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cbraid/braiding are C++ libraries for computations on braid groups
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This is a project to expose the functionalitis of the Braiding program as a shared library. The original goal is to include it as a component of SageMath, but it can be used in any other c++ program.

This code is maintained by Miguel Marco-Buzunariz, as a fork of the one maintained by Jean-Luc Thiffeault.

CBraid is a C++ library originally written by Jae Choon Cha.
It allows various computations on braid groups, such as normal forms. The code in this project is based on his final version of 2001/12/07 and distributed under the GPL.

The library has been updated to run on modern compilers, and has been merged with Braiding version v1.0 (2004/10/04) originally written by Juan Gonzalez-Meneses and distributed under the GPL. Maria Cumplido contributed some code for computing sets of sliding circuits.

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