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2001-11-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (-_resetDefaults): Set directory only
if nil (otherwise keep the current directory).
2001-11-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSSlider.h
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSSliderCell.h
* Source/NSSlider.m
* Source/NSSliderCell.m
Added methods to handle ticks with a dummy implementation.
* Source/NSTextView.m
Added include for NSScrollView to avoid compiler warning.
[_blink] don't call [NSApp updateWindows], just redisplay our
[mouseDown:] replaces all [_window flushWindow] with [self
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h
Added APPKIT_DECLARE for GSCurrentContext().
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphics.h
Replaced APPKIT_EXPORT with APPKIT_DECLARE for all functions and
added some missing APPKIT_DECLARE.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPanel.h
Added APPKIT_DECLARE for all functions.
Wed Oct 31 01:23:16 2001 Nicola Pero <>
Implemented blinking insertion point (Work done with Ludovic
Marcotte <>).
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h (_drawInsertionPoint): New
(_insertionPointTimer): New ivar.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-initWithFrame:textContainer:]): Set
selected range to 0, 0.
([-initWithCoder:]): Set selected range to 0, 0.
([-_blink]): New method.
([-dealloc]): Invalidate then destroy the insertion point blinking
([-shouldDrawInsertionPoint]): Don't draw the insertion point if
we are not first responder.
([-setEditable:]): Start/stop insertion point blinking.
([-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:]): Stop the insertion
point blinking if the selected range is not of zero length.
([-updateInsertionPointStateAndRestartTimer:]): Start/stop
blinking as appropriate.
([-becomeFirstResponder]): Start blinking if appropriate.
([-resignFirstResponder]): Stop blinking if appropriate.
([-drawRect:]): Only draw the insertion point if we are in the
`on' phase of blinking.
([-becomeKeyWindow]), ([-resignKeyWindow]): Removed.
([-_illegalMovement:]): Stop blinking if appropriate.
2001-10-29 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableView.h:
* Source/NSTableView.m:
[-sizeLastColumnToFit], [-sizeToFit], [-setAutoresizesAllColumnToFit],
[-autoresizesAllColumnsToFit] implementation
sizeToFit now behaves like OS4.2 (it did not)
Various changes for speed improvements ([-drawRect], [-updateCell])
New internal method ([-superviewFrameChanged:]) called by NSClipView
(conforms to OS4.2)
[-initWithCoder]: support for previously archived NSTableView
* Source/NSClipView.m: [-dealloc] and [-setDocumentView:]
Support for NSTableView superviewFrameChanged method
2001-10-28 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSStepper.m:
* Source/NSStepperCell.m: Major rewrite so that it behaves properly
Now NSStepper does not contain a textfield anymore and can be linked
to any control using the take*ValueFrom: methods
Thu Oct 25 16:42:00 2001 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSelection.m implemented bodies of methods for NSSelection.
The behaviour implemented is identical to that observed when testing
NSSelection under OPENSTEP with the exception that I have replaced
the word "NeXT" with "GNUstep" in the selection marker descriptions.
* Source/NSOutlineView.m implelemented a skeletal version of this
class to be filled in later.
* Headers/NSOutlineView.h created a skeletal version of this header
to be filled in later.
* Headers/AppKit.h added #include for NSOutlineView.h.
* Source/GNUmakefile added reference to NSOutlineView.h and
Wed Oct 24 11:01:33 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -_getTitleOfColumn:]): Make sure
we never return nil. (Suggestion by Ludovic Marcotte
2001-10-24 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m ([NSButtonCell -_init]):
set the alternate title and the keyEquivalent to @""
(by default this was nil)
Tue Oct 23 04:16:57 2001 Nicola Pero <>
Patch by Ludovic Marcotte <>:
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Check if the click was on a
text attachment cell only if the text storage contains text
attachments, rather than only if the text view imports graphics.
Tue Oct 23 15:06:57 2001 Nicola Pero <>
Patch by Ludovic Marcotte <>:
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([-_selectTextInColumn:]): Updated calls
to setStringValue: for last change.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -selectText:]): Idem.
Tue Oct 23 10:32:18 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSCell.m ([-setStringValue:]): Check with an assertion
that the string value is not nil - for Mac OS-X
compatibility. (Suggested by Ludovic Marcotte
Mon Oct 22 01:10:24 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -dealloc]): Remove all subviews
from this window before releasing them. This fixes crashes when
some views were deallocated after the window.
2001-10-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m
Implemented [setRulerViewClass:] and preset to NSRulerView. Cache
the scrollerWidth in a class var, use this in all methods.
Use _sizeForBorderType() from NSCell to determine the border size
in all methods that handle borderType. Replaced all uses of
AUTORELEASE with explicit RELEASE calls. In [setContentView:]
don't RETAIN the content view, as this is handled by the normal
subview mechanism. (Don't RELEASE it in [dealloc] and
[removeSubview:]) Added dummy method [scrollWheel:].
Implemented the ruler methods, but this are still not handled in
[tile] and [drawRect:].
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSScroller.h
Added some MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSScroller.m
Dummy implementation for those methods.
Thu Oct 18 16:21:37 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-dealloc]): Remove us from observing the
document view notifications. (Suggestion by Ludovic Marcotte
* Source/NSTextContainer.m ([-dealloc]): Remove us from observing
the text view notifications. (Suggestion by Ludovic Marcotte
2001-10-17 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m (calcSize): Set size to 0 if image does
not exist.
Wed Oct 17 04:30:25 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTabView.m ([NSTabView -dealloc]): Do not release the
selected tab view item (Patch by Ludovic Marcotte
Wed Oct 17 18:18:54 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-setDataSource:]): Do not release the old
data source; do not retain the new one.
([-dealloc]): Do not release the data source.
(Suggested by Ludovic Marcotte <>)
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-initWithCoder:]): Do not retain the data
source when decoding it.
2001-10-16 Adam Fedor <>
* GNUmakefile.postamble (before-install): Remove extra /
* TextConverters/RTF/GNUmakefile: Add BUNDLE_LIBS on mingw32/cygwin
(bug report from
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m (calcSize): Check that images exist
before asking for their size (assigning structs from nil objects
crashes Solaris).
* Make sure classes are linked in when shared=no
* Source/linking.m: New file.
* Source/extern.m (__objc_gui_force_linking): Linking function.
2001-10-16 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([selectColumn:byExtendingSelection]):
Do not send NSTableViewSelectionDidChangeNotification when selection
is not changed (was not always working with flag=NO)
* Source/NSTableView.m ([selectRow:byExtendingSelection]): Likewise
2001-10-15 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/DPSOperators.h: New functions DPSPrintf,
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSMethodTable.h: Likewise.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h: Likewise.
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m: Implement.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPageLayout.h: Change some ivars.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrintOperation.h: Add an ivar.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrintPanel.h: Remove outlets, use tags instead.
* Panels/GNUmakefile: Add GSPageLayout gorm files.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m: Rewrite (set NSPrintInfo, use gorm files).
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (_print): Start of implementation. Use
NSView to add PS headers, etc.
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m: Rewrite using tags not outlets. Document.
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSPrintPanel.gsdoc: Regenerate
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSPageLayout.gsdoc: Likewise.
* Model/GNUmakefile: Add OBJC_LIB to DEPENDS_UPON line.
* Source/NSFontPanel.m (init): setBecomesKeyOnlyIfNeeded to YES.
2001-10-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Added methods [setAction:] and [setTarget:], which call the super
implementation and also update the menu.
Thu Oct 11 13:53:22 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-setTarget:]): Do not retain the target
(patch by Ludovic Marcotte <>)
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-textShouldEndEditing:]): Access _target
ivar directly.
2001-10-08 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation (_runOperation): New internal method.
(runOperation): Use it.
(-createContext): Use our context if already created. Set the
path from the NSPrintInfo object if available.
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m
contextInfo:): Implement.
Remove coding methods.
Mon Oct 8 14:50:44 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Tools/wgetopt.h: New file copied from base/Testing/wgetopt.h.
* Tools/example.m: Include wgetopt.h.
* Tools/gpbs.m: Include wgetopt.h.
Mon Oct 8 15:05:34 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m ([-setDocument:]): Set the window to
be released when closed if document is non nil, and not to be if
document is nil.
([-loadWindow]): Idem after loading the nib.
([-initWithWindow:]): Call setDocument: nil.
* Source/NSWindowController.m ([-_windowWillClose:]): Do nothing
if the window is not to be released when closed (suggestion by
Ludovic Marcotte <>).
2001-10-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
[insertItemWithTitle:atIndex:] don't set the action and target for
the item, so it will use the action from the popup button.
2001-10-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMenu.h
Replace ivar _isBeholden_byPopup with _popUpButtonCell. Change
method [_setOwnedByPopUp:] to take an NSPopUpButtonCell instead
of a Bool.
* Source/NSMenu.m
Adopted to changes in header. In [update] check for popup buttons
also the action of the popup itself, if there is non for the item.
In [performActionForItemAtIndex:] if we are owned by a popup
button, send this action, if the menu item does not have an action.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Changed all calls to [NSMenu _setOwnedByPopUp:] and added missing
one in [setMenu:].
2001-10-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSScreen.h
Added method [resetScreens].
* Source/NSScreen.m
Removed function _screenNumbers. Moved class method to front. Use
[screens] in method [mainScreen]. Cache screens in mehtod
[screens]. Use the context from NSApp instead of the current
context in all calls. In [deepestScreen] replace NSScreen by self.
Added method [resetScreens].
2001-10-06 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrintPanel.h: Define ivars.
* Panels/GNUmakefile: add GSPrintPanel.gorm
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m: Implement.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (initWithCoder:): Make menu owned
by popup.
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m
(-initWithView:insideRect:toData:printInfo:): set showPanel to YES.
* Source/NSView.m (displayRectIgnoringOpacity:): Move unlockFocus
after drawing subviews (fix from
* Source/libgnustep-gui.def: Remove NSMenuWindow.
* Model/GNUmakefile (libgmodel_BUNDLE_LIBS): New var.
(fix suggested by
2001-10-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSCell.h
Added enumerator NSControlSize.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSProgressIndicator.h
Prefixed all ivars with an underscore and added ivars for
indeterminate progress. Added some constant definitions and
control size and tint methods.
* Source/NSProgressIndicator.m
Adopted to changes in header and added some code for displaying
indeterminate progress.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSRulerMarker.h
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSRulerView.h
Added copyright notice and defined some ivars.
* Source/NSRulerMarker.m
* Source/NSRulerView.m
Some basic implementation of these classes.
* Source/GNUmakefile
Compile NSRulerMarker and NSRulerView.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
Protected all initXXX methods so that for empty input nil will be
Sat Oct 6 17:23:49 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m ([-initWithWindowNibName:owner:]):
Raise and exception on nil nib name or on nil owner.
([-init]): Call initWithWindow: rather than initWithWindowNibName:
because the latter can't accept a nil argument.
([-initWithWindow:]): Assign to self the result of [super init].
2001-10-03 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSNibLoading.h: New GSCustomView class.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Implement it.
2001-10-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-orderWindow:relativeTo:): setFrame: to the
new constrained rect (if changed).
2001-09-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSPopupButton.h
Removed all ivars and cleaned up the rest.
* Source/NSPopupButton.m
Removed the specific coding code.
[mouseDown:] and [keyDown:] don't send notification, as this is
done by the cell. Also don't send our action, as the action of the
menu item is already send. Changed call order of [dismissPopUp]
and [synchronizeTitleAndSelectedItem].
In [keyDown:] send item action via [NSMenu performActionForItemAtIndex:]
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSPopupButtonCell.h
Removed unneeded ivars.
* Source/NSPopupButtonCell.m
In [encodeWithCoder:] and [initWithCoder:] also encode the menu.
* Testing
Removed this directory.
* Tools/Functions.m
Removed this file.
* Tools/GNUmakefile
Removed references to Functions.m
Wed Sep 26 23:04:57 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSFileWrapper.m
([-writeToFile:atomically:updateFilenames:]): Use only the last
part of the path when saving it into the filename (patch by
Ludovic Marcotte <>).
2001-09-25 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSView.m: Add viewIsPrinting "class" variable.
(-lockFocusInRect:): Add special code when printing
(-unlockFocusNeedsFlush:): Likewise.
(-dataWithEPSInsideRect:): Set/reset viewIsPrinting.
2001-09-16 Georg Fleischmann
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m
[NSPrintOperation -destroyContext:]: remove context from the context
list. Otherwise we will never get dealloced.
[NSPrintOperation -_print:]: use displayRectIgnoringOpacity to avoid
drawing of our ancestors.
[GSEPSPrintOperation -createContext:]: create a context.
[GSEPSPrintOperation -deliverResult:]: add contents of written file
to data object.
2001-09-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSWindow.h
Added three BOOL flags for subclasses.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSPanel.h
Defined additional window masks. Removed all unneeded ivars and
replaced the others by the superclass additional flags.
* Source/NSPanel.m
Implemented coding for NSPanel. For GSAlertPanel reoranised the
initXXX code. Moved the GModel methods into a separate category,
removing [createObjectForModelUnarchiver:] as this was (incorrectly)
duplication code from the super class.
Implemented NSBeginAlertSheet(), NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet() and
2001-09-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m
[insertItem:atIndex:] set the menu of the item after the insert
notification has been send. [initWithCoder:] send change
notifications as one block.
2001-09-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m
[GSSimpleLayoutManager boundingRectForGlyphRange:inTextContainer:]:
Use lineFragmentRect instead of usedRect, so that the full line
gets cleared. This still is not correct for all cases.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSPageLayout.h
Removed ivar _new added ivar _accessoryView. Added sheet method.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m
Small layout improvements.
* Tools/.cvsignore
Ignore all services.
* Model/.cvsignore
Ignore the bundle
* TextConverter/RTF/.cvsignore
New file to ingore all temporary files.
2001-09-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m
[initWithCoder:] make sure the supermenu of a submenu is nil
before adding it to an item. This resolves drag problem for
"format" menu in Gorm.
Mon Sep 17 11:17:46 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Documentation/gnustep-gui.texi (Keyboard Modifiers): Updated for
the change in xgps/xdps, where we now use Mode_switch as default
for ALTERNATE if Alt_R is not on the keyboard.
2001-09-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSApplication.h
Added some new MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSApplication.m
Dummy implementation for [hideOtherApplications:] and
[unhideAllApplications:]. Simple implementation for
[runModalForWindow:relativeToWindow:], [endSheet:] and [beginSheet:...].
Removed various uneeded [update] and [sizeToFit] calls for menu operations.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSSavePanel.h
Added some new MacOSX methods. Removed ivar _selfHasShowExtensionFilter.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m
Implemented [URL]. New methods [_setupForDirectory:file:] and
[_shouldShowExtension:isDir:]. Removed check for extension filter
in [init]. Simplified [runModalForDirectory:file:]. Implemented
[runModalForDirectory:...relativeToWindow:] and
[beginSheetForDirectory:...]. In [browser:createRowsForColumn:inMatrix:]
allways call [_shouldShowExtension:isDir:].
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSOpenPanel.h
Added some new MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m
Implemented [URLs]. New method [_setupForDirectory:file:]. Simplified
[runModalForDirectory:file:types:]. Implemented
[runModalForDirectory:...relativeToWindow:] and [beginSheetForDirectory:...].
Declare all needed private methods from NSSavePanel.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSAttributedString.h
Added method [NSMutableAttributedString
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
Implemented [readFromURL:options:documentAttributes:]. In
[applyFontTraits:range:] use [NSFontManager
convertFont:toHaveTrait:] instead of explicit font creation.
2001-09-16 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-initByReferencingFile:): set archiveByName.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (-encodeWithCoder:): Implement
(-initWithCoder:): Likewise.
2001-09-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m
Added [dealloc]. In [setMenuView:], if the menu belongs to a popup
set the ivar _mcell_belongs_to_popupbutton.
* Source/NSPopupButtonCell.m
Removed additional method on NSMenuItemCell. Removed code in
[insertItemWithTitle:atIndex:] to set the NSMenuItemCell to belong
to a popup. Simplified [attachPopUpWithFrame:inView:] and [selectItem:]
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSMenuView.h
Removed [_setCellSize:].
* Source/NSMenuView.m
Added [dealloc]. [setWindowFrameForAttachingToRect:...] now
expects the screenRect to be the frame of the cell to attach to.
Removed [_setCellSize:].
2001-09-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m
Remove function title_height(), replaced calls to it with
[NSMenuView menuBarHeight]. [setSubmenu:forItem:] moved code
to [NSMenuItem setSubmenu]. [update] use _changedMessagesEnabled
to prevent recursion. [sizeToFit] call [setNeedsDisplay:] instead
of [display]. [locationForSubmenu:] moved code to [NSMenuView
Added [NSMenuWindowTitleView rightMouseDown:], so the main menu
is not shown in a menu.
* Source/NSMenuItem.m
Call [NSMenu itemChange:] in all setXX methods. [setSubmenu:] set
the title of the submenu to our title.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSMenuView.h
Removed ivar meunv_menu and reuse _menu from NSResponder.
Renamed all the ivars.
* Source/NSMenuView.m
Adopted to changes in header.
[menuBarHeight] use code from title_height(). Added dummy
[initAsTearOff]. Added a lot of code to support horizontal menus,
still unfinished. [setHighlightedItemIndex:] don't display items
only mark them as needing display. [locationForSubmenu:] moved
code from NSMenu to here. [mouseDown:] simplified code.
2001-09-09 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/Functions.m (NSDrawButton): rearrange the order of
coloring to take into account the nature of NSDrawTiledRects;
fixes visual irregularities (most noticeably in NSMenu).
2001-09-08 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-matrixInColumn:): Return nil if caller
requests column '-1'. Allows NSSave/OpenPanel to function. Hacky
though, why are we requesting column '-1' anyways?
2001-09-06 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSView.m (-lockFocusInRect:): Switch back to gsave/grestore
syntax, use rectclip instead of rectviewclip.
(-unlockFocusWithFlush:): Likewise.
2001-09-03 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffWrite): Set EXTRASAMPLES even if 0.
2001-09-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSView.m (-lockFocusInRect:) Properly mark the save object.
Do a rectviewclip in (sortof) the right place.
2001-08-31 Georg Fleischmann
* Source/NSView.m
[NSView lockFocusInRect:]: DPSsave(ctxt) added
[NSView unlockFocusWithFlush:]: DPSrestore(ctxt) added
* Headers/gnustep/gui/DPSOperators.h
DPSrestore() and DPSsave(): new
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSMethodTable.h
DPSrestore and DPSsave added
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h
-DPSrestore and -DPSsave added
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m
[NSGraphicContext _inittializeMethodTable]:
DPSrestore and DPSsave added
[NSGraphicsContext DPSrestore]: new
[NSGraphicsContext DPSsave]: new
2001-09-01 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSImage.m ([NSImage -initWithCoder:]): Create _reps array
before adding representations.
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffWrite): Archive alpha info.
2001-09-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMenuItemCell.h
Removed ivars mcell_highlighted and mcell_has_submenu.
Renamed all ivars.
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m
Replaced use of mcell_highlighted with _cell.is_highlighted.
Removed this ivar and mcell_has_submenu from the coding methods.
Removed method [highlight:withFrame:inView:]. in
[drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:] moved duplicated out of
if clause. in [calcSize] use cached arrow image for submenu sizing and
changed image size code. Change all composite operators from
NSCompositeCopy to NSCompositeSourceOver. Use the cached colour if
it is computed otherwise ignore it. In [drawWithFrame:inView:] allways call
[drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:] and check for border there.
Moved lockfocus calls down one level. In [drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]
removed some of the checks already done in [drawWithFrame:inView:].
Replaced all the highlight/state logic with the one used in
2001-08-31 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-encodeWithCoder:): Encode data correctly.
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffWrite): Fix type, use ==.
Fri Aug 31 12:06:24 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m ([_GNULineLayoutInfo
-description]): Print the usedRect.
2001-08-30 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-initWithCoder:): Fix encode typo.
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffWrite): Don't set JPEG quality if not
doing JPEG compression
Thu Aug 30 18:23:08 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m ([+canInitWithData:]): Do not call
NSTiffClose if the image is NULL (Suggested by Ludovic Marcotte
Thu Aug 30 10:30:22 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableColumn.m ([-dataCellForRow:]): Return
[self dataCell], rather than nothing.
2001-08-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m
[insertItemWithTitle:...atIndex:] autorelease the return value.
[mouseDown:] when we create the location directory, autorelease it.
In [_locationKey] and [display] remove unneeded checks for popup.
In [copyWithZone:] set the autoenable property before adding items.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
In [insertItemWithTitle:atIndex:] use action and target from the
cell for menu item.
2001-08-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMenuItem.h
Changed includes. Defined new method
[userKeyEquivalentModifierMask]. Removed all the methods
definitions from NSMenuItem. Dropped the mi prefix of the
ivars. Removed ivar for backend.
* Source/NSMenuItem.m
Adopted to changes in header. Implemented class for
separator. Exchanged role of the methods [init] and
[initWithTitle:...]. Simplified [setTitle:] and
[setKeyEquivalent:]. Implemented [userKeyEquivalentModifierMask]
and [setTitleWithMnemonic]. Reimplemented [copyWithZone:] to use
* Source/NSMenu.m
Cache the notification center. Simplified all the item handling
methods, e.g [insertItem:atIndex:], [insertItemWithTitle:...],
[removeItemAtIndex:], [indexOfItemWithSubmenu:].
Implemented [setMenuRepresentation:], [isEqual:] and [copyWithZone:].
Wed Aug 22 10:16:42 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-_autosaveTableColumns]): Use
"NSTableView Columns %@" rather than "Table Columns %@" as key in
the user defaults to be consistent with NSWindow, which uses
"NSWindow Frame %@".
([-_autoloadTableColumns]): Idem.
2001-08-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMenu.h
Made method [_rightMouseDisplay:] public.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSResponder.h
Added method [scrollWheel:].
* Source/NSResponder.m
Added dummy implementation of [scrollWheel:].
Moved menu display code in [rightMouseDown:] to NSApplication.
* Source/NSApplication.m
Implemented [rightMouseDown:] with code from NSResponder.
* Source/NSWindow.m
Cache the default notification center. In [sendEvent:] handle case
of NSScrollWheel event.
* Source/NSMenu.m
Removed class NSMenuWindow, use aconfigured NSPanel instead.
New method [_createWindow] to create this.
Removed unused ivars of NSMenuWindowTitleView and renamed the
methods. Corrected the create/retain logic of the button handling
methods, the old code kept on creating buttons which where never released.
[NSMenu _setTornOff:] now calls addCloseButton or releaseCloseButton.
Replaced [NSMenuWindowTitleView titleHeight] with inline function
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableView.h
Check in of this file was forgotten.
Tue Aug 21 19:38:00 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableView.h: Added ivars for autosaving of
table columns.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-autosaveName]): Implemented.
([-autosaveTableColumns]): Implemented.
([-setAutosaveName:]): Implemented.
([-setAutosaveTableColumns:]): Implemented.
([-_autoloadTableColumns]): New method.
([-_autosaveTableColumns]): New method.
([-moveColumn:toColumn:]): Invoke _autosaveTableColumns.
([-dealloc]): Release _autosaveName if needed. Remove self from
observing notifications about column resizings.
(Patches by Marko Mikulicic <> mostly
Tue Aug 21 18:28:39 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-moveColumn:toColumn:]): Use the cached
notification center.
2001-08-21 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (converter_bundles): New function
to find bundles that do text conversion.
(converter_class): Use it.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Update to remove Parsers files
* TextConverters/RTF/*: New files moved from Source/Parsers.
Builds bundle for RTF text conversion.
2001-08-21 Pierre-Yves <>
* Source/NSTableColumn.m
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableColumn.h
added MOSX method [NSTableColumn -dataCellForRow:]
* Source/NSTableView.m : various change to take [-dataCellForRow]
into account, including
[NSTableView -updateCell:] redefined, now only redraw the part of the
table that uses the updated cell.
* Source/NSTableView.m : redefinition of [-setFrame:]: it now calls
[self sizeToFit]
2001-08-20 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSStepper.m
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSStepper.h
new NSStepper class, basic implementation
* Source/NSStepperCell.m
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSStepperCell.h
new NSStepperCell class, basic implementation
* Source/GNUmakefile : NSStepper and NSStepperCell addition
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h :
NSStepper.h and NSStepperCell.h addition
2001-08-20 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -_performLoadOfColumn:]):
improved performance when loading previously unloaded column
with a passive delegate
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -sizeToFit]):
This method now assumes that all cells have the same size (this
is what specification says). If it is not the case, weird behaviour
can happen ... Performance is better when loading large matrices.
2001-08-19 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:):
Prevent NSTextView from asking a text storage of zero length
for attributes (Patch from
2001-08-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMenu.h
Moved the declaration of NSMenuWindow and NSMenuWindowTitleView
into the file NSMenu.m, making this private classes.
Removed unused ivars and renamed the remaining ivars to fit the
GNUstep sheme of underscore prefixes.
Added new method [popUpContextMenu:withEvent:forView:].
Made the methods [_ownedByPopUp] and [_setOwnedByPopUp:] public.
* Source/NSMenu.m
Adopted to changes in the header file.
* Source/NSMenuView.m
In [setWindowFrameForAttachingToRect:...popUpSelectedItem:]
replaced reference to NSMenuWindow with NSWindow.
2001-08-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSTextConverter.h
New file with two protocols for text converters.
* Source/GNUmake
Install GSTextConverter.h.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
Include GSTextConverter.h. New function converter_class() to load
the class for a given text converter format. Use this function in
the RTF methods and use new protocol there.
* Source/Parser/RTFProducer.h
Renamed RTFProducer into RTFDProducer, with new subclass
RTFProducer. Both implement the protocol GSTextProducer.
* Source/Parser/RTFProducer.m
Renamed methods to fit the GSTextProducer protocol. Adopted to
changes in header. Implementation for RTFProducer.
* Source/Parser/rtfConsumer.h
RTFConsumer implements the protocol GSTextConsumer. New subclass
* Source/Parsers/attributedStringConsumer.m
Renamed methods to fit the GSTextConsumer protocol. Adopted to
changes in header. Perliminary implementation for RTFDConsumer.
2001-08-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSInputServer.h
Declaration of this class and of the protocols
NSInputServerMouseTracker and NSInputServiceProvider.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSInputManager.h
Declaration of this class and of the protocol NSTextInput.
* Source/NSInputServer.m
Dummy implementation.
* Source/NSInputManager.m
Dummy implementation.
* Source/GNUmake
Install NSInputServer.h + NSInputManager.h and compile
NSInputServer.m + NSInputManager.m.
2001-08-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImageRep.m
[initialize] removed obsolete check for default setting of
ImageComposition. In [copyWithZone:] copy the colour space, it
might be mutable.
* Source/Functions.m
NSEventMaskFromType() added case of NSScrollWheel.
Impelemented missing NSShowSystemInfoPanel().
* Source/GSServicesManager.m
Implemented missing NSUpdateDynamicServices().
2001-08-13 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSTableView.m
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableHeaderView.h
New implementation of column resizing.
Implementation of column reordering.
2001-08-13 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([-runModalForDirectory:file:])
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([-runModalForDirectory:file:types:])
Moved functionality from NSOpenPanel to NSSavePanel: the "ok"
button is shown as enabled or not at the beginning depending
on whether the given file is valid.
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m ([-keyDown:]): send selected item related
action when using the keyboard.
* Source/Functions.m
Esthetic corrections to NSDrawGrayBezel and NSDrawWhiteBezel
Sun Aug 12 05:46:32 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m
clockwise:]): If the bezier path had already some elements, draw a
line from the current point to the start point of the arc. (Patch
from Georg Fleischmann).
Sun Aug 12 04:25:20 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-replaceCharactersInRange:withString:]):
If the textview supports rich text and the text storage is empty,
use the attributes from the typing attributes when inserting the
new string.
Sun Aug 12 03:42:30 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSImage.m ([NSImage -setName:]): Fixed bug in last change
- btw change not documented in ChangeLog - make sure we don't
accidentally release self when removing it from the dictionary of
names. That was crashing apps with an icon on startup.
2001-08-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSImageCell.h
Removed already inherited protocols.
* Source/NSImageCell.m
Removed [initImageCell:], [dealloc], [cellSizeForBounds:] and
[copyWithZone:], which where only super calls.
In [drawWithFrame:inView:] lockFocus only around drawing
code and check for invalid window.
In [drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:] lockFocus only around drawing
code, check for invalid window, use NSCompositeSourceOver instead
of NSCompositeCopy and show first responder state.
Sat Aug 11 07:41:45 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -getRow:column:forPoint:]): Fixed
case of no rows or no columns in the matrix; return NO and set row
and column to -1 if needed.
Sat Aug 11 07:41:44 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -getRow:column:forPoint:]):
Consider points on the boundaries of cells to be inside cells.
(Patch from Georg Fleischmann <>).
2001-08-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSImage.h
Added declaration of
[drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] and
* Source/NSImage.m
Dummy implementation of new methods.
[dissolveToPoint:fromRect:fraction:] Move the drawing rectangle
to the origin of the image rep before the intersection of the two
[TIFFRepresentationUsingCompression:factor:] and
[TIFFRepresentation] call method on NSBitmapImageRep.
List explicit flag settings in [init].
Moved background drawing to [drawRepresentation:inRect:].
Restructured [_doImageCache] and [_cacheForRep:].
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
Implemented [TIFFRepresentationOfImageRepsInArray] and
Fri Aug 10 11:00:00 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/Parsers/attributedStringConsumer.m (GSRTFcolorbg): set
color to white if index is out of bounds.
Fri Aug 10 10:59:00 2001 Georg Fleischmann <>
* Source/Parsers/attributedStringConsumer.m (GSRTFcolorfg): set
color to black if index is out of bounds.
Tue Aug 7 05:08:01 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Testing/GNUmakefile: Simplified, removed unused bloat, removed
all references to the test applications which are no longer there.
* Testing/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-distclean): Do nothing.
* Testing/README: New file saying that this directory is obsolete.
2001-08-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSApplication.h
Removed [showHelp:] and [activateContextHelpMode:] as they are
declared in NSHelpManager.h
* Source/NSApplication.m
Removed [showHelp:] and [activateContextHelpMode:] as they are
implemented in NSHelpManager.m. Use [showHelp:] in old method [].
* Source/NSHelpManager.m
In [NSApplication showHelp:] added a check for the existence of
the help file.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSHelpManagerPanel.h
Added Header, changed includes and removed [init] method.
* Source/GSHelpManagerPanel.m
Added Header, changed includes, small restructuring of [init] and
removed [isFloatingPanel].
2001-08-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h
Added new class methods [currentContextDrawingToScreen],
[graphicsContextWithAttributes:], [graphicsContextWithWindow:],
[restoreGraphicsState], [saveGraphicsState], [setGraphicsState:]
and new instance methods [attributes], [flushGraphics] and
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m
Dumy implementations for new class methods and implementations for
new instance methods.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSFormCell.h
Delcare the methods [attributedTitle], [setAttributedTitle:] and
Removed methods already declared for super classes.
* Source/NSFormCell.m
Implemented the new methods and [titleWidth:]. In method
[titleWidth] use [cellSize] to compute the width.
In [drawWithFrame:inView:] lock focus only if there is something
to draw.
2001-08-03 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Panels/SpellPanel.gmodel
Made changes to nextKeyView so that the user can tab between
the buttons
* Source/NSBrowser.m [NSBrowser keyDown:] added check after call to
[NSBrowser selectedColumn] so that the rest of the method is skipped
if the value is -1 (no column selected). This was producing a
segmentation fault.
* Source/NSTextView.m
[NSTextView checkSpelling:] to call [NSSpellChecker
checkSpellingOfString: startingAt:language:wrap:
so that the spell document tag can easily be passed in.
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m
modified calls [NSSpellChecker _findNext:], [NSSpellChecker _ignore:]
& [NSSpellChecker _correct] to get the first responder from the
mainWindow instead of getting the text view directly.
This is consistent with behavior observed under OPENSTEP4.2
and allows the document being checked to be anywhere on the
responder chain.
2001-08-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSApplication.h: Remove duplicate
NSOpenStepRoorDirectory decl.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/nsimage-tiff.h: Use TIFF defined types
for variables.
* Source/tiff.m: Likewise.
* Model/GNUmakefile: Add -lobjc to ...LIBRARIES_DEPEND.
* Tools/example.m: Don't use certain signals and fork on MINGW.
2001-08-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSEvent.h
Decalre to support copying.
Added event type NSScrollWheel and mask NSScrollWheelMask.
Declare methods mouseLocation and deltaX...deltaZ.
* Source/NSEvent.m
Added [copyWithZone:], [mouseLocation] and dummy implemntation of
[deltaX], [deltaY] and [deltaZ].
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSFontPanel.h
Declare method [reloadDefaultFontFamilies].
* Source/NSFontPanel.m
Implement [reloadDefaultFontFamilies] and use it in [init].
2001-07-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSDrawer.h
New header file for NSDrawer class.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h
Include NSDrawer.h.
* Source/NSDrawer.m
Dummy implementation of NSDrawer class.
* Source/externs.m
Notification strings for NSDrawer.
* Source/GNUmake
Install NSDrawer.h and compile NSDrawer.m.
2001-07-31 Adam Fedor <>
* Convert libgmodel to a bundle to remove the semi-recursive
gui<->gmodel dependancy
* (GUI_LIBS): Remove -lgmodel
* Model/GNUmakefile: Compile libgmodel as a bundle.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m (gmodel_class): New function.
([NSBundle +loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone:]): Use it.
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m (-init): Use NSBundle method to find
model file.
2001-07-30 Adam Fedor <>
* Fixes to compile shared (DLL) on Windows.
* GNUmakefile.postamble (header-links): Add rules for MingW target.
* Check for rint.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add dll def file.
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble: Rule to make dll def file.
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble: Add libobjc depend for Windows targets.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKitDefines.h: New file.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/*: Change extern to APPKIT_EXPORT.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/ Regenerate using autoheader.
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m: Use pi consistantly.
* Source/NSBrowser.m: Define rint if we don't have it.
2001-07-30 Georg Fleischmann
* gui/Source/NSWindow.m
[NSWindow orderWindow:relativeTo:]: constrain added
[NSWindow initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:] and
[NSWindow setFrame:]: constrain removed
2001-07-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSUserInterfaceValidation.h
New header file with protocols NSValidatedUserInterfaceItem and
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h
Include NSUserInterfaceValidation.h.
* Source/GNUmake
Install NSUserInterfaceValidation.h.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSDocument.h
Added declarations for new methods in specification. Some of this
where already present in the code.
* Source/NSDocument.m
Added dummy implementation for the new delegate operations.
Corrected [initWithContentsOfURL:ofType:], the alert was shown un
Implemented [removeWindowController:] and [validateUserInterfaceItem:].
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSDocumentController.h
Added declarations for new methods in specification
([noteNewRecentDocument:], [validateUserInterfaceItem:],
* Source/NSDocumentController.m
Commented out unused static variables.
Dummy implementation of new methods.
In [openDocumentWithContentsOfFile:display:] call
In [openDocumentWithContentsOfURL:display:] only call
[noteNewRecentDocumentURL:] when document is not nil.
Implemented [noteNewRecentDocument:].
2001-07-27 Georg Fleischmann
* gui/Source/NSWindow.m
[NSWindow initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:]:
constrain frame rect to screen
2001-07-24 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m cleaned up some of the NSLog
statements which were producing debug output.
Corrected the behavior of [NSSpellChecker _correct:],
[NSSpellChecker _learn:], & [NSSpellChecker _forget:].
* Source/NSSpellServer.m removed debugging statements.
[NSSpellServer _isWord:inDictionary:caseSensitive:]
added logic to search ignoredword list.
[NSSpellServer _findMisspelledWordInString:language:
Added logic to allow access to the ignored word list maintained by
the spell checker.
* Tools/GSspell.m implemented a working spell checker which depends
on the ispell spell checker.
2001-07-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSCursor.h
Prefixed ivars with underscore. Added missing method
* Source/NSCursor.m
Adopted to changes in header.
Extracted new method [_computeCid] from [setImage].
Use [set] in [pop] and [push].
Implemented coding protocol.
Cache the class and use it for standard cursor and in [pop].
2001-07-23 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSPopUpItemCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): updates to
have a cuter displaying of NSPopUpButton
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m (-imageRectForBounds:): idem
(-drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:): idem
(-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): idem
2001-07-23 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSFontPanel.m (_initWithoutGModel): call setMinColumnWidth on
familyBrowser and on faceBrowser (they were not displayed)
2001-07-23 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSBrowser.h: Add instance variables to support alphanumerical
keys. Add GNUstepExtensions category with alpahnumerical-key-related
methods (acceptsAlphaNumericalKeys, setAcceptsAlphaNumericalKeys:,
sendsActionOnAlphaNumericalKeys, setSendsActionOnAlphaNumericalKeys:)
* Source/NSBrowser.m: Add GNUstepExtensions category methods
(-initWIthFrame:): initialization of the alphanumerical-key-related
instance variables.
(-dealloc): TEST_RELEASE a keyDown internal object
(-keyDown): support for alphanumerical keys
(-selectRow:inColumn:): when calling [matrix cellAtRow:column:], column
should be 0 (not column)
Fri Jul 20 10:18:58 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m ([-initWithWindowNibName:owner:]):
([-initWithWindow:]): Idem.
Fri Jul 20 09:57:38 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSWindow.m ([-setWindowController:]): Do not RETAIN the
window controller.
Reported by Jonathan B. Leffert <>.
2001-07-19 Georg Fleischmann
* gui/Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m
[GSSimpleLayoutManager boundingRectForGlyphRange:inTextContainer:]:
no inversion of rect.width (width - rect.size.width)
2001-07-17 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-addTableColumn:): Remove redundant mallocs.
(-dealloc): Release backgroundColor.
(-encodeWithCoder:): Implement.
(-initWithCoder:): Likewise.
* Source/NSTableColumn.m (-encodeWithCoder:): New method.
(-initWithCoder:): Likewise.
2001-07-17 Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSPanel.m ([GSAlertPanel
-initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing;defer:screen]): remove
previous key view chain implementation.
* Source/NSPanel.m ([GSAlertPanel
-setTitle:message:def:alt:other]): new key view chain
initialization code.
Mon Jul 16 11:19:28 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSView.m ([-adjustPageHeightNew:top:bottom:limit:]):
Restructured code to work around internal bug in 2.91.66 GCC
([-adjustPageWidthNew:left:right:limit:]): Idem.
2001-07-11 Adam Fedor <>
* Add PROG_CC check
2001-07-08 Adam Fedor <>
* Merge from 0.7.0.
Tue Jul 3 18:46:38 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMenu.m ([NSMenuWindowTitleView -drawRect:]): Cache
the title attributes used when drawing.
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m ([-mouseDown:]): Trivial rearrangement to
spare two method calls.
Fri Jun 29 11:18:44 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h: Include NSWindowController.h
(suggested by Jonathan B. Leffert <>).
Mon Jun 25 11:47:50 2001 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Panels/SpellPanel.gmodel changed value of hidesOnDeactivate to
YES so that the spell panel will hide itself when the app is no
longer selected. This is consistent w/ behavior under
Mon Jun 25 10:55:03 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h: Removed useless @class directives.
Mon Jun 25 10:35:32 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/ New file.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h: Include GSVersion.h.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Added Headers/gnustep/gui/GSVersion.h.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Source/GNUmakefile (libgnustep-gui_HEADER_FILES): Added
Mon Jun 25 09:59:43 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h: Do not include NSLayoutManager.h,
NSTextContainer.h and NSTextStorage.h if STRICT_OPENSTEP is
defined (suggested by Pascal Bourguignon <>).
2001-06-23 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m updated to use the guesses browser.
Delegate methods implemented to fill in the guesses for the
current misspelled word.
2001-06-20 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m implementation
* Source/NSSpellServer.m implementation
* Tools/GSspell.m for the GSspell.service.
* Panel/SpellPanel.gmodel also added for the spell checker gui.
Sat Jun 16 15:19:29 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSCell.m ([-performClick:]): Call setNextState:
also when we have no control view.
Sat Jun 16 14:53:05 2001 Nicola Pero <>
Patches by Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-keyDown:]): Added missing return - in the
case that TAB was pressed.
* Source/NSCell.m ([-performClick:]): Call setNextState:.
* Source/NSFontPanel.m ([-_initWithoutGModel]): Use defer=YES when
initializing the panel. Set up the next key view chain. Set the
initial first responder to be the Set button.
([-fieldEditor:forObject:]): New method.
* Source/NSPanel.m ([GSAlertPanel
-initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:]): Set up the
next key view chain.
2001-07-08 Adam Fedor <>
* Version: 0.7.0
2001-07-08 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -ok:]): do browser click after
resetting the text field.
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([NSOpenPanel -ok:]): do not allow selecting a
non existent file.
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m ([GSSimpleLayoutManager
-lineFragmentRectForGlyphAtIndex:effectiveRange:]): check for zero line
([GSSimpleLayoutManager -locationForGlyphAtIndex:]): likewise.
([GSSimpleLayoutManager -boundingRectForGlyphRange:inTextContainer:]):
([GSSimpleLayoutManager -rectForCharacterIndex:]): likewise.
([GSSimpleLayoutManager -lineLayoutIndexForGlyphIndex:]): likewise.
* Fixed FreeBSD library path.
2001-07-03 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/*: Update.
* Check for tiff and jpeg and zlib with tiff
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble: Use it.
2001-07-05 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m ([NSComboBoxCell -initTextCell:]): use -1
for selectedItem.
([NSComboBoxCell -deselectItemAtIndex:]): likewise.
([NSComboBoxCell -objectValueOfSelectedItem]): likewise.
([NSComboBoxCell -selectItemWithObjectValue:]): likewise.
([NSComboBoxCell -selectItemAtIndex:]): likewise. Post the notification
only if the item change.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([NSTextView -becomeKeyWindow]): make sure that
the cursor is not displayed when the window become key.
([NSTextView -resignKeyWindow]): likewise.
([NSTextView -shouldDrawInsertionPoint]): check for key window.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -setDefaultButtonCell:]): set modifier
mask to 0.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -_selectCell:atRow:column:]): scroll
the cell to visible when the matrix is inside a scrollView.
([NSMatrix -textDidEndEditing:]): for NSReturn, call
performKeyEquivalent: on the window to perform the action of default
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -selectText:]): remove unused code
(selectCellWithString:): execute a full search.
([NSSavePanel -ok:]): fixed the value of the form cell after clicking
with a selected cell.
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([NSOpenPanel -controlTextDidChange:]): execute
a full search.
([NSOpenPanel -ok:]): fixed the value of the form cell after clicking
with a selected cell.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -setPath:]): fixed to work with local
path name.
* Source/NSButton.m ([NSButton -becomeFirstResponder]): disable window
key equivalent for default button cell.
([NSButton -resignFirstResponder]): likewise but enable.
2001-06-26 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-updateCell:): Revert last change.
2001-06-20 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-_selectCell:atRow:column:): Don't drawCell
if we have no window yet (suggestion from
* Source/NSWindow.m (-dealloc): Free our backend only if we're
not still defered.
(-miniaturize:): Make sure we're not deferred.
(-setDocumentEdited:): Set only if we're not deferred.
2001-06-18 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-updateCell:): Call abortEditing.
2001-06-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m
[compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation:] Move the drawing rectangle
to the origin of the image rep before the intersection of the two
rects. Now drag&drop in Gorm should display the DragView again.
2001-06-15 Adam Fedor <>
* Version: snapshot release 0.6.9
2001-06-14 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -setDefaultButtonCell:]): set button
key equivalent to '\r'.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -initWithFrame:]): removed debug.
Patches from Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
* Source/NSPanel.m ([GSAlertPanel -initWithContentRect:styleMask:
backing:defer:screen:]): set key view chain.
* Source/NSCell.m ([NSCell -performClick:]): set next cell state.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -keyDown:]): fixed tab selection.
Wed Jun 13 02:36:44 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m ([+imageRepsWithData:]): Replaced
[self class] with self. ([+imageUnfilteredFileTypes]): add
extensions directly rather than using a temporary array.
([+imageRepsWithFile:]): As a temporary bug fix, evaluate
extension manually: if it is `tiff' or `tif', use libtiff;
otherwise, try backend code.
2001-06-11 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -_initWithoutGModel]): do not set
the max number of columns for the browser.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -tile]): control column width and
recalculate number of visible columns.
([NSBrowser -setMaxVisibleColumns:]): moved code in -tile.
([NSBrowser -displayAllColumns]): removed redundant methods.
([NSBrowser -initWithFrame:]): set _minColumnWidth to 100.0
([NSBrowser -numberOfVisibleColumns]): fixed. Return the number or
_visible_ columns. (not number of all loaded columns)
([NSBrowser -scrollColumnToVisible:]): use -numberOfVisibleColumns
instead of _maxVisibleColumns that could be 0.
([NSBrowser -updateScroller]): likewise.
([NSBrowser -scrollViaScroller:]): likewise.
([NSBrowser -_unloadFromColumn:]): likewise.
Removed all the fprintf() debug.
Sun Jun 10 21:54:10 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-_unloadFromColumn:]): Remove the column
from the superview when we destroy it.
([-resizeSubviewsWithOldSize:]): Do not invoke super's
Sun Jun 10 20:29:08 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSCell.m ([-cellAttribute:]), ([-setCellAttribute:to:]):
Readded default label with the action that if debugging is
enabled, we print out a message saying the the attribute requested
is not supported.
2001-06-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSComboBox.m
Added [setDelegate:] method.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSComboBoxCell.h
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m
* Source/GSComboSupport.h
* Source/GSComboSupport.m
Reformated, simplified and corrected many methods.
Sat Jun 9 05:51:48 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSCell.m ([-cellAttribute:]), ([-setCellAttribute:to:]):
Removed unused default label at the end of statement.
Sat Jun 9 04:04:46 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* gui.make: Moved to
* New file with code from gui.make;
variables set up at configure time.
* Source ./Version and substitute the new version
variables; generate gui.make from
* configure: Regenerated.
Sat Jun 9 02:54:37 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (NSTEXTVIEW_SYNC): Use full selector as
argument to the macro to prevent warning/problems with new
compilers. Updated all calling code.
2001-06-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
Moved code to create the _imageData into
[initWithBitmapDataPlanes:...] and corrected [copyWithZone:]
* Source/NSEPSImageRep.m
Implemented canInitWithData:, imageUnfilteredFileTypes
and imageUnfilteredPasteboardTypes.
2001-06-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImageRep.m
Corrected some methods on this class so that subclasses may use
them. Moved all the class methods to the front of the file.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
Removed methods implemented by superclass.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSEPSImageRep.h:
* Source/NSEPSImageRep.m
Added some basic implementation for this class.
2001-06-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextAttachment.m
Removed the copyWithZone: method as this has been fixed on
Changed NSLeftMouseUp to the correct NSLeftMouseDown. (Fix by
Ludovic Marcotte <>, who is the fist user of
2001-06-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSAttributedString.m: When caching attribute dictionaries
we make an immutable copy of the dictionary with shallow copy.
2001-06-06 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBox.m ([NSBox -minimumSize]): New method.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBox.h: Declare it.
2001-06-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextAttachment.m
Added copyWithZone: to NSTextAttachment to let it work as a
attribute in a NSAttributedString. This may be just a temporary
work around.
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m
Corrected drawing code for text attachments.
Wed Jun 6 05:38:28 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m ([-stringValue]): Added - this method
was missing (problem found by Gregory Casamento).
2001-06-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextAttachment.h
* Source/NSTextAttachment.m
Added missing methods.
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m
Added drawing code for text attachments (Still untested, as there
is a problem with unicode characters in NSAttributedString)
* Source/NSTextView.m
Implemented some basic handling for mouse down on attachment cell.
2001-06-02 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -mouseDown:]): set highlight in list
mode matrix. Use _selectCell: to select the cell.
([NSMatrix -_setState:highlight:startIndex:endIndex:]): fixed cell
selection/display. Check for selectionByRect.
([NSMatrix -setSelectionFrom:to:anchor:highlight:]): removed code for
selectionByRect. Set dotted outline and last selected cell.
([NSMatrix -_shiftModifier:]): implement shift selection.
([NSMatrix -_altModifier:]): implement alt selection.
([NSMatrix -keyDown:]): use _shiftSelection: and _altSelection to
implement full keyboard selection.
([NSMatrix -_selectCell:atRow:column:]): redisplay previous dotted
cell. Set cell highlight in list mode matrix.
2001-05-25 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (initialize_gnustep_backend): Use runtime
(NSBundle) to find backend if not BACKEND_BUNDLE.
2001-05-24 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (initialize_gnustep_backend): Check if
bundle loading actually worked.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m ([NSApplication
-_deactivateVisibleWindow:]): New method.
([GSNibContainer -awakeWithContext:]): Use it when app is not active.
2001-05-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFont.m
Cache all the fonts so we can returend a cached on if the same
font is required twice, this makes some of the caching in xdps
2001-05-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBezierPath.h
* Source/NSBezierPath.m
Added ivars and implementation for dashes.
* Source/GSTextStorage.h
* Source/GSTextStorage.m
Extracted the interface definition into a separate file.
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m
Integrated patches from Frederic <> to
seed up drawing.
2001-05-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPasteboard.h
* Source/externs.m
Added some missing pasteboard types.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSView.h
* Source/NSView.m
Added missing methods from MacOS X specification.
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m
Corrected bug in setupChunk() that showed formats for the wrong
range of characters.
2001-05-13 Mirko Viviani <>
* added /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib for
* config.guess: new file.
* config.sub: new file.
* install-sh: new file.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -setDelegate:]): check for -panel:
([NSSavePanel -ok:]): call delegate method -panel:userEnteredFilename:
confirmed: (MacOS X). Run an alert panel if the filename already exists
([NSSavePanel -browser:selectCellWithString:inColumn:]): removed
keyboard handling.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSSavePanel.h: added ivar.
* Source/NSBrowserCell.m ([NSBrowserCell -highlightColorInView:]):
return the highlight color of the cell. (Mac OS X)
([NSBrowserCell -drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]): use highlight color
from previous method.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBrowserCell.h: added method.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -_mouseDownNonListMode:]): when
tracking the mouse use cell's +prefersTrackingUntilMouseUp
([NSMatrix -_move:]): new private method.
Fixed deselection of cells in NSRadioModeMatrix and NSListModeMatrix.
([NSMatrix -moveUp:]): use _move: to reduce maintance.
([NSMatrix -moveDown:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -moveLeft:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -moveRight:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -getRow:column:ofCell:]): if cell does not exist set row and
column to -1.
([NSMatrix -mouseDown:]): does not select and highlight a cell at the
same time. Ensure that only a cell at a time has the dotted outile.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -addColumn]): load a column and scroll
if necessary.
([NSBrowser -doClick:]): rearranged for the new -addColumn
([NSBrowser -setPath:]): likewise and removed additional redisplay.
([NSBrowser -_createColumn]): method to create a new NSBrowserColumn.
([NSBrowser -setMaxVisibleColumns:]): use _createColumn
([NSBrowser -initWithFrame:]): likewise.
([NSBrowser -doClick:]): fixed selection problems.
([NSBrowser -selectRow:inColumn:]): fixed cell selection and perform
load of column if cell is not a leaf.
([NSBrowser -loadColumnZero]): use -addColumn to load column zero.
([NSBrowser -setLastColumn:]): check for min value of column.
([NSBrowser -reloadColumn:]): check with _lastColumnLoaded instead in
the column browser.
([NSBrowser -moveLeft:]): fixed an index out of bound exception when
it was selected the first column.
([NSBrowser -moveRight:]): does nothing if multiple cells are selected
or if the cell is a leaf.
2001-05-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSFont.h
* Source/NSFontManager.m
Made [NSFont fontInfo] a public method to use it in the backend.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m
New methods to set and use a font.
* Source/NSFont.m
New implementation of [useFont] and [set] which call methods
on the context.
2001-05-11 Adam Fedor <>
* Check for tiffio.h. Add path to include dirs
* New file
* Source/GNUmakefile: Include config.make
2001-05-07 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (_NSAppKitUncaughtExceptionHandler): Abort
when debug buttons is pressed (so gdb can do a bt).
2001-05-06 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m ([NSNibOutletConnector
-establishConnection]): Test for non-NULL sel (patch suggested by
Raphael Sebbe <>).
2001-05-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTabViewItem.h
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m
Adopted to programming standard. In [drawLabel:inRect:] use string
drawing method instead of PSshow().
* Source/NSMenu.m
For NSMenuWindowTitleView [drawRect:] use string
drawing method instead of PSshow().
2001-05-05 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -browser:createRowsForColumn:
inMatrix:]): do not treat a file package a directory with an empty
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -_mouseDownNonListMode:]): retain the
currentEvent. Fix to prevent theEvent to become nil.
Do not allow empty selection in NSRadioModeMatrix.
2001-05-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/GSMethodTable.h:
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphics.h
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h
* Source/Functions.m
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m
Made all the button, bezel and groove methods functions again.
2001-05-04 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSCursor.m: Corrected illegal use of reserved word (id)
as method argument ... gcc-3 doesn't allow it.
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: GSContactApplication() fix to return our
own listener if contacting self. NSPerformService() commented, tidied,
and fixed to cope with case where the service provider is this app.
2001-05-03 Adam Fedor <>
* Model/GMArchiver.m: Add defs for RETAIN, etc when not defined (i.e.
* Model/IMLoading.m (-loadIMFile:...): Comment out when compiling
* Fix source location
* Likewise.
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSWindow.gsdoc: Docs for [de]miniaturize.
2001-05-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSFont.h
* Source/NSFont.m
Added some methods for font size and one function for glyphs from
the MacOS X specification.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphics.h
* Source/Functions.m
Added missing functions and some dummy implementations.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPanel.h
* Source/NSPanel.m
Added missing functions and some dummy implementations.
2001-04-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m
Implemented the button, bezel and groove drawing with
NSDrawTiledRects. The old implemention is still here. It should be
deleted later on.
2001-04-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSMethodTable.h
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphics.h
Added GSWViewIsFlipped and changed GSWSetViewIsFlipped_.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h
Use same interface for optimisation methods, as in the subclasses.
* Source/Functions.m
Moved the old text functions from backend to here.
* Source/NSView.m
Call GSWSetViewIsFlipped instead of GSWViewIsFlipped.
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m
Moved implementation of drawing functions from xgps
backend to here. Corrected some of them.
2001-04-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSColor.m:
Undid last change as this is now obsolete after Richards changes
in base.
Wed Apr 25 22:31:34 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-noteNumberOfRowsChanged]): Added code
which checks that the old range of selected rows is still valid -
ie, it still falls inside the table - and if not, the code
rearranges it to fit into the table.
2001-04-23 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -_mouseDownNonListMode:]): does not
performSelector is the mouse goes up in cell.
2001-04-22 Georg Fleischmann
* gui/Source/GSTextStorage.m:
([GSTextStorage.m replaceCharactersInRange:withString:])
recalculate effective range after removing attributes.
2001-04-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSColor.m:
[initialize] call [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] as a
workaround for the setlocal() problem. Otherwise colorFromString:
will fail later on for the system colours.
* Source/NSColorPanel.m:
Added an [init] method, use this in [sharedColorPanel]. Replaced
reference to GMModel, with more general call on NSBundle. (This is
commented out, but some time in the futur we might use NIB files)
* Source/NSFontPanel.m:
Also replaced GMModel with NSBundle in [init].
2001-04-22 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSColorList.m: ([_loadAvailableColorLists]) Fixed bug causing
system color list to not be loaded ... was using == for NSString
comparison where isEqual was needed.
Also reformatted to conform to coding standards.
* Source/NSColor.m: ([defaultsDidChange:]) Fixed to record plist
defaults values as strings ... so colorFromString works to set system
2001-04-18 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Save the name of the port on which we
register services, and use it when we are looking for a service to
see if we can handle it ourself. Should make it possible for an
application to provide services to itsself.
Also tidied to use memory management macros.
Wed Apr 18 00:14:33 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Model/IMConnectors.m: Use #import rather than #include.
([IMControlConnector -establishConnection]): Do not retain target
when setting it directly.
2001-04-18 Georg Fleischmann <>
* Model/IMConnectors.m ([IMOutletConnector
-establishConnection:]): Do not retain destination when setting it
2001-04-16 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-miniaturize:): Set visible flag to NO.
2001-04-16 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m ([NSButtonCell -drawInteriorWithFrame:
inView:]): fix mask if cell is highlighted and it isn't in off state.
* Source/NSCell.m ([NSCell -trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp:]):
set next cell state and send action after -stopTracking:
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -keyDown:]): does nothing for arrow up
and down.
([NSBrowser -moveUp:]): removed.
([NSBrowser -moveDown:]): removed.
([NSBrowser -_performLoadOfColumn:]): fix matrix creation, enable
matrix autoscroll.
([NSBrowser -_performLoadOfColumn:]): implemented reusesColumns.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -keyDown:]): implemented keyboard
([NSMatrix -moveUp:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -moveDown:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -moveLeft:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -moveRight:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -performClick:]): implemented.
([NSMatrix -mouseDown:]): scroll rect only if autoscroll is enabled,
do not hightlight a cell directly but use the matrix method.
Now it handles only NSListModeMatrix mode to reduce complexity
introduced by other modes.
([NSMatrix -_mouseDownNonListMode:]): fixed.
([NSMatrix -highlightCell:atRow:column:]): enable the cell dotted
([NSMatrix -drawCellAtRow:column:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -drawRect:]): removed drawing of dotted outline. Rewritten
due to changes in -getRow:column:forPoint:
([NSMatrix -getRow:column:forPoint:]): set row and column to -1 if
point is not inside a cell.
([NSMatrix -_selectCell:atRow:column:]): use mnemonic value for cell
state, does not enable dotted outline and check for nil aCell.
([NSMatrix -selectTextAtRow:column:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -_setState:highlight:startIndex:endIndex:]): use matrix
highlightCell: method and mnemonic for cell state.
([NSMatrix -deselectAllCells]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -selectAll:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -setSelectionFrom:to:anchor:highlight:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -performKeyEquivalent:]): select next cell state.
2001-04-15 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSView.m (_invalidateCoordinates): release the gstate.
(-releaseGState): Don't reset _allocate_gstate flag.
(modified patch from Georg Fleischmann <>).
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSView.gsdoc: Document gstate methods.
2001-04-14 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSImage.m ([NSImage -compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation:]):
intersect fromRect with image rect to get proper composite rect.
2001-03-27 Frederic De Jaeger <>
* Tools/Functions.m: remove some dummy functions that are useless
* Source/NSWindow.m: remove GSWraps.h
* Source/NSView.m: idem
* Source/NSScreen.m: removed declaration of
GSWindowDepthForScreen and GSAvailableDepthsForScreen.
include AppKit/NSView.h
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m ([NSGraphicsContext
+_initializeMethodTable]): fill the gsMethodTable with the address
of the new methods
Dummy implementation of all the following functions :
* Source/NSApplication.m:
(initialize_gnustep_backend): load the backend bundle if it is
compiled with -DBACKEND_BUNDLE and initialize it. By defaults, only
loads libgnustep-xgps, can be overrident with the GSBackend default.
Only initialize the backend otherwise.
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble (ADDITIONAL_CPPFLAGS): add
-DBACKEND_BUNDLE=1 in case we want the backend as a bundle.
* Source/GNUmakefile (libgnustep-gui_HEADER_FILES): remove
GSWraps.h, add GStype.h
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphicsContext.h: NSGraphicsContext(Ops)
add some methods that implements some functions of NSGraphics.
declare +initializeBackend.
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphics.h (NSEraseRect): Replace declaration
of a bunch of backend dependant functions by inline definition of
stubs that call the new method define in NSGraphicsContext.m. The
call is done with a cached address of the method.
* Headers/AppKit/GSWraps.h: removed.
* Headers/AppKit/GSMethodTable.h: include AppKit/GStype.h,
add method that correspond to functions that are define in
Thu Apr 12 15:09:34 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Model/GMArchiver.m ([GMUnarchiver
-initForReadingWithPropertyList:]): Retain the namesToObjects
dictionary ([GMUnarchiver -dealloc]): Implemented.
Thu Apr 12 15:07:19 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Model/IMCustomObject.m: Replaced #import with #include.
2001-04-10 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSComboBox.h
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSComboBoxCell.h
* Source/NSComboBox.m
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m
Added aditional methods for text completion
* Source/externs.m
Added notifiaction strings from NSComboBox.m
* Source/NSComboBox.m
* Source/NSTextField.m
* Source/NSImageView.m
Corrected the handling of the cellClass so that every subclass of
NSControl, that uses a cell, has its own implementaion of
[cellClass] and [setCellClass].
* Source/NSSlider.m
[initWithFrame:] removed superflous [setCell:] call, as this gets
done in the super implementation.
Fri Apr 6 23:39:52 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (createRowsForColumn:): Use the public
NSFileManager API to enumerate the contents of a directory, rather
than using private internals methods of the GNUstep base library.
2001-03-26 Jonathan Gapen <>
* Model/IMLoading.m: Find system library path with
NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains() instead of env vars.
2001-03-23 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSCell.m ([NSCell -drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]): do not
check if the control that owns the cell is the first responder.
Thu Mar 22 22:13:16 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Tools/Functions.m (NSDottedFrameRect): Added empty
implementation to make the Tools compile.
2001-03-22 Adam Fedor <>
* Version: 0.6.8
2001-03-22 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -_unloadFromColumn:]): fix index out
of bound (patch by Enrico Sersale <>)
2001-03-22 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m ([NSButtonCell -setCellAttribute:to:]):
([NSButtonCell -cellAttribute:]): implemented.
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m ([NSPopUpButton -keyDown:]): implemented
keyboard selection.
([NSPopUpButton -resignFirstResponder]): implemented.
([NSPopUpButton -resignKeyWindow]): implemented.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m ([NSPopUpButtonCell
-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]): from -drawWithFrame:inView:
* Source/NSButton.m ([NSButton -becomeFirstResponder]): set cell first
([NSButton -resignFirstResponder]): likewise.
([NSButton -becomeKeyWindow]): likewise.
([NSButton -resignKeyWindow]): likewise.
* Source/NSBrowserCell.m ([NSBrowserCell -drawInteriorWithFrame:
inView:]): draw correct dotted box.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -becomeFirstResponder]): make first
responder the latest column.
([NSBrowser -acceptsFirstResponder]): accepts first responder status.
([NSBrowser -keyDown:]): handle tabs to select next/previous key view.
([NSBrowser -moveRight:]): make browser column the first responder.
([NSBrowser -moveUp:]): likewise.
([NSBrowser -moveDown:]): likewise.
([NSBrowser -moveLeft:]): likewise.
([NSBrowser -_unloadFromColumn:]): remove columns from superview and
([NSBrowser -_remapColumnSubviews:]): set the correct first responder.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -sendEvent:]): retain/release first
responder for keyUp/keyDown events. Discard NSLeftMouseDown for closed
([NSWindow -dealloc]): release _originalResponder
* Source/NSView.m ([NSView -removeSubview:]): remove next responder.
* Source/NSCell.m ([NSCell -setUpFieldEditorAttributes:]): clear
selected range.
([NSCell -editWithFrame:inView:editor:delegate:event:]): redisplay
textObject after invoking mouseDown:
([NSCell -drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]): draw dotted-line outline
when first responder.
([NSCell -setCellAttribute:to:]): implemented.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([NSTextView -moveUp:]): don't call
_illegalMovement: for the text field editor.
([NSTextView -moveDown:]): likewise.
([NSTextView -moveLeft:]): likewise.
([NSTextView -moveRight:]): likewise.
* Source/NSTextField.m ([NSTextField -textDidEndEditing:]): fixed
return/tab/backtab text movement code.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphics.h: added NSDottedFrameRect prototype.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMatrix.h: added ivars for dotted frame rect.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -selectCell:]): implemented.
([NSMatrix -_selectCell:atRow:column:]): new method.
([NSMatrix -selectCellAtRow:column:]): call _selectCell:atRow:column:
([NSMatrix -selectCellWithTag:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -selectAll:]): Do not select disabled or editable cells.
([NSMatrix -textDidEndEditing:]): fixed return/tab/backtab text
movement code.
([NSMatrix -_selectNextSelectableCellAfterRow:column:]): don't select
disabled cells.
([NSMatrix -_selectPreviousSelectableCellBeforeRow:column:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -_privateFrame:mode:numberOfRows:numberOfColumns:]): set
dottedRow and dottedColumn.
([NSMatrix -insertRow:withCells:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -removeColumn:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -removeRow:]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -mouseDown:]): likewise and discard disabled cells.
([NSMatrix -drawRect:]): set shows cell first responder.
([NSMatrix -becomeFirstResponder]): draw dotted box for cell.
([NSMatrix -resignFirstResponder]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -becomeKeyWindow]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -resignKeyWindow]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -_setNeedsDisplayDottedCell]): likewise.
([NSMatrix -selectTextAtRow:column:]): set shows cell first responder.
([NSMatrix -setState:atRow:column:]): likewise. Deselect previous
selected cell in radio mode.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m (createRowsForColumn:): use _gsSavePanelCompare:
and check extension against _requiredFileType and not "app", "bundle",
([NSString -_gsSavePanelCompare:]): filename compare.
([NSSavePanel -_initWithoutGModel]): set key view for keyboard
([NSSavePanel -keyDown:]): removed.
([NSSavePanel -controlTextDidEndEditing:]): removed.
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([NSOpenPanel -_shouldShowExtension:isDir:]):
added isDir argument.
2001-03-21 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSColor.m: Change archiving/unarchiving of colors to avoid
storing private subclasses in archive. Fixed bug in unarchiving that
caused crashes when retrieving old archives. Tidied source a little to
ret rid of some contraventions of coding standards (long lines etc).
2001-03-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSColor.h
Made NSColor an abstract class, without ivars.
* Source/NSColor.m
Define concret subclasses of NSColor and moved code into this
* Source/NSColorList.m
Corrected two errors in [writeToFile:] introduced by the last
* Source/NSBezierPath.m
[containsPoint:] corrected and simplified a bit, but this still
needs a complete rework.
2001-03-19 Jonathan Gapen <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrinter.h: Prefix instance vars w/underscore.
* Source/NSPrinter.m: Remove (the now) extraneous cString usage, and
prefix instance vars with underscore.
Sun Mar 18 15:58:43 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Tools/GNUmakefile (GNUSTEP_MAKE_SERVICES): Define it to tell
gnustep-make to use the local make_services.
Fri Mar 16 23:41:10 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* GNUmakefile.postamble
($(INSTALL_ROOT_DIR)/$(GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES)/Additional): New target;
create the directory. (before-install): Do not create the
directory but depend on the new target.
* Images/GNUmakefile.postamble: Idem for $(imagedir).
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile.postamble: Idem for $(INSTALL_DIR).
* GNUmakefile: Removed `-' in front of include of
* Images/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Model/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Panels/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Tools/GNUmakefile: Idem for preamble and postamble.
* Panels/GNUmakefile: Moved all targets, rules to
Panels/GNUmakefile.postamble. Removed $(prefix).
* Panels/GNUmakefile.postamble: Rewritten, simplified all rules.
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile.postamble (before-install): Merged
loop to create directories with the one in after-install; only
create the directories if they do not exist. (after-install):
Merged code from before-install; do installation in a single
shell jump rather than two.
Standardized installation of header files:
* Source/GNUmakefile:
(libgnustep-gui_HEADER_FILES_INSTALL_DIR): Change it from / to
/AppKit. (libgnustep-gui_HEADER_FILES): Removed the AppKit in
front of all of them. (libgnustep-gui_HEADER_FILES_DIR):
Changed to ../Headers/AppKit
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble (ADDITIONAL_INSTALL_DIRS):
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble: Do not create
./$(GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR)/Parsers if it alread exists.
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble: Commented out all empty code.
* Tools/GNUmakefile.preamble: Idem.
* Tools/GNUmakefile.postamble: Idem.
Tue Mar 13 20:37:34 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m ([+encodingForRegistry:encoding:]): Updated
encoding names for change in the base library; for example, use
NSISOArabic rather than NSArabic.
2001-03-09 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Model/GMAppKit.m NSClipView ([-encodeWithModelArchiver:] and
[-initWithModelUnarchiver:]): Added checks to make sure that
the object responds to drawsBackground/setDrawsBackground to
prevent nib2gmodel from crashing when running on OPENSTEP4.2.
NSSecureTextFieldCell - Added methods to support archiving and
unarchiving this class.
* Source/GMAppKit.h Added category for archiving/unarchiving
of NSSecureTextFieldCell
* Source/AppKit.h Added #include <AppKit/NSSecureTextField.h> and
added forward declarations for both NSSecureTextFieldCell and
Wed Mar 7 16:11:19 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m ([-appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:
radius:startAngle:endAngle:clockwise:]): Rewritten and fixed the
way angles are managed - should be consistent with postscript now
(patch by Georg Fleischmann <> with little change of
2001-03-05 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffError): Fix declaration.
(NSTiffWarning, NSTiffHandleRead, NSTiffHandleWrite): Likewise.
(Patch from Jeff Teunissen <>).
Thu Mar 1 04:15:53 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m ([-appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:
radius:startAngle:endAngle:clockwise:]): Little simplification
in the computation of F.
Thu Mar 1 04:10:54 2001 Georg Fleischmann <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m ([-appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:
radius:startAngle:endAngle:clockwise:]): several fixes to make it
2001-02-22 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/news.texi: Update
* Documentation/install.texi: Likewise.
* INSTALL, NEWS, etc, regenerate.
Wed Feb 21 11:30:48 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h: Commented out extra token after
the #endif directive.
2001-02-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSDragging.h
Corrected the values for NSDragOperation and all methods returning
an operation mask.
* Source/NSColorPanel.m
[_initWithoutGModel] set target and action for the main colour well.
2001-02-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m
[_initBackendWindow:] corrected the registration of drag types,
when a window gets realized. We have to use a copy here, as the
original will get changed.
2001-02-18 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSColorWell.m: Tidied a little, and made changes to conform
to macOS-X documentation and observed NeXTstep behavior. Of note -
1. colorwell should not deactivate when panel is closed.
2. setting color of an active well should set the color of the panel
(though it should not raise it).
* Source/NSColorPanel.m: Minor tidy.
* Images/common_ColorSwatch.tiff: Updated to same size as NeXTstep
color swatch.
Sun Feb 18 13:35:55 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-setBoundsOrigin:]): Make rect to copy
integral before copying.
Sat Feb 17 19:07:33 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-acceptsFirstResponder]): Call the
documentview's acceptsFirstResponder. ([-becomeFirstResponder]):
2001-02-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSColorWell.m: Added methods to handle target and action.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSColorWell.h: Added ivars for action and
2001-02-13 Adam Fedor <>
* Version: 0.6.7
2001-02-11 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSApplication -init]): Don't set our
uncaught exception handler until after the back-end is initialized
(at least).
2001-02-09 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: NSAppIconView modified to support the
opening of any documents dropped on the appicon using DnD.
Fri Feb 9 18:07:13 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-noteNumberOfRowsChanged]): Fix for nil
superview on Solaris, where you can't assign 0 to structs
(solution suggested by Adam Fedor).
2001-02-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSWindow.h: Added a GNUstep specific window
level for the desktop (to work in conjunction with Window Maker)
and changed the deprectated dock window level to match the value
in MacOS-X beta.
Thu Feb 8 19:17:25 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h: Include NSSecureTextField.h.
2001-02-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Center title in miniwindow view.
Wed Feb 7 21:44:41 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-reloadColumn:]): Save the selected cells
in the column, then restore them after reloading the column.
Wed Feb 7 20:21:36 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-_adjustSubviews]): New method so that we
avoid posting notifications if the delegate is doing the resizing.
([-adjustSubviews]): Do not post notifications so it can be called
by the delegate method. ([-resizeWithOldSuperviewSize:]): Call
_adjustSubviews: rather than adjustSubviews:.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSSplitView.h (_never_displayed_before):
New ivar.
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-initWithFrame:]): Set
_never_displayed_before to YES. ([-displayRectIgnoringOpacity:]),
([-displayIfNeededInRectIgnoringOpacity:]): New methods. Adjust
subviews the first time ever the split view is displayed.
([-addSubview:positioned:relativeTo:]), ([-addSubview:]): Removed.
* Source/NSFontPanel.m ([-_initWithoutGModel]): Removed hack to
set sizes of splitview's subviews right - no longer needed.
2001-02-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Modified miniwindow view drawing to make titles
in miniwindows look like NeXT ones.
2001-02-06 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m: ([-mouseDown:]) modified code for checking
and repositioning of window to cope with situation where the window
changes its size as a result of the mouse down action.
2001-02-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSColor.m
In [supportMaxColorSpaces] added conversions from RGB to CMYK.
In [colorUsingColorSpaceName:device:] added conversion from named
* Source/NSColorPanel.m
Reimplemented without using a GModel file.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSColor.h:
Removed the color panel enumerators.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSColorPanel.h:
Added the color panel enumerators and corrected them. Adopted the
ivars to the new implementation.
Fri Feb 2 21:16:32 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-selectRow:byExtendingSelection:]): Fixed
selecting the only row in a single row table (patch by Pierre-Yves
Rivaille <> modified).
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-selectColumn:byExtendingSelection:]):
The same for columns.
2001-01-30 Adam Fedor <>
* Tools/GNUmakefile: Don't make gbps since it conflicts with gpbs
in the backend.
* Add requires gnustep-base
2001-01-29 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m ([NSPrintOperation -runOperation]):
Reset the locale to POSIX so numbers get printed correctly.
Mon Jan 29 20:49:57 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Post the
NSSplitViewDidResizeSubviewsNotification and the
NSSplitViewWillResizeSubviewsNotification as appropriate.
Mon Jan 29 20:19:59 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Unselect an already
selected row only when shift is pressed. ([-columnAtPoint:]): Fix
for point precisely on the first column boundary. (Patches by
Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>).
Mon Jan 29 19:04:53 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* GNUmakefile.postamble (after-install): Install gui.make in
* gui.make: New file extracted from gnustep make package.
* GNUmakefile: Include local gui.make.
* Documentation/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Documentation/gsdoc/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Images/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Model/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Panels/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Testing/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Tools/GNUmakefile: Idem.
* Source/GNUmakefile (libgnustep-gui_HEADER_FILES_INSTALL_DIR):
Dont' install into xxx/Headers/gnustep/AppKit/ but simply into
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble (ADDITIONAL_INSTALL_DIRS): Create
zzz/Headers/AppKit rather than zzz/Headers/gnustep/AppKit.
* Model/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-distclean): Remove
* Panels/GNUmakefile.postamble: Idem.
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble: Idem.
* Testing/GNUmakefile.postamble: Idem.
* Tools/GNUmakefile.postamble: Idem.
Sun Jan 28 21:30:39 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-setFrame:]), ([-setFrameOrigin:]),
([-setFrameSize:]): Update bounds origin.
Sun Jan 28 20:20:42 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-viewFrameChanged:]): Invoke
reflectScrolledClipView: to update the scrollers.
Sun Jan 28 16:53:16 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSView.m ([-mouse:inRect:]): Use NSMouseInRect.
Sun Jan 28 16:15:05 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSSplitView.h: Added delegate method
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Implemented asking
delegate for splitView:constrainSplitPosition:ofSubviewAt:.
2001-01-28 Jonathan Gapen <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Standardized finding GNUstep paths
by using NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains()
* Source/NSColorList.m: Ditto.
* Source/NSPrinter.m: Ditto.
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Ditto.
Sun Jan 28 01:37:53 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-setDocumentView:]): Bug fix: recompute
flipped flag and invalidate coordinates immediately after setting
the new document view.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-_adjustMatrixOfColumn:]): As a
consequence, removed hack introduced with last change: no longer
Sat Jan 27 13:46:44 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-_adjustMatrixOfColumn:]): Fixed position
of matrix (from a patch by Wim Oudshoorn <>).
Sat Jan 27 11:56:33 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (_NSAppKitUncaughtExceptionHandler):
When aborting, simply reraise the exception which gets then managed by
the base library exception handler.
Sat Jan 27 11:33:35 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSColorWell.m ([-acceptsFirstMouse:]): Added.
2001-01-27 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/gpbs.m: Cope better with nil pasteboard owners.
Fri Jan 26 22:36:21 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (NSBR_VOFFSET): Changed from 3 to 2.
([-titleHeight]): Return 21.
* Source/NSFontPanel.m (_setFloatValue): New function to avoid
displaying .00000 for floats. ([-browser:selectRow:inColumn:]),
([-setPanelFont:isMultiple:]): Use it. ([-_initWithoutGModel]):
Completely rewritten sizes; fixed autoresizing masks; use a
GSBrowserTitleCell to draw the size column title; added trick to
make splitview sizes right; set min size.
([-browser:titleOfColumn:]), ([-browser:numberOfRowsInColumn:]),
([-browser:selectRow:inColumn:]): Tiny speed up.
New method.
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-initWithFrame:]): Set
_autoresizes_subviews to NO. ([-isFlipped]): Return YES as per
spec. ([-adjustSubviews]), ([-drawRect:]), ([-mouseDown:]):
Updated for flipped coordinates. ([-drawDividerInRect:]): Fixed
bug in drawing dimple with flipped coordinates.
2001-01-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: when doing conversions between glyph
and character indices, support the index immediately beyond the
end of the glyphs/characters without raising an exception.
2001-01-22 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: loads of glyph changes - added some
implementation notes. Implemented gaps in the glyphs stream.
I think all glyph methods are implemented now (probably).
Really needs someone elses eye casting over it, to try to
catch any obvious bugs.
2001-01-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m
Corrected some bugs. Opimized the concret subclass to use a
Sun Jan 21 14:10:52 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-setBoundsOrigin:]): Rewritten/fixed
scrolling so that it only copies from visible bits.
Sat Jan 20 23:38:03 2001 Nicola Pero <>
Patches by Alexander Malmberg <>, modified:
* Source/NSMenu.m ([NSMenuWindowTitleView -titleHeight]): New
method. ([NSMenu -initWithTitle:]): Use the new method to compute
menu title height. ([NSMenu -sizeToFit]): Idem.
* Source/NSMenuView.m ([+menuBarHeight]): Compute from the font
height. ([-initWithFrame:]): Compute cellSize from the font size.
2001-01-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBezierPath.h
Added missing methods and changed the ivars.
* Source/NSBezierPath.m
Almost complete rewrite. The abstract class implements now most of
the methods leaving only 9 methods to the concrete class. (And
the hit test should also go into the abstract class) Simplified
and corrected most methods.
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m
[transformBezierPath:] autorelease the returned object.
2001-01-20 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Reorganize and tidy up glyph code
in preparation for handling gaps in the glyh stream.
Fri Jan 19 17:22:24 2001 Nicola Pero <>
*, New files.
* gnustep-gui.spec: Removed.
Wed Jan 17 19:51:57 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Fixed bug in
resizing (patch by Pierre-Yves Rivaille <>
slightly modified).
Tue Jan 16 12:01:28 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (_NSAppKitUncaughtExceptionHandler):
Fixed logging exception when no graphics context exist.
Tue Jan 16 11:54:30 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m ([-takeMatrixFromTransform:]): New
method to get quickly the matrix from another transform.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSAffineTransform.h: Added corresponding
* Source/NSView.m ([-_rebuildCoordinates]): Use it to spare a
couple of method calls per invocation.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-pathToColumn:]): Bug fix - stop computing
path as soon as a column with no selected cells in it is found.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSClipView.h: Added ivar to cache whether we
are opaque or not.
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-isOpaque]): Returne cached info.
([-setDrawsBackground:]), ([-setBackgroundColor:]): Update opaque
cache info.
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-setDocumentView:]): As a safety check,
update _rFlags.flipped_view before setting the bounds.
([-setBoundsOrigin:]): Use [self documentVisibleRect] to get the
document view area to be redrawn when redrawing everything.
* Source/NSScrollView.m ([-tile]): Removed reflectScrolledClipView
call in excess.
* Source/NSView.m ([-_rebuildCoordinates]): Use _frame.height, not
_bounds.height when flipping coordinates.
* Source/NSView.m: Cache the default notification center for
the whole class.
* Source/NSView.m ([-resizeWithOldSuperviewSize:]): Bug fix -
removed hackish code which manually attempted to `restore' bounds
after setFrame: updated them. This fixes the rubbish drawn when
resizing a textview inside a scrollview - a bug which escaped
debugging attempts for more than one year I think. I am glad it's
fixed now.
Tue Jan 16 11:47:58 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMenu.m ([NSMenuWindowTitleView -drawRect:]): Fixed bug
- exposed rect being confused with bounds (patch by Malmberg
2001-01-15 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h: New _endCharIndex ivar
to keep track of last char converted to glyph.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: More glyph handling code implemented.
Sat Jan 13 22:16:45 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m ([-glyphIndexForPoint:
inTextContainer:fractionOfDistanceThroughGlyph:]): Check that
fraction pointer is non NULL before using it.
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m
textContainer:]): New method implemented.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h: Added it.
* Source/NSLayoutManger.m: Added it with void implementation.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h: New insertion point ivar which
stores the insertion point rectangle. Ivar for stable cursor
up/down changed to a float.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Use everywhere the new ivar for the
insertion point rect rather than computing it each time; use
everywhere [_textStorage length] rather than [self textLength].
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-alignment]): Simplified for non rich
* Source/NSTextView.m
([-updateInsertionPointStateAndRestartTimer:]): Implemented.
([-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:]): Invoke
([-insertText:insertString]), ([-deleteBackward:]),
([-deleteForward:]), ([-moveLeft:]), ([-moveRight:]): Removed code
to remember position of cursor; now it is done automatically by
([-moveDown:]), ([-moveUp:]): Fixed - rewritten to use the new
private NSLayoutManager code. ([-rectForCharacterIndex:]),
([-rectForInsertionPointAtIndex:]): Removed.
2001-01-13 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: Fixed bug initialising from an
empty attributed string, and fixed bug replacing characters in
range, when an attribute range location is the same s the location
of the replaced characters.
Sat Jan 13 12:24:55 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (_NSAppKitUncaughtExceptionHandler):
Attempt at making the meaning of the panel more clear for end
users by adding the word `Error' to the message title.
2001-01-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Tools/Functions.m
Undid last change and removed Function GSWSetMatrix().
Thu Jan 11 22:09:57 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-deleteBackward:]), ([-deleteForward:]):
Completely rewritten. ([-deleteRange:backspace:]): Removed.
([-delete:]): wrap [-deleteForward:].
2001-01-11 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h: Remove some unused ivars.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Initial hacks for glyph management -
should have no effect on execution so far.
Wed Jan 10 21:19:23 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([+initialize]): Save the default
exception handler before setting a new one.
(_NSAppKitUncaughtExceptionHandler): Reset the exception handler
to the default exception handler during execution, to prevent very
annoying recursive calls.
Wed Jan 10 19:42:22 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m ([-length]): Added for speed.
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: Prefixed ivars with underscore.
Tue Jan 9 11:24:32 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Tools/Functions.m: Include AppKit/DPSOperators.h so it
compiles again.
2001-01-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: exception handler - check that graphics
context exists and if it doesn't, simply log an error
rather than trying to rujn an alert panel.
2001-01-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSColor.m
In [supportMaxColorSpaces] corrected converions from RGB to HSB.
* Source/NSFontPanel.m
[_initWithoutGModel] make the size label non-selectable.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSWraps.h:
Removed function GSWSetMatrix().
2001-01-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSAffineTransform.h:
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m
Added new GS methods [concatenateWithMatrix:] and
[deltaPointInMatrixSpace:] to avoid the creation of a new
NSAffineTransform in the backend.
* Source/NSScroller.m
[setTarget:] don't retain target to avoid retain cycle in
NSScrollView. [initWithCoder:] release target after decoding.
* Source/NSColorWell.m
In [dealloc] call [deactivate] for active colour wells.
* Source/NSColorPanel.m
Better interaction with the current colour picker. [setTarget:]
don't retain target. In [sharedColorPanel] the picker mode is used
only to create the panel, not each time the panel is shown. Show
the alpha value multiplied by 100.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m
Small improvements.
Sun Jan 7 03:28:14 2001 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m
Invoke [NSTextView -invalidateTextContainerOrigin].
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m ([-textContainerChangedTextView:]):
* Source/NSTextContainer.m ([-setTextView:]): Call
[NSLayoutManager -textContainerChangedTextView:] if appropriate;
do not remove frame change notifications for the old text view.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-initWithFrame:textContainer:]): Set min
size to zero; do not modify existing text container flags; removed
unused call to sizeToFit. ([-setHorizontallyResizable:]),
([-setVerticallyResizable:]): Removed most code.
([-setConstrainedFrameSize:]): Implemented. ([-sizeToFit]):
Rewritten completely to use [-setConstrainedFrameSize:].
([-setTextContainer:]): Do not set the text container size.
([-invalidateTextContainerOrigin]): Implemented.
([-setFieldEditor:]): Set non horizontally nor vertically
2001-01-03 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSFont.m: Minor optimisations - caching class and defaults.
Copy font name rather than just retaining - to ensure that it's
not a mutable string that gets changed. Ensure that fonts are
encoded as the base class.
* Source/NSTextView.m:
([-setTypingAttributes:]) update font panel and ruler
([-readSelectionFromPasteboard:type:]) update typing attributes.
([-updateFontPanel]) use font info from typing attributes.
2000-12-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSButtonCell.h:
Corrected definition of NSBezelStyle.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m
Simplified mask definition in [drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:] and
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSColor.h:
Prefixed all ivars with underscores, removed unneded ivars and
added some missing methods and types.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSColorPrivate.h: Removed
* Source/GNUmakefile: Removed reference of NSColorPrivate.h
* Source/externs.m
Added notifiaction string from NSColor.m
* Source/NSColor.m
Added missing methods, restructured all the private methods, so
there are no changing methods left. Made systemColorWithName() a
function and optimized system color retrival.
2000-12-27 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: ([-doubleClickAtIndex:]),
Fixed infinite loop. Added code to cope with double click on the
space between words.
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: Implemented
* Source/NSTextView.m: ([-selectionRangeForProposedRange:granularity])
Re-implemented word selection using ([-doubleClickAtIndex:])
([-mouseDown:]) creatre proposed range for selection by merging old
selection range with new location.
Modified ([-characterIndexForPoint:]) to take into account where the
character/glyph was clicked on.
2000-12-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSButton.h:
Added some missing methods.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSButtonCell.h:
Added some missing methods and some ivars.
* Source/NSButton.m
Delegate all the new methods to the cell. Replaced all calls to
[display] with [setNeedsDisplay:] excuding those in [setState:]
and [setNextState:]. Removed the initXXX methods, as they were
doublicated code from super.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m
Dummy implementation for new methods.
2000-12-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSImageRep.h:
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBitmapImageRep.h:
Added some missing methods.
* Source/NSImage.m
Implemented [initWithBitmapHandle:], [initWithIconHandle:] and
[initWithContentsOfURL:]. [copyWithZone:] dont copy cached image reps.
Allways use [self representations], so that the representation is
loaded if needed.
* Source/NSImageRep.m
Implemented [imageRepWithContentsOfURL:] and [imageRepsWithContentsOfURL:].
In [imageRepsWithContentsOfFile:] get all possible reps.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
Dummy implementation for new methods.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSControl.h:
Added some missing methods.
* Source/NSControl.m
Implemented [refusesFirstResponder] and [setRefusesFirstResponder:].
Changed [setEnabled:], [setAlignment:], [setFont:] and all
[setXXValue:] methods to conform to the spec. Removed the
[copyWithZone:] method.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBox.h:
Added some missing methods.
* Source/NSBox.m
Implemented [setTitleWithMnemonic:].
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSApplication.h:
Added ivar _default_context to store the graphic context used for
events, which is not switched while printing.
* Source/NSApplication.m
Use the _default_context for all events and in dealloc.
2000-12-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSImage.h:
Prefixed all ivars with underscores, made fileName an ivar of NSImage and
added some missing methods.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSImageRep.h:
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSCachedImageRep.h:
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBitmapImageRep.h:
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSCustomImageRep.h:
Prefixed all ivars with underscores.
* Source/NSImage.m
Adopted to changes in header file. General cleanup.
Removed obsolete backend declarations.
Move ivar fileName from GSRepDate to NSImage, as it is used only
once. This simplifies [_useFromFile:] and [_loadImageFilenames].
Implemented [compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation:] and
[dissolveToPoint:fromRect:fraction:] by calling the corresponding
function. Now the operator given to this methods is really used!
* Source/NSImageRep.m
* Source/NSCustomImageRep.m
Adopted to changes in header file.
* Source/NSCachedImageRep.m
Adopted to changes in header file.
Removed methods [drawAtPoint:] and [drawInRect:] so that the super
implementation gets used. In method [initWithSize:depth:separate:alpha:]
store alpha and bitspersample.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
Adopted to changes in header file.
Moved code from [TIFFRepresentation] to
[TIFFRepresentationUsingCompression:factor:] and call this.
* Source/NSCell.m
In [drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:] use NSCompositeSourceOver as
the operator for imag composition not NSCompositeCopy. This
replacement may be necessary in other parts of the GUI as well!!!!
Sat Dec 23 15:43:24 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-setSelectedRange:affinity:
stillSelecting:]): Rewritten setting typing attributes for
insertion point. ([-updateFontPanel]): Rewritten case of
insertion point. ([-alignment]), ([-insertText:insertString]):
Access typing attributes to avoid copying the dictionary.
2000-12-23 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: ([-doubleClickAtIndex:]),
([-nextWordFromIndex:forward:]) cope with apostrophes and hyphens
within words.
Fri Dec 22 21:40:58 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h: Added ivar to store the
original selected range.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-initWithFrame:textContainer:]): Init
original selected range.
([-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:]): Rewritten,
implemented delegate notifications etc. ([-mouseDown:]): Use
setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting: rather than
setSelectedRange:, to produce delegate notifications etc.
([-setDelegate:]): Check if delegate reponds to
Fri Dec 22 20:05:13 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-setSelectedRange:]): Simply wrap
[-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:]; all code moved
there. ([-mouseDown:]): Implemented shift click.
Fri Dec 22 19:20:00 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/externs.m: Added NSOldSelectedCharacterRange.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h: Remove ivar for selection
affinity; added ivar related to delegate.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-resignFirstResponder]): Rewritten
deleting insertion point; do not flush the window.
([-drawRect:]): Don't flush the window when drawing insertion
point. ([-drawInsertionPointInRect:color:turnedOn:]): Don't flush
the window. ([-drawInsertionPointAtIndex:color:turnedOn:]):
Removed. Code moved to the new method
([-rectForInsertionPointAtIndex:]). ([-selectionAffinity]):
Return NSSelectionAffinityDownstream.
Thu Dec 21 19:46:45 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSWindow.h: New ivar _futureFirstResponder.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([-makeFirstResponder:]): Set ivar
_futureFirstResponder. ([-_futureFirstResponder]): New method.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h: Added ivars for
synchronization of textviews. Added ivar to mark when editing has
began in the group of associated textviews.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Use the synchronization ivars in the layout
manager instead of the static ones used before.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m ([-addTextContainer:]),
([-removeTextContainerAtIndex:]): Set ivars for cache; call
_updateMultipleTextViews for all our textviews.
([-layoutManagerOwnsFirstResponderInWindow:]): Implemented.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-_updateMultipleTextViews]),
([-setDelegate:]): Cache if delegate responds to
([-shouldChangeTextInRange:replacementString:]): Implemented.
([-resignFirstResponder]): Implemented check for multiple
textviews using the new _futureFirstResponder: private API in
NSWindow; clear editing flag. ([-becomeFirstResponder:]): Do not
ask the delegate or post notifications. ([-mouseDown:]): No need
to attempt to make us first responder - the window does it for us.
* Source/NSCell.m ([-acceptsFirstResponder]): Access ivar refuses
first responder.
* Source/NSButton.m ([-acceptsFirstResponder]): Accept first
responder iff we are enabled; key equivalents play no role here.
Thu Dec 21 00:19:54 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-scrollRangeToVisible:]): Bug fix: use
range argument, not selected range.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Access some ivars directly.
Wed Dec 20 19:39:21 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m, Source/NSTextView.m: Most code from NSText was
merged into NSTextView.
* Source/NSText.h, Source/NSTextView.h: Moved many ivars from
NSText to NSTextView.
Wed Dec 20 15:23:22 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m ([-setDelegate:]): Simplified.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-setDelegate:]),
([-_updateMultipleTextViews]): Set up NSText notifications too.
Wed Dec 20 00:38:54 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m ([-insertNewline:sender]): Do not call
[+newlineString]. ([-didChangeText]), ([+newlineString]):
Removed. ([-selectedRange]), ([-setSelectedRange:]): Moved to
NSTextView.m; merged the two ([-setSelectedRange:]).
Tue Dec 19 21:13:50 2000 Nicola Pero <>
Committed first code for sharing attributes between NSTextViews
with the same layout manager. Non tested yet - and not complete.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h: Added a flag to keep track of
the case multiple text views. Added an ivar to cache the
firstTextView object to use in notifications.
* Source/NSTextView.m: ([-_updateMultipleTextViews]),
([-_syncTextViewsByCalling:withFlag:]): New methods.
([-replaceTextContainer:]), ([-setTextContainer:]): Call
_updateMultipleTextViews:. ([-setEditable:]), ([-setRichText:]),
([-setImportsGraphics:]), ([-setSelectable:]),
([-setUsesFontPanel:]), ([-setFieldEditor:]), ([-setUsesRuler:]),
([-setRulerVisible:]): Rewritten to share attributes - if needed -
with the other NSTextViews. ([-didChangeText]): Post the
firstTextView as notif object if needed. ([-setDelegate:]):
Rewritten completely to share the delegate if needed.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-string]): Moved from NSText.m.
Tue Dec 19 17:53:35 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h: Moved some flags from NSText.h.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Updated for the change in flag name.
* Source/NSText.m ([-initWithCoder:]), ([-encodeWithCoder:]): Code
for the flags moved to NSTextView.m. ([-initWithFrame:]),
([-textContainerInset]), ([-textContainerOrigin]),
([-textContainer]), ([-setTextContainer:]): Removed.
([-initWithFrame:textContainer:]): Code moved to NSTextView.m.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-backgroundColor]),
([-setBackgroundColor:]), ([-setDrawsBackground:]),
([-drawsBackground]), ([-isEditable]), ([-isSelectable]),
([-isFieldEditor]), ([-usesFontPanel]), ([-isRichText]),
([-importsGraphics]), ([-isRulerVisible]): Removed.
Tue Dec 19 00:43:17 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m: Made an abstract class always allocating
instances of the NSTextView subclass.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-initWithFrame:]), ([-dealloc]),
([-initWithCoder:]), ([-buildUpTextNetwork:]),
([-replaceCharactersInRange:withString:]): Began to move code from
2000-11-18 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: ([-setAttributes:range:]) fix for the case
where we set the same attributes in a range as already exist in
a range that overlaps the start of the one we give.
2000-12-17 Georg Fleischmann
* Source/NSView.m ([NSView -setFrameSize:]):
scale bounds, if necessary
* Source/NSView.m ([NSView -scaleUnitSquareSize:]):
scale from bounds instead of frame (like OpenStep)
Sun Dec 17 14:32:11 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSCell.m ([-_nonAutoreleasedTypingAttributes]): New
method replacing ([-_typingAttributes]), to reduce the number of
concurrent typing dictionaries allocated.
([-attributedStringValue]), ([-_sizeText:]),
([-_drawText:inFrame:]): Updated for the new method.
Sat Dec 16 22:45:32 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m ([GSTextContainerLayoutInfo -dealloc]):
Release the text container. ([NSLayoutManager -setTextStorage:]):
Do not retain the text storage.
* Source/NSTextContainer.m ([-dealloc]): Implemented.
([-setLayoutManager:]): Do not retain the layout manager.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSText.h: Added flags owns_text_network
and is_in_dealloc.
* Source/NSText.m ([NSText -initWithFrame:]): Release self to
break the retain cycle. ([NSText -dealloc]): Manage the very
special case in which we own the text network.
([-encodeWithCoder:]): Do not encode the other text classes.
([-initWithCoder:]): Always build up the text network; added
release self as in [-initWithFrame:]. ([-setTextContainer:]): Do
not retain the text objects. ([-buildUpTextNetwork:]): Rewritten.
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-replaceTextContainer:]): Do not retain
the text container.
2000-12-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSApplication.h:
Prefixed all ivars with underscores, removed unneeded ivars and
added some missing methods.
* Source/NSApplication.m
Adopted to changes in header file. [initialize] Cache the
notification center and the NSAutoreleasePool class for the whole
file. [finishLaunching] set the image before starting the icon
view. Recognize file to open with flag @"NSOpen" beside @"GSFilePath".
[dealloc] now also destoys the graphic context. [stop:] now stops
the run loop, which may be restarted (but this will still reload
the NIB file!). [setApplicationIconImage:] check if the
_app_icon_window is there before setting its
image. [orderFrontDataLinkPanel:] and [orderFrontHelpPanel:] moved
the error message into the corresponding files. [terminate:] now
directly stops the program with exit(0). Also did some general
cleanup of code.
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m
* Source/NSHelpPanel.m
Moved the "not implemented yet" Panel to the shared instance
method of those two classes.
Sat Dec 16 16:36:03 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSCell.h: Modified ivars to reduce memory
consumption. String attributes are now stored in a font ivar,
three bits for alignment and wraps, and a bit to tell us if
_contents is a simple string or an attributed string. Removed
* Source/NSCell ([-initImageCell:]), ([-initTextCell:]),
([-dealloc]), ([-copyWithZone:]), ([-encodeWithCoder:]),
([-initWithCoder:]), ([-alignment]), ([-setAlignment:]),
([-font]), ([-setFont:]), ([-wraps]), ([-setWraps:]),
([-setUpFieldEditorAttribute:]): Updated for the new ivars.
([-doubleValue]), ([-intValue]), ([-floatValue]),
([-stringValue]), ([-mnemonic]), ([-cellSize]),
([-editWithFrame:inView:editor:delegate:event]): Updated for the
case when we keep an attributed string in _contents.
([-setObjectValue:]), ([-setStringValue:]), ([-setType:]): Set the
_cell.contents_is_attributed_string flag.
([-setAttributedStringValue:]), ([-attributedStringValue]):
([-_typingAttributes]): Create from attributes stored in the cell.
([-_drawAttributedText:inFrame:]): New method.
([-_drawText:inFrame:]): Modified to avoid recomputing the
* Source/NSFormCell.m ([-cellSize]): Paranoia set of flag for
attributed string to NO in tweaked case of computing size with no
* Source/NSCell.m ([-isEntryAcceptable:]): Call the formatter's
[-getObjectValue:forString:errorDescription:] rather than
* Source/NSFormCell.m ([-copyWithZone:]): Implemented (from a
suggestion by Georg Fleischmann).
Fri Dec 15 21:40:49 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextStorage.h: Prefixed all ivars with
* Source/NSTextStorage.m: Updated for ivar name change.
([-processEditing]): Fixed invalidated range passed to
Wed Dec 13 16:02:24 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: Optimizations: cache class
pointers; replaced static functions wordBreakCSet (), wordCSet ()
and attachmentString () with static cached constants.
([-initWithPath:documentAttributes:]): Fixed little memory leak.
Wed Dec 13 03:51:40 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m ([-setAlignment:range:]): Fixed memory leak.
Tue Dec 12 23:50:04 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSParagraphStyle.h: Prefixed all ivars with
* Source/NSParagraphStyle.m: Updated for ivar name change.
Tue Dec 12 21:07:56 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m ([-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:]),
([-drawWithFrame:inView:]): Bug fix: do nothing in deferred
Tue Dec 12 19:18:08 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m ([-copyWithZone:]): Do not deep-copy ivars,
only retain them if not nil.
* Source/NSCell.m ([-copyWithZone:]): Do not deep-copy ivars.
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m ([-copyWithZone:]): Do not deep-copy
* Source/NSFormCell.m ([-initTextCell:]): Left align text.
* Source/NSTextField.m ([-selectText:]): Bug fix for the recent
change in [NSActionCell -stringValue].
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-selectTextAtRow:column:]): Idem.
2000-12-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSCell.h:
Remove float formating ivars, as they were never used.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSActionCell.h:
Removed all methods, as they are defined for super class.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSAffineTransform.h:
Added NSCoding Protocol and moved extension methods into seperate
* Source/NSCell.m
Moved the initialisation of the _typingAttributes from the init
method to its first use.
* Source/NSActionCell.m
Remove initialisation and copy method, as this were mere super
calls. Added getter methods with validation.
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m
Added coding methods.
2000-12-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSCell.h:
Added missing ivars and rearranged them all.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPopupButtonCell.h:
Remove now unneeded ivar _menu.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSImageCell.h:
Moved typedefinitions to here from NSImageView.h
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSImageView.h:
Removed type definitions.
* Source/NSCell.m
Implemented a load of missing methods and adopted all subclasses to
this changes. (Including copying and coding) This breaks archived cells!
* Source/NSActionCell.m
* Source/NSBrowser.m
* Source/NSBrowserCell.m
* Source/NSButtonCell.m
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m
* Source/NSFormCell.m
* Source/NSImageCell.m
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m
* Source/NSPopupButtonCell.m
* Source/NSTableHeaderCell.m
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m
Adopted to changes in NSCell.
* Source/NSFont.m
Made all predefined fonts redefinable and removed #ifdef.
* Source/NSHelpManager.m
[contextHelpForKey:] replaced nil by NULL to avoid compiler warning.
* Source/NSParagraphStyle.m
Removed super calls from coding methods to avoid compiler warning.
Wed Dec 6 19:37:33 2000 Georg Fleischmann <>
* Source/NSTabView.m ([NSTabView -drawRect:]): using aRect
(bounds) instead of rect to draw
Thu Nov 23 11:18:27 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSView.gsdoc: Documented drawRect:.
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSView.html: Regenerated.
Thu Nov 23 10:50:48 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Documentation/gsdoc/Introduction.gsdoc: Removed email tag which
was causing gsdoc tool to abort.
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSTableColumn.gsdoc: Added complete
documentation about NSTableColumn.
* Documentation/gsdoc/Introduction.html: Regenerated.
* Documentation/gsdoc/NSTableColumn.html: Idem.
Thu Nov 23 09:47:21 2000 Georg Fleischmann <>
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m ([NSTabViewItem -setView:]):
TEST_RELEASE() removed, since ASSIGN() manages retain/release.
2000-11-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrintOperation.h:
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: Split up in three classes added
primitiv printing in file
* Source/NSPageLayout.m: Added more graphical elements,
any functionality is still missing.
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m: Use system fonts, not explicit names.
Tue Nov 14 23:45:56 2000 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m (reflectScrolledClipView:): Check for
contentView before getting frame.
2000-11-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrintInfo.h: Added NSCopying protocol.
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m: Added method [copyWithZone:].
* Source/NSView.m: Implemented [print:], [fax:],
[dataWithEPSInsideRect:] and [writeEPSInsideRect:toPasteboard:].
* Source/NSWindow.m: Implemented [print:], [fax:],
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrintOperation.h: Added ivars and PDF operations.
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: Started implementation of printing.
2000-11-13 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: partial rewrite to cache/unique dictionaries
and to coalesce adjacent regions of string with the same attributes
when setting attributes.
2000-11-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/IMLoading.h:
* Model/IMLoading.m:
Removed NSBundle extension methods.
* Source/NSApplication.m: [finishLaunching] removed uneeded call
to loadGModel:owner: as this gets done in loadNibNamed:owner:.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: [loadNibNamed:owner:] removed unused
local variable file.
2000-11-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: Renamed the ivars of
_GNULineLayoutInfo to correspond to those of
GSLineLayoutInfo. Call a few more abstract methods. Added
AutoreleasePool in [rebuildForRange:delta:inTextContainer:] to free
up memory.
Thu Nov 9 09:49:07 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m ([GSInfoPanel -initWithDictionary:]): Use
Helvetica-Bold rather than Helvetica-BoldOblique for titles.
2000-11-06 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation: Move tmpl.texi files to texi and update GNUmakefile
2000-11-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: Get the fragmentRect used for
layout from the text container
* Source/NSText.m: In [setVerticallyResizable:] and
[setHorizontallyResizable:] set the size of the text conatainer.
Mon Nov 6 17:02:27 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Documentation/GNUmakefile, Documentation/gsdoc/GNUmakefile:
Install the documentation in the appropriate subdirectories of
2000-11-05 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSScreen.m (+mainScreen): Make the mainScreen a shared
* Source/NSClipView.m (-setBoundsOrigin:): If our documentView is
focused, translate the PS context to the new bounds.
2000-11-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSClipView.h:
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSScrollView.h:
Added method to set backgound drawing.
* Model/GMAppKit.m: Store new ivar for NSClipView
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Hand on background drawing to content
view. In [setContentView:] call setDocumentView:.
* Source/NSClipView.m: Added dealloc method. Implemented
[drawsBackground] and [setDrawsBackground:]. In [setDocumentView:]
get the background drawing from the document view. [drawRect:] and
[isOpaque] check the background drawing. Corrected [constrainScrollPoint:]
to respect the documentFrame origin. Implemented [autoscroll:]
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: In [setWidthTracksTextView:] and
[setHeightTracksTextView:] make sure that the view post changes
and that notifications are only send once.
* Source/NSText.m: Moved all sizeToFit calls after text changes to
the layout manager.
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: Call size to fit on view after
layout changes.
2000-10-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: Removed some 300 lines
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Added simple glyph character mapping methods
* Source/NSText.m: Set the TextConatainer to track its view
again. But switch this of if the view is scrollable.
2000-10-31 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Use new GSObjCClass() function
from NSObjCRuntime.h
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: Avoid static variable initialisation with
@selector() as it doesn't work with Apple runtime.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: ditto
* Source/NSMatrix.m: ditto
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m: ditto
* Source/NSView.m: ditto
* Source/NSWindow.m: ditto
2000-10-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: _GNULineLayoutInfo has new ivar
usedRect. Simplified the code a bit.
* Source/NSText.m: [buildUpTextNetwork:] The text container no
longer tracks its view by default.
[initWithFrame:textContainer:] the view is no longer resizable by
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: [setContainerSize:] only informs
layout manager if really changed.
* Source/Parser/attributedStringConsumer.m
Use NSASCIIStringEncoding instead of NSLatin1StringEncoding for RTF
2000-10-21 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/NSTabView.m: ([-dealloc:]) updated.
([-removeTabViewItem:]) updated to not crash
when a tabViewItem which had been the
selected tab is dealloc'ed.
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m: ([-dealloc:]) implemented.
2000-10-20 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSClipView.m: ([-viewFrameChanged:]) fix test for when to
redraw entire area becaause document view is smaller than clipview.
Suggested by
2000-10-19 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/NSTabView.m: a few bugfixes.
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m: fixed a few memory leaks.
2000-10-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPageLayout.h:
Added some ivars
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPrintInfo.h:
Prefixed ivar with underscore.
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m:
Change references to ivar info to _info.
[initPrintInfoDefaults] now works if there is no PrinterAdmin
* Source/NSPageLayout.m:
Some basic implementation
* Source/NSApplication.m:
[runPageLayout:] use real panel.
2000-10-15 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-orderWindow:relativeTo:): Set visible flag
_didDeminiaturize: New method.
(-sendEvent:): Handle GSAppKitWindowMiniaturize an GSAppKitWindowFocusIn
2000-10-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/Parser/attributedStringConsumer.m
Improved the memory handling in diverse methods.
Fri Oct 13 16:50:23 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Tools/GNUmakefile: Include GNUmakefile.local.service if present.
Fri Oct 13 10:48:05 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: Prefixed ivar
lineLayoutInformation with underscore to keep the gui to compile.
2000-10-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h: Added some missing
methods and move comments to .m file. Other clean ups.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSDocumentFrameworkPrivate.h: Removed
unneeded method _removeDocument.
* Source/NSDocument.m: In [close] use removeDocument instead of
_removeDocument. [initWithContentsOfFile:ofType:] call [self
init] instead of [super init].
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Use explicit Private interface.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Added comments from .h file. Return a
GSSimpleLayoutManager from [allocWithZone]. Removed all compiler
* Source/NSText.m: Use NSLayoutManager instead of
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m: Started reorganising the code.
Wed Oct 11 10:51:56 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([-run]), ([-runModalSession:]): Reverted
last changes in autorelease pool code. In particular, switched
back to creating and releasing an autorelease pool at each loop
for modal sessions.
2000-10-09 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: ([-setAttributes:range:]): Fixed obscure
bug - use ASSIGNCOPY rather than ASSIGN to prevent mutable
dictionaries being placed in attributed string.
2000-10-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: (_setup()): corrected a problem from the
last change Removed obsolete super calls in GSTextInfo coding
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: Small correction in
2000-10-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: Removed some dependencies on private
classes of base library.
2000-10-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: ([_initBackendWindow]): always redisplay _wv
([setFrame:display:]): set the frame of _wv directly if deferred.
These changes make the save panel usable again.
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m: Convert glyphs to font encoding in
drawRun(). Removed unused code.
2000-10-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSText.h: Moved ivar _textContainer from
NSTextView to here.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h: Removed ivar
_textContainer. Added some delegate messages. Two new NSTextView
like methods for text container handling.
* Source/NSText.m: Moved the text container handling from
NSTextView to here and corrected it.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Use text container implementation from
super class.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Implemented [firstTextView].
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.h: Removed additional method
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m: Switched to use the text
container for size information. Implemented
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: In [setTextView] let the text view
send frame changed notifications. Check text view in
[_textViewFrameChanged:]. Don't add observer if text view is nil
in [setHeightTracksTextView:] and [setWidthTracksTextView:]
* Source/NSView.m: In [display] check if the _visibleRect is still
2000-09-28 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m (-_addDragTypes:toWindow:): Change to
take window object, since window number may not exist for deferred win.
(-_dragTypesForWindow:): Likewise.
* Source/NSView.m: Change calling of above methods.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_initBackendWindow:): Reset the drag types
if the window was deferred. Also reset title, min/max size, etc.
(-setTitle:): Set only if we have a windowNum
(-setMinimumSize:): Likewise.
(-setMaximumSize:): Likewise.
2000-09-27 Adam Fedor <>
* Implementation of deferred windows (with the help of
* Source/NSClipView.m (-setBoundsOrigin:): Make sure window
is not deferred before attempting to draw.
* Source/NSMenu.m (-init): Defer window.
* Source/NSView.m (-lockFocusInRect:): Don't lock if window is
(-unlockFocus): Likewise.
* Source/NSWindow.m (_initBackendWindow:): New method.
(-initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:): Use it
if not deferring.
(-orderWindow:relativeTo:): Create window if deferred.
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffRead): For PHOTOMETRIC_PALETTE, don't free
colormap tables, they are owned by libtiff.
2000-09-26 Lyndon Tremblay <>
* Source/NSMenu.m ([NSMenu -itemWithTitle:]): Use -isEqualToString:
instead of -isEqual:
([NSMenu -performKeyEquivalent:]): Likewise.
([NSMenu -performActionForItemAtIndex:]): Use NSApp instead
of sharedApplication.
([NSMenu -display]): Avoids calling NSMakePoint()
([NSMenu -displayTransient]): Cache contentView.
([NSMenu -closeTransient]): Likewise.
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSAppIconView -mouseDown:]): Use
NSApp instead of [NSApplication sharedApplication].
([NSApplication -init]): Avoid variables getting set twice.
([NSApplication -sendEvent:]): Cache NSEvent type.
* Source/NSMenu.m ([NSMenu -initWithTitle:]): Also removed
a bunch of message calls. Also removed variables getting set
([NSMenu -insertItemWithTitle:action:keyEquivalent:atIndex:]):
Message cleanup.
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSApplication +initialize]): Override
Foundation's uncaught exception handler.
([NSApplication -init]): Save a few objc message calls.
([NSApplication -run]): Likewise. Also cache [NSDate distantFuture].
Also using GC macros.
([NSApplication -runModalSession:]): Also save message calls,
and GC support. Also eliminates creating an ARP each loop,
only once.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPanel.h (NSAlert*): #defines to comply
with MacOS X [apparently].
* Source/NSApplication.m (_NSAppKitUncaughtExceptionHandler): Added
to show unhandled exceptions to the user in a cleaner way,
providing an option to ignore or debug [future use].
Tue Sep 26 09:36:07 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* NSControl.m ([-copyWithZone:]): Fixed memory problem (found
by Frederic De Jaeger).
2000-09-22 Lyndon Tremblay <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m
([+loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone:]): access NSOwner
from infoDict only when necessary, notify of loading nib.
* Model/GMAppKit.m: Removed silly emacs C++ mode tag.
* Model/IMLoading.m: Likewise.
2000-09-19 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m: ([-string]) fix to return autoreleased
copy rather than internal data - pointed out by Fred.
* Source/NSText.m: ([-string]) don't copy
2000-09-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m:
* Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.h:
New file extracted from NSText.m. This class is now a subclass of
NSLayoutManager and uses a similar interface.
* Source/GNUmakefile:
Include new file GSSimpleLayoutManager.m
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSText.h:
Two new NSTextView like methods.
* Source/NSText.m:
Removed GSSimpleLayoutManager code and use new interface to it.
* Source/NSTextView.m:
[initWithFrame:] switch of the creation of a NSLayoutManager.
2000-09-16 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSWindowController.h: Add copyright notice.
Protect with #ifdef's.
2000-09-14 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSPanel.m ([GSAlertPanel
-initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:]): set alternate
return image.
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([NSOpenPanel -controlTextDidEndEditing:]):
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -controlTextDidEndEditing:]):
repost currentEvent.
([NSSavePanel -_initWithoutGModel]): removed form cell action, set
_okButton image.
([NSSavePanel -_performReturn:]): removed.
* Images/common_retH.tiff: new file.
* Images/GNUmakefile (IMAGE_FILES): update.
Thu Sep 14 14:01:10 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-textDidBeginEditing:]),
([-textDidChange:]), ([-textDidEndEditing:]): : Fixed memory leak.
2000-09-13 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -_performLoadOfColumn:]): fixed
intercell space values.
* Source/NSText.m ([NSText -keyDown:]): removed forward for illegal
text field events.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -controlTextDidEndEditing:]):
implemented for text field movement.
([NSSavePanel -_performReturn:]): new private method.
([NSSavePanel -_initWithoutGModel]): set form cell action to
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([NSOpenPanel -controlTextDidEndEditing:]): call
([NSOpenPanel -_selectCellName:]):,
([NSOpenPanel -controlTextDidChange:]): enable okButton if there is
text in the text field.
([NSOpenPanel -ok:]): returns if nothing selected.
* Tools/gpbs.m ([PasteboardEntry -lostOwnership]): removed workaround.
2000-09-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m:
[encodingForRegistry:encoding:] added more encodings
Tue Sep 12 22:53:22 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Model/GMAppKit.m ([NSMenuItem -initWithModelUnarchiver:]):
Updated, fixed code for the recent changes in NSMenu, NSMenuItem.
([NSMenu -initWithModelUnarchiver:]): Idem.
2000-09-11 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSText.m ([NSText -moveLeft:sender]): deselect text that
starts at the beginning of the line.
2000-09-11 Mirko Viviani <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -_performLoadOfColumn:]): set
intercell spacing to 0.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix -mouseDown:]): in NSRadioModeMatrix
deselect the previous selected cell only if the cell is valid.
2000-09-10 Mirko Viviani <>
* Tools/gpbs.m ([PasteboardEntry -lostOwnership]): workaround to avoid
core dump due to NSConnection bug.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -keyDown:]): discard and do not perform
key equivalent for null character events. Triggered return key for
default button cell.
([NSWindow -defaultButtonCell]), ([NSWindow -setDefaultButtonCell:]),
([NSWindow -disableKeyEquivalentForDefaultButtonCell]),
([NSWindow -enableKeyEquivalentForDefaultButtonCell]): implemented.
([NSWindow -dealloc]): release _defaultButtonCell
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: added ivar and flag.
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m ([NSOpenPanel -controlTextDidEndEditing:]),
([NSOpenPanel -controlTextDidChange:]), ([NSOpenPanel -ok:]):
implemented keyboard navigation.
([NSOpenPanel -runModalForDirectory:file:types:]): do not allow
branch selection if can't choose directories.
([NSOpenPanel -_selectTextInColumn:]),
([NSOpenPanel -_selectCellName:]): new private methods.
([NSOpenPanel -filenames]): change for choose dirs.
* Source/NSText.m ([NSText -keyDown:]): forwards text field illegal
events to the next responder.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -moveUp:]), ([NSBrowser -moveDown:]),
([NSBrowser -moveLeft:]), ([NSBrowser -moveRight:]),
([NSBrowser -keyDown:]): implemented keyboard navigation
([NSBrowser -selectedCell]), ([NSBrowser -selectedCells]),
([NSBrowser -columnOfMatrix:]), ([NSBrowser -selectedColumn]):
changed return value from NSNotFound to -1 to conforms to NSMatrix
([NSBrowser -doClick:]): fix for new return values, added support for
multiple and branch selection.
([NSBrowser -setLastColumn:]): mark column titles need display
([NSBrowser -_getTitleOfColumn:]): fix for multiple selection.
* Source/NSCell.m ([NSCell -setState:]): bug fix: set value to
NSOnState if someone try to set NSMixedState in a two state cell.
([NSCell -performClick:]): do not perform click if the cell is
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([NSMatrix
([NSMatrix -deselectAllCells]), ([NSMatrix -deselectSelectedCell]),
([NSMatrix -selectAll:]): bug fix: set _selectRow and _selectColumn
to -1 when no cells are selected
([NSMatrix -performKeyEquivalent:]): saves _selectedRow and
([NSMatrix -getRow:column:ofCell:]): check for null values for row and
([NSMatrix -selectCellAtRow:column:]): deselect the current selection
only in NSRadioModeMatrix mode.
([NSMatrix -mouseDown:]): use the new code also for NSRadioModeMatrix
and fix for this mode.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([NSSavePanel -selectCellWithString:]): select
text of the cell and enable okButton.
([NSSavePanel -controlTextDidChange:]): implemented.
([NSSavePanel -controlTextDidEndEditing:]): removed.
([NSSavePanel -browser:createRowsForColumn:inMatrix:]): follows
symbolic links.
([NSSavePanel -_initWithoutGModel]): set browser doubleAction to
performClick: of the _okButton. Set _okButton as default window button.
Disable _okButton.
([NSSavePanel -browser:selectCellWithString:inColumn:]),
([NSSavePanel -selectText:]), ([NSSavePanel -keyDown:]): implemented
keyboard navigation.
([NSSavePanel -runModalForDirectory:file:]): enable _okButton if
filename is valid.
([NSSavePanel -_selectTextInColumn:]), ([NSSavePanel -_selectText:]),
([NSSavePanel -_selectCellName:]): new private methods.
Sun Sep 10 23:33:55 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextView.m ([-initWithFrame:textContainer:]): Fixed the
setting of the text view as the text container's text view (patch
prepared in cooperation with Georg Fleischman <>).
Sun Sep 10 23:07:45 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-initWithCoder:]), ([-encodeWithCoder:]):
Sun Sep 10 16:49:50 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMatrix.h: Prefixed all ivars with
* Source/NSMatrix.m: Updated for change in ivars.
* Source/NSForm.m ([-calcSize]): Idem.
Sun Sep 10 16:17:36 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableColumn.m ([-initWithIdentifier:]): Made column
editable by default.
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Do not start
resizing if the column is not resizable.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Do not start editing if
the column is not editable.
Fri Sep 8 18:42:10 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSWindow.m ([-setFrame:display:]): Call
[-constrainFrameRect:toScreen:] before resizing.
([-constrainFrameRect:toScreen:]): Rewritten to be compliant with
specs. ([-initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:]):
Do not set maximum size as the size of the screen.
2000-09-08 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSMenu.m: ([-setSupermenu:]) don't retain supermenu.
* Source/NSMenuItem.m: ([-setSubmenu:]) set target and action for
handling submenu, and set supermenu for submenu.
([-setMenu:]) if item has a submenu, set supermenu for submenu of item,
and set target to be the new menu, so clicking on this item will raise
the submenu.
2000-09-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSText.m: Changed varius places to make
more consistent.
Thu Sep 7 21:46:33 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableColumn.m ([-setWidth:]): Post the old width in the
notification user info.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Fixed clicking on the
table with shift pressed when multiple selection is not allowed.
([-_selectColumn:modifiers:]): Idem for clicks on the table header
view. ([-removeTableColumn:]): Rearrange selection if needed.
([-moveColumn:toColumn:]): Implemented. ([-sizeLastColumnToFit]):
Allow shrinking last column if needed.
Thu Sep 7 17:47:46 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m ([NSAttributedString -drawInRect:]):
Use NSRectClip as a temporary workaround for the fact that
the string is to be drawn only inside rect.
Thu Sep 7 17:01:58 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableHeaderView.h: Added ivar for
resized column.
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m ([-setTableView:]): Initialize
resized column ivar. ([-resizedColumn:]): Implemented.
([-mouseDown:]): Implemented resizing of columns.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableView.h: Added ivar for allowing
column resizing.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-allowsColumnResizing]),
([-setAllowsColumnResizing:]): Implemented. ([-initWithFrame:]):
Allow column resizing by default.
([-_userResizedTableColumn:leftWidth:rightWidth:]): New private
Thu Sep 7 14:56:47 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Removed periodic events.
Do not ask window to track mouse moved events. Only accept
left mouse dragged and left mouse up events during dragging.
Thu Sep 7 02:56:25 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([-_windowWillClose:notification]): Use
NSDebugLog instead of NSLog to log asking to delegate whether to
terminate app.
Wed Sep 6 16:44:30 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m: Cache scrollerWidth in the whole class;
removed empty view from NSBrowserColumn. ([-_unloadFromColumn:]):
Use nil instead of empty view. ([-setDelegate:]): Do not retain
delegate. ([-pathToColumn:]): Fixed memory leak.
Wed Sep 6 14:51:36 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Model/GMAppKit.m ([NSWindow -initWithModelUnarchiver:]): Updated
code for the new NSWindow ivars.
Tue Sep 5 23:13:21 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSControl.m ([-objectValue]), ([-takeObjectValueFrom:]),
([-setObjectValue:]): Implemented.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSControl.h: Added declarations
of the new methods.
Tue Sep 5 18:52:57 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSWindow.h, Source/NSWindow.m: Prefixed all
ivars with underscores.
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSIconWindow -_initDefaults]): Updated
for change in NSWindow's ivars.
* Source/NSMenu.m ([NSMenuWindow -_initDefaults]), ([NSMenuWindow
-moveToPoint:]): Idem.
* Source/NSView.m ([-lockFocusInRect:]),
([-unlockFocusNeedsFlush:]): Idem.
Tue Sep 5 17:55:17 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextContainer.m ([-setHeightTracksTextView:]),
([-setWidthTracksTextView:]): Register for notifications if we
need. ([-setTextView:]): Only remove us from notifications
regarding the old text view; register for notifications only if we
need. ([-_textViewFrameChanged:]): Don't track height if we only
need to track width and vice versa.
Tue Sep 5 03:04:41 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([-terminate:]): Post
NSApplicationWillTerminateNotification. ([-setDelegate:]):
Register the delegate for NSApplicationWillTerminateNotification.
Tue Sep 5 00:31:50 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSClipView.m ([-encodeWithCoder:]), ([-initWithCoder:]):
* Source/NSScroller.m ([-encodeWithCoder:]), ([-initWithCoder:]):
* Source/NSScrollView.m ([-initWithCoder:]): Fixed typos;
support headerview, cornerview; tile after decoding.
2000-09-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTypesetter.h: New file.
* Source/NSSimpleHorizontalTypesetter.m: As above.
Added some basic implementation.
* Source/NSTextView.m
Use more implementation from super to make this class temporary working
Mon Sep 4 03:53:06 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSButton.m ([-keyDown:]): Updated for fix in generation
of key events in the backend.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-keyDown:]): Idem.
* Source/NSResponder.m ([-interpretKeyEvents:]): Idem.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([-keyDown:]): Idem.
2000-09-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m: [weightForString:] added "black"
* Source/NSAttributesString.m: Corrected bug in
Sun Sep 3 21:20:25 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSliderCell.m ([-init]): Create titleCell.
([-drawKnob]), ([-drawKnob:]): Access control_view ivar.
Sun Sep 3 20:57:32 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-drawRect:]): Simplifications; do not lock
focus before drawing scroller border.
* Source/NSScroller.m Cache scrollBarColor. ([-drawRect:]): Only
redraw the interested parts using a little cache.
([-drawKnobSlot]): Cache rect. ([-setFrameSize:]),
([-setFrame:]), ([-setArrowsPosition:]), ([-setEnabled:]):
Invalidate little cache.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSScroller.h: Added ivar for caching rects.
* Source/NSSlider.m (_floatValueForMousePoint): New inline
function replacing [-_floatValueForMousePointknobRect:].
([-trackKnob:knobRect:]), ([-mouseDown:]): Use the new inline
function. ([-trackKnob:knobRect:]): Tiny caching.
([-mouseDown:]): Use flag for flipped.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-drawRect:]): Only fill background in
rect argument.
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-_performLoadOfColumn:]): Release matrix
* Source/NSCell.m ([-dealloc]): Use NSDeallocateObject.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([-browser:createRowsForColumn:inMatrix:]):
Use an autorelease pool; avoid creating the column if it is void.
* Source/NSTableHeaderCell.m ([-drawWithFrame:inView:]): Fixed
typo: self, not super.
2000-09-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m: Added missing RETAINs.
* Source/NSBrowser.m
* Source/NSFontPanel.m
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m
* Source/NSMenu.m
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m
* Source/NSMenuView.m
* Source/NSPanel.m
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m
* Source/NSTableHeaderCell.m
* Source/NSTabView.m
* Source/NSText.m:
Changed system fonts of size 12 to 0. This will use Nicolas font
cache and keep font sizes consistent when changed.
2000-09-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSFontInfo.h:
* Source/GSFontInfo.m:
Added class methods [weightForString:], [stringForWeight:] and
[encodingForRegistry:encoding:] to be used in subclasses.
Sat Sep 2 01:34:19 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSFont.m ([+boldSystemFontOfSize:]),
([+systemFontOfSize:]), ([+userFixedPitchFontOfSize:]),
([+userFontOfSize:]): Cache font of size 0. (setNSFont): Mark
caches as needing to be recomputed.
Fri Sep 1 22:34:55 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([-_performLoadOfColumn:]): Fixed
memory leak.
Fri Sep 1 13:02:45 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-textDidEndEditing:]): Implemented Tab,
Shift+Tab. ([-_editPreviousEditableCellBeforeRow:column:]),
([-_editPreviousEditableCellBeforeRow:column:]): New private
methods. (_isCellSelectable): New private inline function.
Fri Sep 1 12:01:36 2000 Georg Fleischmann <>
* Source/NSTabView.m ([-drawRect:]): Redraw using bounds instead
of rect.
Fri Sep 1 00:56:05 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSColorPanel.m ([+dragColor:withEvent:fromView:]): Fixed
event coordinate.
2000-08-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSFont.h: Removed method -widths, as this is
no longer needed.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSFontInfo.h: Removed ivar and method
widths. Changed ivar weigth to type int and added ivars traits
and mostCompatibleStringEncoding.
* Source/NSFont.m: Removed method -widths
* Source/GSFontInfo.m: Removed method -widths. Changed [weigth],
[mostCompatibleStringEncoding] and [traits] to return the ivars.
Set those in [init] to the default values.
Thu Aug 31 00:30:15 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([-_initWithoutGModel]): Fixed setting of
min size. ([-_getOriginalSize]): Fixed getting content size.
([-setAccessoryView:]): Updated, fixed.
Wed Aug 30 19:36:19 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSForm.m ([-insertEntry:atIndex:]): Moved some code to
([putCell:atRow:column:]). ([-putCell:atRow:column:]): New
method. (patch prepared in cooperation with Georg Fleischmann
Wed Aug 30 13:07:06 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMatrix.h: Added ivar for key cell;
added declaration of ([-setKeyCell:]).
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-keyCell]), ([-setKeyCell:]): Implemented.
([-selectText:]): Select keyCell if appropriate. ([-keyDown:]):
Select text if the key is enter.
Wed Aug 30 12:07:46 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m ([-_initWithoutGModel]): Set browser's
double action and target so that double clicking on an entry opens
Tue Aug 29 20:07:23 2000 Nicola Pero <>
Implemented object value and formatter support in NSCell and
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSCell.h: Added ivars for formatter, object
value and a new flag to cache whether the cell has a valid object
value or not.
* Source/NSCell.m ([-dealloc]), ([-copyWithZone:]): Added object
value and formatter. ([-setFormatter:]), ([-formatter]):
Implemented. ([-setIntValue:]), ([-setFloatValue:]),
([-setDoubleValue:]): Rewritten, updated. ([-setObjectValue:]):
Rewritten, updated. ([-hasValidObjectValue]), ([-objectValue]):
Implemented. ([-editWithFrame:inView:editor:delegate:event:]):
Use string provided by formatter. ([-encodeWithCoder:]): Added
formatter, object value. ([-initWithCoder:): Added formatter,
object value; recompute has_valid_object_value flag.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSControl.h: Added declaration of methods
implemented by the delegate for validation using a formatter.
* Source/NSTextField.m ([-validateEditing]): Added validation
using NSFormatter. ([-textShouldEndEditing:]): Added validation
of object value. ([-textDidChange:]): Skeleton and some code for
validation while typing.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-validateEditing]),
([-textShouldEndEditing:]), ([-textDidChange:]): Same changes as
in Source/NSTextField.m.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-validateEditing]),
([-textShouldEndEditing:]): Idem.
* Source/NSMatrix.m ([-drawCell:]): Implemented.
* Source/NSMatrix.m, Source/NSTextField: Cache the default
notification center for the whole class.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Double clicking starts
editing only if row is selected.
2000-08-26 Georg Fleischmann
* gui/Source/NSApplication.m ([-NSApplication run]): Don't update
menu for NSPeriodic and NSMouseMoved events.
2000-08-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFontPanel.m: Changed to tags for all subviews to
prepare for the switch to gmodel. ([-panelConvertFont:]):
corrected to not return nil.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSFontPanel.h: Removed ivars for subviews.
* Source/NSFontManager.m ([-convertWeight:ofFont:]): Better
* Source/NSView.m: ([-viewWithTag:]): Corrected bug in
optimisation for first sub-level.
* Header/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: Started cleanup of code.
* Source/NSTextStorage.c ([-edited:range:changeInLength:]),
([-processEditing]): Corrected reported range.
Sun Aug 27 19:11:59 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-initWithFrame:]): Bug fix in
initialization of selecting/editing ivars.
Sat Aug 26 22:55:55 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m: Cache the default notification center for the
whole class.
Sat Aug 26 19:25:17 2000 Nicola Pero <>
Implemented selection of rows and columns in NSTableView:
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableView.h: Added ivars for selection
of rows and columns.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-initWithFrame:]): Initialize the
selection ivars. ([-dealloc]): Release the selected row and
column arrays. ([-setAllowsMultipleSelection:]),
([-allowsMultipleSelection]), ([-setAllowsEmptySelection:]),
([-allowsEmptySelection]), ([-setAllowsColumnSelection]),
([-allowsColumnSelection]), ([-numberOfSelectedColumns]),
([-numberOfSelectedRows]), ([-selectedRow]), ([-selectedColumn]),
([-isColumnSelected:]), ([-isRowSelected:]),
([-selectedColumnEnumerator]), ([-selectedRowEnumerator]):
([-selectColumn:byExtendingSelection:]), ([-deselectColumn:]),
([-deselectRow:]), ([-deselectAll:sender]), ([-selectAll:]),
([-highlightSelectionInClipRect:]): Implemented. ([-mouseDown:]):
Manage selection. ([-drawRect:]): Draw selection.
(_deselectRowsInRange), (_selectionChange), (_selectRowsInRange),
(_insertNumberInSelectionArray): New internal functions.
([-_selectColumn:modifiers:]): New method;
([-_setSelectingColumns:]): New internal method.
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Implemented simple
selection of columns; some code for dragging.
* Source/NSTableView.m: Cache the default notification center for
the whole class. ([-isOpaque]): Added method.
2000-08-25 Adam Fedor <>
* GMAppKit.m ([NSTextView -encodeWithModelArchiver:]): Test if
object responds to allowsUndo.
2000-08-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/Parser/RTFProducer.m
([-runStringForString:attributes:paragraphStart:]): Improved
output of bold/italic formating.
* Source/Parser/rtfScanner.c Corrected function gethex().
2000-08-19 Georg Fleischmann
* gui/Source/NSView.m ([NSView -removeSubview:]): check if any
superview of the first responder is the view to be removed
2000-08-15 Georg Fleischmann
* gui/Source/NSText.m ([NSText -sizeToFit:]): 'else' removed to
allow resize of height and width
(scanRange()): line 1032: +1 to avoid infinite
loop for single character line 1011, 1047: '>' instead of '>='
Thu Aug 17 08:51:45 2000 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h: Add hyphenation
prototypes (patch from Jeff Teunissen <>).
2000-08-07 Adam Fedor <>
* Merge 0.6.6 branch into main.
2000-08-03 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSEvent.h: Support middle mouse button
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSResponder.h: ditto
* Source/Functions.m: ditto
* Source/GSComboSupport.m: ditto
* Source/NSApplication.m: ditto
* Source/NSCell.m: ditto
* Source/NSControl.m: ditto
* Source/NSEvent.m: ditto
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m: ditto
* Source/NSMenuView.m: ditto
* Source/NSResponder.m: ditto
* Source/NSWindow.m: ditto
2000-07-30 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: patch by to simplify
loading of gmodel files.
2000-08-06 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.6.6 released.
Sun Aug 6 18:43:13 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([NSBrowser -doClick:]): Removed safety check
which was preventing subclasses of NSBrowserCell to work properly
with a browser.
Sat Aug 5 02:03:24 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m ([NSTextFieldCell -initTextCell:]):
Reverted last change - do not draw background by default.
2000-08-04 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m ([_GSWorkspaceCenter -postNotification:]):
Add user default "GSLogWorkspaceTimeout" to log rather than raise
an exception during remote notification.
2000-08-03 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setFrameFromString:): Don't set display flag
if window not visible.
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (-initWithCoder): Don't call super.
(encodeWithCoder:): Likewise.
2000-08-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Version: Update version number
* Documentation/announce.tmpl.texi: Update
* Documentation/readme.tmpl.texi: Likewise.
* Documentation/news.tmpl.texi: Likewise.
* Documentation/todo.tmpl.texi: Likewise.
2000-08-2 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSText.m
Changed the handling of the selection. The selection now only gets
drawn inside of drawRect: otherwise it is just flaged as needing a
2000-08-01 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSMiniWindow -mouseDown:]): Use NSWindow's
2000-07-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m
Removed super calls in coding for GSNibContainer and GSNibItem
to remove compiler warnings
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m
[initTextCell:] switch drawsBackground on.
* Source/NSText.m
[initWithFrame:] switch drawsBackground on.
2000-07-31 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSColor.m: ([-description]) corrected to remove quotes from
string listing color components. problem reported by Benhur Stein
2000-07-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextView.m
Use [drawRect:] from super.
* Source/NSText.m
Added method [undrawSelectionAsRange:], this only shows the cursor
if [shouldDrawInsertionPoint] is YES. In [mouseDown:] only make
first responder if editable. Also increase the proposed range to
include the last character into the selection.
2000-07-30 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m
(+loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone:): Read as gmodel if it has
proper extension.
(-loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone:): Fix a few bugs in
determining proper extension. (patch from Gregory Casamento
Sun Jul 30 01:33:15 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m ([NSText -moveRight:]): ([NSText -moveLeft:]),
([NSText -moveUp:]), ([NSText -moveDown:]): Tidied; removed call
to selectionRangeForProposedRange:granularity:.
([NSText -selectionRangeForProposedRange:granularity:]): Tidied,
fixed some bugs showing upon selecting text by words and deleting
2000-07-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFileWrapper.m
[initWithPath:] always store full pathname in filename. This may
be wrong but now it is consistent in this file.
[writeToFile:atomically:updateFilenames:] set attributes for
normal files.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
[fixAttributesInRange:] added fix of attachments
Thu Jul 20 16:00:14 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([-init]): Enclosed all initialization
into an autorelease pool as per specifications; moved
initialize_gnustep_backend () here so it is enclosed in the
autorelease pool too.
2000-07-19 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (+sharedApplication): Initialize
backend here instead of NSApplicationMain().
* Source/NSGraphicContext.m (+waitAllContexts): New method.
* Documentation/news.tmpl.texi: Update.
* Documentation/todo.tmpl.texi: Update.
2000-07-16 Adam Fedor <>
* GNUmakefile: Make PrinterTypes subdir.
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile: New file to install ppd files.
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile.postamble: Likewise.
* Source/NSPrinter.m (getFile): Use NSBundle methods.
(+printerTypes): Simplify with use of NSBundle methods.
2000-07-14 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-run): Do appIconInit
here so NSApp can be set-up without showing icon.
2000-07-06 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GNUmakefile: Install GSFontInfo.h
2000-07-04 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Update port name servr for revised API
compatible with MacOS-X
2000-07-03 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/gpbs.m: Fix for OPENSTEP complient DO
2000-07-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFileWrapper.m
Corrected decoding and added a RETAIN in
* Source/Parser/RTFProducer.m
* Source/Parser/RTFProducer.h
* Source/Parser/attributedStringConsumer.m
* Source/Parser/rtfConsumer.h
Added new methods to read/write RTFD and resturctured the methods
for RTF.
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
Use new RTFD methods
2000-07-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFileWrapper.m
Implemented coding and replaced [initWithSerializedRepresentation:]
and [serializedRepresentation] to use it.
* Source/NSText.m
Changed Font/Ruler pasting to use an Archiver
* Source/NSTextView.m
[setAllowsUndo:] and [allowsUndo] now use ivar
2000-06-29 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSText.m (-setFont:): Return if font==nil.
* Source/NSTextView.m (setAllowsUndo:, allowsUndo): Stub
* Source/Functions.m (NSApplicationMain): Call NSProcessInfo
initialization if GS_PASS_ARGUMENTS.
* Tools/example.m: Likewise.
* Tools/gpbs.m: Likewise.
* Tools/make_services.m: Likewise.
* Tools/set_show_services.m: Likewise.
Tue Jun 27 19:35:54 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSButton.m ([-allowsMixedState]): Implemented.
([-setAllowsMixedState:]): Idem ([-setNextState]): Idem.
* Headers/AppKit/NSButton.h: Added corresponding declarations.
2000-06-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFileWrapper.m
Added a crude implemention for [initWithSerializedRepresentation:]
and [serializedRepresentation]. Also scattered some AUTORELEASE and
RELEASE statements.
* Source/NSPasteboard.m
[readFileContentsType:toFile:] and [writeFileContents:] now use file
wrappers to use the same format as the new methods.
* Source/NSText.m
Turn on NSFileContentsPboardType in [readablePasteboardTypes].
2000-06-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m: attachmentString() - retain newly
created string.
2000-06-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextAttachment.h
* Source/NSTextAttachment.m
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
Added a basic implementation for NSTextAttachment and
NSTextAttachmentCell and use it in NSAttributedString.
* Source/GNUmakefile
Include new file NSTextAttachment.m
* Source/NSText.m
Changed the font and ruler pasting and removed some other FIXMEs
* Headers/AppKit/NSPasteboard.h
* Source/NSPasteboard.m
Added two missing methods for file wrapper
2000-06-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/Parser/attributedStringConsumer.m
* Source/Parser/rtfConsumerFunctions.h
* Source/Parser/rtfScanner.c
* Source/Parser/rtfGrammer.y
Added support for RTF special characters and extra paragraph attributes
* Source/Parser/RTFProducer.m
* Source/Parser/RTFProducer.h
New files for RTF output, code comes partly from Source/NSAttributedString
* Source/GNUmakefile
Include new file Parser/RTFProducer.m until it gets its own bundle
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
Moved RTF output code to Source/Parser/RTFProducer.m
Corrected [fixParagraphStyleAttributeInRange:] and removed all the
location < 0 checks as location is unsigned.
* Source/NSFontManager.m
Allow for a loosier conversion in [fontWithFamily:traits:weight:size:]
Wed Jun 21 19:42:12 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* NSCell.m ([-objectValue]): Placeholder implementation returning
the same as stringValue.
Alpha implementation of editing in NSTableView.
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-setDelegate:]): Check whether delegate
is editable. ([-drawRow:clipRect:]): Don't draw over the edited
cell. ([-mouseDown:]): Added editing. ([-abortEditing]):
Implemented. ([-currentEditor]): Idem. ([-validateEditing]):
Idem. ([-editedRow]): Idem. ([-editedColumn]): Idem.
([-textDidBeginEditing:]): Idem. ([-textDidEndEditing:]):
Idem. ([-textShouldBeginEditing:]): Idem.
([-textShouldEndEditing:]): Idem. ([-textDidChange:]): Idem.
Tue Jun 20 20:22:34 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSTableView.h: Added editing related ivars.
Mon Jun 19 19:16:15 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m
([-selectionRangeForProposedRange:granularity:]): Fixed crash when
moving past the end of text.
2000-06-16 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m (-mutableCopyWithZone:): New method.
2000-06-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GMAppKit.h
* Model/GMAppKit.m
Added archiving of NSText and NSTextView
2000-06-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/Parser/attributedStringConsumer.m
* Source/Parser/rtfConsumer.h
* Source/Parser/rtfConsumerFunctions.h
* Source/Parser/rtfScanner.h
* Source/Parser/rtfScanner.y
* Source/Parser/rtfGrammer.y
Extended support for RTF. Added underline, script, colour and
Fri Jun 16 21:05:49 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSText.m ([NSText -scrollRangeToVisible:aRange]): Don't
try scrolling an ancestor clipview if we are field editors.
Fri Jun 16 19:32:11 2000 Nicola Pero <>
Implemented double-click on NSTableView header and not editable
* Headers/AppKit/NSTableView.h: Added ivars _clickedRow,
_clickedColumn, _target; added declaration of private method
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-setTarget:]): Implemented.
([-target]): Idem. ([-clickedColumn]): Idem.
([-clickedRow]): Idem. ([-mouseDown:]): Implemented double-click
to send double action when cell is not editable.
([-_sendDoubleActionForColumn:]): New private method for use by
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m ([-mouseDown:]): Implemented
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-scrollColumnToVisible:]): Tiny fix for
coordinate change. ([-scrollRowToVisible:]): Idem.
2000-06-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/Parser/attributedStringConsumer.m
* Source/Parser/rtfConsumer.h
* Source/Parser/rtfConsumerFunctions.h
* Source/Parser/rtfScanner.h
* Source/Parser/rtfScanner.y
* Source/Parser/rtfGrammer.y
Extended support for RTF. It is possible to read in the OpenStep
specification now!
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
Use new RTF interface in initWithRTF:documentAttributes:
(Will change once more if we use a separat bundle)
Implemented attributedStringWithAttachment:
* Source/NSTextStorage.m
Corrected problem in processEditing. The change range got to big
after repeated adding at the end.
* Source/NSText.m
Made setAlignment:range: save against missing paragraph style
Fri Jun 16 18:59:44 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([NSTableView -scrollRowToVisible:]): Don't
need to constrainScrollPoint before calling scrollToPoint.
([-scrollColumnToVisible:]): Idem.
* Source/NSView.m ([-scrollPoint:]): Idem.
([-scrollRectToVisible:]): Idem. ([-scrollPoint:]): Don't send
reflectScrolledClipView to the clipview's superview.
Fri Jun 16 10:18:29 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-scrollColumnToVisible:]): Updated for
last changes in scrollview code.
Thu Jun 15 20:29:13 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSView.m ([-scrollRectToVisible:]): Don't need to send
reflectScrolledClipView to the clipview's superview. This is done
automatically by the clipview.
Thu Jun 15 20:09:55 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m ([-reflectScrolledClipView:]): If needed,
scroll the header view too.
Thu Jun 15 15:25:32 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-columnAtPoint:]): Fixed fatal typo.
Tue Jun 13 19:36:37 2000 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([-scrollRowToVisible:]): Implemented.
([-scrollColumnToVisible:]): Implemented.
Tue Jun 13 17:22:24 2000 Nicola Pero <>