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2004-12-30 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Modified to be more compliant with GNUstep
coding standards.
(-draggingUpdated:): Prevents the user to customize the toolbar when
-allowsUserCustomization returns NO (bug #11393).
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Modified to be more compliant with GNUstep
coding standards.
(-mouseDown:): Prevents the user to customize the toolbar when
-allowsUserCustomization returns NO (bug #11393).
2004-12-23 05:38 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Images/MagnifyGlass.tiff: Added. The NSColorPanel class uses
this image.
2004-12-13 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: Modified the code to be clearer
Renamed internal class GSFirstMouseTableView to GSComboBoxTableView
Removed GSComboWindow _localSelection ivar which is not needed, because
the user selection is now handled in -clickItem and not in
-tableViewSelectionDidChange: which is now reserved to the internal (aka
local) selection support.
(-[GSComboWindow selectItem:]): Renamed the method name to -clickItem:
(-[GSComboWindow clickItem:]): Reworked to the method to be used by the
NSTableView (or NSBrowser) action to track the user clicks.
(-[GSComboWindow validateSelection:]): Rewritten the method to handle
itself the selection, the method updates now the cell object value and
sends the action bound to the cell.
(-selectItemAtIndex:): Updated the method to match the Cocoa
specification which states that this method should adjust the selection
in the combo box list but not simulate a user click.
2004-12-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCursor.m (getStandardCursor()): If not standard cursor
is available, try an image cursor with an image of the same name.
* Images/common_OpenHandCursor.tiff
* Images/common_ClosedHandCursor.tiff: New cursor image files by
Fabien Vallon <>.
* Images/GNUmakefile: Install the new files.
* Images/nsmapping.strings: Register the new cursor files for the
names used in NSCursor.m.
2004-11-11 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GSDragView.m ([GSDragView -_setCursor]): Initialize variable.
* Source/NSMatrix.m: Rename vaguely-named macro.
(Based on Patch #3499 from Patrick Middleton).
2004-11-11 Adam Fedor <>
* Version: Add numeric value for runtime versioning.
* Souce/GNUmakeifle: Add resource set install.
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble (Info-gnustep.plist): New target.
2004-11-11 Adam Fedor <>
* Model/GMAppKit.m ([NSPopUpButton -encodeWithModelArchiver:]):
More robust method for getting title (works on OPENSTEP, from
George Fleischmann).
2004-11-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenu.h
* Source/NSMenu.m (-setMain:): New internal method to set the main
menu of an application. Uses code from [NSApplication
setMainMenu:] plus a display call for the new main menu.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-setMainMenu:): Use the new method on
NSMenu to flag a menu as main and cleaned up the logic.
2004-11-11 15:08 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-_setupTextWithFrame:inView:editor:): Reduce the
maximum size. Explicitly set the size of the text view, and make it
not resizable.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m (-rectArrayForGlyphRange:
withinSelectedGlyphRange:inTextContainer:rectCount:): Fix check for
whether the starting index is inside a line frag rect.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-sizeToFit): Don't increase the size if we
have no inset.
(-updateInsertionPointStateAndRestartTimer:): Force the insertion
point rect to be inside the text view.
(-scrollRangeToVisible:): If we are a non-rich-text field editor,
adjust the scrolling to make the auto-scrolling more useful.
Fixes bug #9279.
2004-11-10 Matt Rice <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h (-iconSize): New method
(-iconTileImage): Ditto.
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m (-resolutionForScreen:): Fix Typo in Docs.
(-boundsForScreen:): Ditto.
(-windowBounds:): Ditto.
(-iconSize): Implement new method.
(-iconTileImage): Ditto.
* Source/NSApplication.m (NSAppIconView): Remove
useWindowmakerIconBackground variable.
(scaledIconSizeForSize): New function.
([NSAppIconView +initialize]): Dont set a default image here. Remove
usage of GSUseWindowmakerIconBackground default. Use backend tile and
scale it to the backend icon size.
([NSAppIconView -drawRect:]): Remove usage of
useWindowmakerIconBackground. Draw cells with the backend icon size.
([NSAppIconView -setImage:]): Set the image to a scaled copy.
setNeedsDisplay instead of drawing directly.
([NSApplication -_appIconInit]): Use backend icon size.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Remove useWindowmakerIconBackground variable.
(scaledIconSizeForSize): New function.
([NSMiniWindowView +initialize]): Remove usage of
GSUseWindowmakerIconBackground default. Use backend tile image and scale
it to the backend icon size.
([NSMiniWindowView -drawRect:]): Remove usage of
useWindowmakerIconBackground. Draw cells with the backend iconSize.
([NSMiniWindowView -setImage:]): Set the image to a scaled copy.
setNeedsDisplay instead of drawing directly.
([NSMiniWindowView -setTitle:]): setNeedsDisplay instead of drawing
([NSWindow -miniaturize:]): Use backend icon size.
* Documentation/GuiUser/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc: Remove docs for
2004-11-09 Adrian Robert <>
* Source/NSTabView.m (-insertTabViewItem:): Update display.
(-removeTabViewItem:): Same.
(-selectTabViewItem:): Fix erroneous comment.
(-selectTabViewItemAtIndex:) Check index in range.
(-drawRect:) Don't try to select first tab if there are no tabs.
* Source/NSColorList.m (-initWithNameFromFile:) Treat filename
given as full path, not directory (but support this previous
behavior in case apps are relying on it). Also, if fail to read
file as an archive, try text format.
(+loadAvavailableColorLists:) Adjust code for change to
(-_readTextColorFile:) New utility method to support
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorList.h: Document above changes.
2004-11-09 22:36 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m (_value_from_info_plist_for_key): Rename to
(_nil_or_not_of_class): Rename to nil_or_not_of_class.
Update callers.
(-initWithDictionary:): Fix comment typo.
* Source/NSAlert.m: Whitespace cleanups.
* Source/NSPrinter.m: Whitespace cleanups.
2004-11-09 22:08 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m (-layoutLineNewParagraph:):
Implement NSLineBreakByClipping. Set outside_line_frag and dont_show
attributes for every glyph.
2004-11-09 18:55 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSPasteboard.m (+_pbs): Give gpbs a --GSStartupNotification
argument. Listen for the notification and connect immediately if it
arrives. Clarify the user message. Fixes bug #10876.
2004-11-08 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-setImage:): Added overriden NSCell method in
order to have the cell switched to an image cell (with the NSImageOnly
position) when you call -setImage:. With the previous commit, when the
cell is a text cell and you call -setImagePosition: after -setImage:,
the cell image is released.
2004-11-07 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-type): Now returns NSNullCellType when the image
value is nil and the cell type is NSImageCellType, in order to match the
documented Cocoa behavior.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-setImagePosition:): Finished to commit the
patch (not fully applied) associated with the revision 1.90, the bug
#10595 is now corrected.
2004-11-07 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-constrainFrameRect:toScreen:): Modified the method
to match the specification and the constraints used when the user
moves/resizes the window with the cursor. That makes possible to have
resizable windows which extends below the bottom of the screen as long
as you can move them up to take back the resize control on the screen.
(-setFrame:display:): Modified the method to remove the possibility to
have the window title bar positioned over the top of the screen when
using -gui window decorations.
2004-11-06 08:34 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Removed nibInstantiate. This method
should only be defined and used inside the GUI builder application
according to specs.
2004-11-04 Adrian Robert <>
* Documentation/GuiUser/KeyboardSetup.gsdoc: Describe the new
"GSModifiersAreKeys" default.
2004-10-31 12:04 Gregory John Casamento <>
* GNUmakefile.postamble: Removed the after-clean clean section
which is attempting to remove directories which existed prior to
the change which moved all of the headers. While this is not
causing an issue on Linux, some other environments fail when
attempting to "make distclean".
2004-10-30 Alex Perez <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSImage.h (+_standardImageWithName:): New method.
* Source/NSImage.m (+_standardImageWithName:): New method.
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (_getImageForName:alternate:): Remove. Update
callers to use +_standardImageWithName: instead.
2004-10-25 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Moved the code which looks for the application
icons in the method -iconForFile: to the method -appIconForApp:. As
a side effect, it fix the bug introduced by my last commit which caused
a nil exception when the application info.plist contains no NSIcon
2004-10-24 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (-appIconForApp:): Fixed code to be more
generic by using -[NSBundle pathForImageResource:]. Now the method
works with NSIcon value not path based like "MyApplication.tiff".
2004-10-22 08:26 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSStepperCell.m: Corrected issue with [NSStepperCell
initWithCoder:] for encoding issue with gcc 3.4.
* Header/AppKit/NSStepperCell.h: Took out defines which use
the bitfields in NSCell.h. These now are BOOL variables.
2004-10-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSResponder.m (-initWithCoder:): Set missing default
value for menu to nil.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Hack around Apple NIB
bug and decode some of the flags.
2004-10-17 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSCell.m: Added code to [NSCell initWithCoder:] which
properly retains the formatter and menu.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Changed comment.
* Source/NSResponder.m: Added keyed archiving implementation in
* Source/NSTextView.m: Improved implementation of keyed coding
for NSTextView. Also preparing to add details discovered about
the flag settings.
* Source/NSView.m: Improved NSView keyed decoding. Also made
sure that [super initWithCoder:] is called in that method for both
the keyed and non-keyed archiving (as it should be).
* Source/NSWindow.m: Added implementation of undo: and redo: to
2004-10-17 Adrian Robert <>
* Source/Functions.m (NSBestDepth): Check outarg exactMatch is
non-null before setting.
* Source/NSFont.m (getNSFont): Use defaultSize for 'fontSize'
args of <0 as well as ==0; documented.
2004-10-11 Georg Fleischmann
* Model/GMAppKit.m [-encodeWithModelArchiver:] remove title
bar and resize bar from 'minSize'.
2004-10-15 07:33 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSAppIconView -mouseDown:]): order front
possibly obscured windows if not hidden.
2004-10-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-initWithCoder:):
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-initWithCoder:):
* Source/NSImage.m (-initWithCoder:): Implemented keyed decoding.
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-initWithCoder:): Don't use methods to set
the cell size and intercell spase, as this will change the frame.
* Source/NSFormCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Set the string value
later, as the decoding is super gets used for the title.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Set fields only when
value is provided and fake NSImageLeft until flag decoding is there.
2004-10-08 22:08 Chad Hardin <>
* Printing/GNUmakefile: Now goes in and build GSCUPS (Work in progress!)
* Printing/GSCUPS/GNUmakefile: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GNUmakefile.postamble: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GNUmakefile.preamble: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPageLayout.h: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPageLayout.m: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrincipalClass.h: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrincipalClass.m: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrintInfo.h: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrintInfo.m: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrintOperation.h: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrintOperation.m: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrintPanel.h: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrintPanel.m: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrinter.h: Added
* Printing/GSCUPS/GSCUPSPrinter.m: Added. GSCUPS is a work in
progress. Some changes still need to be made to NSPrinter,
NSPrinterInfo. Additionally, NSPrintPanel needs to be improved
to take advantage of the new features that GSCUPS will provide.
2004-10-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFormCell.m: (-initWithCoder:):
* Source/NSMatrix.m: (-initWithCoder:): Implemented keyed decoding.
* Source/NSColor.m: (-initWithCoder:): Corrected handling of alpha
values (use 1 instead of 0)
* Source/NSCell.m: (-initWithCoder:): Added some more flag
handling and rearranged code.
2004-10-08 09:17 Chad Hardin <>
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPageLayout.m: Fixed a #define
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintInfo.m: Made it so the code calls
NSPrinter's printerWithName rather than GSLPR's, because the former
caches NSPrinter objects.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.h: Moved a method out of a (Private)
catagory and place it into the header file, directly into the class.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.m: Simplified the class by taking out
an unnecesary initializer.
2004-10-08 Chad Hardin <>
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintOperation: Removed useless #defines and
did a minor format cleanup.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.m: Took out a few PS specific methods so
that they can be put into the parent class, NSPrinter.
* Source/NSPrinter: Received PS specific methods from GSLPRPrinter so
that they can be used by GSCUPS as well. Also removed some useless
2004-10-05 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble (libgnustep-gui.def): Search for both
T and R symbols to work with multiple mingw/cygwin flavors.
2004-10-01 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/ReleaseNotes.gsdoc: Format fixes.
* Source/DocMakefile (before-clean, after-clean): Move obj out of the
way so it isn't removed when cleaning docs.
2004-10-01 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble: Add filter out flags for
compilation of some files on Solaris.
2004-09-27 17:49 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m (NSPerformService): Check whether the
service provider is remote by checking the class of the object.
2004-09-26 22:18 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m (-drawLabel:inRect:): Adjust the label
position to match the text height change (of 2004-09-21).
2004-09-25 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: Remove corner view when we have one, but no
vertical scroller. (Fixes #10501).
2004-09-24 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/GNUmakefile.postamble: Clean up files properly
* Source/DocMakefile: Fix up for moved files
* Documentation/Gui/Gui.gsdoc,
Documentation/GuiAdditions/GuiAdditions.gsdoc: Move up one level.
2004-09-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSControl.h
Added new MacOSX delegate methods.
* Source/NSControl.m (-validateEditing, -currentEditor,
-abortEditing, -calcSize): Implemented these methods.
(-mouseDown:): Use method to check if mouse is inside cell.
2004-09-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m (-setMenu:): Only call update when the new
menu is not nil.
* Source/NSMenu.m (-setMenuRepresentation:): Unset the menu of the
old view.
(-dealloc): Unset the menu of the view.
(-initWithTitle:): Use setMenuRepresentation: to set the view.
2004-09-24 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.9.4
* Documentation/General/OpenStepCompliance.gsdoc: Updates
* Documentation/ReleaseNotes.gsdoc, Documentation/news.texi: Idem.
2004-09-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSView.m (-initWithCoder:): Added keyed decoding of
"hidden" flag.
* Source/NSCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Added the first bit of
keyed flags decoding. Values provided by Adrian Robert
2004-09-23 22:33 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-mouseDown:): Fix the check that detects
when an unselected row is being dragged.
2004-09-23 18:01 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintOperation.m (-createContext): Always use
the path from the info dictionary if it's set.
2004-09-21 23:57 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSCursor.m (_getStandardCursor): Rename to
getStandardCursor and make static and non-inlined. Update callers.
* Source/NSTableView.m (computePeriod): Make static.
2004-09-21 18:53 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m (-defaultLineHeightForFont): Adjust line
height calculation.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): Always
initialize imageRect and titleRect. Adjust the calculations to match
the new line height.
(-cellSize): Always initialize imageRect and titleRect.
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h (-_drawImage:inFrame:isFlipped:): Remove.
* Source/NSCell.m (-_drawImage:inFrame:isFlipped:): Remove. Move code
back ...
(-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): ... here.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m (+initialize): Remove.
(+cellClass): Add.
2004-09-18 15:15 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m (_serviceFromAnyLocalizedTitle): Rename
to serviceFromAnyLocalizedTitle and make static.
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffWarning): Log tiff warnings using NSDebugLLog
instead of NSLog.
2004-09-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m (-initWithCoder:): Moved special
handling of action mask into non-keyed decoder branch.
2004-09-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-setStringValue:, -setFont:, -setImage:): Use
method call to change cell type. (Readded this change)
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-setType:): Overwrite super method with
empty implementation. Patch by Quentin Mathe <>.
* Source/NSView.m (-initWithCoder:): Added the first bit of
keyed flags decoding.
2004-09-16 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m (+initialize): Bump class version.
(-initWithCoder:): When decoding the previous version of NSTextFieldCell
replace the old default _action_mask with the new default value.
(Fixes #9609 for .gorm files)
2004-08-02 Adrian Robert <>
* Documentation/Gui/Gui.gsdoc: Update to reflect slight rearrangement
of material to initiate a GUI programming manual. This partially
reverts a change that was accidentally undone earlier.
2004-09-13 Matt Rice <>
* NSScrollView.h: Declare new ivar _cornerView and private method
* NSScrollView.m (tile): Call _synchronizeCornerAndHeaderView method
from here. Replace local cornerView variable with _cornerView.
(-setDocumentView:): Remove code to set the corner and header views.
(-_synchronizeCornerAndHeaderView): Implement new method.
* NSTableView.m (-setHeaderView:, -setCornerView:): call tile on the
scroll view we're in. Remove comments and warnings for cases which are
now implemented.
2004-09-12 Matt Rice <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h (-_sendsActionOn:): New method.
* Source/NSCell.m (-_sendsActionOn:): Implement it.
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m (-initTextCell:): Change _action_mask to a
key press.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-mouseDown:): Use _sendsActionOn: to only modify
the object value and send the event to the cell if the cell works on
mouse events. (Fixes #9609).
2004-09-12 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/NSDataLinkPanel.h: Added new attributes.
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m: Implemented some
* Panels/English.lproj/GSDataLinkPanel.gorm: Updated
graphics and added link to new ivar.
* Source/NSDataLink.m:
* Source/NSDataLinkManager.m: Code cleanup.
2004-09-11 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSCell.m: Reverted previous change.
The change was causing an issue where if the font was
changed on an NSButtonCell which contains both an image and text.
The title was being, incorrectly, reset to "title".
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m: Renamed the shared variable to something
more standard.
2004-09-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-setStringValue:, -setFont:, -setImage:): Use
method call to change cell type.
2004-09-07 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GNUmakefile: Specify INTERFACE_VERSION explicitly.
* Documentation/ReleaseNotes.gsdoc, Documentation/news.texi: Update
for new release.
2004-09-05 Quentin Mathe <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h: Changed
_heightFromLayout from unsigned int to float.
* Source/GSToolbarView.m (-initWithFrame:displayMode:sizeMode:): Removed
the local variable toolbarViewHeight to use the ivar _heightFromLayout
in order to have a toolbar height which is not equal to zero when the
toolbar is empty. (the toolbar height now matches initially the height
associated with the selected size mode)
(-_handleBackViewsFrame): Added a local variable newHeight to store the
highest caculated height for a toolbar item in order to not have
_heightFromLayout set to zero when the toolbar is empty (no toolbar
* Source/GSToolbar.m (-setDelegate:, -_setDelegate:broadcast:,
-setToolbarView:): Deactived the delegate
synchronization with broadcast set to NO for the method
-_setDelegate:broadcast: because it could produce strange segmentation
faults or exceptions with Cocoa applications which haven't been written
with this delegate synchronization behavior in mind.
(-setSelectedItemIdentifier:, -_build,
-_setDelegate:broadcast:): Added the nil delegate check because a nil
delegate could happen more easily without the delegate synchronization,
moreover it wasn't handled correctly before.
2004-09-05 10:30 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: [NSTableView mouseDown:] removed code which
copied and subsequently DESTROYs dataCell. This was causing a
2004-09-05 06:23 Matt Rice <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: new method -activateIgnoringOtherApps:
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (-launchApplication:showIcon:autolaunch:):
call -activateIgnoringOtherApps: on the remote connection to an already
running app.
2004-09-04 23:32 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m (-layoutLineNewParagraph:):
Pass the right glyph position to cells.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextAttachment.h: Clarify documentation.
2004-09-04 01:34 Alexander Malmberg <>
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile, PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile.postamble:
Revert removal of rules to install .ppd:s.
* PrinterTypes/English.lproj/Generic-PostScript_Printer-Postscript.ppd:
New file.
* Printing/GSLPR/GNUmakefile.preamble: Compile with -Wall.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.m (+printerWithName:): Remove
ppdContents variable.
(+printersDictionary): Only warn once if a printer hasn't been set
in the defaults. Change the type of the fallback printer to
Generic-PostScript_Printer-Postscript. Check that the ppd for this
printer is found.
2004-09-04 01:06 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m (-_insertionIndexAtPoint:): Remove spurious
2004-09-02 Quentin Mathe <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h: Added GSMovableToolbarItemPboardType
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Added the toolbar items rearranging
possibility by implementing the dragging source methods.
* Source/GSToolbar.m: Added or reworked some methods to support model
updates without direct view effects to manipulate the toolbar items when
a dragging session happens.
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Added the toolbar items rearranging
possibility by implementing the dragging destination methods. And added
a method -_insertionIndexAtPoint: to support the insertion index
calculation based on the mouse location.
2004-09-01 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m ([NSPrintInfo -paperSize]): Avoid returning
a nil object return value into a struct.
* Printing/GSLPR/GNUmakefile.preamble: Add
Source/$(GNUSTEP_TARGET_DIR) includes
* Tools/GNUmakefile.preamble: Likewise.
2004-09-02 00:17 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSView.m (-replaceSubview:with:): Clarify documentation.
(-scrollRectToVisible:): Implement correctly, patch from Andrew
Ruder. Document.
2004-08-30 Quentin Mathe <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h:
* Source/NSCell.m:
Make the code a bit more modular with a distinct private method to
implement the image drawing (the text drawing is already located in a
separate method), see -_drawImage:inFrame:isFlipped:,
previously implemented in -drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Moved code specific to NSButtonCell
-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView: in a new method
-_drawImage:inFrame:isFlipped to match the method added to NSCell. Also
reverted the 2004-08-11 21:35 Alexander Malmberg commit to have identical
margin between the border and the text with every image positions.
Added -_drawImage:inFrame:isFlipped and _drawAttributedText:inFrame:
to override the superclasses behavior, it permits to have the
GSToolbarButtonCell layout not dependent on the NSButtonCell code.
2004-08-29 02:48 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-draggingUpdated:): Return
2004-08-28 10:34 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Added implementation of method
shouldSwapClass to GSClassSwapper. This method checks for the
implementation of isInInterfaceBuilder and returns whether or
not the template should perform the class swap or whether it
should retrieve the superclass.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibTemplates.h: Added
declaration for -[GSClassSwapper shouldSwapClass].
2004-08-23 17:29 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setFrameFromString:): Don't change the size
of the window if it isn't resizable.
2004-08-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m (-completedString:): Handle a nil
substring by returning nil directly without trying to find a
match. Patch by Andreas Hoeschler <>.
Changed data source error messages to consistent wording.
2004-08-13 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m -(runModalPopUpWithComboBoxCell:): Remove the
observer only for the variable onWindow, then it is not needed anymore
to reset the table view delegate.
(-deselectItemAtIndex:): Added a _localSelection flag, the result is now
the method still triggers -[GSComboWindow tableViewSelectionDidChange:]
call but the _localSelection variable in -validateSelection
avoids to have -selectItemAtIndex: wrongly called.
(-trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp:): Fixed broken combo box
behavior introduced June 17 with version 1.27, which produced wrong
tracking in the button cell and extra mouse down call in the NSComboBox
superclass. Now the rewritten version is also documented.
* Source/NSComboBox.m (-mouseDown:): Reverted the use of the variable
clicked (that contributes to fix the bug explained above) and renamed it
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBoxCell.h: Added the method
-trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp to have the documentation
generated for this overriden method , it shouldn't be needed( it is a
temporary hack until we have the root problem corrected).
2004-08-12 01:42 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m
Adjust the selected range even if there's no length change. Change
the handling of the in/in case. Set the selected range using a text
view if we have any attached.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-insertText:): Don't set the selected range.
(-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:): Clamp the old range
to the length of the text.
* Source/NSTextView_actions.m (-deleteForward:, -deleteBackward:):
Don't set the selected range.
2004-08-11 21:35 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): Move
text back down by 2 points for NSImageAbove.
2004-08-10 02:01 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (-usedRectForTextContainer:): Fix
the calculation of the used rectangle.
2004-08-10 00:47 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (cache_init, cache_init_real): Add
missing void:s.
2004-08-10 00:06 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m: Formatting cleanups.
(-_reuseSoftInvalidatedLayout): New method. Contains soft invalidated
layout info handling, moved here from ...
(-layoutLineNewParagraph:): Cache the imp for
-advancementForGlyph: and send it directly to the fontInfo.
2004-08-09 21:45 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSLayoutManager_internal.h: Add
usedRect and usedRectValid fields to textcontainer_t.
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (-_doLayout): Set usedRectValid to NO
when setting complete to YES.
(-usedRectForTextContainer:): Optimize the calculation of the used
rect. Use usedRect and usedRectValid.
2004-08-09 14:38 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: _frame is the window frame.
+frameRectForScreenRect:styleMask:): New methods.
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m (-window:::, -styleoffsets:::::):
Update documentation.
* Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m
(+screenOffsets::::forStyleMask:): Implement new method.
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.h (+screenRectForFrameRect:styleMask:,
+frameRectForScreenRect:styleMask:): New methods.
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m (+screenOffsets::::forStyleMask:,
+frameRectForScreenRect:styleMask:): Implement them.
* Source/NSWindow.m (+screenRectForFrameRect:styleMask:,
+frameRectForScreenRect:styleMask:): Implement new methods.
(-_initBackendWindow): Always update _wv's frame.
2004-08-08 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBox.m:
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m:
Fixed the class description markup errors which caused text
truncations in the documentation.
2004-08-08 01:19 Chad Hardin <>
* Source/NSPageLayout.m: Ensure that the units on the panel
are set. Using -viewWithTag:, I had to make sure I called
the view immediately above the view I was loking for.
2004-08-08 00:43 Chad Hardin <>
* Added CUPS specific make variables.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Added code to detect the presence of
cups for the new GSCUPS printing backend bundle.
Detects cups but the GSCUPS bundle is not ready yet
so it does not actually try to build anything related
to cups.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrinter.h:
* Source/NSPrinter.m:
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.m:
NSPrinter no longer assumes it is PPD specific. However,
it does include a catagory named PPDParsing, which the
backend printing bundles can call to have a PPD file parsed
and placed into NSPrinter's tables. All the PPD parsing code
was taken out of GSLPRPrinter.m. Also, a lot of code format
cleanup was done.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintInfo.m:
* Source/AppKit/NSPrintInfo.m: Moved initWithDictionary: code
out of GSLPR's GSLPRPrintInfo implementation into here.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrincipalClass.h: Correct copyright.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrincipalClass.m: Correct copyright.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintInfo.h: Fixed reference to NSPrintInfo.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintOperation.h: Fixed referece to
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.h: Fixed reference to NSPrinter.
* Panels/English.lproj/GSPageLayout.gorm/objects.gorm: Increased the
size of the panel's title and made it bold.
* Printing/GNUmakefile: Added code to optionally build the (upcoming)
GSCUPS printing backend bundle. Currently it's disabled.
2004-08-07 13:18 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-mouseDown:): Remove -containsAttachments
2004-08-06 14:13 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSPasteboard.m (-pasteboard:provideDataForType:): Print
a warning instead of crashing in NSMapFile handling.
(+_pasteboardWithTarget:name:): Update the local changeCount.
2004-08-02 Adrian Robert <>
* Documentation/GuiUser/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc: Clarify the role of
NSGlobalDomain; explain that NSShowNonLocalizedStrings is a developer
option (in absence of a document specifically documenting developer
defaults, the doc will go here).
2004-08-02 16:32 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h, Source/NSMenuView.m: Rename xDist and
yDist to GSCellTextImageXDist and GSCellTextImageYDist.
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: Rename xDist and yDist.
(titleRectForBounds:): Reindent.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m (-drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:, -cellSize):
Adjust size calculations, make them more forgiving before clipping
text, and make -cellSize and -drawInteriorWithFrame:inView: match
each other again. Update xDist and yDist references.
2004-08-01 14:55 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m (-drawTitleBar): Fix
the centering of the title.
2004-08-01 14:28 Alexander Malmberg <>
* TextConverters/RTF/RTFProducer.m (-_addAttributesString:): Only add
attachmentFileWrapper to the attachments array if it isn't nil.
2004-07-30 Adrian Robert <>
* Documentation/GuiUser/GNUMakefile.postamble: Remove an unwanted
level of hierarchy when installing GSdoc generated under
2004-07-30 15:52 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphicsContext.h (-GSReadRect:): Document.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-initWithFocusedViewRect:): Update for
new key names from GSReadRect:.
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m (-GSReadRect:): Return nil.
2004-07-29 Adrian Robert <>
* Documentation/GuiUser/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc: Added some explanation
of how to set defaults and description of domains, since this isn't
readily accessible elsewhere. Also, documented
NSShowNonLocalizedStrings default.
2004-07-28 Adam Fedor <>
* PrinterTypes/: Remove PPD files
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile: Don't install them.
2004-07-28 19:52 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.h, Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m
(-setBackgroundColor:): New method.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setBackgroundColor:): Pass the call along to
(-orderWindow:relativeTo:): Use -setFrame:display: to change the
frame after contstraining it.
(-constrainFrameRect:toScreen:): Fix the check of whether the bottom
of the window is off the screen.
(-_sendEvent:becomesKeyOnlyIfNeeded:): Clean up handling of
(-initWithCoder:): Destroy _miniaturizedImage before setting it to
the decoded image.
2004-07-27 Quentin Mathe <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h:
* Source/GSToolbarView.m:
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m:
Moved static const and enum declarations from GSToolbarView.h to
GSToolbarView.m and NSToolbarItem.m.
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m:
Fixed non correct toolbar view visibility when [NSToolbar -setVisible:]
is called before [NSWindow -setToolbar:](bug reported by Yen-Ju Chen
2004-07-24 22:47 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Use the predefined variables instead of
inline string literals for attribute names.
([GSToolbarButton -layout], [GSToolbarBackView -drawRect:],
[GSToolbarBackView -layout]): Release attrStr/attrString.
(-copyWithZone:): Return new, not self.
2004-07-23 01:54 Matt Rice <>
* Documentation/GuiUser/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc: Document
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSAppIconView +initialize],
[NSAppIconView -drawRect:]): If the GSUseWindowmakerIconBackground
default is YES, do a clear composite of the background instead
of using the tile.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSMiniWindowView +initialize],
[NSMiniWindowView -drawRect:]): Idem.
2004-07-22 04:46 Chad Hardin <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSPageLayout.h: Changed to MVC and a whole new UI.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintInfo.h: Format cleanup.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintOperation.h: Format cleanup.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintPanel.h: Format cleanup.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrinter.h: Format cleanup.
* Panels/English.lproj/GSPageLayout.gorm/data.classes: New UI.
* Panels/English.lproj/GSPageLayout.gorm/objects.gorm: New UI.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintInfo.m: Format cleanup.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintOperation.m: Format cleanup.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintPanel.m: Format cleanup.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrinter.m: Format cleanup.
* Source/GSEPSPrintOperation.m: Format cleanup.
* Source/GSPDFPrintOperation.m: Format cleanup.
* Source/GSPrintOperation.m: Format cleanup.
* Source/GSPrinting.m: Format cleanup.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m: Changed to MVS and a whole new UI.
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m: Format cleanup.
The big thing changed here is that NSPageLayout has a whole new
UI and is MVC based. I have not yet implemented the ability
to create and edit custom papers, that is next.
2004-07-22 00:18 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibContainer.m: Corrected spelling mistake in comment.
2004-07-22 00:59 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m (-setDocumentEdited:,
-setTitle:): Pass the calls along to super.
2004-07-21 19:53 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSFontPanel.m (-_trySelectSize:updateSizeField:): Add
updateSizeField argument. Update callers.
2004-07-20 01:24 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSScroller.m (-rectForPart:): Use floor() instead of
2004-07-18 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Removed some commented out code.
2004-07-14 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/General/OpenStepCompliance.gsdoc: Update.
* Documentation/Gui/Gui.gsdoc: Add compliance and release links
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: Remove extraneous ';' at end of some methods
* Source/NSTableView.m: Idem.
2004-07-15 02:28 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (point_on_curve): New function.
(-_recalculateBounds): Rewrite. Calculate bounds analytically.
2004-07-13 02:54 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSImageRep.m (+_imageRepsWithData:): New method.
(+imageRepsWithContentsOfURL:): Use +_imageRepsWithData:.
(+imageRepsWithContentsOfFile:): If the filename has no extension,
use +_imageRepsWithData: to load it.
2004-07-13 01:15 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (+_handleAutodisplay:, +_addAutodisplayedWindow:,
+_removeAutodisplayedWindow:): New methods.
Rename _handleWindowNeedsDisplay: to -_handleAutodisplay.
([NSWindow +initialize]): Don't initialize modes.
(-dealloc, -orderWindow:relativeTo:): Use +_addAutodisplayedWindow:
and +_removeAutodisplayedWindow: instead of adding/removing a runloop
2004-07-13 00:23 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSSound.m: Only declare the_server if HAVE_AUDIOFILE_H
is defined.
2004-07-13 00:21 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSMovieView.h: Make loopMode ivar an unsigned int.
2004-07-13 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSButtonCell.m:
(_init): Set default values of _gradient_type and
(drawGradientWithFrame:inView:): Implemented. Draws gradient
according to the _gradient_type ivar value.
(drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): Call drawGradientWithFrame:inView
if _gradient_type was set and cell is no highlighted. Dissolve
image if cell is disabled and _image_dims_when_disabled was set.
2004-07-11 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Added code to allow the switching
of which version of the file gets encoded based on the value
of the class variable "version". This is part of an experimental
feature in .gorm files to allow to encode older versions
of .gorm files for previous versions of GNUstep.
2004-07-11 Chad Hardin <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSPageLayout.h:
* Source/NSPageLayout.m:
* Panels/English.lproj/GSPageLayout.gorm/data.classes:
* Panels/English.lproj/GSPageLayout.gorm/objects.gorm:
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPageLayout.m:
Completely redid NSPageLayout. It now takes full
advantage of being GORM based (ie: connections rather
than checking tags). Most of the functionality of
NSPageLayout was split off and put into a controller
object, GSPrintLayoutController. The panel itself is
much improved, it even includes a preview display of
the page dimensions.
2004-07-11 14:17 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m (-drawGlyphsForGlyphRange:atPoint:):
When printing, position each glyph explicitly.
2004-07-09 Chad Hardin <>
* Source/GNUmakefile:
* Headers/AppKit/NSPageLayout.h:
* Source/NSPageLayout.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintInfo.h:
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintOperation.h:
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintPanel.h:
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrinter.h:
* Source/NSPrinter.m:
Modifications for the backend printing bundle system.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSEPSPrintOperation.h: added.
* Source/GSEPSPrintOperation.m: added.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSPDFPrintOperation.h: added.
* Source/GSPDFPrintOperation.m: added.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSPrintOperation.h: added.
* Source/GSPrintOperation.m: added.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSPrinting.h: added.
* Source/GSPrinting.m: added.
Split off the various PrintOperation classes. This makes is clear that
the printing backend bundles subclass GSPrintOperation, not NSPrintOperation.
Also, GSPDFPrintOperation will probably become large when implemented, this
clarifies the class structure and prevent NSPrintOperation.m from become
overly large and confusing. The GSPrinting class is helper for loading the
proper printer backend bundle.
* GNUMakefile: includes the Printing directory.
* Printing: Added the printing bundles home directory.
* Printing/GNUmakefile: added.
* Printing/GSLPR: Added the first printing bundle.
* Printing/GSLPR/GNUmakefile: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GNUmakefile.postamble: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GNUmakefile.preamble: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPageLayout.h: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPageLayout.m: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrincipalClass.h: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrincipalClass.m: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintInfo.h: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintInfo.m: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintOperation.h: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintOperation.m: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintPanel.h: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintPanel.m: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintPrinter.h: added.
* Printing/GSLPR/GSLPRPrintPrinter.m: added.
Here it is, the first backend printing bundle, version one. The are very
little code changes from the original source, bugs that may have been
present there would have been carried over here. However, this is just the
first round. This bundle uses GNUstep's original PageLayout and PrintPanel
GORM panels, it does not have its own. Hence, it is very simple. The plan
is for the future GSCUPS bundle to also use GNUstep's GORM panels, not for
each bundle to have their own panels.
2004-07-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPanel.m:
* Source/NSAlert.m:
Moved class GSAlertPanel and alert functions from NSPanel.m to
2004-07-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GNUmakefile:
* Source/NSMovieView.m:
Added file forgotten in last commit.
2004-07-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSMovie.h:
* Source/NSMovie.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSMovieView.h:
* Source/NSMovieView.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSAlert.h:
* Source/NSAlert.m:
New MacOSX classes, implementation still empty.
2004-07-08 Serg Stoyan <>
* Images/common_ArrowDownH.tiff: added.
* Images/common_ArrowLeftH.tiff: added.
* Images/common_ArrowRightH.tiff: added.
* Images/common_ArrowUpH.tiff: added.
* Source/NSScroller.m: (drawParts): Use added images.
Cells now highlights also by NSContentsCellMask.
2004-07-07 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/GSToolbar.m: Fixed several segmentation faults which could
occur when windows with a toolbar have been closed and new similar
windows are initialized (bug #9535), rewritten validation support to
be more clearer and efficient, and the toolbar notifications now
correctly bundles the toolbar items in the notification dictionary
(Patch by Ludovic Marcotte).
* Source/GSToolbarView:
* Source/NSToolbar.m:
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m:
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m:
Related changes and lot of memory leaks fixed permitting to have now
the toolbar system properly deallocated when the toolbar is not anymore
retained by the user and the toolbar view.
Note: In order to observe the toolbar system being deallocated when you close
a window, you need to have the option "Window released when closed"
Actual retain logic is strictly :
- Superview in the view hierarchy retains toolbar view
- Toolbar view retains toolbar
- Toolbar view retains toolbar items view
- Toolbar retains toolbar items
And when a toolbar is based on NSToolbar class :
- Windows retains toolbar view.
* Source/NSView.m: Added a missing method call -viewWillMoveToSuperview:
in -removeSubview: method (this missing method is used by the toolbar
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h:
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h:
Moved the _window ivar from GSToolbar class to NSToolbar class.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h: Added a _tag ivar and other minor changes.
2004-07-07 01:23 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m: Properly convert window frames to
content view frames and back.
(-_toggleToolbarViewWithDisplay:): Move the old content view to the
origin of the new content view.
2004-07-06 22:15 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h: Add
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Document _frame ivar and add update
for -gui-managed window decorations.
(+minFrameWidthWithTitle:styleMask:): Change return type to float.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add GSWindowDecorationView.m and
GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m .
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m (-handlesWindowDecorations): Provide a
default implementation.
* Source/NSPanel.m (-sendEvent:): Reimplement using
-_sendEvent:becomesKeyOnlyIfNeeded: .
(setControl): Only call -setStringValue: on the cell if it doesn't
respond to -setTitle: .
* Source/NSWindow.m: Reorganize management of the top-level view.
Implement -gui-managed window decorations.
(-_sendEvent:becomesKeyOnlyIfNeeded:): New method.
(-sendEvent:): Reimplement using -_sendEvent:becomesKeyOnlyIfNeeded: .
* Source/GSWindowDecorationView.h, Source/GSWindowDecorationView.m,
Source/GSStandardWindowDecorationView.m: New files.
2004-07-05 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSToolbar.m: [NSToolbar _setWindow:] added logic
to accept the NSWindowWillCloseNotification, since the toolbar
will need to remove itself from the "toolbars" master array.
Also added a method called [NSToolbar _handleNotification:]
to do the actual removal.
* Source/GSToolbar.m: [GSToolbar _setDelegate:] toolbar
no longer retains it's delegate. This prevents the delegate
from leaking.
2004-07-03 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: Moved private methods into separate
category. Made (-_collectItemsStartingWith:into:) safe against nil
parameter and simplified code. (_removeChildren:) new method as a
helper in (-reloadItem:reloadChildren:).
2004-07-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m (-reloadItem:reloadChildren:): Convert
possible NSNull key to nil.
2004-06-28 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibTemplates.h: Updated the
GNUSTEP_NIB_VERSION. This constant defines the number used for
the GSNibContainer objects' version. Also added a new topLevelObjects
ivar to the GSNibContainer class and the method to retrieve it.
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Move the private class GSNibItemCollector
from NSBundleAdditions.m to GSNibTemplates.m. This helped clean up
code and also facilitated the changes necessary for the new .gorm
version. Also changed the signature of awakeWithContext: so it
only takes the context dictionary as an argument and no longer
requires the items to be passed in.
Changed the awakeWithContext method to efficiently retain the objects.
In initWithCoder: and encodeWithCoder: added new section for updated
version. Added some logic to collect the top level items at that time
so that version 0 and version 1 .gorm files load in a precisely
equivalent manner. Also, updated a change made by Alex Malmberg
which was causing the designated initializers to not be called.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Moved class to GSNibTemplates as
described above. Cleaned up implementation of +loadNibFile:
* Source/NSNib.m: Removed some of the code which was there to
collect top level items. Also cleaned up some of the code with
the new implementation.
2004-06-28 Serg Stoyan <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSScroller.h: Added _pendingKnobProportion ivar.
* Source/NSScroller.m:
(setFloatValue:knobProportion:): Implemented disabling of scroller
when knob proportion equals to 1.0, and implemented pending knob
proportion setting (fix disappearing of scroller parts when mouse
button still held down). Set float value only if knob is not being
(mouseDown): Redundant code removed. Call
setFloatValue:knobProportion: if _pendingKnobProportion is not 0 or
just update scroller otherwise.
* Source/NSBrowser.m:
(_createColumn): Set initial frame origin to -110,-110 to avoid
appearing newly created column on top of exising.
(updateScroller): Remove enabling/disabling scroller wrt last
NSScroller changes. Rewrite floating value calculating code and
avoid devide-by-zero case. Always update scroller values (scroller
handle the case when it shouldn't update itself).
2004-06-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSCursor.h: Added more MacOSX methods for standard
* Source/NSCursor.m: Implemented new standard cursors methods.
(+setHiddenUntilMouseMoves:) added implementation.
(+initialize) set isHiddenUntilMouseMoves to NO (was YES).
* Source/NSApplication.m: (-nextEventMatchingMask:...dequeue:) when
cursor is hidden until mouse move, call [NSCursor
setHiddenUntilMouseMoves: NO] instead of [NSCursor unhide].
2004-06-27 23:10 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Replace calls to
GSGetInstanceMethodNotInherited with calls to GSGetMethod.
2004-06-25 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Print a message when .gorm files are
loaded which use the old templates contained here. The next major
release should see the removal of these templates from GNUstep. The
new templates have completely superceded these.
* Source/NSTextView.m: Added call to register for types in
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m: Minor reformatting.
2004-06-26 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m:
(updateScroller): Use _firstVisibleColumn to define visibility of
scroller. Use _lastVisibleColumn to calculate knob proportion if
last visible column and last loaded column is not the same.
2004-06-25 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m:
(setPath:): Deselect all cells in first column before setting
absolute path if first column's selection changed.
(doClick:): Fix problem with deselection of already selected item.
Update scroller after setting selection.
2004-06-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: (-noteNumberOfRowsChanged) corrected off
by one error in (NSIndexSet -removeIndexesInRange:) call.
2004-06-23 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m: (frameOfColumn:): Fixed calculating of last
visible column width when columns are separated.
(drawRect:): Draw horizontal scroller border only when columns are
separated. Fixed calculating of horizontal scroller width.
2004-06-22 Adrian Robert <>
* Documentation/manual: Beginnings of programming manual for GUI like
the one for Base but just focusing on the library itself (no
Objective-C introduction). Structure copied from base manual.
* Documentation/gnustep-gui.texi: Moved to manual/Introduction.texi.
* Documentation/Gui/Introduction.gsdoc: Moved to
* Documentation/Gui/Gui.gsdoc: Updated to reflect above moves.
* Documentation/General/OpenStepCompliance.gsdoc: Fix typos.
* Documentation/GNUmakefile: Update to build manual and also be a
little more parallel to base Documentation makefile.
* Documentation/GNUmakefile.postamble: Remove stray backslash.
2004-06-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m:
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: (-_willDisplayCell:forTableColumn:row:)
New method to abstract from differences in table and outline
view. Used whenever the delegate gets informed by
(_setObjectValue:forTableColumn:row:) Check for correct method.
2004-06-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: (-mouseDown:) Set value after cell tracking.
(_setObjectValue:forTableColumn:row:) Check for correct method.
Patch by Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: (-objectValue) Added this method, as
the object value never gets set.
2004-06-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSDragView.m: (-_handleEventDuringDragging:) Get mouse
location on periodic event.
2004-06-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h: Added new method
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m: Implemented (-dragInfo) with
* Source/GNUmakefile: Added GSDragView.h.
* Source/GSDragView.m: Implemented
(-_windowAcceptingDnDunder:windowRef:) with new GSDisplayServer
2004-06-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: buttonCellFrameFromRect(),
(-drawWithFrame:inView:), (-highlight:withFrame:inView:) and
(-trackMouse:...untilMouseUp:): Made draw bettere when used in a
flipped view. (-positionWithComboBoxCell:) position popup correctly
for flipped view.
2004-06-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: (-mouseDown:) Added mouse tracking in the cell.
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: (-trackMouse:...untilMouseUp:) Set _lastValidFrame
[GSComboWindow positionWithComboBoxCell:] compute position based on
_lastValidFrame not the frame from the control view.
2004-06-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: (-mouseDown:) Reordered code and
simplified. (-textShouldEndEditing:) Get formatter from
_editedCell not _cell. (-_unselectAllColumns) Clear the header
view as well.
2004-06-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: (-copyWithZone:) Added missing method.
2004-06-11 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.9.3
* Documentation/ReleaseNotes.gsdoc: New file
* Documentation/GNUmakefile: generate ReleaseNotes. Update
GuiUser make
* Documentation/GuiUser/GNUmakefile: New file.
* Source/DocMakefile: Remove GuiUser generation.
2004-06-09 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: Improved look, added constrained height and
minor documentation change.
* Source/NSComboBox.m: Added constrained height and minor documentation
2004-06-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m: (-drawWithFrame:inView:)
* Source/NSFormCell.m: (-drawWithFrame:inView:)
* Source/NSTableHeaderCell.m: (-drawWithFrame:inView:)
* Source/NSTableView.m: (-drawRect:)
* Source/NSColorWell.m: (-drawRect:)
* Source/NSProgressIndicator.m: (+initialize, -drawRect:)
* Source/NSScrollView.m: (-drawRect:)
* Source/NSTabView.m: (-drawRect:)
* Source/GSTitleView.m: (-drawRect:)
* Source/NSBrowser.m: (-drawRect:, [GSBrowserTitleCell drawWithFrame:inView:])
Use GSDrawingFunction methods instead of NS functions. Also
changed colour of progress indicatore. Patch by Nicolas Roard
2004-06-07 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: Added complete documentation.
* Source/NSComboBox.m: Minor documentation corrections.
2004-06-06 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBox.m: Added complete documentation.
2004-06-04 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDragView.h:
* Source/GSDragView.m: New files with a backend neutral drag and
drop implementation.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Added GSDragView.m.
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: Use correct subclass for PDF operations.
2004-06-02 Riccardo Mottola <>
David Ayers <>
* Source/GSToolbar.m ([GSValidationManager-initWithWindow:):
Move variable declarations to the beginning of the block.
Format according to standards.
2004-06-01 Gregory John Casamento <>
* added code to detect the presence of
libaspell for the new implementation of GSspell.
* configure: regenerated.
* Tools/GSspell.m: Completely reimplemented the
spell-checker code using aspell. This simplified the
code tremendously.
2004-05-31 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDrawFunctions.h:
* Source/GSDrawFunctions.m: (-drawDarkButton::) New
method. Changed all methods to return the interior rectangle.
based on patch by Nicolas Roard <>.
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: (-_selectCompleted) new method to
handle completion of selection in data source case correctly.
(-popUpForComboBoxCell:) use this method and also clear
selection at the end, so a new popup starts without selection.
(-selectItemAtIndex:) simplified and return when invalid
index is given. (-_loadButtonCell) always use image name
"NSComboArrow" and removed force arrow variable.
* Images/nsmapping.strings: mapping "NSComboArrow" to
2004-05-29 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: Fixed problems related to decoding an
encoded combo box previous version (Bug reported by Gregory
2004-05-29 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Images/page_landscape.tiff: Removed the tags in the image
which were causing warnings on load.
* Images/page_portrait.tiff: same.
* Images/common_ToolbarClippedItemsMark.tiff
2004-05-29 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSComboBox.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBox.h:
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBoxCell.h:
* Images/GNUmakefile:
* Images/common_ComboBoxEllipsis.tiff:
New rewritten combo box implementation (which can be called completion
box now). Everything should work except the completion possibility
which needs some layout manager and text view changes (patches to be
commited by Alexander Malmberg).
2004-05-29 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSControl.m: Reverted to the previous version (1.61) because
the 2004/05/23 changes changed the way an event can be caught by one
responder definitively through the responder chain.
* Source/GSToolbar.m: New way to catch mouse events with the validation
system (Uses NSWindowDidUpdateNotification instead of events
interception at the view level) and other minor changes.
2004-05-27 01:39 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSImage.m (-size): Don't try to get the size if rep is nil.
2004-05-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTableView.m: (-noteNumberOfRowsChanged)
Made save against [_selectedRows lastIndex] returning NSNotFound.
2004-05-23 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Added a method -_windowView which returns the
root view (variable _wv) and replaced _contentView by _wv in the
tracking implementation.
* Source/NSControl.m: Modified to call the associated superclass method
each time -mouseDown: is called to have the possibility to add
behaviors to the related NSView method.
Modifications needed to fully support toolbar validation mechanism.
2004-05-23 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m:
* Headers/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h:
* Source/GSToolbar.m:
* Headers/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h:
* Source/NSToolbar.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h:
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h:
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m:
Last part in the validation implementation, border taken in
account by the layout process, lot of memory leaks fixed, selected
item possibility implemented and other minor improvements.
2004-05-18 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Added color customization (default background
color is now no color), part of the toolbar validation mechanism
and other minor changes.
* Headers/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h: Same.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Added part of the toolbar validation
mechanism, new menuFormRepresentation implementation to have the
menu item titles used as label with the text display mode and
other minor changes.
2004-05-14 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m
([NSDocumentController -currentDirectory]):
Conform to the documentation. (Fixes #7900).
* Tools/gsnd/gsnd.m: Rename variables starting with _, indent lines
properly (Fixes #7502).
2004-05-14 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m ([drawRect:]): use _bounds instead of rect
for NSDrawGrayBezel().
* Source/NSSplitView.m ([adjustSubviews]): call setNeedsDisplay:
after resizing subviews.
2004-05-04 Enrico Sersale <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m ([NSWorkspace -mountedRemovableMedia]):
Doesn't consider a final empty line in mtab.
2004-05-12 16:50 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSParagraphStyle.m (+defaultWritingDirectionForLanguage:):
Implement. Patch from Christopher Culver.
2004-05-12 15:52 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (-_generateGlyphsForRun:at:): Use a
properly typed function pointer for characterIsMember.
2004-05-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/Cocoa/Cocoa.h:
New header file for Cocoa compatibility. Currently not installed.
* Source/NSTableView.m:
Implemented [selectColumnIndexes:byExtendingSelection:] and
* Source/NSDocument.m:
Implemented [runModalSavePanelForSaveOperation:..contextInfo:],
[saveDocumentWithDelegate:didSaveSelector:contextInfo:] and
[saveToFile:..contextInfo:]. Added call to [prepareSavePanel] in
2004-05-04 Enrico Sersale <>
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -sendEvent:]): Doesn't
makeKeyAndOrderFront if _windowLevel == NSDesktopWindowLevel.
2004-04-27 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSAppIconView -drawRect:]): Draw dot when
([NSAppIconView -setImage:]): Use -drawRect:
(-hide:,-unhideWithoutActivation:): Mark icon view as needing display.
(based on patch from Rafael Herzog).
2004-04-27 Quentin mathe <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Modified to have the action message sent by
NSToolbarItem instances (not by GSToolbarButton instances) in order to
match the Mac OS X behavior. (Bug reported by Ludovic Marcotte)
2004-04-16 15:33 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-dragImageForRows:event:dragImageOffset:):
Autorelease the new image.
2004-04-14 00:36 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-keyDown:): When the user selects a cell
by typing a partial name, make sure all other cells are
2004-04-13 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h:
* Source/NSToolbar.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h:
* Source/GSToolbar.m:
* Headers/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h:
* Source/GSToolbarView.m:
* Headers/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h:
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m:
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow+Toolbar.h:
Added support for display mode and size mode and other minor changes.
2004-04-09 Kazunobu Kuriyama <>
* Documentation/GuiUser/LanguageSetup.gsdoc: Added Korean stuff.
(Thanks to Song Woo-il.)
2004-04-04 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit.h: Added NSNib.h to the #ifndef STRICT_OPENSTEP
section of the headers.
2004-04-02 Quentin Mathe <>
With the help of Fred Kiefer and Alexander Malmberg, the modifications
below are mainly introduced to fix the fact -[NSCell performClick:]
doesn't work correctly when the cell frame is not identical to the
control frame which is displaying it :
* Source/NSButton.m: Removed -performClick: method already present in
the superclass NSControl.
* Headers/AppKit/NSButton.h: Same.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Replaced -performClick: method by
-performClickWithFrame:inView: method which overrides new method with
the same name in the superclass NSCell.
* Headers/AppKit/NSButtonCell.h: Same
* Source/NSCell.m: Added a method -performClickWithFrame:inView:
to be used in place of -performClick: method which has been deprecated.
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h: Same
* Source/NSControl.m: Modified -performClick: method to use the new
NSCell method -performClickWithFrame:inView:.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: Modified
-performClickWithFrame:inView: to override the new method with the
same name in the superclass NSCell.
2004-04-02 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.h: Moved into Headers/AppKit
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h: Include NSWindow+Toolbar.h now
* Source/GNUMakefile: Modified to reflect this change
2004-03-29 18:25 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:):
Always scroll to make the selection visible, and scroll to the right
part of it. (Bug reported by Ludovic Marcotte.)
2004-03-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/AppKit/NSTableView.h:
Added ivars _selectedColumns and _selectedRows to NSMutableIndexSet.
* Source/NSTableView.m:
* Source/NSOutlineView.m:
Changed all the uses of these ivars and started to restructure the
row selection code. Also removed some (not all) dead code.
2004-03-23 23:52 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h,
Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h: Add missing includes
to make the headers selfcontained.
2004-03-23 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: NSToolbar related methods removed.
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: same (NSToolbar related ivars still
2004-03-22 18:06 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSView.m (-lockFocusInRect:): Don't convert the clipping
rect to the window's coordinate system; the clip is done in the
view's coordinate system. Reported by Georg Fleischmann.
(convert_rect_using_matrices): New function that (correctly)
converts rectangles between views.
(-convertRect:fromView:, -convertRect:toView:): Reimplement using
convert_rect_using_matrices. Document.
2004-03-22 02:00 Georg Fleischmann <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m (-rotationAngle): Correct the sign of
the angle and wrap it so that it's always >=0 and <=360.
2004-03-22 01:13 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m
(-textStorage:edited:range:changeInLength:invalidatedRange:): Update
layout_char, glyph_delta, and new_last_glyph only if it makes sense
to do so and we need the value. Clarify and correct layout_char
update. Add comments.
2004-03-14 19:42 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSView.m (-hitTest:): Don't require that the point is
inside our super view if we don't have a super view.
2004-03-14 19:29 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-mouseDown:): Send the action for simple
clicks even if the selection changed.
2004-03-13 03:19 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m
(-textStorage:edited:range:changeInLength:invalidatedRange:): Handle
the case where layout_char is inside the modified range explicitly to
avoid accidentally causing the value to wrap around.
(-drawGlyphsForGlyphRange:atPoint:): Remove dead (since the change
2003-11-01) code. Update comments.
2004-03-12 Quentin Mathe <>
* Source/GSToolbarView.m: Bug fixes related to clipped items and more
efficient code.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h: Minor changes.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Refactored NSToolbar implementation, most part of
the code has moved to GSToolbar.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h: Same.
* Source/GSToolbar.m: New class which implements functionnality for the
basic GNUstep toolbars with some bug fixes.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbar.h: Header for the new basic
GNUstep toolbar class.
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.m: Bug fixes.
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.h: Minor changes.
2004-03-12 15:30 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-mouseDown:): Send our action if we get
a single, simple (no drag) click.
2004-03-08 19:19 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSPageLayout.m (-readPrintInfo): Move declarations before
2004-03-08 19:04 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m (-runModalPopUp): Don't make the popup
the key window.
2004-03-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/AppKit/NSView.h:
Added ivars _is_hidden, _in_live_resize and _focusRingType.
* Source/NSView.m:
(-canDraw) fully implemented. (-displayIfNeededInRectIgnoringOpacity:,
-displayRectIgnoringOpacity:) use canDraw. (-setFocusRingType:,
-focusRingType, -needsToDrawRect:, -isHidden, -setHidden:,
-inLiveResize, -viewWillStartLiveResize, -viewDidEndLiveResize)
implemented. (-canBecomeKeyView) use isHiddenOrHasHiddenAncestor
instead of isHidden.
2004-03-07 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/Gui/Gui.gsdoc: Use automatic indexing
* Source/DocMakefile (AUTOGSDOC_HEADERS_GUI): Add NSNib, NSOpenGL
* Source/NSNib.m: Fix doc markup typo.
2004-03-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSActionCell.m:
Removed methods -setFloatValue:, -setIntValue: and setDoubleValue:
2004-03-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/AppKit/NSSavePanel.h:
Added some ivars for new methods.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: (-setDelegate:, -_selectTextInColumn:)
implemented delegete calls on selection and directory change,
based on patch by Fabien Vallon.
Basic implementation for some of the new Cocoa methods.
2004-02-29 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Added code in
-[NSToolbar insertItemWithIdentifier:atIndex:] to properly
handle when a system defined identifier is passed to the toolbar.
2004-03-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/AppKit/NSTableView.h:
* Header/AppKit/NSSavePanel.h:
* Source/NSTableView.m:
* Source/NSSavePanel.m:
Declared some more MacOSX 10.3 methods and added place holders for
* Source/NSTextView.m:
Implemented keyed unarchiving.
2004-02-29 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSPageLayout.h: Update tags.
* Images/GNUmakefile: Add page_landscape.tiff, page_portrait.tiff.
* Panels/English.lproj/GSPageLayout.gorm: Update.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m: Internationalize gui text. Update for
gorm changes. (Patches from Fabien Vallon).
2004-02-28 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.9.2
* Documentation/news.texi: Update.
2004-02-28 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Corrected misspelling of Separator.
* Images/common_ToolbarSeparatorItem.tiff: added, misspelled
image file deleted
* Images/GNUmakefile: Corrected.
2004-02-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Header/AppKit/NSApplication.h:
Defined values for the constants NSRunStoppedResponse,
NSRunAbortedResponse, NSRunContinuesResponse.
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m: (-ok:)
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: (-cancel:, -ok:) Use stopModalWithCode:
with the approriate button code.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: (-runModalForDirectory:file:,
-runModalForDirectory:file:relativeToWindow:) Removed the check
for the pressed button and return the value of the model loop
* Source/NSBox.m: (-drawRect:) Blank out the title rectangle
here and not delegate this to the title cell via the background
colour. (-initWithFrame:) Use an NSCell instead of an
NSTextFieldCell for the title, as setBackgroundColour: is no
longer needed.
2004-02-28 Adam Fedor <>
ungif and X11 flags to GRAPHIC_... flags.
2004-02-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: (-beginSheet:...contextInfo:)
Corrected signature of didEnd function.
* Source/NSMenu.m: (-update)
Tried to handle case for autoenabling correctly where a popup
button doesn't have an action.
* Source/NSBezierPath.m: (-contributionToContains:)
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m: (cache_match())
Replaced random() with rand() to increase portability.
2004-02-24 Quentin Mathé <>
committed by Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSToolbarView.h: Changes for
new toolbar implementation.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h: same as above.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h: same...
* GNUmakefile: Added new files
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: Changes to improve the look of
unbordered buttons.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Changes for new toolbar implementation.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: same...
* Source/NSWindow+Toolbar.[hm]: New category to localize
changes for NSToolbar which need to reside in NSWindow.
* Images/common_ToolbarClippedItemsMark.tiff: ">>" image to
show that there are more items which are not being displayed.
2004-02-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDrawFunctions.h:
Corrected misnaming of method in last change.
2004-02-24 Fred Kiefer <>
* Images/nsmapping.strings:
Added definition for NSMenuMixedState.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: (-setButtonType:)
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: (+initialize)
* Source/NSMenuItem.m: (-initWithTitle:action:keyEquivalent:)
Use image aliases instead of file names.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Reenabled keyed archiver for
NSWindowTemplate and added missing include.
2004-02-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSView.h:
* Source/NSView.m: (+defaultFocusRingType,
-setKeyboardFocusRingNeedsDisplayInRect:, -setFocusRingType:,
-focusRingType, -setHidden:, -isHidden,
-isHiddenOrHasHiddenAncestor, -wantsDefaultClipping,
-needsToDrawRect:, -getRectsBeingDrawn:count:, -inLiveResize,
-viewWillStartLiveResize, -viewDidEndLiveResize,
-mouseDownCanMoveWindow, -dragPromisedFilesOfTypes:...event:,
Stubs for new MacOSX methods.
2004-02-17 00:18 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/NSNib.h: Improved documentation.
2004-02-15 20:56 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: Removal of keyed archiver
code in deprecated template NSWindowTemplate. I commented this
out as we need to determine how to implement this with the
keyed archiver changes in the new templates.
2004-02-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m:
* Source/NSTextContainer.m:
* Source/NSTextStorage.m:
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.m: (NSWindowTemplate
More keyed dearchiving.
* Source/NSView.m: (-initWithCoder:)
Don't keyed decode next responder, as this gets set by superview
2004-02-14 23:05 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSNib.[hm]: Corrected previous issue with NSNib.
Uncommented the code and cleaned up the implementation.
2004-02-14 22:56 Matt Rice <>
Alexander Malmberg <>
* Tools/gopen.m (main): Remove NSTask-based app launching code; always
use [NSWorkspace -launchApplication:] to launch applications.
2004-02-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: (-reloadItem:reloadChildren:) Simplified
and corrected code by inlining the method
2004-02-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSButtonCel.m: (-setObjectValue:, -objectValue)
Implemented to set/return the state.
(-mouseEntered:, -mouseExited:, -drawWithFrame:inView:)
Partially added old showsBorderOnlyWhileMouseInside patch from
Michael Hanni (
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDrawFunctions.h:
* Source/GSDrawFunctions.m: New gradient border drawing method.
2004-02-12 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/GuiUser/KeyboardSetup.gsdoc: Update.
* Source/DocMakefile (GuiUser_AGSDOC_FILES): Add it.
2004-02-12 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: (-draggingUpdated:) Applied patch from
Andreas Heppel ( to determine drag
operation correctly.
2004-02-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m: (-setBackgroundColor:,
-setCellBackgroundColor:, -setDrawsBackground:,
-setDrawsCellBackground:) call setNeedsDisplay: to give better
feedback on change.
2004-02-11 17:27 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSServicesManager.h,
Headers/AppKit/NSDrawer.h, Headers/AppKit/NSHelpManager.h,
Headers/AppKit/NSMenuItem.h, Headers/AppKit/NSPrintOperation.h,
Headers/AppKit/NSSpellProtocol.h, Headers/AppKit/NSTableColumn.h,
Headers/AppKit/NSUserInterfaceValidation.h: Add missing forward
declarations and includes to make all headers self-contained.
2004-02-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: (-drawBorderAndBackgroundWithFrame:inView:)
Let GSDrawFunctions do the border drawing. Removed caching of
colour class.
* Source/NSImageCell.m: (-drawWithFrame:inView:) Let
GSDrawFunctions do the border drawing.
2004-02-10 21:48 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSFont.h: Add cachedScreenFont ivar.
* Source/NSFont.m: Add GSFontMapKey class and use it to find fonts
in globalFontMap. Replace newNameWithMatrix function with keyForFont.
Update callers.
(-initWithName:matrix:fix:screenFont:role:): Initialize
(-screenFont): Use cachedScreenFont.
2004-02-09 03:10 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Check for X. Add --enable-ungif/--disable-ungif and
--with-ungif-include/--with-ungif-library options. If the check for
libungif fails and X was found, check for libungif again, including
the X libraries. Patch from Kazunobu Kuriyama.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-02-08 20:56 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Backout of NSNib modification.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: ditto.
* Source/NSNib.m: Commented out some code and private class.
2004-02-09 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m (-drawGlyphsForGlyphRange:atPoint:)
Replaced explicit colour setting.
* Source/NSTabView.m: (-drawRect:) Use color constant instead of
number in DPSsetgray().
2004-02-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDrawFunctions.h: Add two more methods.
* Source/GSDrawFunctions.m: Evaluate colour names only ones per
method. Corrected count in drawFramePhoto: and drawButton:. Added
drawGrayBezel: and drawWhiteBezel:.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: (-drawWithFrame:inView:) use
GSDrawFunctions to draw border.
* Source/NSTabView.m
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m (NSNibConnector)
Added keyed decoding.
2004-02-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/Function.m
Corrected NSDrawWhiteBezel(), NSDrawDarkBezel() and
NSDrawLightBezel() to be almost identical to their Cocoa counterparts.
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Corrected keyed decoding.
2004-02-08 01:36 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSNib.m: Added implmentation for this class.
* Headers/AppKit/NSNib.h: Added header for this class.
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Modified awakeWithContext:topLevelItems:
to use the NSNibOwner/NSNibTopLevelObjects entries.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Added code to use NSNib to load
and instantiate the .gorm file. NSNib now contains all of the
.gorm loading code. NSNib currently does not support .gmodel
2004-02-07 03:53 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTableView.m (-initWithCoder:): Remove an erroneous 'else'
from the previous change.
2004-02-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m (-dealloc) Clean up pointer from items to menu.
* Source/NSMenuView.m (-update) Removed the setting of the menu
for the title view. Patch by Quentin Mathé
* Source/NSActionCell.m
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m
* Source/NSTableColumn.m
* Source/NSTableView.m
* Source/NSTextField.m
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m
Added keyed decoding.
2004-02-05 21:04 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSTitleView.m: Fix declarations after statements.
2004-02-05 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m
* Source/NSMenuItem.m
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Added keyed decoding.
2004-02-04 01:24 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSView.m: Remove uses of the deprecated "casts as lvalues"
gcc extension.
2004-02-03 23:38 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (+imageRepsWithFile:,
_initFromWrasterFile:, _wrasterFileTypes): Remove obsolete libwraster
image loading hack. Update callers.
* Source/NSImageRep.m (+imageRepsWithContentsOfFile:): Remove uses
of the removed NSBitmapImageRep methods.
2004-02-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFont.m
Try to get at least some font on keyed decoding.
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m
* Source/NSImageCell.m
* Source/NSImageView.m
* Source/NSBox.m
* Source/NSSplitView.m
Added keyed decoding.
2004-02-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSTextFieldCell.m (-setBackgroundColor:,
-setDrawsBackground:, setTextColor:) tell the control, that the
cell did update.
2004-01-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m
* Source/NSBrowserCell.m
* Source/NSButtonCell.m
* Source/NSCell.m
* Source/NSClipView.m
* Source/NSColor.m
* Source/NSControl.m
* Source/NSCursor.m
* Source/NSFont.m
* Source/NSProgressIndicator.m
* Source/NSScroller.m
* Source/NSScrollView.m
* Source/NSView.m
Added keyed decoding.
2004-01-26 Adam Fedor <>
* /Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSHbox.h: Fix doc markup.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTable.h: Idem.
* Source/NSApplication.m: Idem.
* Source/DocMakefile (GuiAdditions_AGSDOC_FILES):
Add GuiAdditions.gsdoc
2004-01-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m (-setTitle:) Call
[synchronizeTitleAndSelectedItem], this may as well belong into
the cells setTitle: method instead.
2004-01-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m: Exchanged the code of
appendTransform: and prePendTransform: to be Cocoa compatibile.
(-concatenateWith:) replaced appendTransform: with prependTransform:.
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m: (NSView
-_displayPageInRect:atPlacement:withInfo:) Item.
* Source/NSView.m (+initialize, -_rebuildCoordinates) Item.
2004-01-25 16:16 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m: Big redesign.
(cache_match, cache_lookup_string, cache_lookup_attributed_string,
use_screen_fonts): New helper functions for caching layout
(init_string_drawing, [NSAttributedString -drawAtPoint:],
[NSAttributedString -drawInRect:], [NSAttributedString -size],
[NSString -drawAtPoint:withAttributes:],
[NSString -drawInRect:withAttributes:],
[NSString -sizeWithAttributes:]): Reimplement using the cache system
and the new helper functions.
2004-01-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-orderWindow:relativeTo:): In OrderOut case
cancle _handleWindowNeedsDisplay unconditional. (-close): Don't
cancle _handleWindowNeedsDisplay as this gets done by the
following [orderOut:] call. These changes adopt to a previous
change in [_handeWindowNeedsDisplay:] to always resend itself.
2004-01-25 04:15 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m (-invalidateDisplayForCharacterRange:,
-textStorage:edited:range:changeInLength:invalidatedRange:): Adjust
a few edge cases so that no work is done if there is no existing
layout information.
2004-01-24 15:17 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSDataLink.h: Added ivars.
* Source/NSDataLink.m: Added implementation of some methods.
2004-01-23 21:32 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Removal of some commented out test code.
2004-01-22 13:15 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSFontPanel.m (-_initWithoutGModel): Use -setTitle: to set
the titles of the buttons, not -setStringValue:. Patch from Matt
2004-01-22 13:09 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSButton.m: Rename _nsbuttonCellClass to buttonCellClass
and make it static.
2004-01-22 13:06 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-encodeWithCoder:): Encode nil instead of
the control view.
2004-01-22 13:04 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDrawFunctions.h: Add missing
include guards.
* Source/GSDrawFunctions.m: Correct misspellings and clarify the
2004-01-22 12:16 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Model/GMAppKit.m ([NSFont +createObjectForModelUnarchiver:]):
If there's no font of the decoded name, fall back to the system
font of the decoded size.
2004-01-19 Kazunobu Kuriyama <>
* GNUmakefile.postamble (after-distclean): Fix deletion of config.make.
2004-01-18 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GSDrawFunctions.m: New class.
* Source/NSBox.m ([NSBox -drawRect:]): Use it.
2004-01-17 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m:
(frameOfColumn:): Adjust horizontal position if browser doesn't have
horizontal scroller.
(tile): Adjust column height if browser doesn't have horizontal
(drawRect:): Better handling of cases with and without horizontal
2004-01-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSImageView.h: Added ivars for traget and action.
* Source/NSImageView.m: Implemented target and action handling and
sending of the action when an image gets dropped on the
view. Patch by Kazunobu Kuriyama (
2004-01-15 Serg Stoyan <>
* Images/common_MiniWindowTile.m: New file.
* Images/common_Tile.m: Updated.
* Images/GNUmakefile: Added common_MiniWindowTile.tiff.
* Source/NSWindow.m (NSMiniWindowView):
(+initialize): Use common_MiniWindowTile.tiff
(-drawRect:): Move imageCell down to avoid overlapping with title.
(-setTitle:): Do not draw background; common_MiniWindowTile.tiff now
has title background.
* Source/GSTitleView.[hm]:
Added closeButton and miniaturizeButton methods to access title
buttons. Added initWithOwner: method. Comments added. Cleanup.
(dealloc): Remove observer. Release textAttributes and titleColor.
Don't release closeButton and miniaturizeButton.
(setOwner:): Observe NSApplication activate/deactivate notifications.
Add title buttons according to the window style mask.
* Source/NSMenuView.m:
(update): Use GSTitleView's initWithOwner: method. Cleanup.
2004-01-13 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m (trackWithEvent:): Changed checking for
highlighted item. Old checking have a problems when
_highlightedItemIndex changed after performActionForItemAtIndex:,
for example when selecting "Close Window" in detached "Windows"
2004-01-12 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/GSTitleView.m (setOwner): Recognize class that responds
to menuRepresentation method as NSMenu derived class. Fix for Gorm.
Use isKindOfClass: instead of class names comparison.
* Images/GNUmakefile: Added common_Miniaturize*.tiff to IMAGE_FILES.
* Images/common_CloseBroken.tiff: Updated.
* Images/common_CloseBrokenH.tiff: Added.
* Images/common_WMClose.tiff: Deleted.
* Images/common_WMCloseBroken.tiff: Ditto.
* Source/NSApplication.m: (setImageForWindowsItem:): Use common_Close
and common_CloseBroken images instead of removed common_WMClose and
2004-01-11 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSTextStorage.m (_setAttributesFrom): Initialize
range in the aRange.length==0 case. (Found by Andrew Ruder using
valgrind.) This mirrors the patch to base/GSAttributedString.m.
2004-01-12 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/GSTitleView.m:
(+height): return at least 23 pixels.
(-mouseDown:): Make submenu torn off only after mouse released and if
menu position changed(so submenu isn't made torn off just clicking on
the title).
2004-01-11 Serg Stoyan <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTitleView.h: new file.
* Source/GSTitleView.m: ditto.
* Images/common_Close.tiff: updated for GSTitleView.
* Images/common_CloseH.tiff: ditto.
* Images/common_Miniaturize.tiff: new file.
* Images/common_MiniaturizeH.tiff: ditto.
* Source/NSMenuView.m: modified to use GSTitleView for menu title.
NSMenuWindowTitleView class removed.
2004-01-10 18:53 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: The unarchiver was failing when
decoding objects which contain references to themselves
(e.g. NSTabView). When an object contains a class/item which
refers to it's parent it should receive the new object and not
the template. I modified the initWithCoder: method of GSClassSwapper
to correct the issue.
2004-01-10 Adam Fedor <>
* orderFront fixes
* Source/NSWindow.m (-orderFront:): Remove NSApp isActive
(-orderFrontRegardless): Update for special case (otherWin=-1)
(-orderWindow:relativeTo:): Pass -1 for otherWin to backend
if we're the current app.
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m: Update documentations.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-changeWindowsItem:title:filename:): Revert
patch from 2003-10-20.
2004-01-10 16:36 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-drawRect:): Indentation fixes after last
2004-01-09 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m:
(drawRect:) Cosmetic changes in drawing of column separators
and horizontal scroller border.
* Source/NSScrollView.m:
(drawRect): Calculate separator line usning scoller frame. Remove
header view counting cases.
* Source/NSScroller.m:
(drawKnobSlot): Always draw background. Even if there's no room
for scroller parts.
2004-01-08 23:26 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+GIF.m: Re-#define Object across the
include of gif_lib.h . (Reported by Stefan Kleine Stegemann.)
2004-01-08 19:41 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Add a check for libungif.
* configure, Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/ Regenerate.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add NSBitmapImageRep+GIF.m.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+GIF.m, Source/NSBitmapImageRep+GIF.h:
New files with the GIF image loader.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (+canInitWithData:) Check if the GIF
loader can handle the data.
(+imageUnfilteredFileTypes): Add ".gif".
(+imageRepsWithData:, -initWithData:): Use the GIF loader to load
GIF images.
2004-01-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-initWithCoder:) Don't decode the control
view, as this may be a Gorm placeholder or otherwise invalid.
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m:
(getEventMatchingMask:beforeDate:inMode:dequeue:) Use function
NSEventMaskFromType instead of explicit switch statement where a
few entries where missing.
2004-01-08 01:24 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-setObjectValue:): Change the argument type
to id from 'NSString *'.
2004-01-08 00:47 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Fail with a verbose error message if libjpeg or
libpng can't be found. Add --disable-jpeg/--disable-png options that
override this.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Add NSBitmapImageRep+JPEG.m,
NSBitmapImageRep+PNG.m, and NSBitmapImageRep+PNM.m .
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (+canInitWithData:) Check if one of the
new loaders can handle the data.
(+imageUnfilteredFileTypes): Include the types from the new loaders.
(+imageRepsWithData:, -initWithData:): Use the new loaders to load
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep+JPEG.m, Source/NSBitmapImageRep+JPEG.h,
Source/NSBitmapImageRep+PNG.m, Source/NSBitmapImageRep+PNG.h,
Source/NSBitmapImageRep+PNM.m, Source/NSBitmapImageRep+PNM.h:
New files with image loaders for JPEG, PNG, and PNM.
2004-01-07 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSHbox.h:
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSVbox.h:
Cleaned up to remove compiler warnings.
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m: Added include of GSGuiPrivate.h to
remove compiler warning.
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m: Removed unused global paperSizes.
* Source/NSScroller.m: (-trackKnob:) Initialise presentEvent.
2004-01-06 23:39 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSSpellServer.m: Documentation.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpellServer.h: Documentation.
2004-01-06 21:58 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m: More documentation.
2004-01-07 02:51 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSSplitView.m (-mouseDown:): Use an NSDebugLLog when we get
an event in a subview area instead of an NSLog.
2004-01-04 02:32 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Documentation.
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m: Documentation.
2004-01-03 23:36 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Removed some uneeded includes.
2004-01-03 Ludovic Marcotte <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: Started to fix the DnD code.
Modified -mouseDown: to not select the row when clicking
only on the expand/collapse image. Rewrote
-noteNumberOfRowsChanged to correctly restore the list
of selected rows after an expand/collapse operation.
Also did some general cleanups. More to come on this class.
2004-01-03 19:00 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Removed some uneeded includes.
2004-01-01 23:22 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Moved the declaration of
nibitems in loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone: so
that it can be released if there is an exception.
* Source/NSActionCell.m: Documentation.
* Source/NSScreen.m: Documentation.
2003-12-31 01:07 Alexander Malmberg <>
* KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBindings.dict: Uncomment the
moveUpAndModifySelection: and moveDownAndModifySelection:
2003-12-31 00:37 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-setSelectedRange:affinity:stillSelecting:):
Make sure oldRange is always initialized.
2003-12-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m (-pathForNibResource:) ignore
extension "nib", so "gorm" or "gmodel" get used instead.
2003-12-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSAffineTransform.h: Corrected element names tX
and TY of structure NSAffineTransformStruct to fit Cocoa naming.
* Source/NSAffineTransform.m
* Source/NSView.m (-_rebuildCoordinates)
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (-_displayPageInRect:atPlacement:withInfo:)
Adopted to change of NSAffineTransformStruct elements.
* Source/Function.m
Implemented NSDrawWindowBackground(), NSDrawDarkBezel() and
* Source/NSTableHeaderView.m (-drawRect:) Use NSDrawTiledRects()
instead of DPS operations.
2003-12-30 00:48 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Added private class to collect
top level items (controllers) which are instantiated in the
.gorm file. This and the change to GSNibContainer provide a
much cleaner way of retaining the top level items in the .gorm
file without requiring a new special entry in the nameTable.
* Source/GSNibContainer.[hm]: Renamed method awakeWithContext:
to awakeWithContext:topLevelItems: to allow passing in the
items collected. Also added code to add the GSNibItems which
are in the archive to the instance of the private class which
is created.
2003-12-29 20:43 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: removed extraneous retain in
GSClassSwapper which was causing the retain counts of
custom classes to be one too many.
2003-12-29 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-activateIgnoringOtherApps:): Change
location of _inactive count calculation.
* Documentation/gnustep-gui.texi: Move class documentation...
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSHbox.h: here.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTable.h: and here.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSVbox.h: and here.
2003-12-28 19:33 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenuItem.h: Added documentation for many
of the methods in NSMenuItem.
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Further refinements on the earlier
memory leak fix.
2003-12-25 00:03 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m: Changed to use the correct method
to find and load the .gorm file for the panel.
2003-12-23 13:46 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Added a loop which retains only the
top level objects in the nameTable. Also added some conditions
which prevent some of the special entries in the nametable from
having awakeFromNib called unnecessarily. Added code
which implements the NSTopLevelObjects undocumented feature which
allows users to get the top level objects in an array so that they
can be easily released. Tightened up memory management.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Removed extra retain which was
causing the container to leak.
2003-12-23 18:13 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_handleWindowNeedsDisplay:): Disable flushing
while displaying the window and flush after all displaying is done.
2003-12-06 14:03 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-readSelectionFromPasteboard:type:,
NSTIFFPboardType): Send -setFileWrapper: to the attachment after
setting the wrapper's icon to force an update of the attachment's
image. Reported by Fabien Vallon.
2003-12-03 02:54 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-clean): Add a missing ':'.
Reported by Matt Rice.
2003-12-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble (libgnustep-gui.def): Generate at
compile time using the proper dependencies.
2003-12-01 Serg Stoyan <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSButton.h: Add setHighlightsBy: and
setShowsStateBy: methods.
* Source/NSButton.m: Implement setHighlightsBy: and setShowsStateBy:
* Source/NSPanel.m:
Removed TODO about message font size.
(-sendEvent:): Cast self when compared with iconWindow to omit
compiler warning.
(-_initWithoutGModel): Center title vertically relatively to image.
Some comments added. Use NSButton's setHighlightsBy for default
button of altert panel.
(-sizePanelToFit): Center message text horizontally.
* Images/common_ret.tiff: Edit to be more NeXTish.
* Images/common_retH.tiff: Ditto.
2003-11-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (+initialize) cache runloop modes.
(-_handleWindowNeedsDisplay:) and (-orderWindow:relativeTo:) use cached modes.
2003-11-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-setTitleWithMnemonic:) use [setTitle:] instead
of [setStringValue:].
(-mnemonic) use [title] instead of [stringValue].
2003-11-28 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBezierPath.m (-bezierPathByReversingPath) return create
path not self.
(-containsPoint) new implementation, that respects the winding rule.
2003-11-26 23:55 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-sendEvent:): Ignore most events sent to
windows that have been ordered out.
* Source/NSPanel.m (-sendEvent:): Synchronize with [NSWindow
2003-11-26 23:54 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSView.m (-autoscroll:): Document.
2003-11-26 15:00 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSGuiPrivate.h: Fix GSGuiBundle() prototype.
2003-11-26 14:47 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSApplication.h: Add -_windowWillDealloc:.
* Source/NSApplication.m: Fix some prototypes.
(-_windowWillDealloc:): Implement.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-dealloc): Call -_windowWillDealloc: so NSApp
can clear any unretained references to the window.
2003-11-25 17:16 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-orderWindow:relativeTo:): Start the window
auto-display performer when a window is ordered in regardless of
whether it needs display right now or not.
2003-11-23 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.9.1
2003-11-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-tile) corrected computation of columnCount,
so that at least one column gets diplayed, even when this is
smaller than the minColumnwidth.
* Source/NSMatrix.m (-drawRect:) corrected clipping of row2, here
row1 had been tested.
* Source/NSScrollView.m (-drawRect:) removed the saving of the context.
2003-11-22 15:07 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m ([GSNibContainer -awakeWithContext:]):
Don't release connections when enumerating them; they're owned
by the array. Partial fix for bug #6354.
2003-11-19 21:53 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-sizeToFit): If we are horizontally resizable
and the inset width is 0, increase our width by 1.
2003-11-19 17:06 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Tools/GNUmakefile, Tools/example.m, Tools/exampleInfo.plist,
Tools/md5Digest.m: Move example.service and to
2003-11-19 Adam Fedor <>
* Window Focus fixes.
* Source/NSApplication.m (-activateIgnoringOtherApps:): Make
hidden_key key only if we have no key, make main key if neither,
make menu key as last resort.
(-deactivate): Resign main window.
(Patches from Benhur Stein <>).
(-unhideWithoutActivation): Set hidden=no before ordering windows
to avoid possible recursive loops.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-sendEvent:)(NSLeftMouseDown): Activate app
after ordering window front.
(-sendEvent:)(GSAppKitWindowFocusIn): Don't make ourselves key
if we're not the modal window. Remove check for app isHidden.
2003-11-19 03:17 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSClipView.m (-autoscroll:): Reimplement correctly.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-mouseDown:): When the mouse is outside
the view, autoscroll smoothly using periodic events.
2003-11-18 21:43 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSEvent.m (-description): Remove a stray , that was messing
up a +stringWithFormat: call. Make eventTypes static.
2003-11-11 14:41 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: (-targetForAction:): Added code to check the
document of the main window as well.
* NSToolbar.m: Additional implementation.
* NSWindow.[hm]: Added some code for drawing the toolbar.
* GSToolbarView.h: added initWithToolbar: method.
2003-11-07 15:28 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSControl.m (-mouseDown:): Rewrite to use -setHighlighted:
and the normal drawing mechanisms instead of trying to draw and flush
manually. (Fixes a bunch of visual glitches.)
2003-11-07 14:42 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSInputManager.m (-loadBindingsFromFile:): Handle errors
directly instead of using (broken) exception code.
2003-11-01 18:19 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m (-drawGlyphsForGlyphRange:atPoint:):
If a range of glyphs has no color set, use the default text color
(as returned by [NSColor textColor]) instead of assuming black.
2003-10-30 00:38 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSImage.m (iterate_reps_for_types, repd_for_rep): Make
* Source/NSStepperCell.m (DrawUpButton, DrawDownButton,
HighlightUpButton, HighlightDownButton): Idem.
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m: Make the "class variables" static.
* Source/NSProgressIndicator.m: Idem.
2003-10-29 Bjorn Giesler <>
* Source/externs.m: New MacOS 10.3 pasteboard types
* Headers/AppKit/NSPasteboard.h: New MacOS 10.3 pasteboard types
2003-10-29 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m: ([-dealloc]) remove deallocated server
from windowsmap to avoid segfault on app shuytdown ... fix suggested
2003-10-29 02:22 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m (-updateServicesMenu): Always enable
an item with a submenu.
2003-10-28 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: Change to have entire window accept DnD.
* Source/NSWindow.m: Fix to get whole window DnD working, also
to enable propogation of drag events up the view hierarchy to the
first drag-aware view ... Adam reports that this seems to be the
behavior on MacOS-X too.
2003-10-28 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m: Allow users to type in an absolute path name.
Support DnD of filename into panel.
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: ditto. Also, if the name of a non-existent
directory is typed in, provide a prompt to create the directory as
2003-10-27 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Tidy last patch to match use of
whitespace etc in GNUstep code.
* Source/GSDisplayManager.m:
(-getEventMatchingMask:beforeDate:inMode:dequeue:) fix incorrect
termination ... should terminate when limit date has passed,
irrespective of the state of any input sources.
* Source/NSApplication.m: ([-runModalForWindow:]) wait for new events
between calls to ([-runModalSession:])
([-runModalSession:]) rewritten to handle multiple events, but only
those events which are available ... ie don't wait for more.
Requires latest base library from CVS to get modified/corrected
runloop behavior.
2003-10-26 15:18 Alexander Malmberg <>
Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSFontManager.m (-availableFonts, -availableFontFamilies,
availableMembersOfFontFamily:): Don't check delegate; always return
all fonts.
(-_includeFont:): Move...
* Source/NSFontPanel.m (_includeFont:delegate:): Here.
(-_familySelectionChanged:, reloadDefaultFontFamilies): Use that
method to check with the delegate which fonts should be included in
the font panel.
(-_doPreview, -_fontForSelection:): Check that the face list isn't
empty before accessing it.
(-_getOriginalSize): Move to the Private category to match the
2003-10-25 16:52 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: initWithFrame is not supposed to be called
on subclasses of NSControl as the designated initializer according to
docs. Removed the call.
* Source/GSNibCompatibility.[hm]: Added in the old templates for
compatibility ONLY. This is so any of the older .gorms which use
these templates can be loaded and used normally.
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: Corrected a documentation issue.
2003-10-25 12:53 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (-_connectApplication:): Ignore the path to
the application when extracting the port name. (Committed by
Alexander Malmberg.)
2003-10-24 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Change a few uses of '/' in strings to
use stringByAppendingPatchComponent:
* Tools/gopen.m: Fix to pass the full path of the file to the
app being used to open it, so relative paths in the arguments
work properly.
2003-10-21 Bjorn Giesler <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Fix NSPerformService() to work for
any localised service name.
2003-10-21 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Revert last modification in favour
of a fix by ... Bjorn.
2003-10-20 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (-changeWindowsItem:title:filename:): Use
deminiaturize to get the window back.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-deminiaturize:): Don't order out
the miniwindow since it should be ordered out automatically.
Fixes PR #5849.
2003-10-18 16:48 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: Added full gsdoc documentation for this
2003-10-17 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Make mapping of service names to
their definitions include all available language variants so
that NSPerformService() should work irrespective of the
currently selected language preferences. Tested to ensure it
still works for my selected english, but not yet to see if it
actually fixes the bug.
2003-10-13 Adam Fedor <>
* Simplify graphics libs lookup
* Update.
* Documentation/make_services.1: New file (from Martin Brecher)
* Documentation/GNUmakefile: Install it.
2003-10-09 Adam Fedor <>
* Tools/make_services.m: Add quiet option.
2003-10-07 23:38 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibTemplates.m: Added
setDeferFlag: and deferFlag declarations to
2003-10-07 14:32 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-miniaturize:): Check that the window is
miniaturizable, visible, and not already miniaturized before
trying to miniaturize it.
(-deminiaturize:): Do nothing if the window isn't miniaturized.
(Based on patch from Matt Rice.)
2003-10-05 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/DocMakefile: Remove dependencies file when cleaning.
2003-10-03 Adam Fedor <>
* Use -Wl for netbsd linker options.
2003-10-03 Benhur Stein <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-setFrameAutosaveName:): remove previous frame
name from defaults; if there is a saved frame with the new name in
defaults, set window frame to it, otherwise store current frame in
2003-10-03 Benhur Stein <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (class variables, +initialize,
+removeFrameUsingName:, -dealloc, -saveFrameUsingName:,
-setFrameAutosaveName:): removed variable windowsLock
2003-10-02 David Ayers <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-[NSBrowser setDelegate]):
Set _passiveDelegate to YES for 'nil' delegate.
Use GSObjCRuntime functions to get selector names.
Update documentation.
2003-10-02 Andrew Ruder <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-[NSBrowser setDelegate]): Check for
nil object to allow unsetting the delegate.
2003-09-29 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.9.0
2003-09-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSLayoutManager.h
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m
Added missing method [isValidGlyphIndex:].
2003-09-29 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m
Patch by Christopher Culver:
Define empty [sizeToFit] method to override NSControl implementation.
2003-09-27 19:29 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibContainer.m: [GSNibContainer awakeWithContext:]
Added code to set the services and windows menus as designated in
Gorm. Addresses Report #5205
2003-09-27 David Ayers <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-compare:): Compare the stringValue of
NSCell's rather than their contents directly.
2003-09-23 19:14 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWindow.m (-orderWindow:relativeTo:): Only force a display
of the content view if we're being ordered _to_ the screen.
2003-09-23 19:11 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTextContainer.m (-dealloc): Set the text container of
our text view, if any, to nil.
2003-09-22 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m (-setWindow:): Set window's
releaseWhenClosed when document is not nil. Add documentation.
2003-09-21 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Undid the tracking of changes for the menu item. Changed [dealloc]
to not call clean up methods as these caused segmentation faults
in GNUMail.
2003-09-21 15:15 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTextView.m (-readSelectionFromPasteboard:type:): Handle
NSTIFFPboardType. Based on patch from Nicolas Roard.
2003-09-20 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m ([NSWindowController -setDocument:]):
Set window to releaseWhenClosed if document is not nil.
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSApplication -targetForAction:]): Revert
last change.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -performClose:]): Idem.
2003-09-19 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSApplication -targetForAction:]): Check
document of a document-based app before key window.
* Source/NSWindow.m ([NSWindow -performClose:]): Close the
document not self if there is a document associated with this window.
2003-09-19 Adam Fedor <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSMethodTable.h: Change NSReadPixel
to GSReadRect
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphicsContext.h, Source/NSGraphicsContext.m: Idem.
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphics.h (NSReadPixel): Move to...
* Source/Functions.m (NSReadPixel): here.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m (-initWithFocusedViewRect:): Implement.
2003-09-16 Adam Fedor <>
* GNUmakefile (SUBPROJECTS): Don't build Documentation by default.
2003-09-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Corrected bug in previous change. In [itemAtIndex:] the index 0
was handled wrong.
2003-09-14 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
According to Gregory John Casamento <> the
popup button does not change its enable state when the selected item
does. To adopt this behaviour all setEnable: calls have been
removed and one in [initWithCoder:] added that enables the popup
for all old encodings.
2003-09-13 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: Corrected minor problem which
was causing a compilation error.
2003-09-13 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenu.m
In [update] use [NSApplication targetForAction:to:from:] to be
consistent with the [performActionForItemAtIndex:] implementation.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Undid last change. Rewrote [setMenu:] to make the popup button
cell listen to change notifications of the menu. New method
[itemChanged:] gets called when a menu item changes. Added hack to
[initWithCoder:] to set menu correctly and read old menu items
Check in [itemAtIndex:] that the index is vaild and return nil
2003-09-07 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m: Document.
(+imageRepWithData:): Return empty array not nil on failure.
(-TIFFRepresentation): Check for unsupported compression types.
(-TIFFRepresentationUsingCompression:factor:): Idem.
* Source/tiff.m (NSTiffGetInfo, NSTiffRead,
NSTiffWrite): Better error checking.
* Source/NSTableView.m (-draggingUpdated:sender): Support
NSTableViewDropOn (patch from Björn Giesler <>).
2003-09-06 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: -drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:
added setEnabled to enable the popup button cell. A previous
change was causing all popup button cells to show up as disabled.
2003-09-06 22:53 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSFont.m (getNSFont): Set the explicit-size bit in the
role correctly.
2003-09-06 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Images/common_Printer.tiff
* Images/common_ToolbarSeperatorItem.tiff
* Images/common_ToolbarShowColorsItem.tiff
* Images/common_ToolbarShowFontsItem.tiff
* Images/common_ToolbarSpaceItem.tiff
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: set the correct images and
target/action information for all of the standard toolbar items.
2003-09-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuItem.m
Autorelease the [separatorItem].
2003-09-06 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m
In [itemChanged:] set if the cell is enabled like the item.
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m
[setMenuItem:] enable/disable cell. [drawTitleWithFrame:inView:]no
longer enable/disable cell.
2003-09-04 18:43 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h, Source/NSWindow.m: Change the return
type of -initWithWindowRef: to id.
2003-09-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Tools/gsnd/gsnd.m (main): Don't mess with file descriptors on MinGW.
2003-09-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/libgnustep-gui.def: Update.
2003-09-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m
[readFromURL:options:documentAttributes:] corrected the handling
to type "text", where [NSString alloc] was missing.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m
Removed unused global currentVersion.
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h
Corrected type of method _nonAutoreleasedTypingAttributes
* Headers/AppKit/NSInputManager.h
Added protocol NSTextInput to ivar _currentClient.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextFieldCell.h
Removed uneeded and inconsistent method declarations.
* Source/NSApplciation.m
* Source/NSBezierPath.m
* Source/NSClipView.m
* Source/NSDocumentController.m
* Source/NSInputManager.m
* Source/NSMenuItem.m
* Source/NSSavePanel.m
* Source/NSTableView.m
Removed new GCC 3.4 warnings from Alexander Malmbergs list.
2003-09-01 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
[canInitWithData:], [imageRepsWithData:] and [initWithData:]
protect against data being nil. [imageRepsWithFile:] check if the
file exists and only return an array when it contains objects.
* Source/NSWorkspace.m
New method [_saveImageFor:] used in all places in this file where
an icon is created from a file name. New method
[thumbnailForFile:] calculated the name of the corresponding thumbnail file for a given file name. This does
not chack if this file exists!. In [iconForFile:] use this
thumbnails if the user default GSUseFreedesktopThumbnails is YES.
* Documentation/GuiUser/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc
Documented the new user default value GSUseFreedesktopThumbnails.
2003-09-01 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: [GSNibContainer awakeWithContext:]
was initializing mainMenu too late. It should be accessible
from within awakeFromNib.
2003-08-31 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Corrected code to instantiate
button for toolbar items.
2003-08-30 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: [GSNibContainer awakeWithContext:]
was not releasing the connections in the array after calling
establishConnection. Once this is done, the connections
are no longer needed.
2003-08-30 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindowController.m
Changed [setWindow:] to manage the notification connection to the
[initWithWindow:], [dealloc] and [_windowWillClose:] now use
[setDocument:] now no longer retains the document, as this is
already retaining the window controller. Simplified [loadWindow]
by using the method [windowNibPath].
2003-08-30 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Added code to templates to conditionally
call the designated initializer if and only if it is defined
on the class which is being unarchived, not the parent classes.
This is consistent with behaviour under OpenStep.
2003-08-29 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble (ADDITIONAL_OBJCFLAGS): Include
target dir for config.h (disable-flattened).
2003-08-29 Adam Fedor <>
* Tools/gsnd/gsnd.m (main): Reopen stderr.
2003-08-29 Gregory John Casamento <>
* NSToolbarItem.[hm]: Implemented copyWithZone: for NSCopying,
removed an unused flag and shortened the flag names which were
somewhat long. Did some general cleanup. Implemented standard
2003-08-28 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Removed an extra release which was causing
a segfault. Added code to prevent calling the designated initializer
when isInterfaceBuilder is defined.
2003-08-27 Adam Fedor <>
* Tools/gsnd/gsnd.m (main): Set daemon flag when forking.
2003-08-26 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.8.9
2003-08-23 Gregory John Casamento <>
* GSNibTemplates.m: Minor corrections and bugfixes.
2003-08-23 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GNUmakefile: Added new header to the list.
* Source/GSNibTemplates.m: Added assertion to GSClassSwapper to
prevent it from being initialized with superClassName and className
being the same.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Added some more code to properly implement
this class.
* Source/NSToolbarItem.m: Added code to implement this class.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h: Added flags declaration.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h: Added attributes.
* Headers/Additions/GNUStepGUI/GSToolbarView.h: Private class which
will be used to display the toolbar in the window.
2003-08-22 Adam Fedor <>
* Tools/gsnd/gsnd.m (main): Close any open file descriptors so
we can be a proper daemon.
Fixes #4825
2003-08-22 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/GSNibTemplates.[hm]: Added new template classes to a new file
removed old templates and implemented GSClassSwapper, GSWindowTemplate,
GSViewTemplate and etc.. to act as stand-in object in the
interface builder application.
* NSBundleAdditions.m: Removed old template classes and moved some
of the hiddle classes to GSNibTemplates for better organization.
2003-08-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSWindow.m
In [performClose:] call the method [shouldCloseWindowController:]
on the document instead of [windowShouldClose:]
2003-08-20 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m
In [itemChanged:] call [setNeedsDisplayForItemAtIndex:] so that
changes get redisplayed.
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Overall change to use method calls rather than direct ivar access.
[setMenu:] also call [setMenuView:]. [removeItemWithTitle],
[removeItemAtIndex] and [removeAllItems] make sure that the
selected item ivar gets unset, when this is
removed. [setMenuItem:] overwrite super method to set/unset the
image. [selectItem:] no longer changes the image of this
item. [synchronizeTitleAndSelectedItem] now works on the menu item
not the selected item. [attachPopUpWithFrame:inView:] added
listening for notifications. [dismissPopUp] remove listening for
notifications. Added [performClickWithFrame:inView:] and
[performClick:]. Further simplified [drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:].
[initWithCoder:] made sure that old stored objects still get read
in correctly even if most ivars may be set wrong.
* Source/NSPopUpButton.m
In [keyDown:] removed setting and unsetting of notification
listening, as this now gets handled in NSPopUpButtonCell.
2003-08-20 14:36 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m (+sharedEnumerator,
+fontInfoForFontName:matrix:screenFont:): Assert that the backend
classes have been set.
* Source/NSBrowser.m (+initialize, -initWithFrame:): Don't create
the shared title cell in +initialize. Creating the cell requires
that the backend has been set up (by creating the shared application
object). We can't assume that this has been done before +initialize
is called.
* Source/NSTextView.m (+initialize, -initWithFrame:textContainer:):
Don't register for services in +initialize for the same reason: the
shared application object might not have been created yet (also, note
that calling +sharedApplication is unsafe; it will create a shared
application object, but in some cases of the wrong class, which would
lead to confusing errors later).
2003-08-20 14:08 Alexander Malmberg <>
Clean up code to remove warnings issued by (what will become)
gcc 3.4.
* Model/GMArchiver.m, Source/GSFusedSilica.m,
Source/GSFusedSilicaContext.m, Source/NSResponder.m: Don't return
values from methods returning void.
2003-08-19 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSImageRep.m ([NSImageRep +imageRepsWithContentsOfFile:]):
Make sure extension is lowercase.
Fixes #4750.
2003-08-18 Adam Fedor <>
* Model/GNUmakefile (ADDITIONAL_INCLUDE_DIRS): Don't include
../Headers on non-gnu targets.
2003-08-17 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSTableView.m ([NSTableView -textDidBeginEditing:]): Fix leak
of dictionary object.
([NSTableView -textDidChange:]): Idem.
([NSTableView -textDidEndEditing:]): Idem.
Fixes #4568.
2003-08-17 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSImageCell.m ([NSImageCell -setObjectValue:]): Implement.
2003-08-17 Benhur Stein <>
* NSBrowser.m:
(-selectRow:inColumn:): cleanup
(-loadedCellAtRow:column:): cleanup
(-matrixInColumn:): return nil if column not in _browserColumns
(-setPath:): cleanup; fix optimization for not loading columns that
are already loaded
(-setLastColumn:): return if column is not loaded; remove unnecessary
call to setNeedsDisplay:; remove columns greater than
_lastVisibleColumn instead of numberOfVisibleColumns; call
scrollColumnToVisible instead of making it by hand.
(-reloadColumn:): reselect previously selected cells by searching them
in reloaded matrix, instead of by position
(-scrollColumnToVisible:): removed test that assumed that if
numberOfVisibleColums is enough to display all loaded columns, they
are all displayed. This is not always the case now.
(-tile): hack to garantee that all visible columns exist. Should fix
the code that's before instead.
(-doClick:): cleanup; removed drawing of matrix's cells
(-moveLeft:): cleanup; move left from firstResponder instead of from
(-moveRight:): cleanup; move right from firstResponder instead of from
selectedColumn; removed call to doClick:
(-_performLoadOfColumn:): change _lastColumnLoaded if necessary
2003-08-16 Matt Rice <>
* Source/NSDocument.m ([NSDocument -init]): Check the count of the
types array and uses Viewer and Editor NSRoles to set the default
2003-08-13 David Ayers <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/*.h/* Remove headers moved in header
reorganization on 2003-07-31.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSVersion.h: Remove generated
file that should have been ignored by entry in .cvsignore.
2003-08-05 Martin Brecher <>
* Documentation/gopen.1: New file.
* Documentation/GNUmakefile: Install it.
2003-08-10 23:27 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSFontInfo.h: Add new methods in
GSFontEnumerator that return the default names of some standard
* Source/GSFontInfo.m: Implement them.
* Source/NSFont.m: Use them.
2003-08-07 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Documentation/GNUmakefile.postamble: Invoke Source/DocMakefile to
clean reference documentation.
2003-08-02 Ludovic Marcotte <>
* Modified NSPopUpButtonCell: -insertItemWithTitle: atIndex:
so that we get our item count after removing a potential
duplicated item value.
2003-08-01 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-install): Install
gsdoc docs in proper places.
* Source/DocMakefile: Add GuiUser DOCUMENT
* Images/GNUmakefile: Remove obsolete files.
2003-07-31 David Ayers <>
* Created tag 'pre-header-reorg-20030731'.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI: New directory.
* Headers/AppKit: Ditto.
* Headers/gnustep/gui: Obsoleted.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GMAppKit.h: Moved here from
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GMArchiver.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSDisplayServer.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSFontInfo.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSFusedSilica.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSHbox.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSHelpManagerPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSHorizontalTypesetter.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSInfoPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSLayoutManager.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSLayoutManager_internal.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSMemoryPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSMethodTable.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSNibTemplates.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSPasteboardServer.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSServicesManager.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTable.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTextConverter.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTrackingRect.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSTypesetter.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSVbox.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/GSVersion.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/ Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/IMConnectors.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/IMCustomObject.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/IMLoading.h: Ditto.
* Headers/Additions/GNUstepGUI/.cvsignore: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/AppKit.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/AppKitDefines.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/AppKitExceptions.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/DPSOperators.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSActionCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSAffineTransform.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSApplication.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSAttributedString.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSBezierPath.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSBitmapImageRep.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSBox.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSBrowser.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSBrowserCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSButton.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSButtonCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSCachedImageRep.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSClipView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSColor.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorList.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorPicker.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorPicking.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSColorWell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBox.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBoxCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSControl.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSCursor.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSCustomImageRep.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDataLink.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDataLinkManager.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDataLinkPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocument.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocumentController.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDocumentFrameworkPrivate.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDragging.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSDrawer.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSEPSImageRep.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSEvent.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSFileWrapper.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSFont.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontManager.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSFontPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSForm.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSFormCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphics.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSGraphicsContext.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSHelpManager.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSHelpPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSImage.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSImageCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSImageRep.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSImageView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSInputManager.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSInputServer.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSInterfaceStyle.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSLayoutManager.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSMatrix.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenu.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenuItem.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenuItemCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSMenuView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSNibConnector.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSNibDeclarations.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSNibLoading.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSOpenGL.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSOpenGLView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSOpenPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSOutlineView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPageLayout.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSParagraphStyle.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPasteboard.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPopUpButton.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPopUpButtonCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintInfo.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintOperation.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrintPanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSPrinter.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSProgressIndicator.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSResponder.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSRulerMarker.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSRulerView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSavePanel.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSScreen.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSScrollView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSScroller.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSecureTextField.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSelection.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSlider.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSliderCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSound.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpellChecker.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpellProtocol.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSpellServer.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSSplitView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSStepper.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSStepperCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSStringDrawing.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTabView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTabViewItem.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTableColumn.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTable* HeaderCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTable* HeaderView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTableView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSText.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextAttachment.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextContainer.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextField.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextFieldCell.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextStorage.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSTextView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbar.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSToolbarItem.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSUserInterfaceValidation.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSView.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindow.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSWindowController.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/NSWorkspace.h: Ditto.
* Headers/AppKit/PSOperators.h: Ditto.
* Update to new header structure.
* configure: Regenerated.
* GNUmakefile.postamble: Remove handling of header-links and
update to new header structure.
* Source/GNUmakefile: Update to new header structure.
Install gnustep specific headers in GNUstepGUI by splitting
Include CompatibilityHeaders.make makefile fragement.
* Source/GNUmakefile.preamble: Update to new header structure.
* Source/CompatibilityHeaders.make: New file which installs dummy
headers in the place of the old headers, warning about obsoleting
the old location and includeing the header from its new location.
* Source/GNUmakefile.postamble: Install AppKit Headers manually.
* Source/*.[hm]: Update includes for new header structure.
* Source/GSGuiPrivate.h: Moved here from Headers/gnustep/gui.
* Source/GSFusedSilica.h: Ditto.
* Source/nsimage-tiff.h: Ditto.
* Tools/GNUmakefile.preamble: Update to new header structure.
* Tools/example.m: Remove include of config.h.
* ColorPickers/GNUmakefile: Update to new header structure.
* ColorPickers/*.[hm]: Ditto.
* TextConverters/RTF/GNUmakefile.preamble: Update to new header
* TextConverters/RTF/*.[hm]: Ditto.
* Documentation/gnustep-gui.texi: Update to new header structure.
* Documentation/Gui/Gui.gsdoc: Remmove gnustep additions.
* Documentation/GuiAdditions/.cvsignore: New file.
* Documentation/GuiAdditions/GNUmakefile: Ditto.
* Documentation/GuiAdditions/GuiAdditions.gsdoc: Ditto.
* Model/GNUmakefile: Update to new header structure.
* GNUmakefile.postamble: Ditto.
* Model/*.[hm]: Ditto.
* Resources/GNUmakefile: Update to new header structure.
* Source/DocMakefile: Update to new header structure.
Added GuiAdditions to DOCUMENT_NAME.
2003-07-31 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/NSBrowserCell.m (drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:): Remove
unnecessary code to set the background of an image.
* Source/NSButtonCell.m: ditto.
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m: remove usage of system image
"common_3DArrowRightH" as it is unneeded.
(drawImageWithFrame:inView:): remove unnecessary code to set the
background of an image.
(drawKeyEquivalentWithFrame:inView:): ditto.
(drawStateImageWithFrame:inView:): ditto.
* Source/NSScroller.m: remove usage of system images
(common_ArrowUpH, common_ArrowDownH, common_ArrowLeftH,
common_ArrowRightH) as they are unnecessary.
(drawParts): reset HighlightsBy: code for all the cells, remove
all the alternate images.
* Source/NSTableHeaderCell.m (drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:):
remove unnecessary call to set the background of an image.
* Images/(common_ArrowUpH, common_ArrowDownH, common_ArrowLeftH,
common_ArrowRightH).tiff: removed.
2003-07-31 Yen-Ju Chen <>
* Documentation/Gui/LanguageSetup.gsdoc: Updated.
2003-07-27 17:53 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSColor.m (+colorFromString:): Use NSScanner instead of
sscanf to avoid problems on non-c locales.
(initSystemColors): Make the creation of the system color list
more robust. If entries are missing, add them.
2003-07-26 18:50 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSView.m, Source/NSWindow.m: Make drawing debug logging
more detailed.
2003-07-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Panel/English.proj/GSPageLayout.gorm/objects.gorm
* Panel/English.proj/GSPrintPanel.gorm/objects.gorm
Made all buttons non-continuous.
2003-07-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTableView.h
Added new ivar _action.
* Source/NSTableView.m
Implemented methods [action] and [setAction:].
2003-07-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Tools/gopen.m
The option -a no longer starts the provided applciation
directly, but uses this application to open the specified files.
2003-07-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSColorPicker.m
Autorelease image returned by [provideNewButtonImage].
* Source/NSColorPanel.m
* ColorPickers/GSStandardColorPicker.m
In [_setupPickers] release cell array.
* ColorPickers/GSNamedColorPicker.m
Now basically working.
* ColorPickers/GSNamedColorPicker.tiff
Removed background of image.
* ColorPickers/GNUmakefile
Activate GSNamedColorPicker.
2003-07-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSApplication.m: Use NSInvocation to perform actions, so
we can handle cases where the action method returns a non-id or
misses an argument.
* Source/NSResponder.m: ditto
2003-07-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m
In [initWithIconHandle:] and [initWithBitmapHandle:] release the
new bitmap image representation after adding it to the array.
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
In [_initFromTIFFImage:number:] free the info returned by
* Source/NSTableView.m
In [sizeToFit] free isResizable.
* Source/GSMemoryPanel.m
In [update:] free the list returned by GSDebugAllocationClassList().
2003-07-24 Adam Fedor <>
* Fix setting ADDITIONAL_INCLUDE_... in
audiofile section.
2003-07-23 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Panels/GSSpellPanel.gorm: Added to replace old .gmodel
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m: Updated to use .gorm file.
2003-07-23 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.8.8
2003-07-23 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/DocMakefile: only remove directory containing 'stamp' for
2003-07-23 22:23 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSResponder.h: Make _menu private.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMenuView.h: Add _attachedMenu ivar.
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Use it.
2003-07-22 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSOpenGLView.m ([NSOpenGLView -initWithFrame:]): Implemented
(Patch from Damien Genet).
2003-07-22 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Documentation/GNUmakefile.postamble: Tweak for make update.
* Source/DocMakefile: ditto
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSLayoutManager.h: documentation tweaks.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSRulerMarker.h: ditto
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSText.h: ditto
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextContainer.h: ditto
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m: ditto
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m: ditto
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: ditto
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: ditto
* Source/NSFont.m: ditto
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m: ditto
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: ditto
* Source/NSView.m: ditto
* Source/NSBezierPath.m: ditto
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m: ditto
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSBezierPath.h: ditto
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSMenu.h: ditto
2003-07-22 Andrew Ruder <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: Fix potential (unlikely) leak
* Source/NSCursor.m: Fix memory leak;
* Source/NSResponder.m: Fix memory leak;
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m: Fix memory leak;
2003-07-21 Kazunobu Kuriyama <>
* Documentation/Gui/LanguageSetup.gsdoc: Update.
2003-07-21 Andrew Ruder <>
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Fix memory leaks.
2003-07-21 Andrew Ruder <>
* Source/GSMemoryPanel.m: Add dealloc method
* Source/NSOutlineView.m: Efficiency tweak.
* Headers/AppKit/NSComboBoxCell.h:Fix misplaced semicolon
* Source/NSSelection.m: Fix memory leak
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m: Fix misplaced semicolon.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m: Fix memory leak.
* Source/NSMenuView.m: Fix memory leak.
* Source/NSToolbar.m: Fix memory leak and tidy
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Clarify retain/release of timer.
2003-07-21 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSFileWrapper.m: Tidy initialisation and fix leak in
* Source/NSTextAttachment.m: ditto.
* Source/NSGraphicsContext.m: Memory leak fixes (suggested by Andrew
Ruder) and initialisation tidyups.
* Source/NSInputManager.m: ditto
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m: ditto
* Source/NSDocument.m: minor tidyup in init and add some documentation
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: add some documentation
2003-07-19 Adam Fedor <>
* GNUmakefile: Build Documentation if doc=yes (yes by default).
* Tools/gsnd/GNUmakefile.postamble: Linke in pthreads if not
already linked in (non-mingw targets only).
* Tools/gsnd/portaudio/pa_unix_oss/pa_unix_oss.c: On OpenBSD
include soundcard.h.
* Panels/English.proj: Replace GSPageLayout.gorm and
GSPrintPanel.gorm with updated GOrm dirs. Make Options button
* Panels/GNUmakefile.postamble (after-install): Install the
gorm dirs.
2003-07-19 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m
Added methods [init], [objectValue], [setObjectValue:],
[setImage:]. In [initTextCell:pullsDown:] create the menu first,
so that the first item gets entered to it. In [setPullsDown:] and
[setAltersStateOfSelectedItem] set the values that depend on these
flags. In [insertItemWithTitle:atIndex:] remove duplicates.
[selectItem:] the used image now depends on the arrow
position. Removed [drawWithFrame:inView:] and rewrote
2003-07-18 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSControl.h
* Source/NSControl.m
New MacOSX methods [formatter], [setFormatter:],
[attributedStringValue], [setAttributedStringValue:].
2003-07-16 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/Gui/LanguageSetup.gsdoc: Updated with changes from
Yen-Ju Chen and (Kazunobu Kuriyama.)
2003-07-16 Fred Kiefer <>
* TextConverters/RTF/rtfGrammer.y
Free the name for RTFOtherStatement.
* TextConverters/RTF/
2003-07-15 Fred Kiefer <>
* TextConverters/RTF/RTFConsumerFunctions.h
Added function GSRTFunicode().
* TextConverters/RTF/RTFConsumer.m
Added method [RTFConsumer appendString:] with code coming from
GSRTFmangleText(). Use this in GSRTFmangleText() and new function
GSRTFunicode(). Corrected GSRTFmangleText() to convert the input
from NSISOLatin1StringEncoding, as this is what our current RTF
exporter produces.
* TextConverters/RTF/rtfScanner.c
Define RTFunichar token.
* TextConverters/RTF/rtfGrammer.y
Added rule to read unicode character from RTF input.
* TextConverters/RTF/
* TextConverters/RTF/
2003-07-14 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSServicesManager.h: removed a function
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSApplication.h: and added it here so it's
public. Also fixed some argument name missmatches.
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: Some fixes for recent changes to
DO in base library ... also make listener even safer.
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: Improve documentation and change pasteboards
to always be sent over DO bycopy.
* Tools/example.m: Set error response to nil when there is no error.
2003-07-12 18:20 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextView.h, Source/NSTextView.m: Add
-_updateInputMethodState and -_updateInputMethodWithInsertionPoint:
methods. Call them in suitable places. Minor cleanups in comments.
2003-07-12 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Source/NSMatrix.m: -[NSMatrix keyCell] failed to check if the
_cells array is initialized before accessing it. This was causing
a core dump when unarchiving.
2003-07-10 03:37 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m, Source/NSTextView.m: Adjust "really large"
sizes to ensure accuracy to a whole point.
2003-07-10 Benhur Stein <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: added new private method
_compareFilename:with:. Use it in _selectCellName:.
In [-browser:createRowsForColumn:inMatrix:]: use self as context to
* Source/NSOpenPanel.m (-_selectCellName:): use new [NSSavePanel
_compareFilename:with:] method.
* This fixes bug #4255
2003-07-05 Adam Fedor <>
* Add openbsd flags like freebsd.
* Documentation/Gui/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc: Move backend defaults
to back/Documentation/Back/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc.
2003-07-05 18:02 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m
(-textStorage:edited:range:changeInLength:invalidatedRange:): Improve
behavior of the adjustments to the selected range.
2003-07-05 17:20 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSAttributedString.m (-fixParagraphStyleAttributeInRange:):
Handle paragraphs with a paragraph style set for a part of it but
not the first character correctly.
* Source/NSFont.m (getNSFont): Retain/autorelease when returning a
cached instance to make the retain status of the instance correct.
2003-07-05 16:07 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSFont.m (-initWithCoder:): Make sure that the returned
font has a correct retain count on all paths.
2003-07-04 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: Add code to set protocols for proxy objects.
and dum my class implementations to let protocols work with old
* Headers/AppKit/GSPasteboard.h: Add missing method of owner.
2003-07-03 01:43 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSFont.m (getNSFont): Only update the cache when the font
has the default size.
2003-07-02 16:38 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSFont.m: (Mostly) rewrite handling of standard fonts to
provide better behavior, especially when only some fonts are set in
the defaults. Updated documentation.
2003-07-01 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSBrowser.m (_createColumn):
Set border type of column's scroll view according to
_separateColumns flag.
2003-06-29 20:15 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (-launchApplication:showIcon:autolaunch:):
Add a missing '@'.
2003-06-29 17:37 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m (-drawAtPoint:, -drawAtRect:, -size):
Automatically turn off screen fonts in the layout manager if the
ctm for the current context isn't the identity matrix (possibly
flipped vertically).
2003-06-28 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Tools/make_services.m: Alter format of filter info.
* Tools/example.m: Added an example filter.
* Tools/md5Digest.m: Example filter user.
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: tweak for filters.
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: more documentation
2003-06-27 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSPasteboard.m: Documented all methods, fixed minor bugs
writing fiels to pastebaords, implemented ([+typesFilterableTo:])
wrote (partial implementation ...) the unimplemented filters stuff.
* Source/GSServicesManager.m: helpers for filters.
* Headers/AppKit/GSPasteboard.h: Removed unused methods, added
2003-06-26 Ludovic Marcotte <>
* Fixed the transparency of Images/common_ret.tiff
* Source/NSOutlineView (-setDataSource:) Modified to allow
a nil data source.
2003-06-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSLayoutManager.h
Changed ivars cached_pos and cached_cpos to unsigned.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSLayoutManager_internal.h
Changed element char_offset of structure glyph_t to unsigned.
* Source/GSLayoutManager.m (_glyphDumpRuns,
helpers::glyphForCharacter:index:positions::, getGlyphs:range:,
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
2003-06-25 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSImage.m (initWithPasteboard:):
* Source/NSView.m (dragFile:fromRect:slideBack:event:):
Corrected handling of pasteboard data of type NSFilenamesPboardType.
2003-06-24 01:05 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSTabViewItem.m (-drawLabel:inRect:): Update for change
in the behavior of -drawAtPoint:. Use -drawInRect: instead.
2003-06-23 19:03 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSStringDrawing.m (-drawAtPoint:): Place the text correctly
when the view isn't flipped.
2003-06-23 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPanel.m
Commented out unused variables WTitleHeight, ScrollMinSize,
* Source/NSTabView.m (selectNextTabViewItem:):
* Source/NSTableView.m (selectAll:):
* Source/NSTextStorage.m (edited:range:changeInLength:,
* Source/GSTextStorage.m (replaceCharactersInRange:withString:)
* Source/tiff.m (NSTIFFRead, NSTIFFWrite, CheckAndCorrectColormap):
* Source/GSTable.m (_updateForNewFrameSize:)
* Source/NSTextView.m (changeFont:):
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m
Changed element char_index of structure glyph_cache_t to unsigned.
2003-06-22 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Implement autolaunch flag and add
documentation describing hwo GNUstep and MacOS-X actually
handle launching ... hopefully more clearly than the
somewhat misleading MacOS-X documentation.
2003-06-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSInputManager.h
Changed ivar _abortFlags to unsigned. Changed all modifier
parameters to unsigned.
* Source/NSInputManager.m (initWithName:host:):
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
Adopted to changes in header.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSLayoutManager.h
Changed ivars layout_glyph and layout_char to unsigned.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSLayoutManager_internal.h
Changed elements glyph_length and char_length of structure
glyph_run_head_t to unsigned.
* Source/NSLayoutManager.m
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
* Source/NSMatrix.m (selectAll:)
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m (initWithContentRect:...screen:, readPrintInfo)
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSPopUpButtonCell.h
Changed ivar _selectedItem to type (id <NSMenuItem>).
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (insertItemWithTitle:atIndex:,
selectItemAtIndex:, selectItemWithTitle:, setTitle:)
Corrected type of local variable.
* Source/NSPrintInfo.m
In [+initPrintInfoDefaults] initialize variable printer with nil.
* Source/NSPrintOperation.m (_print)
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m
Added missing include for GSGuiPrivate.h.
(initWithContentRect:...screen:, updateFromPrintInfo)
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
2003-06-21 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSOutlineView.m ([NSOutlineView -drawRow:clipRect:]):
Add delegate method call. Patch from Yen-Ju Chen
* Source/NSView.m (-menuForEvent:): Add note about this
method being discouraged.
2003-06-20 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSFont.m ([NSFont -initWithCoder:]): Use NSFont not isa
to call class methods.
2003-06-20 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/DocMakefile (after-all): Check if Gui exists before
2003-06-20 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.8.7
2003-06-21 David Ayers <>
* PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile.postamble: Add -f option to rm in
uninstall of resource files.
2003-06-17 Adam Fedor <>
* GNUmakefile (SUBPROJECTS): Add Documentation
2003-06-17 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSDocumentController.m: Add GSGuiPrivate header for
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: Idem.
2003-06-17 Fred Kiefer <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSDisplayServer.h
Changes style parameter of [stylewindow:style:] and
[styleoffsets:::::] to unsigned, to be consistent with the other
style methods.
* Source/GSDisplayServer.m
Adopted to changes in header.
2003-06-15 16:26 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m: Use NSIsEmptyRect instead of
comparing for equality with NSZeroRect.
(-layoutLineNewParagraph:): Handle text containers with no area.
2003-06-15 14:57 Alexander Malmberg <>
configure: Regenerate.
2003-06-15 02:35 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSNibTemplates.h, Source/NSBundleAdditions.m:
Remove unused GSFontProxy class.
2003-06-08 David Ayers <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/IMConnectors.h: Change syntax of include <>
to "" for local headers. Change base/ to gnustep/base/ in
includes. Change AppKit/GSFiles.h to gnustep
gnustep/gui/GSFiles.h includes.
* Source/Functions.m, Source/GSDisplayServer.m, Source/GSFontInfo.m,
Source/GSFusedSilica.m, Source/GSFusedSilicaContext.m,
Source/GSHbox.m, Source/GSHelpManagerPanel.m,
Source/GSInfoPanel.m, Source/GSKeyBindingAction.m,
Source/GSKeyBindingTable.m, Source/GSLayoutManager.m,
Source/GSMemoryPanel.m, Source/GSServicesManager.m,
Source/GSSimpleLayoutManager.m, Source/GSSlideView.h
Source/GSSlideView.m, Source/GSTable.m, Source/GSTextStorage.h
Source/GSTextStorage.m, Source/GSTrackingRect.m,
Source/GSTypesetter.m, Source/GSVbox.m, Source/NSActionCell.m,
Source/NSAffineTransform.m, Source/NSApplication.m,
Source/NSAttributedString.m, Source/NSBezierPath.m,
Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m, Source/NSBox.m, Source/NSBrowser.m,
Source/NSBrowserCell.m, Source/NSBundleAdditions.m,
Source/NSButton.m, Source/NSButtonCell.m,
Source/NSCachedImageRep.m, Source/NSCell.m, Source/NSClipView.m,
Source/NSColor.m, Source/NSColorList.m, Source/NSColorPanel.m,
Source/NSColorPicker.m, Source/NSColorWell.m,
Source/NSComboBox.m, Source/NSComboBoxCell.m, Source/NSControl.m,
Source/NSCursor.m, Source/NSCustomImageRep.m,
Source/NSDataLink.m, Source/NSDataLinkManager.m,
Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m, Source/NSDocument.m,
Source/NSDocumentController.m, Source/NSDrawer.m,
Source/NSEPSImageRep.m, Source/NSEvent.m, Source/NSFileWrapper.m,
Source/NSFont.m, Source/NSFontManager.m, Source/NSFontPanel.m,
Source/NSForm.m, Source/NSFormCell.m, Source/NSGraphicsContext.m,
Source/NSHelpManager.m, Source/NSHelpPanel.m, Source/NSImage.m,
Source/NSImageCell.m, Source/NSImageRep.m, Source/NSImageView.m,
Source/NSInputManager.m, Source/NSInputServer.m,
Source/NSInterfaceStyle.m, Source/NSLayoutManager.m,
Source/NSMatrix.m, Source/NSMenu.m, Source/NSMenuItem.m,
Source/NSMenuItemCell.m, Source/NSMenuView.m,
Source/NSOpenGLContext.m, Source/NSOpenGLPixelFormat.m,
Source/NSOpenGLView.m, Source/NSOpenPanel.m,
Source/NSOutlineView.m, Source/NSPageLayout.m, Source/NSPanel.m,
Source/NSParagraphStyle.m, Source/NSPasteboard.m,
Source/NSPopUpButton.m, Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m,
Source/NSPrintInfo.m, Source/NSPrintOperation.m,
Source/NSPrintPanel.m, Source/NSPrinter.m,
Source/NSProgressIndicator.m, Source/NSResponder.m,
Source/NSRulerMarker.m, Source/NSRulerView.m,
Source/NSSavePanel.m, Source/NSScreen.m, Source/NSScrollView.m,
Source/NSScroller.m, Source/NSSecureTextField.m,
Source/NSSelection.m, Source/NSSlider.m, Source/NSSliderCell.m,
Source/NSSound.m, Source/NSSpellChecker.m,
Source/NSSpellServer.m, Source/NSSplitView.m, Source/NSStepper.m,
Source/NSStepperCell.m, Source/NSStringDrawing.m,
Source/NSTabView.m, Source/NSTabViewItem.m,
Source/NSStepperCell.m, Source/NSStringDrawing.m,
Source/NSTabView.m, Source/NSTabViewItem.m,
Source/NSTableColumn.m, Source/NSTableHeaderCell.m,
Source/NSTableHeaderView.m, Source/NSTableView.m,
Source/NSText.m, Source/NSTextAttachment.m,
Source/NSTextContainer.m, Source/NSTextField.m,
Source/NSTextFieldCell.m, Source/NSTextStorage.m,
Source/NSTextView.m, Source/NSTextView_actions.m,
Source/NSToolbar.m, Source/NSToolbarItem.m, Source/NSView.m,
Source/NSWindow.m, Source/NSWindowController.m,
Source/NSWorkspace.m, Source/externs.m, Source/linking.m,
Source/tiff.m: Ditto.
2003-06-08 Kazunobu Kuriyama <>
* Add --with-audiofile-include and --with-audiofile
-library options
2003-06-11 Dirk Latterman <>
* Source/NSActionCell.m (-setObjectValue:): Implemented.
2003-06-11 15:34 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSFontInfo.h, Source/GSFontInfo.m: Add
-appendBezierPathWithGlyphs:count:toBezierPath: method.
* Source/NSBezierPath.m: Use it to implement the glyph methods.
2003-06-09 Gregory John Casamento <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSDataLinkPanel.h: Added ivar declarations
for the data link panel.
* Source/NSDataLinkPanel.m: Added some implementations for panel
* Source/NSDataLinkManager.m: Manages the data links for an
added implementation for some methods.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSFontPanel.h: Added topView and bottomView
and sizes for use by accessory view code.
* Source/NSFontPanel.m: Added implementation for _getOriginalSize
and also for sertAccessoryView. Previously the setAccessoryView
method was causing the accessory view to overlay the content view
of the window.
* Panels/GNUmakefile: added GSDataLinkPanel.gorm in the makefile.
* Source/NSBundleAdditions.m: Skeletal implementation of GSObjectData
2003-06-09 Alexander Malmberg <>
committed by: Gregory Casamento <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSFont.h: Added ivar to hold font role
to represent preferred fonts (e.g. system, user, & tooltip fonts)
* Source/NSFont.m: Added roles and modified code to properly encode
and decode fonts such that an intelligent default is selected if the
specified font is unavailable and also unarchives as the correct
preferred font if one of the predefined roles is selected.
2003-06-08 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSBitmapImageRep.m
In [initWithBitmapDataPlanes:...bitsPerPixel:],
[getBitmapDataPlanes:] and [copyWithZone:] changed type of i
to unsigned int.
* Source/NSBrowser.m (-setPath:, pathToColumn:, -addColumn):
Removed compiler warning about signed/unsigned comparision.
* Source/NSComboBoxCell.m (-completedString:): ditto.
* Source/NSFontPanel.m (-setPanelFont:isMultiple:,
-_trySelectSize:, -_familySelectionChanged:, -browser:...column:)
: ditto
* Source/NSFontmanager.m (-availableFonts,
-availableFontNamesWithTraits:, -availableMembersOfFontFamily:,
-convertFont:, convertWeight:ofFont:,
-fontWithFamily:traits:weight:size:, -fontNamed:hasTraits:): ditto.
[setSelectedFont:isMultiple:] and [fontMenu:] changed menuItem to
type (id <NSMenuItem>).
2003-06-05 16:42 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSMenu.m: Check the types of all defaults values before
using them.
2003-06-05 Adam Fedor <>
* GMAppKit.m (-initWithModelUnarchiver:): #ifdef out ivar assignment
when compiling nib2gmodel.
2003-06-04 23:02 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSCell.m (-_setupTextWithFrame:inView:editor:): Use a (much)
larger maximum size for the field editor.
2003-05-26 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/NSApplication.m (gsapp_user_bundles): New function
(-_init): Use it.
* Documentation/Gui/DefaultsSummary.gsdoc: Update.
2003-05-25 Adam Fedor <>
* Version 0.8.6
2003-05-22 18:07 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Tools/make_services (addExtensionsForApplication): Parse
NSExtensions dictionary correctly. Based on patch from Jeff
2003-05-22 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSFontPanel.m
[_familySelectionChanged:] removed unused local variable.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSWorkspace.h
Added new MacOSX methods.
* Source/NSWorkspace.m
Basic implemention of [activeApplication] and [launchedApplications].
* Source/NSApplication.m
In [finishLaunching] and [replyToApplicationShouldTerminate:] use
[NSWorkspace activeApplication] to get application information.
2003-05-20 22:50 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Tools/make_services.m (scanDynamic): Skip anything with a .service
2003-05-18 00:00 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/DPSOperators.h,
Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphicsContext.h, Source/NSGraphicsContext.m:
Add shfill operator.
2003-05-15 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/GSInfoPanel.m: Draw authors in the order they occur in
the info.plist
2003-05-14 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m
(-setFont:): Set cell height at least to 20 pixels.
2003-05-13 20:19 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSButton.m (-setState:, -setNextState): Mark the view
as needing display, don't force a display.
* Source/NSWindow.m (-_terminateBackendWindow): Set _windowNum to 0
so the window will be recreated the next time it is needed.
2003-05-12 17:30 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSView.m (-lockFocusInRect:): Don't save the clipping path
in the gstate if one is allocated since it depends on the rectangle
focus is locked in.
2003-05-11 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWorkspace.m: Add support for generic application icon.
Reduce private method name pollution a little.
* Images/common_UnknownApplication.tiff: copied from WM ...
* Images/common_UnknownTool.tiff: similar image for unix cmd-line
* Source/NSApplication.m: Add some user info to the launch
notification (provided by
2003-05-05 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/NSTabView.m: implemented
2003-05-05 22:48 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/GSLayoutManager.h, Source/GSLayoutManager.m,
Source/GSHorizontalTypesetter.m: Detect and handle gaps in the soft
invalidated layout information.
2003-05-02 Adam Fedor <>
* Documentation/Gui/GNUmakefile: Remove GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES.
* Source/DocMakefile: Idem.
2003-05-02 Fred Kiefer <>
* TextConverters/RTF/RTFProducer.h
* TextConverters/RTF/RTFProducer.m
New implemtation by Axel "Mikesch" Katerbau (
with small changes from me. RTF output now support much more
attributes and even Unicode characters.
* Source/NSBezierPath.m
Moved code from [bezierPathWithOvalInRect:] and
[bezierPathWithRect:] to [appendBezierPathWithOvalInRect:] and
[appendBezierPathWithRect:] and implemented the former with a call
to the later.
Preliminary implemetation for [appendBezierPathWithGlyph:inFont:]
and [appendBezierPathWithGlyphs:count:inFont:].
* Source/NSFont.m:
Preliminary implemetation for NSConvertGlyphsToPackedGlyphs().
2003-05-01 21:48 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSScroller.m (-acceptsFirstResponder): Implement to
return NO.
2003-05-01 20:02 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Source/NSInputManager.m (-loadBindingsWithName:): Update for file
system layout changes.
* Source/NSTextView.m (-drawRect:): Draw the background correctly.
2003-04-30 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSScrollView.m: ([scrollWheel:]) enable horizontal scrolling
with shift key.
2003-04-28 18:35 Alexander Malmberg <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSTextContainer.h: Documented.
* Source/NSTextContainer.m: Cleanups.
Mon Apr 28 13:14:15 2003 Nicola Pero <>
* Source/NSApplication.m ([NSApplication -targetForAction:]): If this
is a document-based application, check if the key window's document
responds to the action; if it does, use it.
2003-04-28 Nicola Pero <>
* Resources/GNUmakefile
(gui-resources_RESOURCE_FILES_INSTALL_DIR): Define using the full
relative path.
2003-04-27 Adam Fedor <>
* Source/GSServicesManager.m (+newWithApplication:) Change
Services to Library/Services.
* Source/NSWorkspace.m (+initilize): Idem.
* Tools/make_services.m (main): Idem.
2003-04-27 Adam Fedor <>
* Updates for filesystem change.
* GNUmakefile (GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES): Remove
* ColorPickers/GNUmakefile, Documentation/GNUmakefile,
Images/GNUmakefile, KeyBindings/GNUmakefile, Model/GNUmakefile,
Panels/GNUmakefile, Panels/GNUmakefile.postamble,
PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile, PrinterTypes/GNUmakefile.postamble,
Source/GNUmakefile, TextConverters/GNUmakefile, Tools/GNUmakefile:
Idem and update install locations.
* Resources/GNUmakefile: Update for change in resource-set.make
* Replace $GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT/Makefiles with
$GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES. Replace Libraries with Library/Libraries.
Replace Headers with Library/Headers.
* Source/NSImage.m (+initialize, +imageNamed:): Use
* Source/NSPrintInfo (+initPrintInfoDefaults): Idem.
* Source/NSPrinter.m (getFile): Idem.
* Source/NSSound.m (+initialize, +soundNamed:): Idem.
* Source/NSView.m (-_loadPrinterProlog): Idem.
* Source/NSPageLayout.m
(-initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:): Use
GSGuiBundle to get resources.
* Source/NSPrintPanel.m
( -initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:screen:): Idem.
* Source/NSSpellChecker.m ([NSSpellChecker -init]): Idem.
2003-04-27 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/NSPopUpButtonCell.m (drawWithFrame:inView:): added a call
to the NSMenuItemCell's calcSize method to place the image
correctly when we are making a temp item. Fixes regression
prompted by changes on 2003-04-17.
2003-04-27 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/GSFontInfo.m
Removed creation of fontDictionary from [init] method. This now
gets done on demand in [afmDictionary].
* Source/NSFontPanel.m:
[_familySelectionChanged:] made the call to [_trySelectSize:]
safer against none existing fonts. This used to result in a NaN
being displayed as font size.
2003-04-25 Benhur Stein <>
* Source/NSRulerView.m:
Removed unused macro BASE_LINE_LOCATION.
(setMeasurementUnits:, setClientView:, setOriginOffset:): Add call
to invalidateHashMarks, remove call to setNeedsDisplay:.
(invalidateHashMarks): Add call to setNeedsDisplay:.
(drawHashMarksAndLabelsInRect:): Changed calculation of location
of zero hash mark. Changed use of _zeroLocation ivar into
zeroLocation local variable. Limited display of hashs and
marks to baseline.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSRulerView.h: Renamed unused ivar
_zeroLocation to _UNUSED.
2003-04-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSControl.m
Removed [becomeFirstResponder] and [resignFirstResponder] as the
handling of [showFirstResponder] is still unclear.
* Source/NSMenuView.m
Moved the computation of the cell size into the method [setFont:]
and use this in [init]. Added call to [setNeedsSizing:] in
[setHorizontalEdgePadding:]. In [locationForSubmenu:] check for
the interface style of the submenu. Also cleaned up up coding
style and comments in the whole file.
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSParagraphStyle.h
Added new ivar and methods from MacOSX to handle writing directions.
* Source/NSParagraphStyle.m
Implemented handling of writing directions. These are needed for the
upcoming new RTFProducer.
2003-04-26 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSWindow.m: ([setFrameFromString:]) try to adjust sensibly
for changes to screen size.
([constrainFrameRect:toScreen:]) bugfix for positioning when the
window origin is negative.
* Tools/make_services.m: Ignore illegal (null) file extension spec.
2003-04-26 Fred Kiefer <>
* Source/NSPanel.m
Use controlBackgroundColor instead of lightGrayColor. Patch by Matt
Rice (
* Headers/gnustep/gui/NSGraphics.h
* Source/externs.m
Added NSPatternColorSpace.
* Source/NSColor.m
[GSPatternColor colorSpaceName] uses NSPatternColorSpace.
Corrected [blendedColorWithFraction:ofColor:], where self and aColor
where exchanged and alpha handling was missing.
* Source/NSWindow.m
Removed unused local variable in [sendEvent:].
* Source/NSSliderCell.m
Basic implementation of the tick mark methods. Added en-/decoding
for tick marks. [setKnobThickness:], [setNumberOfTickMarks:] and
[setTickMarkPosition:] now update the control.
2003-04-25 Richard Frith-Macdonald <>
* Source/NSSavePanel.m: Track window resizing and adjust browser
columns to match. Use larger minimum width.
2003-04-21 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSMenuView.m:
(mouseDown:): Generate periodic events every 0.01 seconds.
2003-04-17 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSMenuItemCell.m:
(setMenuView:): Removed setting image position and
_mcell_belongs_to_popupbutton ivar for popup button cell.
(calcSize): Removed code from setMenuView placed here.
2003-04-13 Michael Hanni <>
* Images/common_WMCloseBroken.tiff,common_WMClose.tiff: remove
background of image.
Mon Apr 14 14:24:27 2003 Nicola Pero <>
* Headers/gnustep/gui/AppKit.h: Include NSDocument.h
2003-04-14 Serg Stoyan <>
* Source/NSApplication.m:
(setImageForWindowsItem:): Do not add "X" image if window has
no close button.
2003-04-13 Michael Hanni <>
* Source/NSProgressIndicator.m: revert last change.
* Source/NSInterfaceStyle.m: revert last change.
* Headers/NSInterfaceStyle.h: revert last change.
2003-04-13 Michael Hanni <>
Multiple outstanding commits.
* ColorPickers/GSWheelColorPicker.m:
(mouseDown:): Implemented new event loop that really speeds things
up on slow machines.
* Source/NSScroller.m:
(init): Decreased periodic delay for scroller buttons.
(trackKnob:): Implemented new event loop to improve speed. Added
code to "snap" back the scroller when you release the alternate
key in mid-scroll (modeled after OS 4.2 behavior.)
(trackScrollButtons:): Removed event loop as we weren't using it
* Source/NSFontPanel.m:
(_trySelectSize:): Put size textfield update code here, make sure
column is loaded.
(_familySelectionChanged:): Call _trySelectSize: to update the
size column just like we do for the face browser.