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Since I've left the ISTSI team, and am no longer maintaining this repository, all infrastruture has been moved to the hands of the faculty. A postmortem and general overview of the program is available in my blog.

ISTSI was the website and submission platform for the IST Summer Internships.

It was built to ease the work of those behind the program and to allow the candidates to have a simple, consistent and comprehensive experience.

Installation and Deployment

This project includes config files to create an environment with Nginx, PHP-FPM, Composer, PostgreSQL/MySQL and automatic backups.

  • Install Docker and Docker Compose

  • Go to app/src/, rename settings.php.dist to settings.php and fill all options.

  • Go to deployment/, rename .env.dist to .env and fill all fields. The available settings for the ENV variable are dev, staging and prod.

  • If the above ENV variable isn't dev go to deployment/nginx/tls, replace all files with your own and strip the .dist from the filenames.

  • Run $ bin/console setup.

  • Start environment:

    $ bin/console deploy up -d

When first starting the environment you will need to run $ bin/console migrate to update the database schema. This process isn't done automatically since renamed columns are deleted upon migration (potential loss of data).

To access the dev webpage go to istsi.localhost.

  • Stop environment:

    $ bin/console deploy down


Miguel de Moura