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The currently released version of the library is `0.17.1'.
1.1 Noteworthy changes in version `0.17.1'
* New Mac OS X 10.5 methods in NSFont
* Add live resize in NSSplitView
1.2 Noteworthy changes in version `0.17.0'
* New Mac OS X 10.5 methods in many classes
* Toolbars have been completely rewritten and improved.
* Several improvements for Garbage Collection
1.3 Noteworthy changes in version `0.16.0'
* Nib loading refractored and improved.
* Added support for autosaving in NSDocuments
* NSWindowController made a subclass of NSResponder
* NSTokenField and netokenFiledCell classes added.
1.4 Noteworthy changes in version `0.14.0'
* New class NSGlyphGenerator for glyph generation
* NSSplitView implemented setAutosaveName:
* NSOpenGLView added some Mac OS X 10.3 methods
* Manu bug fixes.
1.5 Noteworthy changes in version `0.13.2'
* Printing works a little better now.
* NSPopUpButtonCell - object encoding was changed
* NSTextView - several updates and Mac OS X methods added
* NSWindow - devince interaction was changed. You need to use
gnustep-back 0.13.2 with this version
* New class NSSegmentedCell.
* NSDrawer was implemented.
1.6 Noteworthy changes in version `0.13.1'
* NSMenu - Added more MacOS X methods and an ivar.
* Added support for hiding views.
* Added Key-Value bindings implementation (NSKeyValueBinding) with
support in several classes (NSControl, NSTextField, NSView, etc).
* Added some MacOS X 10.4 methods to NSTableView.
* Changed the NSCursor hot point to 0,0 for MacOS X compatibility.
1.7 Noteworthy changes in version `0.13.0'
This is an unstable release. There may be backward compatibility issues
with previous releases of the gui library.
* Switched to use LGPL 3 and GPL 3.
* Added new methods from Mac OS X 10.4 for NSDragging,
NSFontDescriptor, NSAttributedString, NSImageView,
NSStringDrawing, NSParagraphStyle, NSView, NSCell, NSActionCell,
NSAlert, NSApplication, NSBitmapImageRep, NSBox, NSColor,
NSColorSpace, NSComboBox, NSComboBoxCell, NSDocumentController,
NSEvent, NSScreen, NSFont, NSFontManager, NSFormCell, NSForm,
NSWindow, NSTextField, NSTextFieldCell. Some ivar names were
changed also.
* Moved Postscript printing methods from NSView to NSGraphicsContext.
* Rewrote the NSView drawing mechanism to always use
* Report more controls as being flipped. (NSTextField,
NSTableHeaderView, NSSlider, NSProgressIndicator, NSButton)
NSTabView is still missing.
* In NSAffineTransform use optimized primitive methods from base.
* Add font attribute fixing to NSAttributedString. To allow for the
output of glyphs not present in the current font.
* Optimized the validation of edited cells.
* Implementation of special connectors for Key-Value binding.
* Base library version 1.15.1 is required for this release
1.8 Noteworthy changes in version `0.12.0'
It has been a long time since the last release and many things have been
added and changed, including new classes, new ivars, and new methods.
* Lots of improvements to the NSBitmapImage subclasses thanks to
Mark Tracy
* GSTheme and other classes were added to improve support of theming.
* Added new methods from Mac OS X 10.4 for NSControl, NSResponder,
NSDocument, NSPrintOperation, NSWindowController, NSCell,
NSMenuItem, NSView. Some ivar names were changed also.
* Added new ivars for NSMenuItem, NSPrintOperation, NSTableView,
NSDrawer, NSScrollView.
* New classes from Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier were added including
NSLevelIndicator, NSObjectController, NSUserDefaultsController,
NSKeyValueBinding, NSArrayController, NSController.
* NSSpellServer and NSAffineTransform was moved to GNUstep base for
Mac OS X compatibility.
1.9 Noteworthy changes in version `0.11.0'
* Added support for keyed encoding in all gui classes.
* Added mechanism to allow for dynamic extension of model loading
* Implemented glue code in GSNibCompatibility for classes such as
NSIBObjectData, NSClassSwapper, etc. to facilitate nib loading.
1.10 Noteworthy changes in version `0.10.3'
* Horizontal menus now work
* Better support for tracking active applications.
1.11 Noteworthy changes in version `0.10.2'
Mostly bug fixes.
1.12 Noteworthy changes in version `0.10.1'
GNUstep now uses v19 of portaudio for the sound daemon. Version v19
hasn't been officially released, but it is still used in several
distributions (SuSE, etc) as v18 is very old.
1.13 Noteworthy changes in version `0.10.0'
This release is binary incompatible with previous releases. The
interface version of the library has changed so that apps, tools and
libraries that use the base library need to be recompiled to use this
new version.
* Model loading supports window auto-positioning
* Keyed encoding is supported in many classes.
1.14 Noteworthy changes in version `0.9.5'
* Beginnings of CUPS interface were added.
* Added new control colors and methods from 10.3 version of Cocoa.
* Added new font methods from 10.3 version of Cocoa.
* NSApplication -runModalSession behavior changed.
* You can find the GUI library's version using the Info.plist
1.15 Noteworthy changes in version `0.9.4'
* The printing classes have been completely reorganized to
accommodate different native printing systems (Thanks to Chad
* PPD files have been moved to a separate package.
* NSToolbar now allows rearranging items.
* NSScroller, NSScrollView has a new ivar.
* Some improvement of NSDataLink classes.
1.16 Noteworthy changes in version `0.9.3'
* Spell checker reimplemented using libaspell
* New NSComboBox implementation
* NSToolbar much improved
* Binary incompatibilites from ivar additions in NSView and
1.17 Noteworthy changes in version `0.9.2'
* Working NSToolbar implementation
* New Mac OS X methods in NSView and other classes
* Fixed some sheet handling problems.
* Integrated gif, jpg, and png handling in front-end.
* Added overridable button and frame drawing functions
* Add some keyed decode/encoding to some classes
* NSStringDrawing redesigned.
* Much improved loading of gorm files
1.18 Noteworthy changes in version `0.9.1'
* NSWindow - DnD works on whole window and events are propogated up
to first DnD aware view.
* Absolute paths and DnD works in OpenPanels.
1.19 Noteworthy changes in version `0.9.0'
Improvements in various classes, include NSPopUpButton,
NSBitmapImageRep, NSMenu, NSToolbar. Added support for thumbnail images
in NSWorkspace.
1.20 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.9'
Note that many headers have moved to new locations (both in the package
and when installed), so it is possible, although not likely that some
applications may not compile because they cannot find the right header.
* New Language Setup documentation.
1.21 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.8'
* Updated LanguageSetup documentation
* Improved RTF reader (unicode support, etc).
1.22 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.7'
* NSBezierPath glyph methods implemented (depends on backend).
* NSDataLink[Panel/Manager] - some implementation
* Added default to load user-defined bundles (GSAppKitUserBundles
1.23 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.6'
Updated to install in new locations based on changes in gnustep-make
* New implementation of RTF producer (from Axel "Mikesch" Katerbau)
* Speed improvements, especially in tracking mouses movements.
* Lots of menu improvements.
1.24 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.5'
Bug fixes. NSStringDrawing now uses text system implementation.
1.25 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.4'
This release features a brand new text and layout system thanks to
Alexander Malmberg. Other improvements include:
* Various display optimizations.
* Default border to NSScrollView changed
* Printing fixes.
* NSToolbar partially implemented.
1.26 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.3'
* Additions for Gorm support.
* Alpha support for OpenGL
* Better ruler support - dragging of tab markers.
* Document support, recent files, etc.
* Simple printing to printer and print previewing.
* Window focus fixes
* Key view handling rewritten.
1.27 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.2'
* Handle fonts that aren't found better.
* Implement pageUp/Down.
* Some window focusing problems fixed.
* Quartz-like interface partially implemented.
* NSSecureTextField partially rewritten. More secure.
* NSBrowser: implement non-separate columns
* Fix firstResponder status in text fields.
1.28 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.1'
* Handle scaled curves correctly.
* Handle alpha channel with images correctly
* NSWindow frame string save without flipping coordinates.
* NSSound implemented. gssnd sound server.
* Spell checker starts correctly now.
1.29 Noteworthy changes in version `0.8.0'
1.30 Noteworthy changes in version `0.7.9'
* NSTableView, NSOutlineView improvements.
* Menus no longer work in modal loop.
* Skeleton implementation of NSToolBar
1.31 Noteworthy changes in version `0.7.8'
* Wheel color picker, standard color picker (bundles) added.
* System colors now use named colors. Easier configuration
1.32 Noteworthy changes in version `0.7.7'
The graphics/window interface was completely revamped. Window functions
were split into a separate class, GSDisplayServer, and many PS and DPS
functions were removed that were never implemented. However, new
functionality was added to make things faster and eventually implement
Quartz compatibility.
In addition, the old backends, xgps and xdps were depreciated in
favor of a new backend, simply named back, which can be configured for a
variety of window server and graphics implementations, and also allow
for improved code sharing.
In addition there is now a window server backend for Windows
computers, although it is in a very alpha state.
Other improvements:
* Mutliple screens are now handled properly (untested)
* Better autolayout with GSTable and subclasses.
* NSOutlineView much improved.
1.33 Noteworthy changes in version `0.7.6'
* NSOutlineView implemented.
* Improvements to NSTableView, NSPopUpButton, NSTextView, NSFontPanel
* Scroll wheel support.
* Fully-functional keybindings, including multi-stroke keybindings.
* Memory panel available from Info Panel.
1.34 Noteworthy changes in version `0.7.5'
* Drag and drop and image sliding much improved.
* Better handling of remote startup/display.
* Some localization.
* Keybinding support.
* Text handling improvements.
* New gopen command (like MacOSX open command).
* Implemented simple pagination and printing of views.
* Support for rulers.
* Spell checking support.
* Blinking insertion point.
* New NSStepper class.
* Implemented NSOutlineView, NSSelection, NSInputManager.
* Near rewrite of Menu handling code.
* Gmodel code compiled as a separate bundle.
1.35 Noteworthy changes in version `0.7.0'
* Much improvement in NSBrowser, NSMatrix, NSPopUpButton, combo
* NSTextAttachement implemented, many other text improvements.
* Fonts cached in the frontend.
* Changes so that backend can be loaded as a bundle at runtime.
* simpler, faster compilation and installation.
* NSColorWell works.
1.36 Noteworthy changes in version `0.6.7'
* App Icons can support documents dropped using DnD.
* Added color conversions, working color picker and panel.
* Almost complete rewrite of NSBezierPath
* Loads of improvements to Text classes.
* NSImage, NSButton, NSCell, etc, implemented many missing methods.
* ...and even more changes to the Text classes.
* Starting implementation of printing.
* Scrollview fixes.
* Implemented deferred windows.
* NSTableView implemented.
* Implemented object value and formatter support in NSCell
* Support middle mouse button.
1.37 Noteworthy changes in version `0.6.6'
* Window hints for motif and generic window managers.
* Major improvements to the text handling classes (NSText,
NSTextView, etc)
* Pasting of fonts and rulers.
* Much better RTF handling
* DnD for NSColorWell
* Much improved NSSplitView
* New classes - NSColorPanel, NSTableView
* NSScreen rewritten with full support for all methods and functions.
* Can use image reading routines from WindowMaker if available to
read a variety of image formats besides TIFF.
* Many fixes to get the AppKit to work better with WindowMaker.
* Much better gmodel support (particularly with nibs translated from
NeXT or OPENSTEP 4.2).
* Muh improved font classes and font support.
In addition both the xgps and xdps backends have seen some large
efficiency improvements. Much better font support. The xdps backend
itself has seen speed improvements by at least a factor of 4. Note
however, that the xdps backend is still considered experimental and you
may have to deal with many problems in order to get it working. We
recommend sticking with the xgps backend (the default) for now.
1.38 Noteworthy changes in version `0.6.5'
Many of the basic GUI classes have been vastly improved or rewritten,
thanks to Nicola Pero <> and many others.
* New Info Panel support
* New NSBezierPath
* Rewrite of several classes including Cell and Button classes.
* Rewrite of NSBrowser, NSSavePanel, menus, text classes,
* RTF Parser
* Implemented image caching.
* Implemented editing in Forms, Matricies.
* New autolayout classes GSHBox, GSTable, and GSVBox.
* Almost all back-end classes have been removed and code incorporated
in a DPS-like graphics context structure.
* Better keyboard handling.
* NSHelpManager, NSComboBox, ProgressIndicator written.
In addition a preliminary version of an Interface Builder (Gorm) has
been written, thanks to Richard Frith-Macdonald
1.39 Noteworthy changes in version `0.6.0'
A Huge amount of progress, although a lot still needs to be done. It's
usable for a large base of moderately simple apps. Several NeXT/OpenStep
apps and libraries have been ported with little changes.
* Drag and Drop support fleshed out but not completed.
* NSText and related classes rewritten. Basic functionality but much
needs to be done to finish them off.
* nib2gmodel app works with MacOS-X
* Work done in minimizing the backend which allowed a lot of
functionality to move to the GNU library.
* Menu code rewritten.
* PopupButtons now work.
* Many new images
* Basic functionality for NSTabView
* Much better lockFocus support in NSView. Flipped views handled.
* Rewrite of NSSavePanel and NSOpenPanel
* Several fixes that at least double the speed of the gui.
1.40 Noteworthy changes in version `0.5.5'
Too extensive to list.
* A lot of rewritting has been done to the classes, with general
cleanup of coordinate conversion code, etc.
1.41 Noteworthy changes in version `0.5.0'
* NSBrowser and NSBrowserCell have been implemented. There is one
odd display artifact; lists which are smaller than the browser
column area have the list justified to the bottom of the column
versus the top of the column. This is actually an issue with
NSMatrix and will be remedied when flip views are implemented.
* Two important optimizations that speed up the displaying of views
and flushing of windows have been implemented. Only the views that
need display and those that produce visible effects on the screen
receive the -drawRect: message. Flushing of windows occurs only
in rectangles that get displayed not in the whole window.
* Rotation and scaling of views have been finally implemented. The
code requires backend support for changing the state of the
graphics context accordingly.
* NSScrollView and NSClipView have been implemented. The current
implemented behavior is to call the document view to display the
exposed region. Copying on scroll will be supported soon, at least
on Solaris DPS, where it seems the Postscript language has
provisions for copying drawn regions of screen. Hopefully DGS
will also have this facility by the end of the year.
* NSScroller has been completely reworked to gain speed by using
timer events.
* NSSlider has been implemented. Thanks to Frank Knobloch for
supporting this and the NSScrollView implementation.
* NSBox has been implemented.
* The library has been ported to work under Solaris with the native
DPS and the NeXT/Apple's Portable Distributed Objects (PDO)
* The library has been integrated with the makefile package so we
now benefit from all of the features the makefile package gives
us, especially the possibility to build shared libraries on
various systems and having different types (debug and profile) of
the library compiled at the same time.
* NSCell is able to continuosly send the action to the target while
the user is tracking the mouse.
* Several cleanups and as usual, many bug fixes.
1.42 Noteworthy changes in version `0.3.0'
* Completely reworked the menu class. The NSMenu class is now
inherited from NSObject and using the new implementation menus
have been implemented for the XDPS backend (they have the look and
feel of the NeXTStep menus!).
* NSRunLoop has been integrated with NSApplication. Using this
capability time events have been implemented to NSEvent class.
These events allow several improvements in the interaction between
user and the graphic interface.
* NSMatrix has been reworked, it is now conforming to the OpenStep
specification and it knows all the selection modes. It uses time
events to enhance the drawing speed during mouse drags.
* The initial implementation of NSForm has been made although it has
not been tested yet.
* NSPrinter has been implemented though it was not throughly tested;
thanks to Simon Frankau.
* Configure script has been changed to detect the underlaying
Foundation library. The currently supported libraries are
gnustep-base and libFoundation.
* Several cleanups have been made in a lot of classes: the
retain/release policy has been fixed, the cell classes correctly
implement the NSCopying protocol and many others.
1.43 Noteworthy changes in version `0.2.0'
* Additional NSImage and NSImageRep class work. Incorporated common
images for use with controls that were designed by Andrew Lindesay.
* Fill out implementation of NSColorWell class.
* Fill out implementation of NSColorList class.
* Cleaned up the header files and added missing headers, methods,
categories, and protocols; thanks to Simon Frankau for much of this
work. Major reorganization of header files. Types and constants
were moved in the files they belong. Each header file includes
only the headers it really needs. Use `@class' to forward class
definitions instead of including the corresponding class file.
* Completely reworked the NSFont and NSFontManager classes so that
NSUserDefaults is used for getting defaults and list of known
fonts are maintained.
* Initial implementation of NSCursor class.
* Almost complete implementation of NSButton and NSButtonCell class.
Buttons can now display images and/or text, handles all of the
OpenStep button types and styles.
* Fill out implementation of NSScroller class.
* Put in underlying support for optimizing drawing; flushing of
windows, backing store, and only display when needed.
* Many bug fixes and minor enhancements.
1.44 Noteworthy changes in version `0.1.1'
* Almost complete implementation of the PXKMenu and PXKMenuCell
* Fill out implementation of NSFont and NSFontManager.
* Fill out implementation of NSColor including color spaces other
than RGB. Now maintains the common colors as global variables.
* Integration with the Display Ghostscript System. This is mainly
related to using the header files in the DPSclient library for
defining the PostScript operator functions.
* Initial documentation set.
* Initial implementation of NSImage, NSImageRep, and NSImageRep
subclass classes based upon work by Adam Fedor.
* Now requires the TIFF library for reading, writing, and
manipulating tiff files and images.
1.45 Noteworthy changes in version `0.1.0'
* Integration of the GNUstep X/DPS GUI Backend. This has finally
produced a set of core code with can display on X/Windows. Much
of the X/Windows code has been written by Pascal Forget
<> and integration efforts have been lead by Scott
Christley <>.
* Some major directory reorganization for the new naming guidelines.
Headers previously in AppKit and DPSClient directories have been
moved to gnustep/gui and gnustep/dps directores and symbol links
are created for the AppKit and DPSClient directories. This should
allow both GNUstep and other OpenStep implementations to reside on
the same machine without conflicts.
Also see the `ChangeLog' file for more detail.