m: removed some C99-isms
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+GIF.m : removed some C99-isms
* Source/NSDocument.m : removed some C99-isms
2007-05-10 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAnimation.m: removed some C99-isms and simplified by
removing attempt to avoid locking when in single threaded mode.
* Headers/AppKit/NSAnimation.h: added an ivar and FIXME comments.
2007-05-08 Riccardo Mottola <>
* Source/NSAnimation.m: removed some C99-isms
2007-04-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: Whitespace cleanup.
2007-04-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSDragging.h: Added a few MacOSX 10.2 methods
* Source/GSDragView.m: (-_handleDrag:slidePoint:): Call new
MacOSX method on destionation when available.
Patch by Yen-Ju Chen <>
2007-04-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-editColumn::row:withEvent:select:): Set
the background colour of the text object and make it draw its background.
2007-04-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-noteNumberOfRowsChanged): Handle the case
correctly where an empty selection is not allowed and now there
are rows available.
2007-04-13 Adam Fedor <>
* Version: Bump version
2007-04-13 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.12.0
* Source/NSAnimation.m: Remove unused and incorrect include.
2007-04-12 Xavier Glattard <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSAnimation.h
* Source/NSAnimation.m
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSAnimator.h
* Source/GSAnimator.m
- attempt to follow GNU coding standards
- implementation of NSAnimationBlockingMode and
NSAnimationNonBlockingThreaded modes
- fix some bugs and incompatibilities with Cocoa
- Add some more documentation
2007-04-11 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSView.m: When transforming a size ensure that the
resulting height is positive. Is this correct behavior?
It should reproduce the old (incorrect ... ie differing from MacOS-X)
behavior of NSAffineTransform.
2007-04-09 21:20-EDT Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAnimation.m: Removed static INLINE declaration from
nsanimation_progressMarkSorter function so that it will compile
properly on versions of gcc prior to 4.1.2.
2007-04-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSClipView.m (-setBoundsOrigin:): Use NSView method
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (NSView
-_displayPageInRect:atPlacement:withInfo:): Release the temporary
* Source/GSEPSPrintOperation.m (_print): Call endPage on the view.
2007-04-05 Xavier Glattard <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSAnimation.h
* Source/NSAnimation.m
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSAnimator.h
* Source/GSAnimator.m
Implementation of NSAnimation and NSViewAnimation classes :
- only NSAnimationNonBlocking mode is implemented
- runLoopModesForAnimating is not used
GSAnimator class is in alpha stage : interface may be changed
See gnustep-examples/GSTest for demos.
2007-04-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Reuse one reserved ivar as the
graphics context.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_terminateBackendWindow,
-_initBackendWindow, -initWithWindowRef:, -graphicsContext,
-flushWindow, -_processResizeEvent): Set and use context from ivar.
* Source/NSImage.m (-drawInRect:fromRect:operation:fraction:):
make sure to use the right graphic context.
* Source/NSView.m (-releaseGState): Use context from window.
* Source/NSView.m (-_lockFocusInContext:inRect:,
-unlockFocusNeedsFlush:) Set context to current when locking focus
and pop it when unlocking.
2007-04-02 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSAlert.h: Tidied.
* Source/NSAlert.m: Tidied to more standard gnustep style and added
code to perform gui operations in the main appkit thread where someone
tries to use alerts from another thread.
2007-03-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: Wrap excessively long lines
* Source/externs.m: Add new attributed string constants
* Headers/AppKit/NSAttributedString.h: Add constants from current
2007-03-23 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m: Simplify code slightly.
2007-03-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-drawWithFrame:inView:): Extract helper methods
for border and focus drawing.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Override the border drawing method.
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: Override the border drawing method and
set default focus ring to none.
* Source/NSPopupButtonCell.m: Set default focus ring to default.
2007-03-23 Sergii Stoian <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: (-_initWithoutGModel): Set selected text
background color to [NSColor controlLightHighlightColor].
2007-03-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m: Replace calls to the now deprecated methods on
NSAffineTransform with correct ones.
2007-03-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-drawWithFrame:inView:),
* Source/NSCell.m (-drawWithFrame:inView:): Respect focus ring
style when drawing first responder state.
* Source/NSBrowserCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:),
* Source/NSPopupButtonCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:),
* Source/NSImageCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): Don't
draw focus ring.
2007-03-22 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m: Avoid accessing internals of the base
library class directly. Mark many methods as deprecated.
* Headers/AppKit/NSAffineTransform.h: Mark gnustep extensions as
deprecated. Perhaps we don't want to deprecate all of them though
need feedback on that.
2007-03-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-gState): Generate a gstate if one is needed
and none has been set up to now.
2007-03-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (NSView -_endSheet, NSView
-_displayPageInRect:atPlacement:withInfo:): Get graphics context
from the print operation.
* Source/NSView.m (-_lockFocusInContext:inRect:): When not set,
get graphics context either from window or from the print operation.
* Source/NSView.m (-lockFocusInRect, -lockFocusIfCanDraw): Don't
set the graphics context.
* Source/NSView.m: For all print methods get the context from
the print operation.
2007-03-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-setBoundsRotation:): Adjust _bounds ivar to
the rotation.
* Source/NSView.m (-translateOriginToPoint:, -rotateByAngle:):
Implemented via setBoundsOrigin: and rotateByAngle:.
* Source/NSView.m (-_lockFocusInContext:inRect:): For rotated
views compute the actual clip region instead of using _bounds.
2007-03-17 Nicola Pero <>
* GNUmakefile.postamble (before-uninstall): Uninstall gui.make.
* Panels/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-uninstall): Fixed uninstall
* Source/CompatibilityHeaders.make (after-install): Use
(after-uninstall): New target that uninstalls the compatibility
2007-03-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m: Set _isIdentity for all methods
changing the matrix of the affine transform.
2007-03-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-abortModal): Call stopModalWithCode: to
make this mehtod work when not inside the modal loop.
* Source/GSToolbarView.m (-_takeInAccountFlexibleSpaces): Don't
call methods that return astructures on nil as this fails on Solaris.
* Source/NSTableColumn.m (-setWidth:): Add self tothe
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m (-_selectCompleted): Don't change
selection if no match is found.
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m (-drawImageWithFrame:inView:): Use
[drawImage:withFrame:inView:] to do the drawing.
Patches by Andreas Höschler <>.
2007-03-09 Nicola Pero <>
Updated gnustep-gui to use versioned library resources.
* Source/NSApplication.m ([+initialize]): Use
bundleForLibrary:version: to get the correct version of the
gnustep-gui resources.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Install resources in versioned directory.
* Resources/GNUmakefile: Same change.
* Panels/GNUmakefile.postamble: Same change.
2007-03-09 Sergii Stoian <>
* Source/GSSlideView.m: (- _slideFrom:to:): Calcuate number of
steps wrt image size.
* Source/GSDragView.m: (- slideDraggedImageTo:): Ditto.
2007-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSResponder.h: Move _rFlags from here ...
* Headers/AppKit/NSView.h: ... to here.
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Add views_need_display
* Source/NSWindow.m: Use _f.views_need_display instead of _rFlags.
2007-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-TIFFRepresentation,
-TIFFRepresentationUsingCompression:factor:): If there is no
bitmap representation create one and store it.
Idea by Renaud Molla <>.
2007-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocument.m
(-fileNameFromRunningSavePanelForSaveOperation:): Add remaining
change by Wolfgang Lux. This corrects a potential mismatch
between the document type and the type specified in the panel.
2007-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTabView.h: Correct NSTabViewType enumerator to
match values from Apple.
* Source/NSTabView.m (-encodeWithCoder:, -initWithCoder:): Adopt
to new enum values.
2007-03-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m: The modal loop which displays the print
panel is now left with either NSOKButton or NSCancelButton
(cf. the documentation of NSPrintPanel's -runModal: and
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: The callback passed to the print
panel's beginSheet... method had a wrong signature (and also was
misspelled). In addition, the code of the callback did retrieve
its own callback from the print dictionary in a wrong way (was
asking for a pointer to a selector while a selector was saved).
* Source/NSDocument.m: The callback of
method has a different signature than the one passed to the print
method. This means NSDocument needs some adapter code and also has
to save the delegate and selector passed to runModalPrintOperation...
in some place.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocument.h: Since there can be at most one print dialog for a
document, add two private instance variables to NSDocument for that purpose.
Patch by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-03-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: Launch gpbs with --auto option so that
it shuts down again when all connections are closed.
2007-03-06 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m ([+newWithApplication:]): If the base
library returns an empty User Library path, try using a default
2007-03-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBox.m (-initWithFrame:): Set content view via the
method setContentView: to be independent of super class
implementation of addSubview:
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h,
* Source/NSWindow.m: Add method graphicsContext.
* Headers/AppKit/NSView.h,
* Source/NSView.m: Add MacOS 10.4 methods.
* Source/NSView.m (addSubview:): Implement via
addSubview:positioned:relativeTo:. Optimize the later method for
the otherView = nil case.
* Source/NSView.m (dragPromisedFilesOfTypes:...,
mouseDownCanMoveWindow, scrollRect:by:, scrollClipView:toPoint:,
getRectsBeingDrawn:count:, needsToDrawRect:): Implement.
* Source/NSView.m (registerForDraggedTypes:) Change order of
removeDragTypes and addDragTypes, so that overlapping drag types
get handled correctly.
* Source/NSView.m (_enclosingClipView): New helper method.
* Source/NSView.m (enclosingScrollView, scrollRectToVisible:, scrollPoint:): Optimize.
* Source/NSView.m (displayRectIgnoringOpacity:): Move
unlockFocusNeedsFlush closer to lockFocusInRect.
* Source/NSView.m (_lockFocusInContext:inRect:): New main focus
locking method. Clip only when wantsDefaultClipping returns YES.
* Source/NSView.m (releaseGState): Set _allocate_gstate to 0 to
switch off private gState.
* Source/NSView.m (_invalidateCoordinates): Call renewGState
instead of releaseGState.
* Source/NSView.m (initWithFrame:): Use value from super init call
and don't set pre-set ivars.
2007-03-06 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m:
* Source/NSWorkspace.m:
Fix usage of NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains() to match new
filesystem support changes.
2007-03-04 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSSpellServer.m: deleted
* Source/GNUmakefile: remove NSSpellServer.m
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m: include NSSpellServer.h from base
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpellServer.h: deleted
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h remove NSSpellServer.h
Moved NSSpellServer to base for macos-x compatibility.
2007-03-03 14:51-EST Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSDocument.m: Added change suggested by Wolfgang Lux. This
corrects a potential mismatch between the document type and the type
specified in the panel.
2007-02-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-keyDown:, -scrollLineUp:,
-scrollLineDown:): New methods.
* Source/NSTextView_actions.m (-scrollLineDown:, -scrollLineUp:,
-scrollPageDown:, -scrollPageUp:): Implement methods based on
scroll view.
* KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBindings.dict: Change control-up and and
page up to be scrollPageUp: and control-down and page down to be
scrollPageDown:. pageDown: and pageUp: can now be reached via
control-pageup and alt-pageup resp. control-pagedown and alt-pagedown.
Patch by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-02-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSScrollView.h: Add ivar
_autohidesScrollers. Move private method to implementation file.
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-init): Remove as this is the same as in
the super class.
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-autohidesScrollers,
-setAutohidesScrollers:, -reflectScrolledClipView:): Add support
for auto hidding of scrollers.
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-initWithCoder:): Decode the value for
2007-02-28 Nicola Pero <>
* Use gnustep-config to set GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES
if not set.
* GNUmakefile: Same change.
* configure: Regenerated.
2007-02-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Panels/GSPrintPanel,
* Panels/GSPageLayout: Updated to new Gorm format and made
elements transparent. Patch by Ingolf Jandt <>.
2007-02-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSClipView.m (-initWithFrame:): Replace the wrong
initialise [init].
* Source/NSClipView.m (-viewFrameChanged:, -documentVisibleRect,
-dealloc): Simplified methods.
* Source/NSClipView.m (-setDocumentView:): Remove only
notifications that get added here.
* Source/NSClipView.m (-setBounds:): Add method.
2007-02-27 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble (GNUSTEP_INSTALL_PREFIX): Variable
removed as it could not work with custom filesystem layouts.
* Source/NSPasteboard.m ([+_pbs]): Use GNUSTEP_TOOLS_NO_DESTDIR
* Source/NSSound.m ([+gsnd]): Same change.
* Source/NSWorkspace.m ([-findApplications]): Same change.
2007-02-27 Nicola Pero <>
* Obsolete file removed.
* GNUmakefile (CVS_MODULE_NAME): Do not set (exports should be
done from subversion now).
* Documentation/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-install): Use
MKINSTALLDIRS, not MKDIRS, to create installation directories.
2007-02-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTabView.m (-initWithFrame:): Set _selected_item to NSNotFound.
* Source/NSTabView.m (-selectNextTabViewItem:,
-selectPreviousTabViewItem:): Handle _selected_item being
NSNotFound correctly. Patch by Wolfgang Lux <>.
2007-02-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: ([drawGlyphsForGlyphRange:atPoint:])
Implement selected text color ... use the value set in the textview
or if that is not supplied, fall back to selectedTextColor.
Fix ([drawBackgroundForGlyphRange:atPoint:]) to use
([textViewForBeginningOfSelection]) to determine selected text color.
2007-02-22 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSAlert.m (-_initWithoutGModel): Add missing nil
at end of call to -dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
2007-02-22 Sergii Stoian <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: (_lossOfKeyOrMainWindow): Add sanity checks.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: (-drawBackgroundForGlyphRange:atPoint):
Use the text view's selected text attributes. Remove TODO.
* Source/NSAlert.m: (-_initWithoutGModel): Set selected text
background color to white. Now we can see selection of message text.
2007-02-21 Sergii Stoian <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: (-_initWithoutGModel):
Make buttons refuse first responder to avoid drawing
dashed frame and protec from selecting potentially dangerous
buttons by accident.
(-_makeButtonWithRect:): Change style of button from
NSMomentaryPushButton to NSMomentaryPushInButton.
2007-02-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: (-_initWithoutGModel): Set the message field
to not draw its background.
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m: Whitespace changes to conform to coding
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m (-drawLabel:inRect:): Moved drawing of
background into NSTabView. Only there do we know, how to adjust
the rectangle correcty.
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m (-initWithCoder:): Autorelease some ivars
that don't get retained to prevent memory leak.
* Source/NSTabView.m (-insertTabViewItem:atIndex:,
-removeTabViewItem:): Adjust selection, if needed.
* Source/NSTabView.m (-minimumSize, -contentRect,
-encodeWithCoder:, -initWithCoder:): Handle more type cases.
* Source/NSTabView.m (-drawRect:): Rewrote to simplify and correct
code. Moved drawing of the label background to here.
2007-02-19 Enrico Sersale <>
* Source/NSAlert.m: (-_initWithoutGModel):
added [setImageDimsWhenDisabled: NO} to not show the application icon dimmed.
2007-02-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m (cellFrameAtRow:column:, drawRect:,
getRow:column:forPoint:): Removed special handling for non-flipped
case. Patch by Andreas Höschler <>.
2007-02-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSDocument.m (runModalSavePanel:withAccessoryView:): Only
set accessory view when not nil. Workaround for bug #19031.
2007-02-16 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: fixup glitch with drawing of horizontal
menu items overwriting menu border.
* Source/NSMenuView.m: use menubar font size to calculate menubar
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m: send theme panel action for click on theme.
2007-02-16 Sergii Stoian <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextView.h: Enable disabled insertion point
blinking code.
* Source/NSTextView.m:
(drawRect:): Draw insertion point using _drawInsertionPointNow
ivar. Cleanup code.
(_blink:): Enable disabled insertion point blinking code.
(updateInsertionPointStateAndRestartTimer:): Implement insertion
point blinking. Remove TODO.
2007-02-15 Nicola Pero <>
and GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_LIBRARIES if available rather than using
hardcoded paths.
* configure: Regenerated.
2007-02-14 Sergii Stoian <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m:
(menuBarHeight): Fix calculation. Set minimum height to 22.
(setFont:): Fix calculation default cell size.
* Source/NSLayouManager.m:
(_insertionPointRectForCharacterIndex:textContainer:): Use
default font height for insertion point height if there is
no characters.
(insertionPointRectForCharacterIndex:inTextContainer:): Remove
insertion point rectangle correction.
2007-02-14 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GNUmakefile (libgui-resources_INSTALL_DIR): New variable
for newer gnustep-makes.
* Resources/GNUmakefile (gui-resources_INSTALL_DIR): Same change.
2007-02-09 Adam Fedor <>
* TextConverters/RTF/GNUmakefile.preamble: Add BUNDLE_LIBS.
* Source/NSImage.m: Move documentation from here.
* Header/AppKit/NSImage.h: To here.
* Headers/AppKit/NSImageRep.h, : Add documentation. (patch #5714).
2007-02-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GNUmakefile: Install header file NSKeyValueBinding.h.
2007-02-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Image/NSRatingLevelIndicator.tiff,
* Headers/AppKit/NSLevelIndicatorCell.h,
* Headers/AppKit/NSLevelIndicator.h,
* Source/NSLevelIndicator.m,
* Source/NSLevelIndicatorCell.m: Add MacOS 10.4 classes.
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h: Publish the MacOS 10.4 classes.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Compile and install new classes and image.
Code by Nikolaus Schaller <>.
2007-02-06 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-doClick:): Don't reselect the selected cells.
Fixes bug #18881
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-_selectPreviousSelectableCellBeforeRow:column):
Update _selectedCells for the new selection.
2007-02-05 Matt Rice <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSOutlineView.h: Update documentation.
2007-02-05 Matt Rice <>