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Open source framework for Model Driven Development (MDD)
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Mateu MDD

Mateu MDD is a framework for creating awesome web applications from java.

It's main target is to allow you to write your applications with the minimum code.

For achieving this goal, Mateu MDD provides

  • a set of abstract classes and interfaces for defining your app
  • Model Driven Development (aka MDD) utilities
  • and the power of the Vaadin framework

So, you define your whole application by using plain java clases. From the application structure and menus to any UI custom component.

The true power of this approach (java based) comes up when you compose or extend existing appications just by using java inheritance, polimorphism and the maven dependency mechanism.

Mateu MDD is not about scaling neither about deploying your application to cloud, though we see a way to do it in a chapter of the manual.

I hope you like it ;)

The user manual

Please go to []

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